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Big Brother Streaming Edition Gets Premiere Date, Over the Top Title

The Big Brother house won’t be empty for long.

The new season of the CBS reality franchise/voyeur’s delight, which will air exclusively on CBS All Access, will be titled Big Brother: Over the Top, and debuts Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c, the network announced Thursday. A new crop of houseguests will enter the compound house for ten weeks of scheming and evictions, with host Julie Chen on hand to supervise.

But as we’ve known for a month nowBB: Over the Top won’t air on CBS; it’s only available through CBS All Access, the network’s streaming service. (It’s $5.99/month with ads, or $9.99/month ad-free.) This shift is part of an effort to lure in new subscribers with exclusive content, along with the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery and a spinoff of The Good Wife. But die-hard BB superfans already turn to All Access for the live 24-hour camera feeds from the house. Plus, the regular Big Brother will return to old-school CBS next summer.

The streaming format will give Big Brother fans a new way to connect with the show, executive producer Allison Grodner promises: “Not only will viewers get to see everything play out live, including ceremonies and competitions, the audience will also participate in the show like never before. Each week will offer unprecedented interactive opportunities that have an immediate impact on the game.”

And the best news of all: With the current season of Big Brother wrapping up Sept. 21, fans won’t have to go more than a week without seeing their beloved Chenbot.

Will you sign up for CBS All Access to watch the new season of Big Brother? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. AJ says:

    WILL THIS AIR IN CANADA? We’re getting boned up here with this CBS ALL ACCESS nonsense

  2. kate says:

    I probably won’t pay for anything extra, I know I would get exposed to a lot more, but, if I’m really curious the regular old feeds are 5.99 a month and, well, I have my regular rounds of websites that, for instance, know the entire reason they actually showed the have nots food reveal was that nothing else happened all week.

  3. GuessWhat says:

    no thx!

  4. Katie says:

    Very disappointed that the next installment of big brother is only available through paid access!! You’re not a pay channel for crying out loud. This is one of only a few shows I actually wstch on your below par network as it stands. Boo on you!!

    • Bartleby says:

      Agreed, this is a massive disappointment. Love BB, but not paying extra for a channel I already have.

    • Jules says:

      I agree with you. I already pay for cbs through my satellite service & Im not interested in paying for things 2x. I have watched every season of BB even when they did a spring show during the time of the writer boycott a few years back. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a trend because I guess my BB days will be over.

  5. JCPrime1 says:

    There’s some very small print that the price is being raised a dollar if you attempt to watch it on iPad or iPhone.

  6. Alec says:

    Very disappointed that the next installment of big brother is only available through paid access!! You’re not a pay channel for crying out loud. This is one of only a few shows I actually wstch on your below par network as it stands. Boo on you!! +1

  7. No enough to have to pay for Dish etc.

  8. Wendy L says:

    I pay for cable!! Why do I have to pay for BB? It’s just another way to scan money from people.. I’m on disability and can’t afford to pay more for TV, when I already pay for cable.. This might just make me not watch at all. SAD!!

    • AndrewKarr says:

      It’s a different show, than the conventional Big Brother. And you don’t have to pay for cable. You can just pay for CBS.. or Hulu and you would save money. This BB is not the same as what will be on CBS. So if you want to miss it, then that’s on you.

    • Mary Barry says:

      I am also on a fixed income and cannot affored to pay for ALL ACCESS when I already pay for CBS lots of $$$ through Cable. I will so miss this show – have been watching for years and once again the poor people lose out due to your being greedy. So disappointed.

  9. Wendy Linder says:

    Nope!! Won’t pay for that, when i already pay for cable.. It’s just sad that your making us pay for this.

  10. Lola says:

    Not a chance after this hot mess of a season. This is the second season in a row that I want to pull my hair out. I want my refund for the summer feeds. CBS actually thinks I’ll sign up for more? I’ll put my cash to better use. can’t wait to cancel my subscription.

  11. Z says:

    Why do I feel like these very disappointed “commenters” are only one person?

  12. Sherry seabury says:

    I have been watching big brother for 18 years and I think it’s stupid not televising the new big brother 19. In the past I have even paid for show time to watch the big brother after dark. I’m am completely disappointed in your decision not to put the fall season on

    • AndrewKarr says:

      This isn’t Big Brother 19… Big Brother 19 will air on CBS like usual in the summer. This is a different version of Big Brother just to give BB fans more content.

  13. JACQUELINE says:

    I’d love to but I don’t have the money to and I would love to cause I’ve watched ever season of BB

  14. Connie McCormick says:

    only if we can get it in Canada

  15. bridge says:

    I am very disappointed that it won’t be on regular TV. No I won’t pay for it!

  16. Greg Monroe says:

    I won’t be watching and am getting pretty pissed off about not getting to watch very few of the HOH competitions this year. You take more away from the show and use your own ways to manipulate the outcome. How many times can we get Victor back in the house. I’m sure the others would love more chances.

