Bones Sully Returns Final Season

Bones Final Season: Eddie McClintock to Return as Brennan's Ex, Sully

The ex in the exit?

As part of Bones‘ midseason farewell tour, Eddie McClintock will reprise his role as Tim “Sully” Sullivan, the actor announced on Twitter.

McClintock — whose more recent TV credits include Warehouse 13, episodes of Supergirl and S.H.I.E.L.D. and USA Network’s upcoming Shooter — previously appeared on Bones for four episodes during Season 2. In that short span, FBI agent Sully met and started dating Brennan, with whom he was partnered while Booth was sidelined to see a shrink.

Endeavoring to live life to the fullest after having lost his FBI partner, Sully got too serious too quickly with Bones, as she declined his offer to sail to the Caribbean in a boat he named after her. The character was barely mentioned after that.

Bones‘ 12-episode farewell season is slated to premiere in early 2017 on Fox.

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  1. M says:

    Great news :)

  2. Kia says:

    well I’m excited, this could be interesting, I’m certain some people will worry about Booth and Brennan’s relationship, even though it’s beyond ridiculous at this point, b&b are too strong, nothing can come between them. I’m sure that’s not why he’s back, the writers told us over and over that B&B’s marriage won’t be tested anymore. This will be nice.

  3. anon says:

    seriously what is Peterson on? Bones only has 12 eps to wrap the entire series…and he is wasting one on a character that no one, NO ONE has seen or mentioned in 10 YEARS. This is a new standard on being irrelevant

    • Kia says:

      you don’t even know WHY he’s back, yet you’re already being mean anyway

      • anon says:

        Its not bring mean, I am annoyed that an irrelevant character is wasting & eating up an episode when there are only 12, surely there are more recent characters they could write for & return…..the thought of a character MIA for 10yrs returning is ludicrous to me….People have graduated through high school & college
        the length of time he has been gone, with no word of him since he set sail….good luck on causal viewers remembering who he is.

        • madbengalsfan85 says:

          This is the final season, I don’t really give a crap about what casual viewers do and do not remember

          • anon says:

            Good for you.

            I do give a crap about Bones wasting their final episodes on a irrelevant character that nobody has seen in 10 YEARS.

            Each to their own

        • Kia says:

          Why are you so sure that the episode he’ll be in will be about HIM? That he’ll eat up the episode? The writers said they will be tying lose ends, he’s one of the lose ends. When he left, Brennan and Booth were in denial/afraid that she stayed in DC because of Booth. Wyatt told them that that’s not true so that they could move on. I would love if they managed to have Brennan tell Booth she did stay because of him, or hint that in some way. I would so love to hear that. Maybe it’s a few years to late for that, after so many years that b&b have been a couple, realistically, but for the viewers? That would be pretty neat.

          And Casual viewers? Firstly, the final season was given to the show because of the hardcore fans who remember things, and who are really invested in the show, and who care, not for casual fans. The show almost ended with S10, and then again with S11. S12 is a bonus for us big fans, not casual fans who barely care whether the show gets a final season or not. Besides, Sully was Brennan’s only serious relationship before Booth, don’t you think you’re underestimating people if you think they won’t remember him? He might have been on the show long ten years ago for only four episodes but he was a pretty big deal. More people will remember him than you think.

          And maybe there are more recent characters who could return, but not every actor would be available, they have other projects. The production work with people who are available. They’ve been wanting Stephen Fry to return every single year, it never happend because he was never available. It’s simple.

          (BTW, asking if Peterson is “on something” is mean, first of all, he’s not the only one in charge of the show, b) him and Collier talk to Hart all the time, he agrees with everything they’re doing. There’s no way for you to know whether Hart wouldn’t try to have Eddie back for the final season too, had he been the showrunner. )

          • anon says:

            If Sully was such an important part of Bones & Brennan’s journey as a lose end he would of been mentioned at least once since S2, or been invited back at least once before now…like other characters have been, he hasn’t because he was a blip on Bones, gawd knows the actor has been begging at every opportunity to comeback since he left.

            Sully is no longer relevant to Bones. The fact that he has never been mention once since season two had told me that – relevant characters get mentioned.

