yunjin kim leaving mistresses

Mistresses: Yunjin Kim Not Returning for Potential Season 5

The doctor is out at Mistresses.

Yunjin Kim, who played series regular (and regular hot mess) Dr. Karen Kim for all four seasons of ABC’s frothy summer soap, will not return for a potential Season 5, sources confirm to TVLine.

The news isn’t a huge shock, as the Season 4 finale kicked off with a funeral for Kim’s character, who ended the penultimate installment careening toward a balcony — and propelled by a broken heel — toward her suicidal nanny Lydia (Alanna Masterson).

News of Karen’s untimely demise seemed premature, however, as the episode jumped forward a year, and BFF April — propelled by possible sightings of her late friend and the news that Karen’s ashes had never arrived at the home of her brother in Korea — began to wonder if Karen might’ve been channeling her inner Lazarus.

The installment ended, however, with another woman (played by The Last Ship‘s Hina Abdullah) strolling into April’s home-furnishings shop and introducing herself as… Karen Kim?!

The fate of Mistresses — which has been a bubble show, and never received a renewal notice before its prior-season finale — remains up in the air. It drew 2.6 million viewers and a 0.5 demo rating for its penultimate Season 4 episode on Labor Day, down from its Season 4 premiere of 3.1 mil and a 0.7.

Are you shocked to hear Yunjin Kim is truly gone from Mistresses? Can you imagine the show without her version of Karen? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Do we know why? I mean, first Alyssa doesn’t come back even for a guest spot, now Yunjin is leaving.. Am sensing problems with the producers, or am I wrong?

  2. Carm says:

    I doubt if it will be renewed with another original series lead leaving.

  3. sarah j says:

    It is not a surprise that she is not returning if they get a season 5.
    I am a little intrigued by the fact that her ashes never made it to her brother, that will be interesting to find out why.

  4. Noreen says:

    Again. Bring it back!!!!!! Don’t leave us hanging. ABC always does this. I’m about to boycott. Already lost me for many things. First ….the morning. Don’t watch anything ever!!!!!!! After they removed all my children I gave up. Next Nashville. Now mistresses……you are losing me……a loyal supporter!!!!!

  5. MattySi says:

    I haven’t watched the last too episodes yet but did we find out if the nanny died too? If not I’m thinking she had some nips and tucks and is the woman calling herself Karen Kim now.

  6. Richie says:

    They should bring in shannen doherty to spice it up

  7. Linda Hartley says:

    I am sad she’s off the show. It will not be the same!l

  8. Eric7740 says:


  9. Mike says:

    Seems to me they needed to re-cast the role and having Karen come back after plastic surgery was the route (it’s an old soap opera trick. SAomeone gets caught in a fire and comes back with a new face. They did it on One Life To Live). They will retrofit the story to say somehow Karen needed to change her life to start over because she was being stalked or something like that so she disappeared for a year, had plastic surgery and is now back.

    • Marie says:

      Due to the fall she might have head and facial injuries. So she might have had plastic surgery and amnesia and that’s why she introduced herself to April.

    • Faye says:

      She wouldn’t leave her baby!!! and she was in love! Her life was going well!! Happy!

    • Karen F says:

      But its so unrealistic that she would just leave her daughter behind.

      • Lisa says:

        omg confusing! I’m not sure who drummed up the last episode but it was awful! First when did Joss become pregnant, WOW April really spit that child out way too fast, did I miss the “YEAR later” at the beginning? Wow Karen is gone, I still cannot believe it! So unexpected and disappointing….who knows where Karen’s ashes are…that’s why they did that so we watch next year. The thing that really bothered me was that I never even knew this was the last episode until two nights after the fact, but they aired it most days this week so at least I got to see the last episode, they should really televise it so viewers are not left hanging….start/end times! I found they jumped way too far ahead and it was confusing because of that decision. Where is Karen’s BABY???? I feel sorry for her new beau…..on another topic which I noticed in above comments, WHERE THE HECK IS DALLAS?????? OMG, how long has it been now. PLEASE bring back both these episodes, please keep your audience informed too please! That would be nice!

        • Jackie says:

          I agree the beginning was way to confusing. I went back to the previous episode to see if I missed something. The preview they showed for this episode was Karen talking the nanny down. The episode on September 6 shows Karen heal breaking and she trips, Joss and Harry getting married, the funeral….etc….etc. I feel like I missed a whole episode and nothing aired. The producers screwed up with the time line. I don’t care if the producers fast forward but let the viewers know what’s going on. This episode was to many missing parts.