    • AndrewKarr says:

      Then the others should win comps. The comps that victor won, we saw play out. And with the live feeds, you can watch the HOH comps when they are endurance. This has been the case for years now. It’s a TV show.. it has to make you want to tune into next week. So stop complaining about a TV show being a TV show.

  17. Eleadra Wallace says:

    No. I love Big Brother but I already have to pay for cable and I’m not going to pay an additional $5.99 a month for this. It’s a disservice to your long time fans.

    • AndrewKarr says:

      Long time fans have had to pay for the Live feeds on CBS for years now… its nothing new. This is just a way that CBS is giving us Long time fans of the show, more content and not having to wait a whole year.

  18. Christine West says:

    Yes. I want to Big Brother this fall!

  19. AngryCanukBBFan says:

    I’m a HUGE BB fan & I’d actually pay for it, but you can’t get it in Canada!! I’m so p*ssed that CBS screwed us over! I paid for live feeds every year, until CBS took over from Real Player. I STILL don’t get it! I understand wanting US fans/residents to use CBS All Access, but why not continue to let Real Player get subscriptions from Canadian fans? I mean, they air the freaking show here on Global, & advertise the live feeds. Come on! What about having the live feeds on Global’s website? I’ve lost interest in the US version these last few years that I couldn’t subscribe to live feeds. Now this one? So, you advertise it in Canada, yet we can’t watch it? You suck CBS!

    • AndrewKarr says:

      We in the US can’t get BBCAN. I love BBCAN, but I can’t get it here. So…. stop complaining. I’m glad you can’t get this show and its exclusive to us. Give us BBCAN and maybe we will give you this new Big Brother online show :)

      • Stella says:

        There’s a big difference AndrewKarr. You can’t see BBCan because no U.S. stations carry the program. We CAN see BBUS because it airs on a Canadian TV station. And they advertise on that Canadian TV station that we should subscribe to All Access. But when we try we are told it’s off limits to Canadians. That’s the big difference. We both don’t have access to BBUK because our channels don’t carry it. So I believe, AndrewKarr, that we do have a reason to bitch about it.

        • Candy Seager says:

          You can watch BBUK as i have binged watched the last 2 seasons on Youtube From Canada … Cheers I am hoping they will open it up to Canada and allow us to view it and vice versa for the US once they realize how much more money they could make on the feeds from dedicated hardcore fans over here!

  20. Kelly Abourezk says:

    Would love to see it, but cannot afford the monthly payments, sure I’m not the only one….

  21. sunflower says:

    Since I’m not in the us, you better hope it will be up on torrents…..

  22. This is great for us cord cutters that are way ahead of the curve in our thinking. I don’t miss cable. I love the app versions of channels. HBO go, cbs all access. This just is how I watch tv. What I want when I want.😁

  23. Dwyana Quick-Ford says:

    Not fair at all to loyal fans that simply cannot afford this investment. I have at least 10 senior aunts and friends who along with me watch Big Brother religiously.

    Now, due to our economic status some bring retired, we will not be a part of almost 20 years enjoyment.

    This sounds like a move for more money…. you would probably be able to do both, the younger generation does everything on their cells.

    Don’t punish the loyals.

    • AndrewKarr says:

      They aren’t punishing the loyals, they are broadening their fanbase. Plus, CBS has a full schedule and with Football airing in the fall/winter how would they have it on TV? Stop thinking they are out to punish you and people like you. It’s $6, that CBS already has been charging for the live feeds for years. So, instead of playing the victim, accept that CBS is just using their resources to give their fans more content.

    • Diane Reed says:

      You can’t afford $.60 each? At least you have a choice. Not us in Canada

  24. Susan Walker says:

    Of course

  25. RICHARD says:

    Why are you trying to ruin a Great Franchise and Die Hard Fan Base for Big Brother by putting on a paid access Big Brother right after the season 18 finale and then trying to tell us this isn’t season 19 and that next summers will be season 19, so then what is this Big Brother and what the hell does calling it Over The Top supposed to mean ???
    So then are you saying this dosent count as a “REAL season of Big Brother ?????? What is the purpose of this besides STUPIDITY and GREED !!!!!
    A Die Hard Fan of Big Brother since Season “1”.But after hearing this I may not be a fan any longer an d that goes for my friends too and Im sure the true real fans of Big Brother…..

    • AndrewKarr says:

      If you are a true fan… you would understand that Big Brother (production) loves the show, and wants to give us fans more, because we demand it. We in t he US, can’t get BBCan, which sucks, so this is a good thing for us. We true fans already pay for the live feeds, so the price doesn’t change. If you don’t watch big brother anymore because they are giving us a new show to watch only online, than that’s stupidity on your part. You can’t see that they are just giving us something new to keep us entertained. Call it greed, but they aren’t charging more than they already do for the live feeds. So, take your negativity, and go somewhere. But we all know, you’re going to watch it anyways.

  26. Timmah says:

    People don’t get it. There is no room to put the show on the fall TV schedule, and if they produce it for online only, they don’t get the huge broadcast ad revenue so it has to be supported by subscription. Better something than nothing I say. You’re just gonna have to skip one Starbucks a month in order to watch it.