            If anyone needs to hear that Brennan stayed for Booth way back in season 2, after *everything* they have been through since then, if they need or want that as cannon, then I truly for sorry for them. Because what relationship have they been watching for the last 10 years? Did they not watch B&B wedding? Pay attention to what they said?

            If they actually had mentioned Sully since S2 then I wouldn’t actually of had such a WTF are they doing reaction – the show made Sully irrelevant, not me.

          • Tee says:

            Might as well write a damn book!

        • Me says:

          A.) No one has said that there is going to be an entire episode dedicated to the character. B.) He was mentioned in after his departure, in the episode where the chef with the great mac and cheese was murdered (Brennan mentioned taking Sully to the restaurant for dinner). C.) Sure it’s nice for casual viewers to be able to follow along, but it’s also nice for long time viewers to get ‘Easter eggs’ that maybe a casual viewer won’t get. Just my two cents…

          • anon says:

            The last ep Sully was mentioned in was Season TWO ep 20 “The Glowing Bones in the Old Stonehouse”

            Good for you if you don’t mind a character that hasn’t been mentioned since then take up airtime in the very last season of the series, I would rather the actors who put blood, sweat & tears in the show for many seasons actually be the focus, not a guest character from as far back as S2… Bones only has 12 eps, not 22… No room for irrelevant characters , even in one ep, imo

        • thisismenow says:

          He could have gone crazy after discovering Booth and Brennan got together, started a family and moved on. It may have driven him to start killing people around them in an effort to draw Bones closer to him as part of an elaborate scheme. Perhaps he commits the murders and requests to work with Booth on the crimes as he ties them to an old unsolved case they shared. He could be the big bad, it could be awesome. Who knows?

          • Pat says:

            Holy cow, I am am an invested fan of this show and have been since day one, but oh my gosh I sure hope that is not the scenario for the return of Sully’s character. He was a good guy and there is no need to damage his character.

        • Sarah says:

          How are you so sure he’s irrelevant? Just because he’s not important to Brennan doesn’t mean she’s not important to him. What if he never got over her and he’s the one Zack figured out has been stalking her? You should wait and see what they bring him back for before claiming he’s an irrelevant waste of time or only being brought back to tie up a loose end. Somehow I doubt he will actually be either of those things…

    • Chloe says:

      I agree with you, anon. I barely remember him and couldn’t care less about him coming back.

      • anon says:

        @chloe IKR?! There are so many (recent-ish) Bones characters there was no need to dig up a S2 character that nobody EVER mentions.

        Rather have Hodgins brother or Aldo or Booth’s mom or Cam’s daughter or Gordon Gordon or do unseen flashbacks for the passed characters – like Sweets, Vincent, Jared….

        And let’s not forget they have to actually service the current characters narratives….there are only 12 eps its gonna be jammed packed

        • M says:

          Yeah, because they can easily snap their fingers and easily get back any character they want. *eyeroll*. I’m not sure why people can’t get it through their heads that story decisions are dicated by so many things-often out of their control- with actor availiabilty at the forefront. Also, Sully’s return will be about B&B or Brennan’s character evolution at the very least. So I don’t get what the issue is. If I were you, I would just get over it. Because Sully is coming back whether you like it or not, lol. Judging from the comments/reactions to the news, you’re in the minority with your pov. (Which doesn’t make you ‘wrong’ but you should realise the show isn’t about catering to your *personal* needs, so the show is not doing anything ‘wrong’ either when plenty of people are excited about this.)

          • anon says:

            Oh knows I have to get over it
            *cries* and *cries* ….oh wait I really don’t

            You are getting awfully worked over my POV

            I am quite aware my POV has no baring on the creativity of the show, do you?

            If what I say doesn’t matter to the show content, then you have no reason to care about it, do you?

            So glad you can confidently speak for the millions of viewership. Am sure the government will love your statistical know how come polling day

  4. madbengalsfan85 says:

    I was hoping to see Sully again

    • Frankie707 says:

      Me too. :)

    • Jen says:

      Hmmm, aren’t you worried that casual fans won’t remember him? I thought that was the big concern about bringing Zach back. At least Zach was a series regular for FOUR seasons. Sully was in four episodes.