          If this is the last season please have ABC have a ending to this series and don’t leave the viewers hanging in limbo.

          • CoCoa V says:

            I think they did pull everything together just in case the show does not return for a season 5. They killed Karen off of the show, married Josh and Harry, gave them a baby which in the beginning of the show Harry had weak to low sperm count and could not get Savvy pregnant. The also added an out of wedlock son to the family, plus brought April and her Bow together again and with a new baby girl. Josh and Sis in law made up and now there is nothing else to do but wonder is that happy ending it? There are no Mistresses, just happily coupled women………….

            These are just my thoughts and feelings:-(

  10. Susan says:

    I just hope that this series returns. The acting is very good and the story lines are not as far fetched as some shows. Sorry to see Karen out as I was with Savi, but think Karen will be missed more. Looking forward to the girls return and to see where things go with Harry’s son.

  11. Monique says:

    Mistresses is a much lover show for me. I record the show because my boys are in baseball but this is a show that I look forward to coming home and watching. I am sad that Kim is gone surprised that her ashes never made it to her brother wondering what really happened what kind of twist is going to happen in the next season I would love for there to be another season but yes also wondering why she laughed as well as Alyssa is Alyssa going to come back at all or even make an appearance? I’m really hoping for a season 5.

    • Valerie says:

      All this mention of ashes and brother, was her REAL family not at funeral. This show is crazy all over place, like what happened to Clarissa? Why SavI Ex-man b there when Josh was arrested

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m cool either way, if it’s renewed I’ll definitely watch but if it’s not I won’t be upset. The thing that I found interesting was Lydia being at Karen’s funeral. I just thought that was a little odd considering the circumstances.

  13. Pam says:

    I really hate that she was killed off…I truly enjoyed her character and the 3 ladies as long time friends! As for the show, I love it and record it all the time and can’t wait to see what happens next…..PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!

  14. Kay says:

    Will truly miss her…the girls are great…we get comfortable with a show and it changes…life is full of change..keep us interested..keep us wanting more

  15. Jacqi says:

    As much as I enjoy watching the show every summer, the episode last night felt like a series finale (minus the karen at the end).

    • Leslie says:

      Agreed – felt like a series finale. After all, the show is called “Mistresses”, not “Housewives”, and with everyone ending up being married with children, the title no longer fits. And I’m ok with that – a finale. I think it was past its prime.

    • Karen F says:

      That’s exactly how I felt… Like it was the series finale. I thought last nights episode felt like it was just thrown together. It was all over the place it felt felt Like they were trying to tie up alot of loose ends all in one episode. Almost Like they know Its not coming back next season

  16. Tracie says:

    I love this show but I’m aggravated that the lead characters keep leaving before long it will not be the same and I will no longer watch

  17. Bob says:

    What about Kim’s child? Talk about a loose end.

  18. Sonia says:

    The show will not be the same without Karen. I don’t understand why these producers bring a good show with a wonderful cast then they decide to kill them off. First Savi and now Karen…I didn’t care to much for Alissa Milano but I really liked Kim…ugh!

  19. iMike says:

    I think it’s time to call it a day. I’ve enjoyed this summer guilty pleasure for four years now, but losing two original leads? I just can’t see a fifth season, especially with another character named Karen Kim. The show can’t even get Alyssa back for a guest spot at her best friend’s funeral. If Savi is 8.5 months pregnant and can’t fly, couldn’t she have sent a video message to be played? This is 2016, after all. I also think it was a sloppy way to write Karen out; heck a plane crash cliche would have been better than this … they could even say her plane crashed in the south Pacific!

    • Saynt says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. What a cop out.

    • Shell says:

      I hope they bring Karen back but this show was great and we should focus on the fact that it’s not a reality series and should try as hard as we can to get it back! Bachelor paradise does better than this really!? Since when do we as women want to watch girls starving for attention and looking pathetic, since when do we want to see men controlling everything!? This show had women in control wether being good or having issues but it showed women as women! It’s not a show that has women fighting for men basically which is 99.9% scripted reality tv is crap it’s people who want to be real actors but never quite get there maybe they’re good people but I’m being honest I want to see real actors, tv scripted at least there’s something I can believe in like what to expect but these reality tv shows that pretend to be real people… it’s all thought out, go watch unreal on lifetime which is so real I was on a reality tv show before and they tell u what they want to hear, try and get u intoxicated to say what they want and try and manipulate you into saying things and names so no I’m sorry I know it’s all fake too but I’d much rather watch trained actors than reality personalities that want to be actors but are better at manipulating and making you think what they think and how they feel are actually “real”.

