Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Exits Fox News After 14 Years

Greta Van Susteren won’t be going On the Record Tuesday. The Fox News anchor has abruptly left the cable network effective immediately.

Per our sister site Variety, Van Susteren’s exit comes after a financial disagreement with the network. Links to her tab on the Fox News website have already been disabled.

UPDATE: Van Susteren has released the following statement social media accounts:

“We are grateful for Greta’s many contributions over the years and wish her continued success,” Fox News co-presidents Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine said in a statement. Senior political analyst Brit Hume will temporarily host her 7 pm program On the Record, with Abernethy and Shine referring to him as “the ideal choice to host a nightly political program while the most dynamic and captivating election in recent history unfolds.”

Word of Van Susteren’s departure follows an earlier announcement by Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox confirming that it has settled Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against former chairman and CEO Roger Ailes for $20 million. She had been with the network since 2002.

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  1. John NYC says:

    I’d have thought a “financial dispute” would be contract related yet “immediately” seems to contradict that as contracts have their own timing.

    A long time fan of hers.

  2. Linda Moore says:

    I love Greta and will miss her so much. What is going on at Fox anyway?

    • bobbie says:

      A “news” channel that spews hate, sexism, racism and caters to the lowest denomination is actually a toxic workplace, color me surprised.

      The leg cam should have tipped you off on how Fox views women.

      • Eric says:

        Do you watch the network to know firsthand or are you just parroting the age-old criticisms of them?

        • Brad says:

          the criticisms are pretty legit. I urge you to try independent media on YouTube. Any news company that’s shelling out 20 million to cover a scandal has many more hidden and probably shouldn’t be trusted too much.

      • Dani says:

        Do you actually watch “Fox News”, and if so, do you have specific examples of your allegations? More likely you have never watch the channel and are spewing the same garbage from the left-wing main-stream media.

        • Mary says:

          All you need to do is watch Hannity for 5 minutes and know that Bobbie speaks the truth. Nice try defending the right wing propaganda news.

        • bobbie says:

          I do watch it occasionally and I also read some articles on Fox’s site, but mainly I go to watch the comments and yes I said watch, because they come too fast and furious to call it reading. If you want to talk about what is truly garbage check out what Fox New supporters have to say.

      • Mara says:

        I have watched the network and they most certainly color their stories in sexist and racist tones, inspiring hatred of certain “group” of people. Nobody had to tell me that, I saw it for myself.

    • Temperance says:

      They’re imploding under the extraordinary weight of their lies and horrific morality,

  3. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m sure Greta Van Susteran will get another job soon enough.As for why she left Fox News so abruptly her contract might have had an escape clause in it where she could leave at anytime without giving any warning.

  4. Lorraine Minniti says:

    What the “H” is going on at Fox News??? WOW, Greta is wonderful & will be missed by all !!!

  5. John says:

    Get rid of Shep Smith and put Martha McCallum in his place

  6. Belle says:

    What is going on at Fox? Anna Kooiman gone, Maria Molina gone, Greta gone…all within the last week alone.

  7. Cassie says:

    Good. Fox is long overdue for some house cleaning. Hopefully Hannity will be the next to go.

  8. Neva Elliott says:

    This is a big loss for Fox. Greta was a journalist you could believe.

    • Mary says:

      Umm the only one who supported Roger. I find the timing odd to say the least.

      • Joey says:

        Are you only referring to on-air talent? Because according to Andrea Tantaros’ lawsuit, Bill Shine, one of the new co-presidents, tried to tell her to stop talking about Ailes harrassing her.

      • Mary says:

        Umm I was talking about her statement when it all went down and she claims that no sexual harassment was taking place.

  9. dru mont says:

    What a joy it is to see the FOX propaganda organ collapse within themselves!

  10. Robin says:

    She was the only reason I would tune into Fox. She was objective. Hopefully CNN will get her back.

  11. Luis says:

    CNN, here I come!!

  12. peterwdawson says:

    Wonder if this has to do with the Carlson settlement or the rumors that both Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly could end up getting huge pay hikes.

  13. Debbie Trovato says:

    You will be missed!!!!!
    Sad Sad News

  14. Jackie Gilstrap says:

    I will miss Greta. She was the most professional in her dress and the way she presented her program. Good luck, Greta!!!

  15. Kathy Miller says:

    Sorry to hear Gretai is leaving,she is one that was Fair and Balanced,however Fox does nothing on the other hand about Megan Kelly or Shephard Smith who show their bias towards HillaryClinton almost every day,certainly not Fair and Balanced.Why are they still there?

  16. kathryn says:

    Maybe because she wasn’t sexy enough with a low cut top and short skirt and 5 inch heels. She was more normal and all business

  17. Fox is full of filth ( Megyn Kelly’s nude photo and salacious conversation with Howard Stern on the internet ) and loses its most decent journalist. Not good. JRS

  18. Carol Lungren says:

    I have felt Greta tried hard to provide a balanced and honest view of today’s news. Good luck where ever you go.

  19. James Horton says:

    Greta needs to do what’s best for herself although she left all her staff in a lurch. I will miss her on the program but will watch her on what ever program she lands on.

  20. Catherine Aragon says:

    I doubt she’ll recover from this, career-wise. You can’t agree to be a clown in a circus and not wind up smelling like elephant poop.

  21. Liz says:

    I enjoyed watching Greta! Will await to see what network picks her up!

  22. acha berland says:

    Without doubt, she was the best at Fox News. Should have had pretty little flirt Megyn Kelly’s spot. Purely professional–no need to bare shoulders and kneecaps and fit right in with the males’ business attire. It is business, right? News business? Plenty of other sites to titillate fat old men.

  23. Quit in HASTE and repent at LEISURE….

  24. Barbara Dougher says:

    Gretta was and is the best. Sorry to see you go. Enjoyed your show. Good Luck wherever you go.

  25. Greta, I’m going to miss you. Your reporting was balanced, impartial, and very solid. Hope Fox realizes they’ve made a big, big mistake letting you go. Barbara

  26. karen lee says:

    Gretchen Carlson gets $20 million for being violated by one of her bosses, and fired, and he gets to resign with a severance package of double that – $40 million – no wonder Van Susteren wanted out of such an off kilter organization!

  27. Dolores Sebok says:

    We wish Greta all the best going forward. She will truly be missed by everyone.
    Looked forward to her program every night. God Bless and all good luck to you, Greta!!

  28. ginele says:

    keep me update on Greta

  29. Greta was one of the few true objective analysis , reporters at Fox. She is ” real” in every sense of the word. She will be missed.

  30. Greta was my favorite news woman. When she was doing a store, she worked so hard to get a problem resolved. I’ll miss her.