      • Sarah says:

        The EP did warn people to study the first 3 seasons for hints about the last. If they don’t care enough about the show to consider that, they’re not really “casual fans” but “casual viewers”… and the last season, we’ve been told repeatedly, is “for the fans.” If they were warned, but still couldn’t be bothered to at least sneak a peek at a Wikipedia cheat sheet, then they deserve to be lost (if they even care)… And if they’re fan enough to get riled up about a character they don’t know, they should probably heed the warning and swot up now.

        • Jen says:

          I’m kind of poking fun at all the Bones crazies who declared up and down that Zach should never come back because no one would remember him, since he hasn’t been around since S4. Yet, those same people are excited about Sully coming back, despite the fact that Sully hasn’t been seen since S2. Personally I think anyone who has ever been on the show is fair game to return…most newer fans have binge-watched Bones on Netflix and are probably more aware of early characters that those of us who have watched since the beginning.

          • laura c says:

            Well, I’ve been watching Bones since Day One and remember well BOTH Sully and Zach. I think Zack was a bigger role/character than Sully, but other than reunion of sorts, or undisclosed plot for Sully, it would make more sense for Zack’s return. He was a squint and worked with everyone for several seasons. Sully sailed off into the sunset when Bones declined to go with him. I think we all knew she wouldn’t and would end up with Booth anyway, just as Booth and Hannah were destined to split.

  5. heather says:


    Why not bring back Booth’s ex Tessa too, you mind her from S1? She just as irrelevant as Sully is.

    Bringing back characters who are relevant, who have had recent storylines, OK, bringing back a character that dropped of the face of the planet for 10 yrs is not OK. Imo.

    This is a shortened season too, not 22eps, don’t they have enough characters to service before the series end in only 12 eps?

    • kmw says:

      Yes he may seem irrelevant but Sully was important to Brennan. Its not like he will have the arc that Zack is having( which is too long for me) Brennan is in a pretty different place know and I think it will be interesting to see how Sully reacts to her life now( and realize why she didn’t go with him). It was mentioned elsewhere about despite Booth and Brennan being together for awhile it would be fun to see her admit to Booth that he was the reason she stayed But also that Sully’s actual life style was another reason she didn’t go as well.( Brennan needs stability something Sully then or as I suspect even now wouldn’t be able to give her). But also Bones and their producers are also facing realities about who they can and cannot bring back. it is sad but a couple of the people I want back probably wont be but that wont detract from enjoying what little is left of Bones. Sully coming back is nothing more than tying a loose end for Brennan even if it was a long time ago. I actually think his return will be quite amusing and I hope people give a chance

      • heather says:

        Sorry, I disagree.

        That would work if it was a year or two later…but we are talking 10 years…if Sully is hanging about still wondering why Brennan didn’t go with him after TEN years what kind of pathetic stagnant life has he had?


        Its ten years not one year later

        I think Brennan figure out why she never went years ago with him. I remember her vows. We also know that Brennan needs her work, these are pretty basic facts and that have always been there. I don’t need a character missing for 10 years to spoonfeed me Brennan insights, when they are there in every ep with her husband & colleagues

        They wanted to bring Sully back, fine it should of been in the prior 190 eps since he left, not the last 12.

        • kmw says:

          It also possible Sully has moved on and done something different that we and Brennan don’t expect. just because it has bein a long time doesn’t mean that Sully cant bring something to the show in a funny manner. And him returning doesn’t mean Brennan has to work on something. Could any Bones fan really see Brennan where she is now from where she was with Sully? Nope. Give it a chance it could be funny. He will be in one episode and really will be something that will be amusing more than anything. Any Booth and Brennan fan or the show as a whole are not going to get 42 minutes of just Booth and Brennan. it just isn’t happening Personally I will take Sully’s one episode over Zack’s three any day.In life people run into people who have meant something to them even if it was a long time ago. They re connect for a bit and then move on which is what Booth and Brennan will do after this episode. I know it was awhile ago and yes they did acknowledge things at their wedding but I am sorry he is as loose an end for Brennan as Zack is and the producers of Bones from the get go of end of season that wrapping up loose ends was a priority for Booth and Brennan. I will be far more upset if Aubry gets an episode about his father than Sully being back for one.

