Sleepy Hollow Season 3

Sleepy Hollow Season 4: First Photo of Tom Mison and New Leading Lady Janina Gavankar

They make a rather fetching pair, don’t you think?

At this weekend’s Atlanta-based Dragon Con, new Sleepy Hollow co-star Janina Gavankar posed for a photo with leading man Tom Mison, essentially offering fans a first look at the Fox’s drama’s quasi-Season 4 reboot.

“After standing in line at Dragon Con, I finally got my one-on-one photo with Tom Mison,” the Mysteries of Laura alum playfully wrote on Instagram.

As reported back in July, Gavankar joins the show as Diana, a Secret Service agent who will work closely with Mison’s now D.C.-based Ichabod Crane. She fills the void left by former co-lead Nicole Beharie.

The decision to renew the series for a fourth season without Beharie, whose Abbie was killed off in the April finale, “was obviously a very hard conversation, Fox entertainment president David Madden conceded last month at he Television Critics Association summer press tour. “Crane and Abbie were the spine of the show in a lot of ways, so it was difficult to figure out of it was right thing to do, to continue or not.”

But when Sleepy Hollow creatives “pitched us an array of new characters and new situations for Crane to get into,” Fox brass was convinced, Madden said. “And the first seven scripts are really fun. We think there’s a lot of good new stories to tell.”

Sleepy Hollow‘s fourth season is slated to premiere a midseason on Fox.


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  1. Kate says:

    Oof. Just this picture hurts my heart.

  2. Ted says:

    Pretty much staged. His eyes tells a different story. Free Tom Mison.

    • Trying to be reasonable says:

      I’ve seen people tweeted pictures of TM/NB along side TM/JG to highlight the differences. Sure Tom looks happy with Nicole but don’t you think he looks like that because those pictures were from season 1. When the poor man didn’t know how vicious SH and its fandom can be. I’m sure that’s the reason he quit all social media. So yes Tom looks more reserved with Janina but I think it’s because he knows how the Ichabbie and Miharie fans think they own him. I’m sure if there was a picture of him with his wife and child the miharies and Ichabbies will pity him for not having the same chemistry with his real family that he has with Nicole and their photoshopped baby.

      Miharies and Ichabbies DON’T OWN Tom Mison. To me he looks playful with his co-lead. But I bet he is aware of the backlash she will get from this one innocent picture.

      I have a feeling Tom will never chose to work with Nicole. She is the sweetest creature ever and I adore her. But she has some of the despicable fans ever. Who see no harm in bullying another women just for being on happy friendly terms with her work mate.

      • Angel says:

        I think you need to check with the Crane stans who think they own his body part. And at a con he specifically addressed that by say that he was more then his hair. Get out of here.

        • Raven says:

          So you own the website too them. True hurts doesn’t it. Sorry not leaving. I have opinions too and I refuse to be bullied just because you don’t agree with them. Why don’t you sit down before you fall down and read a few of the Ichabbie and Miharie tweets. See if it pricks your concious.

          • Angel says:

            No the truth does not hurt when you have not told the truth. And furthermore I did not stop you from making an opinion. I just pointed out how asinine it is. How quaint, ‘sit down, before you fall down’. Ha…. I think you need a nap.

          • cancel it says:

            Known troll. **Yawn**

      • Angel says:

        Your post should be disregarded at all costs. You are making baseless assumptions about things you do not know about. Especially the relationship between Nicole and Tom.

      • Jennifer says:

        Many people were wary but willing to accept Janina until she dismissed Abbie’s death and the fandom discord. Also, Tom Mison has a mix of fans who never accepted Nicole and who shaded her at every opportunity. She was always “too black”, “too ghetto” and “not pretty” enough for Tom. Meanwhile, they already love and ship Janina because they think she looks racially ambiguous. They should have just canceled the show because the dysfunction has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

        • Angel says:

          Thank you, Jennifer.

        • Raven says:

          I can understand that . I’ve waited 3yrs for the witnesses to confess that they live each other deeply. I saw how they started to diminish Nicole’s role and I was proud of her she stood in all that adversery. But Janina is not to blame for the network and writers mistakes. No one is looking back and thinking ‘hey they have Tom on some gag order for him to filp flop on Abbie role in Ichabod’s life, romantic or platonic. So I guess they’ve been feeding Janina lies too. To get her more on their side.’ No it’s immediate blame and bully her for mouthing off. Seriously has anyone even read the tweets directed at her. I guess not judging by the replies I’m getting.

          • Angel says:

            No, hon, what she said came out of HER mouth and no one else. She have a brain and know right from wrong. She should thought before opening her mouth. Some people, right or wrong WILL say what is on their mind. She fanned the flames and got a reaction.

          • Raven says:

            And what a reaction. Let’s just burn her too the stake then and there. The fandom is already strained. I can’t talk about season 4 direction without 7 familiar posters coming after me for committing sacrilege. All I’m saying is give her the benefit of doubt. See her perform on screen first before you start calling her names. She got big shoes to fill, see if she brings her own pair instead.

