Mistresses Recap: A Trip Before Dying?

To paraphrase the immortal words of South Park, “Oh my God, Mistresses killed…”

Lydia? Karen? OK, maybe no one dies. But then again, it’s the penultimate episode of the season. We’ve got a mentally unstable ex-nanny who’s just taken a bottle full of pills and is teetering on the edge of a balcony. And we’ve got her wacky former employer suffering a calamitous collapse of her chic high-heeled shoe as she rushes to the young woman’s rescue.

As a betting man, I’d put money on at least one of ’em getting the Humpty Dumpty treatment during Tuesday night’s Season 4 finale.

But would the Mistresses writer’s room really repeat itself by having Karen accidentally send another innocent to the grave? I mean, Dr. Kim was part of the three-way struggle (not a euphemism) that resulted in her college-aged lover Sam Grey’s shooting death in the final episode of Season 1.

On the flip side, Mistresses without Karen would be like Bachelor in Paradise without the booze, or a Sloppy Joe without the tomato sauce: Bone dry, mess-free, and utterly impossible to fathom.

YUNJIN KIMKaren is the font from which so much of Mistresses‘ crazy erupts. She’s the Old Faithful of bad decisions, jaw-dropping hookups, terrible advice, hooker wigs and “I really ought to delete this show from my series-recording list, but I definitely won’t” plot twists. (Maybe she falls and gets amnesia? Ooooh, I kinda like where that possibility could take us in a potential Season 5!)

Lydia, frankly, seems the likelier choice to take a dirt nap. She’s never donned a hooker wig, or participated in a thruple, or engaged in an sexually inappropriate patient-therapist or employer-employee* relationship. (*She did come close, though!) Which, in Mistresses terms, ranks her about least three notches below the scented candles at Maison Sur Mer in terms of overall relevancy.

While we hold our breath for the next 23 hours and wait for answers, let’s recap the action from Season 4, Episode 12, “Back to the Start.”

SHE NEVER SHOULD’VE FIRED JERRY O’CONNELL, AM I RIGHT? | Remember when Karen had the totally ripped manny who was more than happy to put in extra hours (wink wink) in service (nudge nudge) of his boss? OK, yeah, so dude judged Karen’s decision to stop breast feeding after six months, but it still beat the drama Lydia brought to her door. Karen spends the episode meeting new beau Adam’s parents (who adored her sexy memoir, bee tee dubs), exchanging her first “I love yous” with the guy and even leaving baby Vivian in his care.

But at the same time, she’s ignoring Lydia’s desperate texts, phone calls and drop-ins to apologize for those many weeks where she was using Karen’s pic/lifestory to create her online dating profile — and creepily pulling Adam into Karen’s orbit. After another warning about getting a restraining order, Karen reconsiders and thinks perhaps she’s been too harsh. She decides to drop in at Lydia’s home and finds her on the brink of suicide. “I’m gonna get you a glass of water,” says Karen, and just as I’m about to yell “H2O IS NOT GOING TO HELP IN THIS SITUATION!” I realize Karen has secretly dialed 911 and has positioned her phone to catch the whole back-and-forth. Lydia, it turns out, has struggled her entire life with her mental health, has been abandoned by her family, and considers herself a “college dropout with no future.” If it’s Karen who takes the plunge off her balcony, I fear Lydia’s self-worth will be shattered on the sidewalk, too. If it’s Lydia who dies, will it finally be time for Karen to exit the therapy business? Maybe all this can be fixed with a trip to the shoe-repair shop down the block?

BRETT TUCKER, JES MACALLANBEACHES (THE REMAKE) | I always like a bit of parallel structure, so color me tickled that Joss and Harry — who first succumbed to their passions on a beach (just before Joss’ aborted first wedding attempt) — tie the knot right where the surf meets the sand. The reunited couple kicks off the hour promising “no more secrets” — which doesn’t stop Joss from having an epiphany about her career and making plans to sell her growing P.R. company without so much as a single conversation with her fiancé. She wants to take the money from the deal to fund Harry’s beachfront bistro, but he’s been there and done that with Joss’s sister/his ex when he owned Savannah’s. (The man knows his history! And Joss sure likes to change professions… once per season, if I’m keeping track correctly!)