  6. Jenny Rarden says:

    Could this be the blind item answer?

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  8. Nancy Beary says:

    Please don’t kill Booth, Bones, Angela or Hodges. OK with anyone else.

    • Sarah says:

      Go watch some of the Comicon videos – the EP said the people “at the table” wouldn’t be any of the deaths… and all the people you mentioned (and a few more) were at the table at the time.

  9. Nancy Beary says:

    I wish you’d bring back sweets. I’m sure your writers could come up with an excuse for his mistaken death. Then he could see his son.

  10. tafkah says:

    Maybe Sully got together with Hannah and they are sailing off into the sunset.

  11. I’m much more excited about the return of Sully than i am about the return of Zack.

  12. Bob says:

    why do some shows run over 2 or 3 minutes. it can make you miss the start of another show.

  13. July Lark says:

    I would be more interested to see what Booth’s ex Hannah is up to these days, at least she was in season 6(?) and I know the actor is a big star now but they can recast. Now that is a loose end I could get behind. What is this trend to bring back all the characters in the first seasons? I need script notes to remember them. meh

    • anon says:

      Bringing back Hannah would of made sense, at least she has appeared on Bones since the turn of this decade *snark* and not someone they had to dig up since S2

      Hannah is a huge loose end, esp since she said she & her Booth weren’t done, and but apparently according to some, only Brennan’s relationship lose ends are all that matter….let’s forget about how Booth actually wanted to marry Hannah – can’t get Winnick back? then recast like they did with Parker.

      • kmw says:

        Bringing back Hannah would make sense? Maybe if Bones had more time but really Hannah coming back would be bad no matter if Winnick is available or not. And Hannah is not a loose end Booth as DONE with her. And really how much air time do you really think Sully is going to get in his ONE episode back.? He wont manipulate Booth and Brennan’s air time worse than Aubry has done. Since the show IS called BONES doesn’t it make sense to mine her history which includes Sully( he was her most serious relationship and Sully didn’t really know why she didn’t go with him. This story will show him why) Brennan’s inability to commit to Sully back then and WHY she stayed will also be shown which to me is tying up loose ends. Also while I would love to see different faces pop up( Gordon Gordon) I also know that probably isn’t possible. Yes he was on WAY back in season two but he meant something to Brennan and I am sure she will see she was right about not going. I personally dislike Zack being back for more episodes than this news.

        • anon says:

          The last time I looked Brennan was done with Sully. But he can come back. But Hananh can’t come back cos Booth is done with her

          So one rule for Brennan & one rule for Booth? Ok

          If Brennan needs to chat with her 10 yr ex-boyfriend of two months to reaffrim she made the life right choices when she has two kids & her husband at home telling her that every day, then this is some kind of pod person you are introducing in S12…this isn’t Brennan, this is some pathetic weak version you want of Brennan just cos of her old fling is returning…exactly how lowly do you think of Brennan & Booth’s marriage to suggest that Sully coming back will reaffrim she made the right choice…seriously if I were Booth I would be looking for a divorce, cos the life they built together obviously isn’t good enough for Brennan anymore until she chats with Sully

          And this exactly the juvenile nonsense bringing back irrelevant ex boyfriends brings out in fan girls….ooh, Brennan needs affirmation from her ex to confirm she made the right choices in her life…give me a break

          Seriously, I now hope he turns up dead, washed up on his boat.

          • kmw says:

            Why cannot someone in their life run into someone they used to know. I never said there is different rules for them but really you are blowing Sully coming back out of proportion. He is coming back for ONE episode. that’s it. He isn’t even remotely a threat to Booth and Brennan just a fun return that will be nothing more than that. You know that I haven’t liked Booth and Brennan getting sidelined like they have but we are getting 12 episodes of Bones that will I would assume even with him coming back mostly revolve around them We don’t even know how or why they are using him when he is on and you automatically assume he will be in every scene of that episode. Wow I never thought a return by Sully would be hated so bad Of course you could be right that he will be dead they did say two people from their earlier seasons would die I for one will not pound this story until I SEE it and think his return is some nefarious plot against Booth and Brennan’s airtime together

      • M says:

        lmao. Why don’t you just admit that your issue with Sully has nothing to do with how long ago Sully was on the show, but it’s because he’s a part of BRENNAN’S past. I bet if they brought back a character from Booth’s past we had never seen before, you’d be frothing with excitement. Don’t even try to deny it. The fact that you think recasting Hannah is better than bringing back an actor who was actually on the show tells us everything.