          • Angel says:

            SH has been given enough chances and disappointed many every time. I doubt there are many people who will give Season 4 a chance. Anyway it is not SH anymore. It is a knock off. They should have just changed the name. It may have helped them a little. A lot of people associate SH with Abbie and Crane..period and not as Crane and whomever. They made their bed now they have to lie in it.

        • I’m out. I left Person of Interest after they killed Taraji.

        • Vanessa says:

          EXACTLY. Not sure why people are playing dumb here.

        • Delia says:

          What did she say exactly?

        • Amy R says:

          Speak for yourself. Not everyone has a bad taste in their mouth. I liked Abbie but now she is gone. I love this show and will watch it objectively. Tom Mison is amazing . Glad for season 4!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        One (1) user name per IP address, thank you! –Mgmt.

      • I don’t know how you can equate what you just say to be the whole thought process of the Sleepy Hollow fandom.. yes some of us are ardent fans of Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow and Abbie Mills because that is when we saw the best the show had to give after that it just went down hill . And maybe the reason Tom Mison left social media is because some of his fans leaving inappropriate messages to him on them but don;t you dare say that we will say such a thing about his family. And noone said we own Tom Mison he is his own person. Let me say that clearly I think he is a good actor but that it you stans have been harping on Nicole Beharie since the show start and it was never about her acting skills it was all about you didn’t think she was the right person to be standing with him in the in the first place. And lastly no one is bullying her.. Bullying is what i called what those people did to Leslie Jones but that is probably ok with you

        • Raven says:

          I dare it because I’ve seen it. Photoshopped picture of ‘Miharie’ wedding and family. Always with the ‘Miharie’ chemistry. You come across like that.

          • I seen that picture and ia lot others to depicting in many other ways from Colonial Times to the one you speak of but don’t mean it all about Miharie. I can be just a very talented fan that can picture them in all kind of scenarios. and that to me mean that it show they have chemistry in real life and as their characters. And what does that mean I come across like that.

        • Angel says:

          Barbara, disregard her. I was warned she is a holdover from the Katrina days. She is still mad.

        • To be honest I have seen how inappropriate some fans are to actors and their families. It happens a lot. Some fans really confused by the chemistry and thunk they should be together in real life. It happens more than you think. Not all do, and yes there are a lot of respectful ones, but you also have the negatibe, nasty vicious ones. It is a shame as they are the ones that ruin things.

      • Winkle43 says:

        Ha ha ha! Cool story, bro. But nope. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Nickey79 says:

        Stop just stop

      • delorb says:

        I think you spelled your name wrong. How can you be reasonable when you paint all her fans with one brush? I also don’t understand why some people get to vent when they’re upset, but let it be ‘those’ fans and all bets are off. People are still upset. And if they want to vent, how about we let them? BTW, I’ve gotten a ton of hate from Tongue’s fans just for expressing a preference for facial hair. Yes, you heard me. I said he looked better with a beard and all hell broke loose.

      • dman6015 says:

        I always preferred Crabbie as their combo name.

      • Vanessa says:

        Hilarious to say she has the most despicable fans when other fanbases/viewers of the show have tossed out racist and coded insults and innuendo towards her for years.

        • Decemberist says:

          I totally agree. It makes me sad that people can’t accept an interracial relationship on a television show. It’s childish to say the least, the way fans act.

      • Bob Wood says:

        Why would Tom Not work with Nichol again? she left the show because of a Network/Producer screw up, they gave her a real hard time on the show wrote crappy storylines bullied her and made SN 2 More about Incobod’s wife and older son and gave Nichol the sideline stories.

        • Raven says:

          Because her fandom gets too carried away with their whole chemistry thing. So much so that God forbid Tom ever stand or sit next to his new female coworker without them slurring her imagine against Nicole’s. I understand you have to take the negative with the positive when your an actor. But ‘some’ Ichabbie and miharies take it to a new level. Who would want such hassle. Especially when the show hasn’t even premiered its new season yet. Dragon Con was just a taster.

          • delorb says:

            Almost every other fandom does the same thing. And yet, there isn’t as much blow back when they get out of line. The fact is, there are some who only watch the show for Ichabod’s bits and pieces. They could care less about story or acting. They don’t even care how Ichabod is being written. Their take-away from the con was how great he looked.

            To those people anyone who rocks the boat (as in complain about Ichabod being turned from hero to zero) is a hater or Ichabbie stan and need to sit down and shut up. Sit down and be quiet, The Big Star is about to wiggle his fingers!

          • preta4 says:

            Raven, I’m asking you to PLEASE NOT turn this into stereotyping, as I am a huge fan of Tom and Nicole, but do NOT get into any of the stupidness you mention here, so PLEASE limit your wording to “some” of them?? Thank you.

    • Iris says:

      “Deer in headlights” comes to mind

    • ohsnap! says:

      Right there with you!

    • April says:

      Omg you are right he looks so unhappy. FREE TOM

  3. TF says:

    LOL his eyes! Is he being hostage? smh.

