Justin Hartley Leaves Y&R

Justin Hartley Confirms Y&R Exit

In what will go down as one of the least surprising exit announcements in soap history, Justin Hartley has confirmed that his two-year stint on CBS’ The Young and the Restless has come to an end. The news comes in the wake of his character Adam Newman’s presumed death and two weeks ahead of the premiere of Hartley’s buzzy new NBC drama This Is Us.

In a letter on his Facebook page addressed to “the wonderful fans of Y&R,” Hartley wrote, “After many weeks of having to keep quiet in order not to spoil [Adam’s ‘death’] for all of you, the time has finally come that I’m able to write you this letter. Although I am saying goodbye to Y&R, this is not a goodbye letter. I felt it was more important to write a thank you note. Each and every one of you helped make my time on the show enjoyable.

“Although I’m leaving the show, you haven’t gotten rid of me,” he continued. “I’m beyond thrilled and proud of my new series, This Is Us, premiering September 20th on NBC.”

Hartley joined Y&R in August 2014, succeeding fan fave Michael Muhney.

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  1. Dominique says:

    i don’t think anyone was surprised about this. someone like justin won’t stay on a soap forever, he’s a primetime actor who keeps getting parts everywhere.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m sad to see Justin leave but I had a feeling once he was casted in “This is Us” that he couldn’t do both. I will miss him and he did such a great job taking over for Michael Muhney these past years. Just hope whoever they recast does well but will be a lot to live up to with both Michael and Justin’s performances.

  3. Tom says:

    Dont make him come back from the dead leave the character dead

  4. Tammy J Heckerman says:

    I hope micheal muhney comes back. He was the best Adam

  5. Chris Norris says:

    Justin needs to be on “Arrow”. Somehow.

    • Michael says:

      He was Aquaman in a spin off pilot before he landed the role of Green Arrow on Smallville,(which was a decent pilot) he could once again be Aquaman

  6. Raymond@Joann Lopez says:

    I’m reallly gonna miss you,your what made the show.good luck on your next journey.God bless you.

  7. Kevin K says:

    Hope Y&R fans won’t see the last of Adam Newman again but I’m proud that Justin Hartley is moving on to focus on his new show This Is Us (NBC).

  8. Erin B says:

    I knew it was coming but still sad to see him go. I wish him well on his new show & other future endeavors. Maybe Adam will stay “dead” long enough for them to find a way to bring him back–I know, wishful thinking. Now I have to go break the news to my internet-challenged mum.

  9. My heart is broken that Justin Hartley is no longer going to be Adam on Y & R😢 Him & Chelsea brought the show to a whole new level!!! I had stopped watching but got hooked again when he started the show! Please please please come back to Y & R

  10. Rahajicho says:

    After seeing him on Smallville, I was disappointed when he returned to soaps. Glad he’s back on prime time.

  11. connie tuder says:

    I will miss you in the show, good luck in whatever you will be doing in the future.

  12. madelyn maldonado says:

    Why you guy being back the Real Adam?

  13. Linette says:

    I will definitely be watching your show on NBC. I know you will do well. Will miss you on Y&R though, you are awesome

  14. Jude heumann says:

    I have a comment
    I saw this coming I knew he was in 2 nighttime shows
    But I feel he is making a big mistake because I feel 1 or both shows will not last
    And a weekly paycheck is better than none
    He was good but too tall Adam was not that tall I liked him
    Good actor
    But y & r is doing again with Adams character almost dieing and coming back as someone else
    That gets old
    I have watched y&r since Tom Seleck was on
    Hartley is making a big mistake leaving
    Thank for having my comment

  15. Michele says:

    Such a talent you are Justin! Your role as Adam was superb! Though I will miss you on the Y & R I wish you success with your new show!

  16. Sharon POTTER says:

    I did not like him as Adam for so long while I mourned the loss of Michael Muhney. But in the past year I have come to love him and now I will mourn him. But I will watch him in his afterlife.