        The Booth/DB stans are a stain on this fandom, with their constant hatred and b*tchy comments on any storyline/character that is unrelated to Booth. It’s funny because if DB actually knew you, he would hate everything you stand for. (In fact, he has defended the show against people of your ilk on twitter before.)

        • M says:

          btw that last message was for @anon (obviously). And for the record, I dislike the Brennan stans/Booth haters just as much, before you inevitably try and dismiss me as a “Brennan stan”.

          • anon says:

            I made my point clear that bringing a character back who hasn’t been mentioned *once* since season two is my problem

            I don’t have a problem bringing back later characters or characters that are actually mentioned at least once in TEN years.


            You obviously have twisty reading skills

            Actually fans like you are a stain on this fandom. Fans like you who can’t stand anyone having an opinion that you don’t approve of.

            Nice to know my POV is soooooooo important to you that you can’t scroll past it & ignore like other people who don’t agree…no you have to TROLL all over it telling me that MY thoughts and feelings are wrong.

            You want to see povs that only agree with yours? stick to your IG, tumblr, twitter, FB followers & stay out of comments sections

  14. laura c says:

    I will be glad to see Sully again. Maybe they should have brought back Hannah too. I liked her character although I always wanted Booth and Brennan together. Personally, as a Day One fan, I don’t mind characters being brought back, would love to see Sweets and glad to see Zack too. For more than the casual fans of Bones, it is like a reunion of sorts, playing catch up and wrap up. Don’t like it, don’t watch is always my philosophy.i I will really miss them all–the squints, Caroline, Max, Angela’s dad, Bones had a great run.

  15. c-mo says:

    While I’m looking forward to seeing Sully, if we were playing “which character would you like to see return” I want Nigel Vincent-Murray, he was my favorite Squint of any, including Zack.

  16. Sharon says:

    Great, Bones id going off the air with Castle, Rizzolli and Isles . Nothing will be on tv worth watching except Major Crimes. All the rest is CRAP

  17. laura c says:

    Agreed, but Major Crimes would be a much better show if they would send Rusty to college on opposite coast, along with his mother–the further the better. At least I can fast-forward his scenes when taped. His role adds nothing and he’s extremely añoying. His time could be better used by one of the other characters.

  18. Sarah says:

    I still can’t watch his episodes, but I’m actually excited about this. I can’t wait to see his reaction to B&B and his interactions with them. It should be fun and hilarious!
    And remember, TPTB have said that B&B’s marriage will be completely solid in Season 12, so there’s nothing to worry about.

  19. kmw says:

    That’s great. I cannot wait to see how they bring him back. It will interesting to see how Brennan and Sully come face to face and to see where he is at in his life. It would be cute to see Both be jealous for a little bit. I just cannot wait till Bones returns!!!!

    • Jen says:

      Frankly Booth won’t have anything to worry about, because I don’t think Sully would be interested in the current Brennan. The Brennan he knew back in S2 is long, long gone.

  20. arial2 says:

    Okay. But I’d love to see Stephen Fry make at least one more appearance as Gordon Gordon Wyatt. Loved his banter with Bones and Booth! Such a brilliant comedian!

  21. Matthew B Lawler says:

    What is with all the Zack hate and Sully I have watched since the pilot and had forgotten the character is he the one that was nicknamed tiny?

  22. John NYC says:

    She was such a lighter and more relaxed character back then.

    Whenever I watch the pilot I’m amazed, and truth be told, saddened.

    • KLS says:

      I agree. Usually it’s the other way around.