  4. Tracy says:

    I was at Dragon Con this weekend saw them at a Sleepy Hollow panel on Saturday. They are only on episode two right now, but already seem like they have a nice comraderie. But ultimately, it’s not them I’m worried about, it’s the writing. Maybe this change will get the writers out of the creative slump they’ve been in since the start of season two. They still have a great character in Icabod, and hopefully the stories will support him better. .

    • Shirley says:

      If she is the ‘new’ leading lady the stories cannot just support Ichabod. Shouldn’t they also support her. Or are they going to end up sacrificing her character same as Nicole’s. So her story will not matter. Furthermore I doubt if the writers can pull off any kind of miracle. They could not do it last season, so, I pretty much doubt they will be able to due so for season 4. I doubt if they even care. This is all about syndication aka money in their pockets.

  5. Sheree says:

    It’s a no from me.

  6. pooismylife says:

    I feel sorry for Janina as she’s definitely going to receive a lot of sh-t from SH stans for not being Nicole Beharie.

    • Angel says:

      That is why they should have cancelled the show. The show WAS Tom and Nicole and not just Tom. Both of them made SH. They made the show look good with the writers who did not have any talent, whatsoever. She will have to bring it and prove everyone wrong. The so called ‘SH stans’ has nothing to do with her success or failure.

      • Raven says:

        Wrong the so called ‘SH Stans’ have already started taunting, bullying her by tagging her in their vicious tweets and this is just the Dragon Con. Even though I’m sure she can handle it. I’d hate to see what happens in the 13 weeks the show is going to air.

        I’m sure Nicole Biharie is very proud of her SH fandom right now.

        • Angel says:

          You do not know what Nicole feels, so do not try to make assumptions. Jan was tagged because she said gave input about thing she should have kept her mouth shut on. Do your research before trying to defend her.

        • scyren says:

          And there are plenty of Ichabbie fans (today is the first time I’ve seen the phrase SH stans and not sure what that means) who are not taunting or bullying. I’ve never seen her comments and such because I don’t go online and pay much attention to SH anymore unless a headline jumps out like this article because for me, the show is dead. I could care less about the new chick. It’s the producers I can’t stand. I won’t be watching the new show, so she’ll get no shade from me. I don’t think Nicole is paying attention to SH in any way, shape, or form. She has moved on.

      • Simon Jester says:

        I don’t blame those who are upset about the way things have gone, and I’m not planning on watching going forward myself. But anyone who takes it out on Janina Gavankar for those decisions is a low-life d0uchebag.

        • sharrie says:

          i don’t blame any actor for taking a paycheck, nor if they don’t always say the perfect nuanced answer to a hard question. I truly hated the katrina character, she ruined season two for me, but that’s not her fault. She’s not the writer or producer.

          • Eva says:

            Wish someone had told her that when the fandom was laying the blame on her shoulders. I remember when she had to apologise to people for her character.

      • delorb says:

        You know, this same excuse was trotted out whenever Katia put foot in her mouth too. It was all ‘those poor women don’t deserve this from those crazy fans.’ Meanwhile fans were responding to ACTUAL WORDS that were spoken by those actresses. She started talking backlash when her name was announced. How could there have been a backlash before anyone knew she was being hired? Its that kind of shade that rightfully upset a few people. So don’t think that this is just some people who are angry that she’s not Nicole.

  7. Daniel snow says:

    I’m still conflicted. I’m thinking nope but another side of me thinks wait at least for the trailer. Then decide. I am emotionally invested in the show (most Abbie and Icabod granted)

  8. Honey Jackson says:

    I think Janina will be a wonderful addition,&I can tell their “chemistry”will be hotter,better,different than he had w/Abby(didn’t care much for her character,sorry!) Can’t wait to see them together,good luck.

    • Angel says:

      How can you say they have anything. You have not even seen them act together yet. Troll, much.

      • mary says:

        Geez, you’re calling her a troll for commenting on an article? Or is it because she commented about Abbie? I have no problems with you not liking what has gone down, but why attack someone who has a different opinion(especially since she was actually nice about it-which trolls are not)? I’m interested in the new season, but I happen to like Crane. Are you going to call me a troll? Not everyone watches a show for the same reason. While I’ll miss the camaraderie of Crane & Abbie, I’ll reserve judgement until I see a few episodes. And I don’t care what they do in their “real” lives, unless they actually commit a heinous crime. What did we do before twitter? When we didn’t have 24 hour access to these actors lives? We knew very little. The problem with having so much access, people do/say things in the heat of the moment. They also feel the need to defend themselves, when they shouldn’t have to.

        • Angel says:

          I will not even bother to give a long drawn out answer to your rant. Her only purpose in posting was to drag Abbie. Have a nice day. She knew that would get a rise out of someone, therefore she is a troll.

          • CG says:

            Sorry, the only “troll” I see is you. I’ve read through these comments and ANYONE who disagrees with you, has you racing back to tell them how “wrong” they are and get called a troll. People can have their own opinions without getting your approval. I will watch to see what happens on Sleepy Hollow, and make my OWN choice, on if I will continue or not. Now, are you going to tell me what my purpose is? I had no idea you were the resident psychic. If so, pass on some lotto numbers–SMDH

          • delorb says:

            CG, Honey Jackson is indeed trolling. She entered this place just to say something that she hoped would get a rise out of people. Its like if I’d gone to a Katrina love-in and said how much I was looking forward to seeing Ichabod with Abbie. That you defend something so obvious is sad.

