Killjoys Renewed Season 3

Killjoys, Dark Matter Renewed at Syfy

Syfy has renewed both of its summertime Friday dramas — Killjoys and Dark Matter — for third seasons.

The pick-up news comes on the eve of Killjoys airing its Season 2 finale (Friday at 9/8c), in which Dutch, Johnny, D’Avin and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six’s plans for The Quad. (Watch an exclusive sneak peek.)

Season 2 of Dark Matter, dark-matter-renewed-season-3meanwhile, has left to air this Friday’s episode, titled “Take the Shot,” a double episode on Sept. 9 (starting at 10 pm) and then its own season finale on Sept. 16.

Killjoys this season has averaged 650,000 weekly viewers and a 0.2 rating, holding onto its demo number from Season 1. Dark Matter, averaging 700K and a 0.2, also has matched its freshman demo delivery.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Both of these shows went a little sideways this season but I still enjoy them. Happy for the renewals.

    • Slyfoxx says:

      I would agree with you, each episode would start off with me being slightly disappointed and then it would deliver the aspects that made me originally fall in love. My thoughts on most series it take about 3 season to get everything moving correctly. That being said I have high expectations for season 3 of both shows.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        All I have to think of are the other shows that have been cancelled, and which ones are left, and I just blubber with gratitude to have something.

    • Kurt says:

      When you have watched as many shows as I have, for as many years as I have the sophomore year is the hardest, and frankly they did an extraordinary job, I bet you all are going to really like the next installment, given how well they did with this, again well done

  2. Brigid says:

    Cool, I do enjoy both of these shows!

  3. midas777 says:

    excellent news – such fun shows light and exactly what you need during the summer – so much bunk out there nice to see them select these two – way to go Syfy

  4. Sara says:

    I wish they would have given Dominion a third season. It was such a great show.

  5. Karen T. says:

    All I have to say is “YAY”! Love both shows!

  6. Drew says:

    Happy dance, happy dance, I’m doing a happy dance!
    That said, I think there was still room for Defiance and Dominion on the schedule. Perhaps they just don’t like alliteration: Dominion, Defiance, Dark Matter…

  7. Dominique says:

    excellent news, i feel like these shows still have so much left to tell!
    i just wish you guys would cover dark matter a little more :)

  8. TvPeong says:


  9. Rahajicho says:

    Summer Fridays are safe for another year.

  10. msstargate says:

    Yay!!! Really love Dark Matter!! I wish they would air more episodes than 13 per season though.

  11. Coal says:

    Both shows are brilliant, also the The Night Shift is another excellent show to view over the summer. Its good to see that studio execs are still willing to greenlight lack of a better term “fun tv shows”, everything does not need to be EMMY bait.

  12. Weezy says:

    I like both of these shows….glad they got renewed.

  13. notfeelingencouraged says:

    Never watched Killjoys, but Dark Matter has been a real disappointment for me so far this season. Haven’t even watched the last 2 episodes yet. They need to hurry up and pick a direction cause this thing has been all over the place this season.

  14. M3rc_Nate says:

    Fantastic! I love both of these shows and they have just been getting better and better this season.

  15. V.J. says:

    So happy about this! I love Killjoys and I need an Ashmore on my screen at any given time. That being said: I would agree that the first season was better, but this season was still great. And I feel like the producers and writers really now where they want to go and put thought into the world.
    Dark Matter on the other hand just doesn´t connect with me on the same level. But good nonetheless that they were renewed too.

  16. KayCeeCee says:

    Great news! Looking forward to seeing where these shows go next.

  17. Couch Mom says:

    YAY! Other than today being payday, this is the best news of the day!

  18. canadian ninja says:

    I’m happy for both shows. Dark Matter has been going to some surprising places this season and Killjoys has such a great cast. Very nice to have some new summer fare. After Game of Thrones and Veep end summertime is a wasteland for tv.

  19. PatriciaLee says:


  20. jazzyt2u says:

    Yes!!! Great news. Now I’m just waiting to hear about Queen of the South unless I missed that bit of information.

  21. Mike says:


    Dark matter lost 30% of its viewer average and around 30% of its demo (going from an average of 1 million viewers and .24 to an average of 700k viewers and .17), so far.

    When you’re dealing with shows that hinge on the decimals, don’t round.

  22. Joey Padron says:

    So happy Killjoys got renewed for season 3! Made my day! Can’t wait to watch season 2 finale tomorrow!

  23. Billy meacham says:

    Awesome news!

    Killjoys, dark matter, 12 monkeys, the magicians and z nation are the only current shows I watch on syfy. I’m curious about their new shows van helsing and aftermath.

  24. YES! Two of my favorite shows! I am really loving all the new shows SYFY has started putting out these last 3 or 4 years! Years ago SYFY, back when it was The SciFi Channel, was my favorite network! I watched it all day, because they always had something good on! But in the 2000s it started having wrestling and then reality shows, Ghost Hunters and games shows! And it slowly turned into something I didn’t recognize, something I didn’t want to watch anymore too! But then a few years ago they wised up, and started putting out real scifi shows again! Sanctuary, Haven, Lost Girl and Defiance kind of started it, and now we have all these wonderful shows to choose from! Like these two, and Wynonna Earp, Z Nation, The Expanse,and now the new show coming up Van Helsing! There’s just so much to watch now, I am very happy,lol!

  25. The Watcher says:

    This is good news. Both of these shows are great fun.

  26. Michael Summerset says:

    Not a big surprise. They get them as cheap imports so they’re easy to renew.

  27. Jason Paul says:

    Killjoys is so funny, and the Scooby gang chemistry is off the charts. The stories have been a bit heavy on the mythology this season. Hope they get back to some fun warrants again next season.

  28. Diane says:

    I really am happy they were renewed. I love Killjoys. Aaron Ashmore and Luke McFarlaine make excellent brothers.

  29. John NYC says:


    Great news, both shows are terrific.

  30. Bark Star says:

    This surprises me after Dark Matter was such a big letdown this season. Lets hope they will do better next year.

  31. MOjo says:

    I frickin LOVE Dark Matter!! This is great news! I would love to read more about it on TVline (reviews/recaps/cast news) There’s not much out here on thr interwebs in terms Dark Matter news/updates

  32. Megan says:

    YAY!!!! Both of these shows are fantastic! It’s so great to have real sci-fi shows on my TV again!!

  33. Anne says:

    OH excellent!!!

  34. liame says:

    Yay! Love these shows.

  35. Kiwi3 says:

    Happy happy joy joy!!!!!

  36. Jeannette says:

    Thank u scifi, for a season 3 of killjoy & dark matter, I so enjoy these shows,
    and I never miss an episode.

  37. Dave says:

    I hope they are around for many seasons to come. Seems like a lot of the shows I watch have ended in the last season or two.

    Both of these shows are good with solid cast members. And they don’t use the shows to push some political view like other shows do.

  38. Kurt says:

    For once I discover a show I really liked, binge watch and have its next season to look forward to. Well done.