Dancing With the Stars Season 23

Dancing With the Stars: Who Will Win Season 23? We've Set the Odds!

A new TV season is just days away, and that can only mean one thing: A fresh batch of famous-ish people will soon be foxtrotting their way toward relevance.

Indeed, Dancing With the Stars kicks off its 23rd cycle on Monday (ABC, 8/7c), boasting a strange roster of athletes, ’90s music sensations and one extremely out-of-place politician.

As is tradition, we’ve made a few bold predictions about this season’s lineup. Which contestants stand a chance at swiping Nyle DiMarco’s Mirrorball trophy, and which competitors are facing early elimination? (Contrary to popular belief, we don’t think embattled Olympian Ryan Lochte will be the first to go.)

Scroll through the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to see our odds for the Season 23 cast, then hit the comments with your own insights!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Laurie Hernandez is only 16 but is wearing the least amount of clothing in the promos pics. There needs to be a minimum age requirement for this show. Do they really need to be sexualizing 16 year olds??

    • nikita says:

      I agree with you, it is not right

    • H says:

      Tv sexualizes 16 years old all the time. I’m voting for Rick Perry.

      • sharon says:

        When Sadie Robertson was on the show she pretty much dictated what her costumes were going to be. Laurie pretty much has the same option. She, and her mother, could say they wanted to have more modest costumes if they wish. Same with Bindi, her costumes were modest too.

    • Louise says:

      They had a 14 year old (Willow Shields) on before. As well as a boy about that age (his name escapes me). I agree that there should be a minimum age for this kind of show. I would say 18. If they can’t legally sign on to the show without their parents signing it for them then they shouldn’t be on the show.

    • Cherrice Lattimore says:

      I agree. We are setting a bad presicidence with our young girls. I think it is equally wrong to promote bad behavior for ratings. Ryan Lochte…Really? He was representing the USA. He abandoned his friends who were first time Olympians and he is a grown man. More importantly, he lied. If this was any other country than Brazil, would this have happened. I am opting out from watching until Ryan Locthe is voted off.

    • Joan Potter says:

      DUH ——-she wore was LESS than that while competing…all of them did.

  2. Tennisnsun says:

    She is an Olympic gymnast, that’s how they roll every day in practice from a very young age. Lack of clothing helps keep you fit and able to move in many directions with grace and ease.

    • Sarah says:

      There is nothing sexual about gymnastics. They are performing a sport. On DWTS the contestants are told to dance in a sexual manner. It isn’t even close to the same thing.

  3. Kosha, Slezak's Sister says:

    OMG!!! No creepy Mark Ballas this season!!! Yay!!

  4. dan says:

    My biggest takeaways: Babyface Edmonds is 57-years-old?!? And most of the “stars” I’ve never heard of. Another season of not caring about DWTS.

    • Heidee says:

      I have heard of almost all of these people….

    • Jerry says:

      I’ve heard of 7 of them, just because you don’t know them doesn’t make em not stars their just famous in things your not interested in :

      Jake T. Austin (Huge Disney Star..mostly everyone under 24 knows him…they’ll say that’s Max or Jesus but mainly Max cause that was his character)
      Terra Jole (That Little People Show)
      Ryan Lochte (That Rio Incident plus swimming success)
      Laurie Hernandez (Rio Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast)
      Amber Rose (Kayne West Ex. and is pretty big for whatever reasons, really well known)
      BabyFace (Produced many 90s classics)
      Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby Song)

  5. DS says:

    They always give someone with some dancing experience to DH so he is always a “shoe-in” to go far, if not win. Why not give him someone with little or no experience like a Terra Jole. Let’s see how far he gets then.

    • Yolanda says:

      Yeah they do that all the time and when people start complaining about Derek always getting young experienced partners then they give him someone older but always make sure it’s someone with dance experience (Jennifer Grey, Ricki Lake and now Marilu Henner). It’s unfair to others but DwtS was never a fair show.

    • Matt says:

      Well people threw a fit and they gave him Amy Purdy the following year….it doesn’t matter who they give him.

      That’s just it.

      • DS says:

        They did, and when there were intricate dances, he did the dancing around her, while she just either sat on a table (got good scores for that, even though she barely did anything), or barely moved around the floor. Judges are so biased for him, it’s getting really annoying.