          • mary says:

            Sorry, I wasn’t trying to post a rant. I’m just not reading anything into what she said as being such a bad thing. Apparently some of you know this person. I never saw her on the other boards, so I didn’t realize that was her purpose.

          • Angel says:

            CG, thank you for the title of resident psychiatrist. Obviously some of you need help.

          • Angel says:

            Mary, you are a troll so deal with it. You do not have to see me on any other board in order for me to post from any board I choose to. You sound naive and immature. Stop trolling.

          • mary says:

            Angel, I wasn’t talking about you being on another board. I was referring to you & Delorb knowing this Honey Jackson. Geez, why is it so hard to accept an apology?

      • Yvette says:

        I concur…

    • Winkle43 says:

      Then you obviously didn’t watch the panels. Good luck with the ratings come January because no amount of ‘hotter, better, different’ chemistry is going to save a sinking ship.

    • cancel it says:

      Sure, Jan. :)

    • Angel says:

      Mary, you are a troll so deal with it. You do not have to see me on any other board in order for me to post from any board I choose to. You sound naive and immature. Stop trolling.

  9. Taylor says:

    Remember when this how was a huge hit and had amazing plots, thrills and a stellar diverse cast? In less then 2 years they chased out the beautiful, talented, charismatic Juilliard-trained Nicole Beharie for a “safe” looking minority woman. Nicole and Tom had amazing rapport yet she was given nothing to do mid season 2 and was regulated to a sidekick. Crane went from an endearing and loyal captain to a spineless coward. Then they reboot season 3 only to callously kill her off and say her only role was to be a stepping stone. The show is trash from up and down. Screw them for treating their cast and fans in such a terrible way. We only worked tirelessly to support this messy show and beg for renewal. Enjoy your remaining 5 fans who only care about Tom’s fingers and hair.

    • Dave says:

      Huge hit? LOL
      Let’s try a little perspective here. It was never a huge hit. Moderately successful at best.

      • ashanean says:

        In the first season, they had huge ratings. They debuted to 10 million viewers. That’s why they were renewed before season 1 even ended. Then it went to crap. I think they ended with 3 million ish viewers last season.

        • Dave says:

          10 million for the premiere yes. But the total viewers and more importantly, the demo continued to go down. I’m not saying that for Fox, the series was a failure. But it never was a huge hit. As I said, moderately successful.

    • Apt says:

      Well said!

  10. Alicia says:

    So now they’re steering away from the #Ichabbie (Ichabod/Abbie) storyline, just like The Walking Dead steered from the #Dixonne (Daryl/Michonne) storyline. SMFH This is getting boring.

  11. Josh says:

    Nope. Bye. Sleepy Hollow won’t even take place in Sleepy Hollow

  12. Annie Sisk says:

    It’s just you.

  13. Iris says:

    No Nicole Beharie, no Sleepy Hollow…it’s all the more easy since this picture is the poster child for anti-chemistry.

  14. liame says:

    Lost all hope with this show. Lyndie I love you but I won’t watch that.

  15. Debbie says:

    I blame Nicole Beharie for ruining this special show.She had a great job.Why did she leave.
    I hope the new actress is great.I’m glad Beharie did leave because that third season she
    just phoned it in.

    • Angel says:

      And who made it special. Nicole AND Tom. Yeah, blame Nicole as usual. Same old, same, old. *YAWN*

    • Oh ok how in the WTFness can you blame Nicole for ruining this show it was the writers who did that.. She could only put forth the effort if the material is good and believe me it wasn’t . And I don’t care if the job is great would you stay on it if you re being sideline for subpar material and being pushed aside for whiteness when was the lead but they made you a supporting cast…

    • Keri says:

      So was Nicole just supposed to sit on her hands while she was sidelined on and off screen? She wasn’t even invited to do the S2 commentary initially. Also, the whole season 3 was poor but the finale was disgusting. They literally erased Abbie’s purpose in the most sexist way imaginable. No actor should have to lie there and receive that abuse. As a fellow woman, I thought you’d understand that.

    • Winkle43 says:

      Nope. There’s nothing ‘great’ about being sidelined, demoted, undermined, disrespected; and having your talent wasted. Ever wonder if the material was to blame? One can only do so much with horse manure.

    • cancel it says:

      **Yawn** Troll.

      • Eva says:

        Love how you throw the word Troll about. Like how you throw the word Racist about. Your sounding like the privileged kind. Guess that’s why OJ is a proud Trollando.

        • cancel it says:

          I really love how excellently you grasp English-language grammar and punctuation.

        • delorb says:

          Eva, did you know that the Katrina stans had no problems with Orlando until he started saying how much he loved Ichabbie? They loved him to pieces up until then. After he went Ichabbie, their claws came out and he was accused of everything under the sun including trolling. It also didn’t help that he kept making fun of how he was MIA in several episodes.