  17. Cheryl Pennington says:

    Im sure going to miss you on Y&R. I liked you much better than the other Adam. I was hoping that you and Chelsey would finally have a life that you so deserved. It breaks my heart that little Connor will grow up without a daddy. I have watched this soap for ever it seems and it sometimes feels like everybody is really somebody that I know. I get emotionally involved with the characters on this show. I always feel like their is a part of my life missing if I miss.one episode. I wish you all the luck in the world on your new show. I dont watch NBC, so this should be interesting. I usually always watch CBS. I do hope everything turns out for you the way you had hoped.

  18. As soon as the house blew up I just knew Justin was leaving the show. He was a fabulous Adam but wish him much success in his new show. I will be watching

  19. He needs to cameo on Arrow ASAP.

  20. PAT says:

    I loved Adam I’m heart sick I will probably city like a baby so upset but I had a feeling something was going to happen . I have been watching this show since my teen years and I’m 73 and still watching it.

    • i, too, have watched since day one…and thought finally, with this adam, it might make him believable and jason did….now i’m afraid they’ll hook chelsea up with nick…remember, adam made nick promise to take care of his son…funny, when someone marries a newman, eventually they end up marring ALL the newmen men..haha oh well

      • Virginia Rumburg says:

        I was also hoping that Adam and Chelsea would have a happy future together with Connor and perhaps even have another child. Ann Ellda Hodgkins, you are so right about Nick. With Sage having died, Nick is wide-open for a new love interest and remember, Sully is Sage and Nick’s son (or is he Sage and Adam’s son?) It is still going to be very interesting. I can hear my husband now: honey, it’s a soap opera!!

        • Mary Hake says:

          I LOVE you Justin Hartley!!! I was devastated about your departure from y&r. U are handsome, omg sooo very handsome, an awesome fantastic actor. There is no man that could come remotely close to your acting. I truly wish you could do both shows, but I read that you are really excited about your new show.
          Make no mistake I will truly miss you. I wish you well and that your new show will be a big hit. Of course with you being in it, there is no doubt it will be!! Best of luck to you Justin

          • Sandy B says:

            So sorry to see you go. You were a great actor on Y&R and will miss your very unscripted/not forced acting and were very easy to look at. Hope they keep the door open for you at Y & R if anything should happen ( hope not) but wish you great success and glad the industry realizes what a great talent you.

    • Carolyn Labossiere says:

      Teens years, Its only been on the air 43 years..

  21. Coal says:

    He seems like an all round good guy, him and Shemar Moore seem like individuals who don’t believe soaps are beneath their talents. Goodluck with his new project.

  22. Walter Repass says:

    I’m not surprised. Gods luck to Justin H. He has done a superb job at keeping the character alive. I see only one guy as his replacement, Michael Muhney. I know this probably won’t happen due to all of the bad blood, but can’y they set aside the differences for Y&R.

  23. Lisa McLaughlin says:

    Please let this be a rumor!
    I don’t want Justin Hartley to leave, he was / is the best Adam Newman ever!

  24. Gladys Hawkins says:

    Im hurt to see him leave but hope things work out on his up coming show coming in september.

  25. nikki says:

    I love Adam!!!! You should have replaced him not killed him.. But he would have big shoes to fill replacing Justin.
    Justin will be missed

  26. Laura Barnes says:

    I was sad at first when I heard the news, but then was very happy to hear I will be able to see him on his new show on NBC. How exciting!!! Congratulations Justin

  27. Man, Why did you have to go Justin, I truly loved you as playing Adam. You are very handsome and sexy, whare you’re doing keep up the good work. You are Avery talented young man. May God continue to Bless you and your family, in Jesus name. Please reconsider coming back to Y&R.

  28. he will be truly missed i still liked the old adam the story line at times makes me angry you need me to help you i feel that since ive been watching since day one i have a betterstory to tell

  29. Best Wishes Justin for the new series. I’ll be watching for sure. You made Adam a character we could feel empathy for and fall in love with. Thanks for two years of awesome acting and some very good eye candy.

  30. Phyllis says:

    You must bring Sexy Back Please.

  31. Diane mathias says:

    He is a good actor and hate he is leaving YR.

