The Last Ship Renewed Season 4

The Last Ship's Renewal Extended Through Season 5 at TNT

Barely a month after it was renewed for Season 4, TNT’s The Last Ship now has also been commissioned for a fifth adventure, it was announced on Thursday — days before the action-drama’s Season 3 finale airs.

The Last Ship has taken viewers on an exciting ride through three truly thrilling seasons,” TNT original programming EVP Sarah Aubrey said in a statement. “We look forward to watching the cast and production team ratchet up the drama, action and suspense even more over the next two seasons, through summer 2018.”

Previewing Sunday’s season ender, showrunner Steven Kane tells TVLine, “The finale will answer a lot of questions from Season 3” before thrusting CNO Tom Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James into a new, unexpected scenario. As the season fades to black, “We’re going to be excited to see where Season 4 takes us,” he said.

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  1. PatriciaLee says:

    I see now is the time for catch up. The first few seasons were fun, but it hit a sad and boring spot. I’ll give it another chance. I guess I was bummed they turned one of my favorite actresses into a villain.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    wowie wow wow wow!!! Thrilled about this, my fav summer show by far!!!

  3. Leanne says:

    like show but not this season. bad write. Hope it gets back on track

    • notfeelingencouraged says:

      No, the show with a really bad season has been Dark Matter. Haven’t even watched the last couple of episodes yet. Hope it hurries up and gets out of it’s own way.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Then you missed some great android episodes. Be sure to do catch up on demand. The show re-won my heart with the android scene when she revealed she was not taking the ‘human pill’ so she could be herself, that she was just saving it for when she needed to blend in as human.

  4. alex says:

    Awsome news, show absolutly rocks.

  5. Elaine says:

    We love this show and are excited about the Season 5 renewal! Can’t wait for Season 4.

  6. lukesilence says:

    The cloud to this silver lining is that season five will probably be the last.

  7. notfeelingencouraged says:


  8. Boiler says:

    I know this show has many fans, however the fact that it is still going while R&I, routinely out performing Last Ship is gone. Just another example of the ineptness of TNT!!!

    • Leanne says:

      loved Rizzoli and Isles..much better than last ship. much more entertaining and the writing didn’t go off to la la land like the last ship. At first it was good with a good plot. this year it sucked

    • Coal says:

      I fail to see what one show has to do with the other, TNT gave R&I a 7 Season 105 episode run and yet you still want to complain ? Nothing lasts forever, any good story that is worth telling must eventually end. It gives everybody involved, cast and crew to create something new.

    • KLS says:

      2 totally different shows & audiences. R&I lasted seven years. It ended well. We should hope all of our shows run that long, end so well.

  9. Donna Salvi says:

    I hope they stay close to the USA. I found the chinese storyline boring

  10. Arlene says:

    I’m very happy for a change, sniffling away Tyrant tears as I tap. Don’t mind robotic actress blonde villian at all, Elizabeth Rohm was made for a role like this. The Asian storylines were fascinating, exciting. Seems every other season crew returns home to save the day. Fine with me.

  11. Cate53 says:

    I miss Dr Scott! Wish the full story of Rhona Mitra’s departure was out there. I felt the show had more focus in the first 2 years – the medical crisis. Now it’s one mission after another slightly aimlessly.

    • Dorn Hetzel says:

      What did happen? Why did she depart? Jump or pushed?

    • angelstorm says:

      I miss her – she was my favorite on the show. Sadly I don’t watch any more now – got bored.

      • Mine too, and I stopped watching when I found out she was gone! And I am wondering if she was forced to leave for some dumb reason! So I would like to know what really happened! I also liked Tex too, and wanted Dr Scott and him to get together, instead of her and the Captain, who I don’t really like much, he’s way too by the book!

    • Leanne says:

      totally 100% agree

    • Ange says:

      I stopped watching because she left the show

    • Zoe says:

      Agree. You can keep up with the actress on Instagram. If you like animals you will love her pics. She still promotes the show. I think what happened behind the scenes is they wanted more missions this season and less character interactions and Rhona Mitra was not up for that. She stated on Twitter that she is only one to decide if she will return . I hope they can come to an agreement for season 4 and 5. I also hope Sasha is a one season character. She added nothing to story and had little to do and minimal scenes/ lines.

  12. Coal says:

    Good for Eric Dane, he clearly made the right decision for himself when he left Greys and good timing too. Chyler Leigh has bounced back well too.

    • Leanne says:

      love him on both shows. He was the reason I watching this show. Loved him on Greys too. I just hope next year the writers get better. Didn’t much care for the plot line this last season

    • jr. says:

      Just noticed Eric starred in Cher and Christina A. movie Burlesque! So glad The Last Ship didn’t turn into the typical zombie series.

