Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Cancelled

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Cancelled at FX

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and… cancelled.

Although an FX rep could not be reached for comment, TVLine has learned that the cabler has pulled the plug on Denis Leary’s underrated music satire after two seasons. 

As a result, last week’s Season 2 finale will now function as the comedy’s series finale.

S&D&R&R this summer averaged just 420,000 total weekly viewers and a 0.2 demo rating (in Live+Same Day numbers), down a full 30 percent from its freshman run.

Scroll down and watch my lively interview with Leary and his Sex colleagues at Comic-Con 2015.

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  1. Troy says:

    I loved this show!! It was so good and so funny! I really don’t know why it didn’t find its audience. I hope the female lead finds another TV show to be on, I think she’s gorgeous and fantastic!

  2. Shaun says:

    Looked like a toilet show.Onward and upward!

  3. A. D. says:

    This sucks…was a great show!

  4. Colleen says:

    The show was 50/50. Some episodes were awesome and others horrible. I am disappointed because I thought there was potential.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Yep. That’s why I didn’t tune for season 2. The bad episodes were awful and the good ones weren’t good enough to offset the awful ones. If they could have gotten the bad ones to be at least mediocre I would’ve stuck around.

      • Sarah says:

        Season 2 was amazing, really surpassed Season 1 in character development, concepts, and sheer satire on many levels. The mock musical, “Familton”, was actually … good! So sad it was cancelled, but if Hulu or Netflix have a clue, they would pick it up.

    • Mel says:

      I completely agree. I just stopped watching after a couple of consecutive so-so episodes. There’s too much other great programming on TV, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to watch a mediocre, at best, show (sorry Denis Leary).

  5. Et al. says:

    I’ve literally never heard of this show which is bizarre since I do mostly nothing but follow tv and watch several shows on fx.

  6. flowerduh says:

    I’m not surprised. I watched a couple of episodes in season 1 and it sucked then. It’s sad because I am a fan of Denis Leary. (Rescue Me was dark and funny)

  7. Diane says:

    Loved the first season. This season was too angsty.

  8. Wordsmith says:

    It was fun, but in a leisurely, comfortable way, not the sort of way that demands that you watch. I liked the characters, but wished that the narrative had a bit more momentum.

  9. Big Cheddar says:

    Damn it, I loved this show. Well, it got one more season that Corbett’s last show on FX (“Lucky”), so I guess I should be grateful.

  10. Kiwi3 says:

    So disappointed to lose this one. There aren’t too many comedies/dark comedies that I find appealing anymore. This was one of a rare few.

    Hope to see John Corbett in something good soon.

  11. cuius says:

    Not a great year for “music industry” shows – Vinyl, Nashville (in the last chance saloon), now S&D&R&R – bet the “Empire” crowd are keeping a wary eye out.

  12. B says:

    Denis Leary is too full of himself to get as much control as he gets over the shows he does.

    • Sarah says:

      True, he’s the weak link as far as acting and singing, but I thought the writing for S2 was great, so am okay with him as a control freak show runner. His character was more for continuity in the second season, he let the other actors really shine.

      • Mel B says:

        Season 2 was better because he brought in a woman writer to help out and contribute to the script. She made it a lot better tbh. I was hoping we’d get a season 3 just to see what she’d contribute but guess that’s not gonna happen anymore.

  13. Terry Joyce says:

    The Irish Rap Musical:Feast was a delight and piece of genius.
    Leary’s Johnny vs Ego was spot on.
    Ava’s rise for a turn at the wheel was truthful.
    Flash’s vulnerability to survive the “Rock and Roll” turmoil was an understated masterpiece requiring a lot of lifting and support.
    The anger and slow burn from Relapse was intergel along with the everyman drummer (Bam) with their flaws, insecurities and ability to let the other actors dominate rang true.
    And Gigi with her debauched wide eyed innocence tickled me mightily.

  14. Colleen says:

    I hope that the actress that played Gigi finds success in another series or movie. She really was the show because her character was consistently talented, strong yet somewhat naive, trying to find her place in a new family, new city, and new business. She’s young and beautiful. Someone must have noticed her talent. I am a fan of Denis Leary but he has to learn to “take a back seat” to other characters in the series he creates. I enjoyed Rescue Me and was disappointed when it ended but I think he had a better balance with the characters. There were more regular characters in the storylines. I expected more from Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

    • HAP says:

      You are referring to the incredible talent who is Liz Gillies. She has been in a number of movies, had a lead role in the TV show Victorious, has played on Broadway and has released a number songs.

  15. rowan77 says:

    I’m bummed. I really enjoyed the show, although I did like season one more than season 2.

  16. fiberlicious says:

    Underrated, indeed – this show got better with every episode. Bummer, man…

  17. HAP says:

    It was no Rescue Me, but entertaining in its own way. I hope the muti-talented Liz Gillies get a new gig soon.

  18. Mac says:

    After the first season I thought the show was going to be about trying to make Gigi a star. She was actually a pretty good singer. But then they turned into a show for 15 year old boys. It became all about sex and trying to shock people. I can watch that on 20 different shows. They should have stayed with the original concept.

  19. queenbrat says:

    Boo I love this show. I find it funny and often times portraying the differences in age groups in such a relatable way. I will miss it.

  20. Zoe says:

    …it was on for two years? I could swear I just started hearing about it a few months back

  21. diane borys says:

    this really sucks. i loved this show. hopefully another channel will pick up where FX left off.

  22. Don p says:

    This was a great show. What a shame. Nothing good ever stays on the air