  32. jamie doriguzzi says:

    since watching y&r since it started in the early 70’s it became the greatest soap ever!! the last great crew besides some of the remaining ones was billy (billy abbott) michael (adam) & emme (abby). since bill bell’s passing & the changing of crews it’s become a disaster. the one bight spot is justin. I still love jack, ashley & nick plus the older ones ( I still remember when paul & nikki & victor started) I have LOVED this show forever but it has become the worst story lines ever & even I could have done sooooo much better!!! poor bill bell (& chatherine/ jeanne) must be rolling over in their graves. I guess all great things eventually come to an end. don’t see a long future for this show & it saddens me so!!!! it’s been my time all these years where I escaped for an hour every night ( after taping it) & was with familiar faces in a place I grew up with………..

    • mary schmaltz says:

      I have been watching it since the being too and am so sad that they always have it were everyone keeps sleeping with the others mate and this with Sharon keeping the baby is really stupid and I pray that the DNA really is Nicks and not Adams son and Phyliss and Billy is carrying on too long the business disaster too long and I was hoping that it would of proven that Adam didn’t hit Dilyah that someone else did but that didn’t happen anyway enough is enough same with Bold and Beautiful another story

    • S.Oliver says:

      I agree. I too have watched Y&R since the beginning. The last few yr.s it’s going to hell.

      • San says:

        Totally agree with all of u
        The story is yawn… So stupid and teeny bop. Sharon is worst actor ever , plots are predictable and I can’t watch anymore . Like old Phyllis and old Billy. It’s not the same and won’t watch anymore. B & B even more irritating

  33. John Deere says:

    Since the writers always
    give Adam and Chelsea bad luck if Adam does come back knowing Chloe was the accomplish not Bethany Adam should sell Chloe to a south American drug cartel head guy. Writers don’t show same for. Chloe as Adam.

  34. I think Chloe has him stashed someplace to make him serve the time she thought he should have served after he supposedly hit Delia. (I still have doubts about that) She blew up the building so people would stop looking for him. Give it six months or so and he will show up being played by someone else.

  35. Monika says:

    noooooooooooooooooooo I dont want the freak Michael Muhney back on Y and R. I want this Adam. This sucks.

  36. nannie johnson says:

    It want be as good without Adam in the show . He played a very good part in the young & Restless miss you

  37. Cindy Beard says:

    I love Justin and hate to see him go but will be seeing him. And in Soap history where there is no body they will return so just wait for it we will have a new Adam with a diffarant face. I love Y&R

  38. BJ says:

    Justin, You truly brought the character of Adam to life!

  39. audrey thomas says:

    when you look like Justin Hartley you will get work every where and he’s a talented actor

  40. elaine hanus says:

    of all the adam’s I like him the best.

  41. Valerie Bennett says:

    I liked your role of Adam you were the better Adam the show got silly until you arrived and now that you and sage are gone i dont no if ill continue to watch the show I dont care for choloe she was off the show for awhile and it was good

  42. Tony Sarrio says:

    Justin was the best Adam ever. This is a bummer. He will be missed. HE is a great actor so i get it. He doesn’t want to get locked into a soap character.

  43. Carmen Trigg says:

    I can’t imagine watching The Young And The Restless without Adam

  44. Kim Edwards says:

    I can’t handle this. I love me some Adam. I will not be watching Y&R anymore! I didn’t think anyone could replace the previous Adam.

  45. yk zarb says:

    Would love to see him in a story arc on Arrow.

  46. kitty says:

    Justin is the best looking and most talented actor I have seen in years. I can’t think of anyone short of Cary Grant to compare.

  47. LILLIE FEAST says:

    I’m going to miss Adam Newman but he wasn’t happy always hiding he wanted his marriage to be fun,loving, an enjoying being married to chelsa

  48. Southern Yankee says:

    So sorry to see this character leave Y&R. Enjoyed watching him on this soap and down the road, I expect they will bring Adam back, they usually do but will probably be awhile and different actor. The best of luck to Justin.

  49. Diane Duran says:

    Will follow you on “This is Us” Michael. Best wishes. Great performances from Justin and Michael.

  50. Barbara Brickwood says:

    He was my favorite Adam. Sad to see him go but wish him only the best of success.