    • fanoftvshows says:

      Dr. Scott died in the finale of season 2, which they talk about in the beginning of season 3, so she can’t come back.
      And the only reason Eric Dane left Grey’s was because Chyler Leigh wanted to leave the show, so they killed off her character and the producer felt Dane’s character couldn’t be on the show without Leigh’s character so his character was killed off as well (two episodes after hers was). [season 8 finale and first two episodes of season 9]

  13. So excited to see the extension of The Last Ship for two more seasons! Once again TNT has given us another quality program, excellent writing, outstanding actors. No excessive profanity, sex or gore, just good old-fashioned programming. I am hooked. I was very sad for Rizzoli & Isles to end, however there are still shows like The Last Ship, Major Crimes and Murder In The First among others. It’s sad that other channels don’t understand the concept of outstanding programming. I started out loving “Empire” for example than Season 2 came around and I quit watching after about 3 episodes. I have done the same with other programs because so much of what is shown has no relevance and I don’t need certain things flagrantly thrown in my face. Keep up the good work TNT and I will continue watching your programs, “The Last Ship” is excellent!

  14. Jason says:

    It’s one of the shows that defines summer for me so I’m overjoyed to see it will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. I just hope that Tex will be around a lot more next year. I also hope Sasha isn’t going anywhere.

    • meleliot says:

      Uhhh….I don’t think Tex will be back, unless he comes back as a zombie.

      • gblaze50 says:

        Sadly no he won’t, what gets me is they did not have a funeral fitting for him! Or more like a wake, the guy had character and was one of the best all around soldiers I ever saw. He deserved at the very lest a 21 gun salute at his funeral!

  15. grazelled says:

    The first two seasons were great with the right cast and the “ship against the world” or what was left of the world feel. This season just didn’t seem to fit with first two. Now it seems it will again be the ship against the world but I hope we get Mitra/Dr. Scott back or someone of her caliber back. Glad Tex is back.

    I like Rizzoli and Isles but at least they left on a hight note and everyone’s character can come back if they decide to revisit the show in the future.

  16. Kevin K says:

    Wonder if The Last Ship could possibly end after five seasons.

  17. njartist says:

    This is very good news ! The Last Ship has in my opinion been firing on all
    cylinders this season. Looking forward to S4 & S5. I like the way this season has evolved. Does anyone think that rebuilding the nation would be accepted by
    some who survived the virus.?

  18. tvetc says:

    such great news! i wonder if the creators planned the series to be a 5 season only show

  19. Grant says:

    Excellent news, TLS is the greatest show i’ve seen in my 19 years of life. SO glad that we get to sail on for two more seasons of action-packed awesomeness

  20. KLS says:

    Hopefully, with their 2 year renewal, they won’t use it as an invitation to drag story lines out longer then they should (a la Fear The Walking Dead). I like this as a Summer show.

  21. Chaosrainz says:

    LOVE this show. Great news! Thank you so much, TNT!

  22. none of them were you says:

    I’m hooked on this show like I was for Castle.

  23. Well good for it and those who are still watching it, but I stopped watching after the I watched the first two episodes this season, and first found out they had killed Dr Scott off! And then in the second episode showed me it was just going to be nothing but a bunch of macho military crap from now on! To me she and Tex both, made the show more watchable! And frankly I can’t stand watching the Captain on there, because I don’t really care for the character very much! I am sure that the only real reason this show is doing good is one, because of Grey’s Anatomy fans of Eric Dane, and two, because of men who just like to see things blow up! Because this seasons story to me seemed a bit weak!

    • Leanne says:

      I like Eric Dane and started watching because of him however I agree it went off the plot. It started out saving the world which was good but went downhill fast when it became a take over the world..I believe that when disasters happen we as people grow closer and work together. I hope it gets back on track

  24. Tom says:

    Amazing news. This is my favorite summer show.

  25. kirads09 says:

    Good news for the renewal. However, I have a hunch this announcement signals they have a very specific conclusion in mind, and are going to start heading there. I won’t be at all surprised if S5 ends up being the last. I could be wrong, but I just have that feeling.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Which for a non-procedural is a very nice run. .

      • Mike M says:

        And even more nice is the fact it let’s the writers, showrunner and cast know in advance that they can truly evolve that story arc over the full amount of envisaged episodes, without the risk of being cut off at the knees at the end of what might be a penultimate 4th season. It’s a real shame more cumulative story based shows aren’t often given the same trust.

  26. Clark Kent says:

    TNT needs to bring back Dallas. That show was brilliantly done, and ended on a cliffhanger, which is weak. The Last Ship is the last show I will likely watch on TNT for awhile because of that.

  27. Susan Dietz says:

    YES!!! I love this series. I reminds me of when America was strong against its enemies. Thank you, TNT, for give us, at least, 2 more season. My summers will be complete. :-D

  28. John says:

    Excellent series, full of action, suspense & great cast!

  29. gblaze50 says:

    Anymore ratcheting up of the drama and suspense and they will be reviving me me after every show!

  30. Peggy Williams says:

    Will Eric Dane be back next season

  31. Laura says:

    Absolutely love this show, keep it going

  32. Emelia Alfaro Abing Malubay says:

    luv this show…. since the pilot episode… i live in hongkong but i subscribed for this show online…. one of my fav… since 24 HRS.. was off the air….

  33. Chelsea says:

    Love this show have never been bored. A great show to watch. Was excited to see that it was renewed for two more seasons.

  34. Douglas Asamoah says:

    I love this movie is the best movie ever I have watched.

  35. karen says:

    just saw the last season of the last ship on dvr,,,excellent show ….so happy it’s been renewed…great acting…great story…can’t wait to see what this next season brings…