  20. Annette says:

    It’s sad that yet another main character has left the show. Being that as it may; I’m sure that the show will not be returning for season 5 since it seems loose ends are being tied up.
    It was a great run and I loved the show.

    Bye bye Mistresses

  21. sweet says:

    I could care less if this show does not get renewed. This show replaced Body of Proof, to which a lot of fans were angered by. Why would a TV station come up with a show where Women enable Men to cheat on their wives? It may be a reality in life, goody for the cheaters!

  22. Janet Russo says:

    Shocked that they killed Kim off! The show wont be the same without her! What stupid producer thought that up? Make it all a bad dream An bring them all back!! Its MISTRESSES, keep the babies off the show!!

    • Agree make it a bad dream that one of the ladies were having. It worked on Dallas many years ago when they killed Bobby off . The next season began showing Bobby Ewing in the shower and Pam telling him about the ba d dream about him dying.. Patrick Duffy returned as Bobby until the show ended in the nineties

    • Barra says:

      I literally rewound it three times thinking it maybe was a dream and I missed something. I loved Karen. She was such and elegant, sophisticated, warm, eloquent lady with just enough Hott mess to make her real. RIP Karen Kim

  23. Vanessa says:

    ABC has been doing some weird writing let alone bang just cancelling shows and not really announcing its a series finale till after the fact. We fall in love with the characters and I understand writing them off and all may happen because of the actors real life situation but don’t just cancel or make us hate you with these plots. Ex: Brothers & Sisters, Body of Proof, Rookie Blue etc. I’m scared to start a new series for real. Karen’s death was traumatic I cried for real! Worse then Savy leaving I think. I’m up in the air with my emotions and how I feel about ABC moving forward

  24. Penny Johnson says:

    Mistresses finally got good, real good with the last episode. We all want more. Feeling cheated that we’ve invested our time in watching something you are not renewing! Not fair to fans

  25. Layla Jones says:

    That was one of the dumbest endings ever. Up there with “Lost” and “Seinfeld.” There is no way ABC will bring the show back. Its cancelled shows with higher ratings than this one. I am boycotting ABC also. They should have given the show a nice send of instead of killing Karen off.

  26. Linda Hawkins says:

    I learned to love her on lost and wanted her to live happily ever after with her new love interest. Disappointed and sad!!

  27. Lina says:

    I don’t think the show will be good without Kim. She was too much of an influence on everyone’s lives. Personally, I don’t want to watch it anymore without her, and I doubt it will be renewed anyway.

  28. Valerie Mace says:

    Thank you for criteria, I hate that I made crap.
    OMG, I was waiting to say someone was dreaming, can’t believe Karen gone, I had TEARS. How is Lydia at funeral, come on, she should be locked up somewhere. Was Vivian there?
    Sorry to say, if return, may watch 1 or 2 episodes before deciding to take off recording schedule.

  29. Claire says:

    Mistresses was my guilty summer pleasure, I hope it’s back for another season. As for last night, I’m still in shock about Karen, my mouth must have hung open for a good 5 minutes. So many loose ends, where was Alec? what about Vivienne? and why was Lydia at the funeral?. This episode had me in tears at the funeral, my daughter too. Didn’t much like the flash forward and the double babies. Maybe it’s because so much was crammed into the one episode. Really hoping ABC renews it!!

  30. Wanda says:

    I’m ok with it ending. I did enjoy it, but with all the girls having kids and happily ever after you would have to create drama and I wouldn’t like that. However a better plot would have been for Josh never to have married her sister’s husband. Always thought that should of ended with Karma. That should never have a happy ending. Thoughts if there is a next season. He’s too hot to be with only one woman! 😜

  31. Cindy Miller says:

    Please renew Mistresses for Season 5!!!!!

  32. Keni k stone says:

    Cancel the damn show. This was the worst season ever.

  33. Mary Liakos says:

    Final episodes crazy! Everyone had babies! We didn’t even go thru their pregnancies! Very confusing. Was my favorite show! Why did Karen have to die!