          • Eva says:

            No Delores I did not know that. All I see is people calling people who have differing thoughts and opinions a ‘Troll’ and those very people labelling them ‘Racist’ when they continue to share their differing thoughts and opinions. I never liked Orlando’s humour, mostly because I don’t understand it half the time. That honest comment alone will have some SH fans guess my skin colour and judge me.

          • delorb says:

            Its the truth. I went back and looked. Orlando does have a sometimes dry sense of humor. He is more apt to post the hate he gets than not. And yes, its sometimes hard to figure out if he’s joking or being serious. Not getting it has nothing to do with your race.

            The problem with this fandom is that there is a lot of history. A lot. I can remember in the beginning not recognizing the venom that was being spewed. I had never experienced a ship war. I was under the silly impression that everyone stayed in their lane and did what they wished. That includes creating pictures of Ichabod and Abbie getting married and having kids. But that’s not what happened, as you probably know.

            As I said, it started innocent enough. First we were accused of being pro-adultery. Then we were told that men of Ichabod’s time would never sink so low as to be with Abbie. Which is insulting and also not true. And it continued from there. There were many issues with the Katrina character. Issues her fans glossed over until it was too late. But to hear them tell it, we were the reason she got fired.

            There were a lot of buzz-words used. Buzz-words that many people of color recognize as being racist, but can also be called ‘an innocent’ turn of phrase. Sorta like calling Idris too ‘street’ to play Bond. So imagine dealing with that for 3 years and to still hearing those same words being tossed around. Well, you’d be angry too. So I don’t fault fans for being passionate about things. First, because its their opinion and they’re allowed. But secondly because so much has happened that its not likely anyone will ‘get over it’ anytime soon. I think people are going to vent about this for awhile, so I say we let them. Meh.

            Oh and remember when one of the new (and no longer there) writers decided to put the Abbie fans in their place? I do. Not good times. LOL

          • Eva says:

            Thank you for explaining. Clears up a few runnins I’ve had. I’m sorry the fandom and the actors were treated so badly. But I have to add that people coming in late to all the drama don’t deserved to be labeled. It’s so difficult to talk in SH fandom about anything positive. After the disaster season 2 was, I only watched season 3 because I thought it would be cancelled after and we’d get some sort of resolved endgame. But now we have season 4 and the only reason I’m back is because Roberto Orci and Alex kurtzmen are back. They must have pitched something original to get renewed.

          • Margie Escarsega says:

            I was just wanting to know if they can get Crane to go shirtless more and maybe do some wet shirtless scenes and let his hair grow long again. Heck that’ll make me a happy camper for sure. He’s really why l even watch the show in the first plsce.

          • Eva says:

            You watch the show to see Ichabod Crane get shirtless?
            I watch for Crane because despite his character being butchered half the time, he still is interesting. I like Tom Mison’s portrayal of Crane. I like how he blends logic with humour. His old fashioned values. Otherwise he’s just another skinny Tarzan lookalike.

    • preta4 says:

      Debbie, “reaping and sowing”

  16. Lori says:

    We should all watch and give them a chance. I’m not a mind-reader and I don’t know how the writers set this up. I love show and I think it’s kind of short-sighted to make up your mind or say negative things before watching. (Although I do realize that if your mind is completely made up, watching it won’t make a difference..but still.)

    • Angel says:

      A lot of fans made up their mind when they killed Abbie and how they did it. Lori, this show has been given so many chances to go in better directions but disregarded them. All they gave former fans were lies and deceit. Such as the Ichabbie baiting. That was not cool at all. Now they are reaping what they sow. Maybe they will think before doing this to another fandom. Also, the negative things being said about them is well deserved and they gave as good as they got. They are definitely not innocent victims.

      • ohsnap! says:

        Well said.

      • Cali says:

        Then its simple for you Angel, don’t tune in. There are however people, like myself, who are willing to give the show a chance in its 4th season. No one is holding you hostage to turn the channel to whatever it is in your area and forcing you at gunpoint to watch SHS4. I truly believe that it wouldn’t have matter how they dealt with the Abbie storyline, her fans would have pitched a fit regardless. I never shipped them on the show and always thought of their “partnership” as that being partners and nothing more. Even when they tried to give Abbie a relationship with Danny, her fandom raised holy hell because it wasn’t what “they” wanted. There was also a lot going on behind the scenes for well over 2 years that people/fans don’t know about. Much of it being with one particular party having wanted out of their contract as early as the end of S1 beginning of S2. That was in party why the show took the direction it felt it had to go, thereby, seemingly sideline one of the parties when in fact that particular party was doing everything possible to get out of their contract and the producers/owners of the show were unwilling to do so at that point. Then said party was behind the scenes sending out disinfo so as to make it look like they were being discriminated or unduly sidelined when they wanted out, out, out of their 5 yr contact. Basic point being most actors/actresses sign onto 5 yr contacts when a show begins. Many times these shows don’t succeed and wind up getting cancelled. SH was renewed for a 2nd season by the 3rd episode of the 1st season. The producers knew they had a hit. However one party wanted more of a movie centered career and wanted that freedom to do movies and work on TV but the producers were not willing to make that happen. So the dustup began. I know people close to the set who were there then and said as much. So in the end, everyone got what they wanted. Unfortunately the fans were not the ones who knew the truth and because of the vociferous nature of the internet were only wanting to believe one side of the story instead of the truth. I also think the producers have set up the story line for this season that they will most likely kill off Crane and leave the new witness to find the next witness. But you didn’t hear that from me…..

