Tyrant Season 3 Preview

Tyrant's FX Run to End With Season 3 Finale, as Series Seeks New Home

Tyrant’s reign on FX will come to an end this Wednesday night at 10/9c, with its Season 3 finale doubling as a likely series finale.

In announcing the drama’s end on the cabler, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said in a statement, “The creators of Tyrant have done their utmost over three seasons to tell American audiences a tiny fraction of the many gripping, human stories coursing through the Middle East today. We want to thank Howard Gordon, Chris Keyser and their talented team of collaborators, including all the writers, directors, cast and crew, as well as our studio partners at Fox 21 Television Studios, for taking on Tyrant’s tremendously ambitious story with such profound dedication and respect.”

Fox 21 Television Studios President Bert Salke, meanwhile, left the door slightly open for a Season 4, somewhere.

“We feel the show is a gem and we’d love to find a way to keep it in production. That said, we want to be realistic about its prospects,” Salke said in a statement. “So for its loyal audience, tonight’s episode will be a satisfying end should the series not find another home, but also provides interesting possibilities should we be able to continue on some other platform.”

Would you like to see Tyrant continue on somewhere else, or has Barry’s tale been told?

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  1. TheloNaGrapso says:

    Wish I knew this before watching this entire season, Makes me less excited for the finale tonight.

  2. Love tyrant would like it to find a new home maybe Netflix?

  3. Babygate says:

    Hopefully the season won’t end on a cliff hanger. They shouldn’t have killed Jamal. He was despicable but also by far the most interesting character and best actor.

    • Jim says:

      Never a great show, but I continued watching for Ashraf Barhom’s strangely compelling performance and Moran Atias (no explanation needed). Hope they get more, better work soon.

    • The Beach says:

      Exactly. The show needed the Big Bad with Barry being the good guy and voice of reason. When they killed him off and made Barry morally ambiguous they ruined the show. I stopped watching about half way through this season.

    • Edith says:

      Agree ! I miss jamal.. He was my favorite !

    • Seember says:

      Barry’s tale has not been told he is a good guy and am looking forward to seeing him win this war…..he has been distracted by his wife i hope he wins back the heart of Aburdinians and they get to seem him for who he really is……i am impatiently looking forward to season 4…..tnx

  4. Valeen Robertson says:

    Well, that sucks. I love Tyrant and will miss it a lot. It is just getting good, and now it’s done. Damn FX!

  5. A show starts getting good and its canceled, big shocker

  6. Felt like I was learning some of the mindset of the Middle East. Sorry to see it go. Hopefully will come back on Netflix.

  7. William G. Jochimsen says:

    Once the main characters showed that they could not be faithful to their respective spouses, amid all of the turmoil going on in the country, I lost interest. Too bad the the underlying story got lost amidst all of their infidelities.

  8. Toni Cetrulo says:

    Yes please please find another network for this series. I am heart broken. I love all the characters and it is so well written. It gives us a birds eye view on how other countries are living there lives in such horrible conditions. Please don’t let this show disappear.

  9. patrick holmes says:

    Yes, keep it going. Maybe USA or TNT even Netflix

  10. bev says:

    I have enjoyed this show very much…i hate to see it go.

  11. johnhelvete says:

    For the posters asking about Netflix, the first two seasons of Tyrant are available on Hulu. Unless Netflix has it as well (which I doubt), Netflix would want all three seasons of the show if they were going to make Tyrant a “Netflix original”.

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    Dang, they said tonight’s ep will be satisfying, it better be, lol!!!

  13. N says:

    Ive enjoyed this series as a whole, but doubt a another network would pick this show up.if only because I just don’t think there’s enough story left to justify another network taking it on.To be honest, Ive been wondering all if this was the finale season, and they just didn’t announce it Ala Penny Dreadful, because of how much story they’ve covered this season like Jamal’s death and Barry learning about his other son. plus the story’s boiled down to a core idea, Barry either becomes a dictator like his father and brother, or he has a change of heart and holds the elections, making his character powerless, and I don’t wont to see that played out overly long. I just don’t think theirs enough interesting story left to go beyond an additional season or 2. I’m glad that they approached this episode as a possible series finale, to give the series some kind of closure in the event it doesn’t come back

  14. Arlene says:

    Three years in and they’ve solved this country’s enough to abandon it? Of course I would like to see it kept going. Aaaargh! Netflix, Hulu, anyone? I dare them. A controversial show I imagine it took guts to air and will take even more to keep it floating.