Joss gets a “mental massage” from Karen — the therapist’s advice is essentially for Joss to close her eyes, jump and hope that a net (or a truck filled with feathers) appears — and Joss’ reply legitimately makes me guffaw. “People actually pay you for this?” Karen’s retort — paying customers get better counsel — isn’t too shabby, either. But in the end, after Joss reminds Harry that his nest egg financed her business, and therefore he’s entitled to use some of the profits, they make an offer on the lot he abandoned back when shady Jonathan came a’callin. The guy who’s selling it happens to be a judge, and before you know it, he’s presiding over their nuptials, Harry’s slipping a shell onto Joss’ pinky finger and Joss is reciting some lovely impromptu vows about how during her entire PTSD/anxiety pills/vigilante meltdown, the “Only thing I was clear about is we are destined to be together.” Awww, I love a happy ending! (Here’s hoping that weapon Joss used to pistol-whip Lee last week doesn’t wind up in the hands of the police, and land her back in the clink, before Tuesday’s credits roll. Because that sure as hell would not meet my definition of “happy.” Or sit well as we wonder whether or not a Season 5 is gonna happen.)

mistresses aprilSHE’S MADE UP HER MIND, OHHHH, SHE’S KEEPIN’ HER BABY | OK, so April (naturally) tells Karen and Joss she’s pregnant before she spills the beans to Marc. “Is it Marc’s?” asks Joss. “Are you keeping it?” wonders Karen. (Both completely in character, yes?) But our gal may need to make an appointment with Maury Povich to help her spill the news to her baby daddy. After all, they’ve just split up so he can pursue his music dreams, and April falters when Marc’s restaurant gig scores him a college tour with a fledgling label. She doesn’t want him to choose her just because she’s carrying his child — she wants him to be a boy, standing in front of a girl he doesn’t know has his bun in the oven, asking her to love him. But ultimately, Marc’s an adult — and I wonder if this is another case of April controlling the scenario when she ought to be engaging him like a fully fledged partner?

BRETT TUCKER, TABRETT BETHELLRANDY’S GOT A ROOMMATE! | Sorry for the misdirect, this paragraph is actually about (ugh) Kate. Yep, she’s back in L.A., after spending time at an ashram in Ojai (of course), sweating, vomiting and finding clarity. She sneers that she needd to get away from “drama and bad energy,” and Joss makes a hasty exit instead of leaving ligature marks around Harry’s sister’s neck. Kate’s new plan is to be the “best roommate ever” to the totally awesome Randy (might I once again suggest he get promoted to fourth mistress next year?) even though she doesn’t cook or clean or even make enough money to pay her fair share. That conversational thread gets interrupted when Scott’s wife busts into the store and confronts her about stealing her man. Kate isn’t bothered by the emotional carnage in the least, though. All she hears is that Scott admitted to the woman that he’s in love with someone else — and Kate assumes it’s her. Good thing April’s there to drop a much-needed, super-secret truth bomb. She spills the beans about Scott’s visit to Joss, his admission that he’s still in love with his ex-fiancée, and the ugly reality that he was just using Kate to fill a Joss-shaped hole in his heart. Methinks it’ll take a few more puke-ations at the ashram for Kate to recover from this gut-punch. Here’s hoping Randy’s not the one who has to clean it up. #TeamRandy

What did you think of the penultimate episode of Mistresses‘ Season 4 (or possible of all time)? Will/should Karen or Lydia die? And how are we feeling about Kate’s return? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rob Horine says:

    Kill all three and end this train wreck.

    • hannah says:

      Amen!!!May I say again there has been NO mistresses for over 2 seasons so wtf is w the moronic title..just 3 stupid whiney alcoholic drama loving insecure idiotic females, who this female would kix in the teeth if they ever attempted to bother her with their mind numbing stupidity. 1. Dies anyone BUY anything in April’s pretentious store how the hell does she pay rent on it? 2 how the hell is Karen allowed to practice I’d rip her license away a long time ago..and that moron book she wrote..why would anyone buy that crap ? 3 no way in hell would I hire an idiot like joss for my p.r. As for the men..they’re as bad as the ffemales. .no suprise because a REAL man would run screaming from them. Marc is a stupid brat actin like a teenager 2 Harry is adorable but just pathetic with no business sense then just stares w his big eyes when things go bad..how the hell has this lasted past season 1

      • Francesca says:

        then why are you watching?

      • Mike says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I have had the same thoughts, especially about Karen. She is THE most inept therapist I have ever seen. Did she not notice that the more she walks towards Lydia, the more Lydia is backing away towards the balcony? And while she “secretly” dialed 911, wouldn’t the operator answer and say “what is your emergency” and repeat that so that Lydia could hear it??? Inept writing and ridiculous characters.