        • cancel it says:

          Oh, yes, third-hand hearsay. Wonderful.

          Plus, ever stop to think that the fan reaction to Daniel Reynolds was because of poor writing and character development? Yep–almost all fans of a female lead certainly are delighted to see a female lead paired romantically with a randomly inserted, secretive, emotionally manipulative (and once even physically abusive!) sexual harasser! Definitely.

          • CG says:

            Well, don’t watch it then–good God, it really isn’t rocket science. For WHATEVER reason you don’t want to see it, you.don’ If others choose to watch, what difference does it make to you? What, are you going to hold your breath if others DO watch it? Please, be my guest, I’d love the peace and quiet…..

        • delorb says:

          All this party stuff, when everyone knows you’re speaking of Nicole. One of these days I’m going to put all this into a text document so that all I’ll have to do going forward is cut and paste.

          The head of the studio said Nicole wanted off after season 2, not season 1. They made the switch to side-kick her in the middle of season 1 and all of season 2. Katia all but said in an interview that she and Nicole (the lead, remember) will switch up being the lead every year. Something she (Katia) blamed on her (Katia) for not having as many fans as Nicole. During their panels after season 1, Katia kept telling everyone who would listen that the fans might change their minds about her character. Like an idiot I fell for it. I couldn’t wait for her to use her magic. But we all know she just fainted.

          In season 1, they only had 13 episodes, but it took them ALL season to film. Ever wonder why? Could it have been because they were ordered to make Katia’s role bigger and Nicole’s role smaller? I mean, you can look at the episodes to see the shift. Henry is brought in and suddenly Ichabod doesn’t care about saving the world. He wants his child, his wife, his answers. This tells me that there were a lot of re-shoots and rewriting done to accommodate this shift. Its the only reason 2 months worth of episodes took about 8 months to film.

          It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was going on and I don’t think NIcole is stupid. So you can continue to blame Nicole for the bad treatment she received. Meanwhile, those who actually saw and can detail the changes will blame the network and the spineless show-runners. At any time they could have told the network, ‘no’, we aren’t going to diminish our lead actress. But they didn’t and now we’re left with this mess of a show. Oh and I’ll continue to talk about this mess, even though I probably won’t watch. LOL

          • Eva says:

            Delores I fell for that trap too. Next thing I see the witch has no powers and the actress is apologising for the writers incompetency in figuring out her character. I didn’t understand why Katia was being blamed for other people’s decisions and why she was being vilified for wanting a little more for her character. Didn’t Nicole want the same thing. Yes one is a lead and the other a co-lead. Still what actor doesn’t want their character fleshed out.

          • delorb says:

            No there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. But there is just too much that she’s said to give her the benefit of the doubt. From rolling her eyes when Nicole is speaking. To calling Nicole’s character, ‘cop woman’ instead of Abbie. To implying that the only reason Nicole has a huge fan-base is because the stories were about Nicole and that when the 2nd season starts, she’ll get all the fans. I’ve never seen the fourth billed person swapped with the 2nd billed person. Never! And one could argue quite successfully that the shift from Abbie’s past to Katrina’s past messed the show up. Something the show has yet to recover from. To the point that its not even the same show anymore. And did I forget how she jumped into the ship war by taking her ship side? Why fan those flames? Possibly because she knew the focus would be on her character and she got cocky. FYI, I don’t recall Nicole ever taking a side other than Ichatrina. The most she ever said about Ichabbie was, ‘possibilities’. And that was prior to the show even airing.

          • Eva says:

            I lay that blame on the writers door. Half of what they promised never materialised. Imagine being dubbed a powerful witch with a big secret past. Some actors do get cocky hearing they will finally have some work to do. I’ve not really seen any SH interviews so can’t say about Katia herself. But eye rolling isn’t a crime. I saw a gif online when Nicole is pulling a face or rolling her eyes at what John Noble was saying. I’ve seen Tom do it on other occasions. Why is that considered cute? It sounds like I’m defending Katia but then you sound harsh towards her in particular. Ok so I wasn’t there in the begining to see what happened. I’m judging by how an actor would feel getting into a meaty role and then it doesn’t happen for them. Katrina turned out meh, her history turned out meh, her purpose turned out meh. I was left wondering why they bothered with her at all. I knew a triangle was coming being a slight hint to the original story but they ruined both Ichabod and Headless by forcing the triangle above the premises. Still I don’t blame the actors. Just the writers.

        • preta4 says:

          Cali, PLEASE tell me “you” aren’t serious here (“her fans would have pitched a fit no matter what”)??? Once again, PLEASE STOP lumping and generalizing?? This is demeaning and NOT all of the fans on any side feel this way, we DO have REAL lives outside of these ‘shows’.