  15. Raymond says:

    This was a really good show that unfortunately never really found an audience. (Perhaps if it had been on at a time when there wasn’t so many other buzz-worthy shows competing for viewers’ attention it would have stood a better chance.) I enjoyed it and am sorry to see it go.

  16. Betty B says:

    Love Tyrant! Please find it another home….

  17. Anne V says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Tyrant for these 3 years; however when I first started watching I did not expect to. I hope it does find a good home.

  18. idah says:

    Tyrant should be renewed for a 4th season. Makes no sense for such an interesting series to be cancelled yet some boring ones are still airing.

  19. Meredith says:

    Yes I think it has reached its end. When Barry’s brother was written out the pivotal character was taken He was such an enigma with so many dimensions to his character. Without him present the story could not really continue. I enjoyed this so much with a tremendous script and fantastic actors. Would I follow the series elsewhere. Msybe.

  20. Killing Jamal was its jump the shark moment. Best that it end now. Would only get worse.

  21. Ramon Borbon says:

    Im a fan , but they when away to far from season …people like the luxury , fast car , sex ,fights and the drama a whole combination of this things without stop been realistic , just like a real tyrant … they came too soft and oost ratings

  22. JoAnne Netrefa says:

    Tyrant is an outstanding show. With all the problems in the world today, it was so intetesting to see that the Middle East has its internal problems as well. We tend to forget. I loved the show, never missed it and really hope it finds a new home.

  23. Ron says:

    I loved Tyrant. It needs to continue somewhere.

  24. Robin Zeiger says:

    I love the actors and this show. It is engaging and gives some small sense of what is going on in the Middle East that most people don’t know or understand. It is so heartwrenching but true. I really hope for another big network to take this show. I dont have hulu, netflix, etc.. All I can afford is basic cable.I will miss yhis show…

  25. Sharon O says:

    So much more story to be told! Excellent show and cast.

  26. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I really love the show. I fee4l like killing Jamal was a huge mistake though- as the show was at its core a story about the relationship between the two brothers. Doubtful another network would pick this up. The ratings are not great.

  27. Laxed says:

    This is literally the only drama I watch. It helps both me and my wife have a different perspective of the on-goings in the middle east and have helped me to learn more about what’s going on in Libya. My wife and I are so disappointed it is cancelled (although we saw it coming from studying the ratings)! It has literally helped our marriage, as it is one of the few things we do together that doesn’t involve the kids!

    Please get picked up by another network!

    • Edith says:

      Im with you! My husband and i do the same! This is our get together and watch this show.. Just us !!! Please bring it back !!!!

  28. LAwoman says:

    I kind of expected this to be the end based on the ratings. I enjoyed the three seasons we had though.

  29. sammyfinbar says:

    I wonder if it’s worth someone setting up a kickstarter campaign? I am devastated to say goodbye to Tyrant! There is a lot of story left in this. It looks like tonight’s finale will finally fill in the power vacuum in Abhoudin once and for all and I was so excited to see how that would play out in the next season. Especially now that Barry is completely unhinged! This deserves at least one more season to wrap things up!

  30. Anthia says:

    I dont think we have seen all of Barry’s story, please find a new home for S4…

  31. Anthia says:

    I love Tyrant this cannot be the end

  32. mayada says:

    Please don’t cancel it! I’ve followed it religiously since first premier, there’s not enough pr! Otherwise more people would watch it! It’s a great show; with production quality as good as some other highly acclaimed tv series dramas! I am also of middle eastern decent and understand all to well the vivid horrors people go through in dictatorship countries. This show had been very accurate in portraying through the eyes of every character and I’m a huge fan!

  33. Maria vega says:

    I think it should continue!!!! Find a new home for tyrant!!!!!

  34. Kevin says:

    NO! This is a great show.. hope Amazon or Netflix or Hulu realize this

  35. Robert D. says:

    Tyrant is a great and compelling story that is realistic to what is occuring in the Middle East. I will miss it tremendously. It is just getting really good, and now it’s over, ridiculous. Shame on FX. I hope USA or TNT even Netflix pick it up.