  2. Kat says:

    Love the show. Mindless entertainment..hope it comes back.,any hope the mystery stranger is Savi?

  3. Cheryl says:

    I pray the writers didn’t kill Karen!!! And I also hope they don’t bring Savi back. Tonight’s episode was great. I really hope there is a season 5!!!!

    • Dani says:

      Savi would have to be someone other than Alyssa. She left because they started filming in Canada and she said that was not the right decision for her family

    • telegonus says:

      I hope so, too, Cheryl. Mistresses would make a great regular series instead of a “seasonal” one. Although it’s good to see many of the regulars happy this past episode I find that spicing the show up with bad behavior, even crime, trauma, really puts it on the map as a prime time series for the new millennium, and if they do renew the series and go soft (so to speak) they’ll lose that cutting edge. Let’s hope it gets renewed and they come up with some good ideas.

  4. telegonus says:

    The episode held my interest, but really, Joss and Harry in happy mode aren’t an interesting couple. Their struggles, as a couple and, especially, as individuals, were so much more, well, I don’t want to say fun so I’ll say compelling. Also, Jes Macallan, so good in crisis mode, in pain, dazed, confused and loaded for bear, is not in her element when content, by which I mean she’s not a particularly sympathetic “normal” actress, or as I see it anyway.

    Otherwise, nicely done, with Mark coming off better than I expected, and I actually felt happy for him as a character. He’s an artist at heart, not a power professional, and he generally comes off as socially at the very least a couple of notches below the others, so it was good to see him rise and shine. April’s “designs” on him, not so good; not for him, I mean. The feelgood vibes were somewhat soured by this.

    As to Lydia, I hope she makes it. Lives, I mean. I’ve come to dislike Karen as a person throughout. She’s too glib and superficial to be a shrink,–alas, in so many ways this is close to real life–and she ought to have handled the “nanny business” better, guessed at (or was she told?,–I’m new to the series) Lydia’s vulnerabilities, and behaved with the empathy one expects from someone in her line of work, and quite frankly realized that it was her nanny who got her her current squeeze, leaving aside the snark factor.

  5. Victor says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but Karen dying? Can’t have that!

  6. Kevin says:

    Aren’t there 14 episodes this season?

  7. Anina says:

    Its a really awesome show i pray it’s a season 5 and i pray that karen doesn’t die. I hope they come up with something and bring the show back for a season 5!!!!

  8. River says:

    The last episode is tonight guys….

    It’s called the show must go on….

    Let’s hope Karen did not fall

  9. April R. Wescott says:

    This is one of my guilty pleasures. I feel that the show really didn’t invest much into Savi and Harry’s relationship When the show started, there was no romance, no love shown as to why the viewers should root for them. But, I am hoping for a Savi return and she and Harry get the relationship that they were robbed of. I really hate the Harry and Joss pairing.

    • Gin says:

      I agree with you… I don’t much like the The Harry and Joss pairing either. He was her brother for all these years. Ewww, How could a sister do that? Especially with the back story of Savy taking care of Joss and was there when Joss needed her…Oh the betrayal! I do hope Savy comes back (FYI, Alyssia left the show because they filmed in Canada and they recently moved the filming back to LA I’m told). The Harry and Joss story bored me. It’s really weird that Savy’s friend just approved of it so quickly. Com’on writers what’s up?

      • Aron says:

        i don’t like Joss and Harry together either.

      • telegonus says:

        Joss and Harry are too frickin’ conventional together. It’s like this is the way soaps were forty years ago fuh cryin’ out loud! They’re too good looking a couple in the sense that three’s a blandness to their being together that works against the “Mistresses angst edge” (is there a better way to put it?). Maybe I should rephrase it: that these two are dazzling looking together doesn’t bother me at at all. I like the look of them at a superficial level. It’s the feeling of for a series like Mistresses of a groovy kind of love vibe of near Apocalypse Now proportions,–again, for a show like this. In other words, Don’t o There!

  10. Megan says:

    Am I the only way be that thought maybe just maybe Christopher-I mean Adam-was going to kidnap Vivian?

  11. MinnBeef says:

    Didn’t anyone else wonder how Lydia is able to afford a top floor, corner unit apartment in L.A. on a nanny’s salary?

  12. Lisa Echerd says:

    So Karen is supposed to be trying to prevent Lydia’s suicide and she’s backing her onto the balcony. Worst. Therapist. Ever.