    • kmw says:

      That’s funny because all the Brennan haters said what a bitch she was back then. OK she probably was lighter back then but she is a much better character now despite what many now call her a ” robot”. There is nothing saddening about character growth despite the way you perceive her to be. Brennan is still one of the best characters on television despite FOX’S interference( this change from light hearted to robot came after strike shortened season which is also by the way the year FOX started cheating the actors and producers) I am sorry for anyone who cannot enjoy what they all bring to the show. I really love the responses on any Bones article who want the old Brennan back because that is not how it used to be. All it used to be was how horrible she is and how rude and arrogant she is. Now she is a ” robot” who is so uptight( yes so uptight she got married and had kids something she said she would neverdo) she drags the show down. Yes Bones has changed like many older shows do and you can either stick with their journey( like I am) or not watch and let the show go( whicht seems you have) Bones has 12 episodes left and I believe they will get the ending they deserve

      • John NYC says:

        Defensive much?

        The respective photos are telling; IMHO.

        Glug glug: whoo hoo.

        • kmw says:

          Wow I guess am because I don’t remember Brennan ever being as lighthearted as you say she was, only with Sully was she even close to that. I remember Angela always having to drag her out. That being said I would like to try to get across what I have been trying to say. And that is one, Bones clearly could not get the actor or actress they really wanted so they went to the one who was available( just FYI obviously ED is in favor of this she mentioned this at Comic Con) Two Bones needs to end their show in a proper manner. They have stated they want unfinished business resolved and both Zack and Sully are that.They need to get Brennan to a place where her professional relationship with Booth ends.( Repetitive yes but it is what is) And yes John NYC I am defensive about Bones. I love the show hated where it went in tenth season glad it got back on track last year an happy we are even getting 12 episodes to say goodbye. Also it needs to be said to some. The shows name is BONES. No matter if DB was cast before ED it is still her show. The focus rightly should be put on her. I love BOTH Booth and Brennan and I believe these show runners will end Bones right

          • M says:

            The show is mostly about both B&B’s respective journeys but I do agree that it is more ED’s show and more about Brennan’s story and her character development/arc. After all, there’s always been slightly more focus on Brennan’s other friendships/relationships outside Booth (i.e. in the lab) than the other way round (and rightly so). In that vein, I think having Sully return in S12 makes sense.

          • Anon says:

            I am sorry, you keep saying Sully is a loose end for Brennan…I find that a disservice to Brennan and B&B marriage…how on earth is a character she dated for a month ten years ago a loose end for a woman who is happily married with two kids & a step son?

            You are making it sound like Brennan is lacking in her life and just waiting for Sully to come back, to make her feel better about her life her now

            Sully coming back in S4 or S5 is a loose end for a single Brennan..Sully coming back to a happily married, mother of 2 ten years later is not a loose end.

            I mean what do you guys want, to see Brennan fondly reminisce with Sully about their relationship? To her conclude that Booth was the right choice, Booth of 12 years over one month Sully… Seriously that is going to make Brennan look so bad, and Sully too, unless he lived in a cave, he knows Brennan is s mother of two, married to Booth… Cos you know Brennan’s life as a world famous author & crime fighter is hardly lowkey, girl makes the paper & Google

            ( David wanted Hannah back too, and now Vikings is wrapping, that might be a possibility, who knows)

            Actually, the only ex to comeback that makes any sense is Rebecca, Parker’s mother, at least she has been mentioned since she left & is still relevant to Booth in how to co- parent their kid…Kate Capshaw is now on Greys but there is always recasting.

            I mean are they going to bring back Roxy for Angela, surely if Sully is a loose end for Brennan, then Roxy is a loose end for Angela, let’s not forget Roxy was the only person Angela wanted move in with and she dumped her, am sure that keeps, Angela awake at night…oh Roxy the one that got away!!!


  23. 1mars says:

    FFS, they are bringing “Dully” back, the perfect guy that dumped Brennan? Why? Guess if you ass kiss the writers and beg to come back, it happens. I would be more interested to see Brennan’s brother Russ, you remember him, they were estranged for years and then reconciled and then he disappeared off the face of the earth. But a fling she had 10 years ago is a loose end? smh

    • heather says:

      Pretty much!! According to some fans a fling ten years ago, is soooooo important to Brennan’s journey now. Who knew?!