    • TF says:

      No I will not be giving this show a 3rd chance. I will be supporting the final season of Grimm.

  17. Cat says:

    The look on this man face says it all. Wow! The Death of SH. Thank God AH Story has better writers and will not try to push a black woman off the show because she looks Black!

  18. Doc Randall says:

    Since Abby is gone, so am I. if a show is popular because of the 2 lead actors why kill her off. Someone’s not telling the full truth.

  19. Dee says:

    With this new cast, I won’t be watching this show anymore, as obviously Mison has gotten too big for his britches….guess he couldn’t make it as a star, in England.

  20. Michael Summerset says:

    I sure hope that isn’t Ichabod’s new outfit. Even if they modernized his look he would still likely wear a suit.

  21. DarkDefender says:

    I’ll give it a chance. I liked her on True Blood.

  22. EE says:

    Just to bring some positivity into the comments: I’ll be totally watching :)

    • DANA ANDERS says:

      The story for me got boring, it was like watching the robin hood series they went round and round in sherwood forrest with the same villians etc, i wondered how they were going to refresh the show, sadly they killed off Abbie, that was unfortunaate she was central to the whole story; lest we forget, but maybe it will be a better show with the new lead and move to DC, as evil is still unleashed, so. as a fan Im excited to give it a try and let them entertain me, thanks to the actors still hanging in-to everyone here..PEACE

    • CG says:

      I agree–am amazed at all the hate coming forth before the show returns. I’ve watched Sleepy Hollow since day one. I liked the cast and the leads, wasn’t crazy about season two, am ambiguous about season three. I have relatives in the business, (mostly behind the scene workers, makeup and sound techs) to them it’s a paycheck and if the show they work for survives, it’s a wonderful day. So, to the people dishing out their bile, well, if this is what helps you sleep–that’s on you. I liked the show and WILL watch it’s return to see where they have taken it. If I don’t like what they have done, I’ll stop watching, but, I will give it a chance–I really liked Janina on True Blood and the Mysteries of Laura.

  23. parstl says:

    Sorry Janina…I liked you during your brief period on Arrow but I just can’t accept how Nicole was done. There’s no way the show survives after this season.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Booooooo I hate this show now! Tom’s face pretty much explains it “HELP ME”!!!! SH will NOT see a S5 cause that would be dumb!!

  24. Nina Casano says:

    I WILL NOT be watching! They ruined the show!

  25. Gail says:

    What happen to Ichabod’s hair I love his hair long

    • Grainne Gillespie says:

      That’s a pic of Tom and Janina, not Ichabod and Janina’s character, he might be back wearing a wig for the show.

      As for Ichabod’s hair, last season he got a hair cut because Tom ditched the wig and his hair was Ichabod’s hair

    • Margie Escarsega says:

      I liked his long hair. It reminds me of Fabio lollol love the show. Its better than watching reruns lol

  26. Missy Ashley says:

    Ooh I can’t wait!!!

  27. Marci says:

    UGH!!! That should be Abbie. I won’t be watching.

  28. ohsnap! says:

    I have never seen a network sabotage a show with such brilliant promise as they did with Sleepy Hollow. Of course the new co-star is much more acceptable…not quite as brown, huh? What a slap in the face. Tom Mison is under contract and actors must work. But you will never convince me he is totally on board with what has transpired. He is diplomatic in his interviews (as he must be, under contract) but the first interview he gave about NB spoke volumes, especially when he said the network has its work cut out for them and it will be interesting to watch them try. That he always though HE was the sidekick to NB. That he was sure the series was finished after NB left. I hope the show TANKS. NOT because I want to see actors out of work but to send a message to the powers that be that you cannot treat your paycheck (the fans) in such a disrespectful manner.

  29. coneyro says:

    I am going to give the new season a try out of sheer curiosity. However, I am still po’d over killing Abbie.

    Hope the show doesn’t turn into a generic crime show, now. The entire original premise is done. What a bummer…

    Will reserve final judgement into I’ve seen a few of the new season’s episodes.

    P. S DO NOT LIKE TOM’S HAIR, OR HIS MODERN LOOK… Hope his appearance won’t change…

  30. kmw says:

    Well since Sleepy is now set in D.C. they can have Crane take over Brennan’s job and this new lady take Booth’s job, kill the Sleepy title completely and have a spin off of Bones, that is after Bones ends. And I thought FOX screwed with Bones. Good luck with this version of Sleepy Hollow because FOX is going to need it with this Whether or not Beharie wanted off or not there have been way too many changes to this show that at least after its first season didn’t need it. FOX had something unique and now they have something( I cannot even come up with a word for this) Very interested to see how this works out

  31. Anita O'Connell says:

    I was really excited by the show’s original premise, yet I only made it through 4-5 episodes of Season 1 before they lost me. It just got so weird and supernatural, and I didn’t care for the side plot with her sister. I’m a casual viewer, the type of person they need to boost ratings. I have no idea what the actors do outside of the show. There was just no chemistry with Abbie, I don’t think they worked well at all together. I’m going to try again with this reboot, but I’m not getting my hopes up because I suspect the writing was the bigger problem.