    • Stacey says:

      I hate that they went so far ahead in 5 minutes. Like really?! they needed to cram that much into one show? and how come they never said anything about April’s mother? they made her such a big part the last few episodes and then nothing…

      • Agree make it a bad dream that one of the ladies were having. It worked on Dallas many years ago when they killed Bobby off . The next season began showing Bobby Ewing in the shower and Pam telling him about the ba d dream about him dying.. Patrick Duffy returned as Bobby until the show ended in the nineties

  34. Carol Cochran says:

    I hate it that mistresses might not be coming back. When they say potential it usually means it’ll be cut. With that said i think its the crazy nanny taking karens identity. She was a nut job.

  35. Debbie says:

    I was surprised! And it does kinda throw me off the show. 2 down!

  36. April Chambers says:

    Yes I’m shocked but the show must go on I still thinks they should replace savvy hmmmmmm maybe soap vet Vanessa marcel?

  37. Alicia says:

    I believe that the “Karen Kim” at the end of the episode is actually the actress hired to play Karen in the movie version of her book!

    • Barra says:

      Oooooh, That’s interesting ! A made to movie idea for her book would be a fantastic way to bring back some of Karen to the show

  38. Carolyn says:

    It is just ridiculous to remove Karen. She is the one with the psychology degree and understand everything. I loved her on the show. I don’t want her to leave. This is too much. First Alyssa and now Kim. The network is losing their viewer. Not a wise move because I don’t think that it may survive with so many regular leaving the show.

  39. iakovos says:

    I sense there will be no Season 5. MISTRESSES loses an edge with two remaining leads married and with babies. I like the guys so I would be upset if they broke up the couples. hope somehow the mystery idea is shared with us fans down the line. Show overall was a mixed bag. Alyssa Milano’s pregnancy and her refusal to follow show’s production to tent to Canada sort of derailed things, I think. Still I was introduced to three new actors who brought Karen, April and Joss to such vibrant life. Their stars will continue to shine in other vehicles.

    Oh, I loved the Harry-has-a-son plot thread, too.

  40. Helen Miller says:

    I love the show. Hope it returns.

  41. Kitty says:

    Even less than a few Asians left in entertainment now. Still. Too bad!

  42. Eran says:

    In theory, Karen’s character and storylines to-date have been campy and OTT enough for the writers of this out and proud soap to be able to explore the prospect of a recast and the age old plastic surgery trope in the case of a renewal.
    Would viewers scream blue murder? Most likely. But in my opinion, this is the only character which, if they want to keep, they could pull it off with.

  43. Trixie says:

    Please give us a season 5!! Don’t leave us hanging

  44. Trixie says:

    Please give us a season 5!!

  45. Linda says:

    I cannot believe that they are not hiding of not renewing the show. That really Sucks! You get us hooked and then you cancel. This is not the first time,not cool. And you remove Yunjin ???
    She was amazing. Terrible news !!!!!

  46. Gale says:

    I really liked the show, Mistresses. I wish it would return for a season 5. However, I would like to know what happened to Karen’s baby daughter Vivian.

  47. Rosemarie Krajewski says:

    Was so surprised Karen left did not hear about it. Almost went to tears hoping through the whole show that it wasn’t really true. Love the show & hope it will continue but still very sad.

  48. Zee says:

    I think they shot themselves in the foot with the show title “Mistresses.” As a romance writer, romance consumers will rarely tolerate infidelity. So the title alone turns off typical LCD ABC viewers. Perhaps they should be BOLD and change the title to go along with the huge shift in storylines that took place in last night’s finale. Next Season Promo: The cast of Mistresses are back! , But they’re not Mistresses anymore. They’re “Dames.” . Listen to me ABC. A simple title change will bring in the viewers you want. You have to be bold enough to make that ONE change. With the inception of cable and pay TV and their daring programming, why not do something REVOLUTIONARY? And if you decide to make that title change and go with Dames, don’t worry about me, I’m very successful at what I do–because I’m daring ;-). Look at this as a gift from me to you.

  49. Aye says:

    I don’t want to see Dr. Karen Kim gone. She is the prettiest of them all. So shock and sad to see that happens after Alyssa left…

  50. Phyllis Termine says:

    So sorry to hear the the character Karen Kim will not be returning. Love the show and love each character. They are all so different and that makes for a good story line.