  6. Unbelievable says:

    Go Hinch!!

  7. Wordsmith says:

    I do love the fact that four of the seven female pros are also So You Think you Can Dance alumnae/all-stars.

  8. Reen P says:

    I won’t be watching this season due to your Rewarding bad behavior of Ryan L at the Olympics with being added to your cast. What does that teach our Youth.

    • Heidee says:

      There will also be people who differ and will say that people make bad choices and learn from them… Ryan is not being rewarded .

    • Chris says:

      I will not watch for the same reason.Ryan needs to be removed from the cast…

    • RICHARD says:


  9. Heidee says:

    Finally DWTS is back.. Too bad that the very creative and talented Mark is doing something else this season… So glad to see Cheryl and Maxs are back… Gorgeous Gleb and Artem and Allison are there too.. Laurie and Marilu and Amber will probably make it to the finals ..Wouldn’t be surprised if Laurie wins the competition … Ryan and Laurie will have a Latino fan base good for them.. They are great athletes and they won their gold medals fair and square..

  10. Paloma says:

    Next season they should let the fans pick the partnerships. Or perhaps they should just stop stacking the deck by always giving certain pros the “stars” who are likely to be the best dancers. I never heard of most of these “stars” so it’s hard to go in rooting for anybody. Wouldn’t it be fun it everybody rewarded Ryan Lochte’s behavior in Rio by not casting any votes for him?

  11. Louise says:

    Can we wait until they each have a first dance before we start crowning the winner please?

  12. Meg Gleeson says:

    I’m not sure it is always a “lady of a certain age” that holds Artem back. He seems unnecessarily mean to his partners in the practice clips.

  13. grazelled says:

    What happened to Tony Dovolani? He always gets the shorted in the partner department and appears to have one of the most supportive and pleasant personalities of the pros.

    • MMD says:

      He is taking this season off to spend more time with family and work with his charity, Hopefully he will be back in the spring.

  14. BeverlyVentrella says:

    I am hopefully not the only person who thinks Ryan Lochte should not be a contestant on DWTS!! I am boycotting
    The show. The show must not go on!!

  15. Patti says:

    As much as I enjoy DWTS, I will not watch this season. It is disturbing to hear Ryan Lochte was suspended from US swimming but rewarded with DWTS contract. I did hear him say he was sought after for some time, but when there are wholesome men such as Nathan Adrian who is also a member of US swimming, I do not understand your need to have ‘bad boys’, which I believe he has a reputation. Shame on DWTS!

    • Lanna says:

      Ryan will get votes.. He will have a latin fan base and he is good looking… he told a lie,,, but so many people have done worse and they still have a large fan base….

  16. Chris Foley says:

    I guess we’ll need to start calling it Dancing with Low Lifes. I can’t believe they are having Ryan Lochte on the show after he made himself a national embarrassment with his lies/criminal behavior. You should have dropped this guy like a rock just like his sponsors did.

    I am sure they could have easily edited him out of any already taped footage and done with one less dancer – they usually always have a show where they eliminate 2 dancers anyway so wouldn’t have effected number of shows.

  17. Laura C says:

    I MIGHT watch for Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, but not sure I can stomach watching Rick Perry. Don’t know who many of the “stars” are, but the only 2 seasons I watched to see someone in particular, they WON. (Kellie P and Bindi I. Maybe I could bring Maureen/Marcia some luck.

  18. Anita says:

    I Agree but don’t hold out on Jake T. Austin cause he’s a Disney Star and they make it to the end almost everytime, they have dedicated supporters and he was on disneys top 5 most popular show ever on their channel…They don’t win but they make it to the end

    • Jackie says:

      Very true except Cody Simpson but I wouldn’t count him somewhat considering unlike the other disney stars he was a nobody on Disney and wasn’t on their movies or shows

  19. Anita says:

    Also Laurie will without a doubt make the finals and her chances of winning are pretty solid. If that football player can dance hes a threat (may not be close to a Hines ward fanbase) and ugh Derek always get a great partner…either young and talented or old with dance experience…….

  20. ninamags says:

    Did they straighten Laurie’s hair????