  32. preta4 says:

    For those of you who wish to or already KNOW you’re going back to watch Season 4 of that train (sorry that’s how I continue to see it), why does what anyone else have to say really even matter?
    Talk about Nicole, the new woman, Tom, but that won’t change a thing here folks. NO one really knows what happened except the parties that it happened to, and that isn’t changing a dog gone thing from what I’ve seen thus far.
    Why not put ALL the blame on Nicole (who’s clearly moved on with her life) just like what was eventually done to Taraji with ‘Person of Interest’ so you can make yourselves feel better?
    ‘Sleepy Hollow Reprised Washington, D.C.’ WILL go right on no matter what any of us says, thinks, or does and that’s just what the Creators, Writers, etc. Are hoping will happen.
    So, I bid adieu to a show I once LOVED and couldn’t wait to see week after week (wish Tom, the rest of the cast and crew the best), because very sadly I will NOT be returning for Season 4 either. Maybe they will treat you returning viewers (and maybe some new ones) better then they did those of us who were loyal to the ‘end’.

    P.S. even I realized if the name ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was done away with, you might not be able to attract or bring back any more of the original viewers (kinda slick and maybe sorta clever).

  33. GraceM says:

    I stopped watching the show back in February or March. It lost my interest and I definitely won’t watch the new season.

  34. Babygate says:

    This makes me excited for the new season. No one can replace Nichole. I’m hoping Janina will make her own mark. I’m so happy for her!

  35. No they don’t. Killing Abby was the worst. So do some hocus pocus and bring her back.

  36. Help no. Killing Abby was a terrible idea. Now do some hocus pocus and bring her back.

  37. Was under the sad impression this show was cancelled. very happy to be mistaken.

  38. I’m not entirely certain I’ll watch. With the past 2 seasons, the issue has been the writing. I guess they thought by replacing Abbie they could make the next season great, but let’s be realistic.This show will be canceled. SH was magical at one point. Now it’s just a sack of potatoes in the corner of a pantry.

  39. Rae says:

    I really want to give this show a chance but I can’t. The network and producer of this show has no respect for its loyal watchers. I waited for years to see what happens between Crane and Abbie. The network knew they were taking her off. Give us a conclusion to the relationship. No, they continue in the same vain of killing or getting rid of good characters. I’m through.

  40. TBankson says:

    From the articles last summer after Beharie left the show, it was quite clear that she chose to leave, that she hadn’t been wanting to participate for a year or more before that. And that’s her choice. It seems silly of us to want her to stay when she has other opportunities she wants more.. it’s her career. I’ll be looking for her in new things.

    I didn’t watch last season much, the Katrina storyline was boring (and I missed the energy of the first year so much), and this does seem a rather mishmash reinvention of the show… but she wanted out, the writers had to go on, Mison too.

    It might turn out to be very good…the original SH sounded stupid before I saw the first episode, and then I loved it. So who knows? Let’s wait and see.

    It’s also creepy to blame Mison, or the fans, for killing something Beharie wanted out of. Let her go, let everyone move on. TV is full of unexpected changes to stories and the world doesn’t end because of them. And in 5 or 10 years none of us will remember or care, except when they come up on IMDB, or we see them in new things and remember where we saw them first.

    • Winkle43 says:

      No, no, and no. How about you do you, and leave everyone else to make up their own mind/comment in whatever way they see fit?

      • dman6015 says:

        Are you in denial that Beharie wanted out of the show? She did, desperately, and they killed off the character. Good riddance.

        • Winkle43 says:

          And you know this for a fact…? Because you read it in an entertainment site. Unlike you, I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet, especially when coming from an undisclosed source, not the actress in question, in her own words.

        • Angel says:

          It has not been proven that she left at her own free will. Evidence shows that it could have been otherwise. Of course she would play along due to contract obligations. But we may find out something different down the road. We all thought Orlando Jones left on his own, to find out later he was fired.

    • scyren says:

      I truly don’t think if she had been treated right and the acting was good that she would have wanted to leave. I don’t blame her. I haven’t even watched the last episode because I just couldn’t. I’m not giving the new series a chance because the producers burned me too badly. I’m done with them. We are made because of the way they killed her off, acting as if she was just some side kick that meant nothing. It was sexist and such a slap in the face to fans after all the Ichabbie baiting they did. They could have handled it differently and they chose to be disrespectful. So screw them.

  41. Nancy says:

    It’s called acting for a reason & it’s their Job ( and how would you like folks criticizing YOU AT YOUR JOB In Public in front of the whole world or online) you wouldn’t would you so just either enjoy it or don’t but please do it on silence like a civil protest silent, quite because if you have nothing nice to say ,say nothing at all!!!😆✌

    • Angel says:

      Wow..gee, I guess you told them. Now have a seat. Thirteen episodes is efficient to ogle Tom and self insert. I can bet that is all you are worried about. By the way you should have kept silent.

  42. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    I’ll give it a try but I’m not really expecting much but hoping for the best. I still think Tom Mison is just so hot, especially with the wig.

  43. Kailani says:

    Who is this guy and what did he do with the Tom Mison I loved?!