  36. Robert Phillips says:

    I would love for the show to keep going. It has become one of my favorites. It will be a sad day if it does not return.

  37. Carol Brewer says:

    Hope this show continues somewhere as I enjoy the show very much & have it on dvd in my personal collection to watch over & over again…don’t want to see it end!!!!!

  38. Louis E. says:

    I stopped watching this show during the first season,when Bassam killed the sheikh…it showed that staying stuck in the premise was more important to the producers than behaving logically and left me with no one to root for.Now it comes to an end…perhaps a future show will explore this ground more convincingly.

  39. Keith Garton says:

    Love this show! So relevant these days. Please find another home!

  40. Annie Patel says:

    Oh no, I wish it would go on longer than 3 seasons. This is one show my husband and I look forward to every summer and watch together as a couple. We will both be so sad if the show ends…Can another network please please continue to take on this show… We want to watch more of Barry, Molly and the Al Fayeeds… Plus what is going to happen to Dahlia? Please continue another 3 seasons….. PLEASE!!

  41. Amar sleiman says:

    I feel “tyrant” has a story to tell..It gives raw details of life and the middle East.
    .So it give us a forum to discuss.
    I love “Tyrant” and I would miss it should it not find another home..

  42. Sandy Hall says:

    Yes This is one of my favorite programs. Please find a new home.

  43. Kathleen says:

    Do not let it end. It has to find a new home!!! N

  44. Lolita says:

    I really hope another network pick up the show. it it’s very interesting show. It’s one of my favorite series. I really hope there is a season 4.

  45. Sharon says:

    Please please find a way to continue with this show. It is one of the best shows on tv. I look forward to watching it every week!!!

  46. njartist says:

    I am not surprised at this news. S3 had turned into, “Days of Our Life- In The Desert”
    I agree with several other viewers -killing off Jamal was a big mistake. The other
    mistake{s} were the dilution of Barry the main character. He has been written this
    season as somewhat lost confused and then decisive. Also killing off Jamal’s son
    the young officer was another lost opportunity. I could see why the writers would
    kill off the Emma character but the revenge drama to come out of this -I am
    still undecided as whether this was such a good move. Tyrant needs at least a
    2 hour wrap up TV movie to tie up the loose ends. What happened to Tyrant
    is in my opinion what happened to Graceland. Graceland lost its way during S2
    and it was the same with Tyrant S3. I have watched every episode of both shows.
    Graceland at first was quite good and then it went off the rails. Tyrant was very
    interesting and the characters engaging. Now Tyrant has become a soap opera.

  47. medicwoman says:

    Too many loose ends. I was surprised that Barry became so corrupt and like his brother. Truthfully never expected him to cheat on Molly. Season 3 portrayed him more as a dictator which did not seem realistic compared to his personality in the other 2 seasons. I know that Emma was killed and they wanted to exact revenge, but their nemesis should have been killed a long time ago for his despicable act.
    Agree with another commenter that the show became a little too “soapy”, I feel like the show derailed a bit and became less interesting to me. Plus, for whatever reason, Barry making love to Dahlya didn’t seem to have authenticity, same with their relationship. I just didn’t “get” it. It was like he was going through the motions but wasn’t “present”. Expected more tenderness

    • Deb T. says:

      Thank you!

    • Steve G says:

      He was with dahlya for the fact of the life am death station that that were put in when berry had to kill his best friends daughter witch tote him apart anD that is where that found thair love in my opinion it’s an awesome show

    • Kim says:

      actually I think it’s VERY realistic, if you give one person all the power that person will automatically become corrupt I think, regardless of their personality… also it is Barry’s desire to make things better and more democratic that leads to all of the difficulties in a way, because he can’t predict how other people are going to react to things… you’re always making the wrong decision for someone or for one reason or other, regardless of what you decide… it’s just so sad, he’s sacrificed everything to make his country a better place and then he unwillingly turns into his father… it’s kind of ironic… BUT maybe if we get a season 4 we’ll see how he react and if he succeeds in fixing things where his father has failed ;)

  48. Veronique Rigault says:


  49. Alina says:

    Love the show. Hope it comes back! Maybe Netflix

  50. Veronique Rigault says:

    Keep on going SVP