  21. of course Derek he wins whenever he is on the show. Nobody has a chance when him and his sister is on the show

  22. It appears Val is the new Derek re:ringers to win. Laurie seems like a wonderful young lady and I’m sure she’ll be fun to watch. Just hope she doesn’t ‘run away’ with it. I love watching both men dance, but I think their talents would show even more if they had ‘less gifted’ partners they were able to bring through the weeks and make it to the top with.
    As for Lockte…my understanding is his contract was signed prior to the Olympics and unless his narcissistic personality has changed, I believe he will not last long.
    Terra Jole… could be a real surprise. Saw a promo for the show and that little lady can move!!
    I am a HUGE fan of car racing and I hope Hinch (James Hinchcliffe) does better than the odds given here. He’s a funny guy, has a great personality and can actually move. Although the author doesn’t believe Hinch is well known… he underestimates the world of racing! :o)
    Good luck to ALL!

  23. John says:

    Without a doubt some will make it far because of history :

    ●Laurie Hernandez is Gold Medal Gymnast and they always made the finals and she’s the biggest threat for the mirror ball she reminds me of shawn

    ●Derek partner because he always makes it to the semis and finals (mostly finals)

    ●Reality Show contestants vary based on their popularity and likeability

    ●Ryan Lochte Idk because Gold Medal Olympians always make it to the end but with that incident Idk how he Will do voting wise

    ●Jake T. Austin is a Disney Star they always makes it to the semis or Finals(mostly finals)

    ●Terra Jole seems like someone who can make it far considering everyone who had a disability made it far in the show

    ●Calvin Johnson chances vary because football players aren’t as dominate as they use to be on this show

    ●Gleb partner has a great country fanbase and those are very loyal supporters..but his pro popularity is verryyy low compared to the other mirrorball threats

    The rest likely will be gone in the first 5 weeks but theirs always an upset on this show so somebody unlikely to make the finals will make it while one of the favorites will have a surprise elimination

    • Pete says:

      Disney’s worst finish was so called “disney star” Roshon Fegan which was 6th place. Those who placed 4th or 5th as a Disney Star on the show weren’t good dancers but the rest placed 1st or 2nd…Laurie will win Idk see why she shouldn’t….she’s has the adorableness of shawn johnson with tons of personality and skills already plus she’s a very recent gold medal gymnast…No one has a Chance against her besides Derek cause his freestyles

  24. Pete says:

    If Laurie doesn’t win she will get 2nd no matter what she will place 1st or 2nd….whoever on this site has gotten the best odds from Tvline has most of the time won or placed second like Paige last season who was the huge favorite to win

  25. Babygate says:

    Haven’t watched since Amber Riley was on but I will watch this season and vote for the first time in support of Laurie Hernandez. In spite of douchbag Lochte being on. Also, Marcia!

    • DS says:

      AR never should have won that season (the runner up was better), but having DH as her partner…any of the difficult or extra energy dances, he more or less did a lot of dancing around her, but the biased judges for DH gave high scores for no real dancing on her part.

  26. mama t says:

    Ryan Lockte shouldn’t be on DWTS. After all he disgraced himself and our country. Some role model!! I have watched DWTS since day one and I’m not watching this year either.

  27. Leslie A. J. Methe says:

    I love your show and that’s why I am so horrified that you would have someone such as Ryan Lochte on when he has damaged the American image so badly. He acted so rudely in Brazil and lied to the world. What are you thinking??!!! If he is allowed to participate, I will not watch your show again, and I am going to research your sponsors and boycott them as well.

  28. Helen Houtz says:

    Who??? Really

  29. Wendy Bibalo says:

    we have watched d w s for years and looked forward to this show spending quality time enjoying . This year we are appalled at your choice to bring Ryan Lochte to the show after his disgraceful actions in the Olympics . We will not watch this show this year and hope more fan feel the same.

  30. RICHARD says:

    Ryan made a big mistake and is paying for it with a suspension, lost endorsements and now deserves a second chances. The incident on the show tonight is like a hate crime and be treated as such. so let go and let god . and say a prayer for the guy .unless your perfect

  31. Megan says:

    You have to be 18 to vote online but they let a 16 year old dance I don’t get it. There needs to be a set age for this show. And if they have 16 year olds on dress them in more clothing.