  27. Lori ann Bevan says:

    No nvm not going to bother I will wait until the summer.

  28. glenda ridge says:

    i am so sad i enjoy so much big brother and was excited about the fall season start up only to find i will not be able to watch i cannot afford more for tv. as i am disabled i am crying as i send this how sad. i am very sad what more can i say

  29. glenda ridge says:

    i am so sad i enjoy so much big brother and was excited about the fall season start up only to find i will not be able to watch i cannot afford more for tv. as i am disabled i am crying as i send this how sad. i am very sad what more can i say. i have never left a message here what?

  30. Brian galasso says:

    Watched all 18 seasons. Loved most every second of it. Unfortunately, this is the end for me. $5.99 is too much. In fact, any is too much. I pay for Netflix. There’s no way to justify paying for network tv. It’s a sad state for the networks if this is the future. Good luck to you though. I see big mega million bonuses in some exec’s pockets come christmas. Remember us, unable to afford $5.99, while you vacation, or whatever you might do.

  31. Kathy Vaughn says:

    No. I won’t be watching. We already have to pay for some type of cable service to get the CBS network and now we have to pay extra to get new CBS shows! CBS is not Netflix or HBO…it’s one of the big three networks and they are cheating their fans by saying pay more if you want the new shows.

  32. Lori says:

    Don’t think this is fair some people can’t afford this. This will stop people from wanting to watch bb all together. Just another way to make money.

  33. Kari R McAllister says:

    No because i cant afford it … And i am so mad because i love big brother but not when you have to pay extra for it

  34. No one important says:

    I love big brother but hate that the special season is online only because im not paying just to watch big brother

  35. Kate says:

    Kinda disappointed. I really like to watch Big brother on my TV. Not my little phone 😣

  36. Cockstresss says:

    I cant stand cbs and their schemes. Love a bitch from canada xo

  37. Danielle says:

    I understand the fact that the schedule is full so they can’t air it on TV, but why add the cost? I recently started enjoying the show, so it sucks that it won’t be for free. Some people are struggling to pay for cable itself, so this added cost is very unfortunate. Plus, it isn’t available internationtionally. Disappointed.

  38. lisa says:

    HELLLLL NO, they could of easily made it online only without adding the extra cost. It’s just a scam to get more money. Big brother is my favorite show, same with all of my friends and family. However, I’m no longer going to watch and neither are my friends. Bc they wanna be cheap asses, they are going to lose so many loyal watchers. I bet they’ll regret it when no one watches. So long big brother.

  39. Brett H says:

    If you want to have your shows be CBS All Access exclusives, why not cater to both the die hard fans and casual fans and maybe air the show on CBS proper a few days or a week after they premiere on All Access?

    They could show BB (and the new Star Trek) on, say, Saturday nights when nothing else worth watching is on. This way EVERYONE could have the chance to see these shows. Die hard fans would still sign up for All Access to watch the feeds and see the episodes “live” so I’m sure it wouldn’t cut into much revenue.

  40. Fawn says:

    Nope, just another way to charge for something. I think it will bomb. Everyone I talk with says the same thing. Very disappointing. Many people still think it will be on tv

  41. Laura says:

    no and am so upset I have watched every season. And my family watch it too. Sad that our viewing this show is over . So upset over this but seems greedy TV must trump loss of viewers around world . There are few shows I watch on tv and now there will be even less .

  42. Karin Casey says:

    i m so excited for the new season to begin. hopefully there will not be so many guidelines to follow becuz it is not on tv.

    • Edwin Keep says:

      BB I remember when your rating where down and didn’t think there would be anot her yr.well people came to your rescue .And now you want to jam it down our throats. And on top of that you want us to pay extra .No thanks our cable and satellite bills are high enough . Seems you dont care about viewers . So it be.

  43. Virginia says:

    Won’t be subscribing to this after watching BB18 I’m sick of watching Paulie being so disrespectful to women. I think you should be screening these people more. If someone didn’t step in at the jury house I think it would have gotton physical. His mother should be so proud of the way he turned out.

  44. Terry Sevigny says:

    I would love to watch by over the top, but I cannot pay for more TV. I already pay for Dishnetwork and Xfinity. Since minimum wage has gone up I need to cut back everywhere.

  45. Susan Sehorn says:

    I’m not going to pay to see it

  46. says:

    I’m upset that CBS decided to go access only online . I’ve been a BIG BROTHER super fan I’ve watched all of them even the extra winter one but I will not be going to watch this one . I’m on money restriction and can’t afford it. It is not fair that CBS is so money hungry that they can’t make it so some of us to watch without paying. Think they should make the one with ads free and the one without ads $9.95 let them have the extra. Buts it’s unfair for the rest of us.

  47. Gloria says:

    No I will not pay extra for a local channel that I already have to pay for in my area. I love BB, but will have to unfortunately pass.

  48. Cassie says:

    Can’t get it in Canada but won’t pay extra to see it. We love BB but already pay for cable! If we stick together and don’t pay to watch BB Over The Top they won’t try charging for it again and it will put a stop to other programming going with this format. If we pay, who knows where it will end.