    I hope they do give April, Joss and even Karen a decent ending because this show has to be over. ABC isn’t even promoting it during General Hospital anymore.

  13. Lisa Shey says:

    I love the show plz bring Karen back it was just a freakin accident she fell on the nanny plz the show is wonderful keep it up

  14. Nark R. says:

    With Karen gone and everyone having babies…what happened for 9 months?? The show will lose ratings.

  15. Ana says:

    Bring Karen back. Other wise the show won’t work. Joss and April just complement Karen. I love the show.

  16. Gloria says:

    This is my favorite show. Why are they fast forwarding a year. I hope it doesn’t end. This show went crazy like Revenge. Ugh. I still love this show.

    • telegonus says:

      Let’s all calm down a bit: tonight’s show was a shocker but it looks to me like the change in time, with the new babies and all, suggests series renewal: in other words, next season has begun already…

      I hope, I should add. That’s how it looks to me. With the arrival of a new Karen Kim I just can’t see ABC stopping the music now. Also, there’s the business of Harry’s “phantom” son and the problems he may/may not create.

      With luck, I see another season on the horizon. Anyone?

  17. Marc says:

    Team RANDYTeam RANDYTeam RANDYTeam RANDY!!! #teamRandy

  18. OC says:

    Lydia = Karen Kim…..stole her identity?
    It’s a shame the story lines are more soap opera than mistress like. ABC hasn’t announced yet if they are renewing this show for next summer yet…so who knows, maybe it’s done?
    If Karen really was/is alive, wouldn’t she come back for Vivian??
    Let down of a finally….that’s for sure

  19. Ida says:

    Why did you kill Karen’s character,, I’m so disappointed:(

  20. c petrisky says:

    Watched show from beginning -miss savi-like joss/harry.cant believe Karen’s dead-she made show interesting.april/mark r good 2gether.but has this show lost its content-it is called mistresses! Who all have families now. Not sure.

  21. Shirl says:

    Karen is gone. That’s sad. She added a little spice to the show.
    Lydia has taken Karen’s place, her name and will probably her boyfriend. It is Lydia who approaches April all dolled up and changed up into Karen. You can tell in the face.

  22. Kathy stark says:

    I don’t really care if it comes back. Not a very good show and stuffy, now off the show Karen was my least favorite.

  23. Lorie HAll says:

    I love the show and have watched it from the beginning. The final tonight was bizarre having it jump a year a head.Karen did make the show and the three of them together will be missed.I hope season 5 returns and it would be great to have it year round,not just seasonal.

    • telegonus says:

      My sentiments exactly, Lorie HAll. Mistresses is not a perfect show by any means, but it’s always highly imperfect and often self-defeating characters make it a nice slice of life, offering food for thought to chew on

  24. Chi Ti says:

    The funniest review I’ve ever read!! I couldn’t stop laughing about your satire of Karen. This is one of those guilty pleasures you can’t stop watching. I hope it gets another renewal!

  25. Angela Santini says:

    What is wrong with the producers of this show?? I’m getting sick of reading if Mistresses will be back or not! They do this to us every season! Bring the damn show back and stop teasing us! It’s a good show, one of the best on TV, why on earth would they want to cancel it??? I just don’t get it,!!!!

  26. Angela Santini says:

    I don’t understand why they would want to cancel Mistresses, it’s one of the best shows on TV, so stop teasing us about “should we or shouldn’t we renew Mistresses “, just renew it and make everyone happy!!!

  27. angie says:

    Not happy that you killed Karen off. What’s wrong with you. She was amazing.

  28. Carol says:

    I hope it comes back. I never miss. Really enjoy!!

  29. Char Norenberg says:

    I thought it ended quick!! All of a sudden there’s Karen death and 2 babies…I think you skipped at least a year.

  30. Nicole says:

    So lydia stole Karens identity??? I just have to know what kind of an ending to a series was that? Left me hanging, then to find out I’ll never really know makes me mad!!

  31. Gerri Gill says:

    I loved Mistresses when Savvy was in there. It has lost a lot since and become a little stupid. I have to say, I hated the last two episodes. All too rushed and if yet another one Karen leaves , that’s it for me. All getting more and more daft! They have left it open though, already it’s looking like is Karen dead or isn’t she!? The Nanny is sitting in the church so she didn’t go over the balcony. Oh bring back Savvy please!! And Karen if possible. Maybe, just maybe she’s using the jump over the balcony and taken herself off for a break. Maybe when she returns her hair will be looking better, having grown it long again …