      It must of been eating away at her for years. Just waiting for the day for Sully to come back. I guess where Sully was there is no email or phones or internet or transport or he wouldn’t have waited sooooo long, I mean its not like Brennan has went anywhere, she has been waiting for his return to tie up loose ends!!

      I guess Booth can sit at home with the kids, whilst Brennan is sorting out her loose ends with Sully.

      Is Bones a harlequin novel now?

      To be serious tho, I will laugh so hard if Sully is one of the characters who dies this season. Oops. But how will poor Brennan tie up her loose ends?

      Oh noes.

    • KJD says:

      Wow, it might help if you watch the episode when he leaves before commenting any further. Sully didn’t “dump” Brennan, he asked her to go with him, and she thought about it then said “NO”. So, where did he dump her? And yet, you rattle on insulting the writers and yes, the show, a show you obviously really haven’t watched–hard to take anyone seriously, when they haven’t been paying attention. Since this particular episode with Sully’s return hasn’t even aired yet–jumping the gun much?

  24. Barbara says:

    It seems to me that the show lost viewers pretty quick after sweets died. I personally know several people who lost interest after that mainly due to agent Aubry not being as liked.

    • laura c says:

      I was really mad when Sweets was killed off and I STILL have not warmed up to Aubrey. I did not think they needed another FBi dude to pal around with Booth. sweets had history with B Booth &Brennan and made sense he was a psychologist. Even Brennan in her unrelenting scoffing of Sweets field warmed up to him on a personal level. Sweets made sense, Aubrey did/does not. This all said, I kept watching because I like the show since Day One., albeit less enamored. I would like to see Russ & the English shrink come back.

  25. John NYC says:

    Sully may just be connected to the COTW.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree here. I don’t understand the big uproar over Sully. We know the Brennan and Sully story. That story is over. Sully likely is just there as an FBI guy helping out with the apprehension of a bad guy. The former stuff with Brennan will probably be played off as a joke when Aubrey learns of it. Aubrey may make Booth squirm a bit?

      What if Sully is there because of some connection to Booth? We don’t know the story of how or why Sully and Booth know each other. There could be some backstory there that the writers have come up with that could be interesting. Was Sully in the military?

  26. Melinda says:

    It would be nice if they addressed the brothers of Booth, Brennen, and Hodgins before the show ends.

  27. Bob Judd says:

    I am sorry, but I see NO reason to bring him back !!!! Further, if you screw up B&B I hope you go directly to the showrunner(s) graveyard !!!

  28. andrew hass says:

    It makes sense that since it’s the final season the show would bring back past characters.As for Sully, maybe he’s back with the FBI and he teams up with Booth to help find Brennan

  29. Dale says:

    Hold on!! How can he return! He boat sank and they couldn’t find him!

  30. donna says:

    I am very curious as to why they are bringing back Sully. Is booth gonna get killed? Does Zach kill him? The fight is gonna be taken to the lab…. Does bug man start walking again? So many questions.

  31. Sylvia hand says:

    So booth and bones are divorced?

    • William says:

      Yes, they get divorced in the final season. The endgame all along was for Brennan to marry Sully, her true love. Booth sues for custody of their kids. It’s all very sad and tragic.

  32. Jill says:

    Keep going for 5 seasons more

  33. Dawn says:

    I may be completely wrong, but I thought Sully died after he sailed off.

  34. Carol says:

    No. I love Bones. Please more seasons

  35. Odalys says:

    How do I see season 12 in its entirety? I am on season 10 ,heard season 11 is coming to Netflix.i refuse to watch ahead..can anyone help? Pleeese!

  36. Tammy Date says:

    Why end beauty and the beast if it finally took off.

    It’s upsetting to it go.

  37. Penny McGregor says:

    I WISH THEY WOULD RELEASE SEASON 11 FOR FAN’S TO BUY‼‼‼‼‼ this show is so good…I have bought all the season’s 1 through 10…. Please make season 11 available to the fan’s… Thank You…. Penny McGregor