Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Mary Drake's Child Is (Finally) Revealed

As promised, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale delivered a trio of game-changing reveals, including the biggest death in the Freeform drama’s storied history.

Let’s begin with the episode’s major casualty: A pissed-off Noel and a gun-toting Jenna lured the Liars to a school for blind students, igniting a deadly showdown. In the end, though, poor Mr. Kahn and his Big Perfect Eyebrows fell on their own sword — er, their own ax — and cost them their collective lives. (Spencer was also shot, but I don’t think anyone believes that she won’t live to see Season 7B.)

Reveal No. 2 was Alison’s pregnancy, though I saw that one coming from a mile away. What I didn’t see coming, however, was Ali following up that big reveal by throwing herself at Emily — and I’m not mad about it one little bit. (Paige and I clearly don’t see eye-to-eye on this issue.)

And then there was the long-awaited reveal of Mary Drake’s secret baby: Spencer! Mary dropped the big news herself as she cradled her bleeding child in her arms. (Hush little baby, indeed.)

Elsewhere in the hour…

* Not only did Nicole turn out to be one of the hostages rescued in Colombia, but Aria was forced to watch her romantic reunion with Ezra on the news. (That said, no one forced Aria to rewind the TV and play it again. That was all on her.)

* Caleb tore into Hanna for irresponsibly lying to the group, but their lovers’ spat quickly turned into a fireside bone sesh.

* Despite going on a date with Marco, Spencer’s heart still belongs to Toby. She even asked him for one last kiss on his way out of town — and what a kiss it was. I could actually feel my heart breaking as Toby deleted that romantic text, though I probably should have saved my emotions for his episode-ending car crash with Yvonne. (Rosewood Hospital’s going to be crawling with attractive Liars this April.)

Your thoughts on the PLL finale’s death and reveals? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your reactions.

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  1. Jessica Valure says:

    That ending I was so frustrated I don’t even know who well Noel died but is he the death or is it Spencer or Toby. I really hoping Noel is the one who they were talking about but I don’t know
    I really hope Spencer and Toby will be okay.

  2. Andrew says:

    To be fair to Paige I feel like a lot of her analysis in her rant to Emily was pretty spot on. Not that I’m complaining – I really missed morally dubious Ali!

  3. Matt C. says:

    They definitely made sure their last “summer finale” ever was also their craziest! I totally saw Ali’s pregnancy reveal and the Spencer reveal coming, but Nicole being alive and the car crash at the end had me gasping out loud! Yvonne is so dead, and the series will end with Spencer and Toby moving into that house he built for her. Also, Haleb forever, indeed!

  4. Shannon says:

    Noel’s head rolling down the stairs…I about died (!!) laughing.

  5. Stacy says:

    Could Mrs. Hastings be AD???

  6. Rachel says:

    Ali’s pregnant….with Emily’s missing eggs! 😱 Lol

    • lauri5567 says:

      I totally wondered about that. Archer could totally done that while he had Ali drugged up.

    • Desiree says:

      So even though a lot of crazy stuff happened, the only truly surprising thing was Noel being freaking decapitated. Ali being the pregnant liar and Spencer being Mary’s daughter were the obvious choices…

      So it’s probably a red herring (like 99.9% of everything else in this darn show) but is anyone else getting creeped out by Paige and her somewhat stalkerific tendencies? Especially calling Emily ‘my girlfriend’ after being back in town for about five minutes and knowing that she is currently seeing someone…and the camera angle they used when she was on the phone with Emily…it felt like she was sitting across from someone that we never got to see…again, it’s probably just a red herring, but it feels like we’re supposed to suspect Paige in the AD mystery…not sure what a logical motive would be, but hey, PLL writers have never let little bothers like logic stop them before…

      I do wonder if Ali was impregnated with Emily’s eggs. After all, she did say that they were careful…but again, I’m not sure what the motivation would be there…at some point the egg thing has to come back into play…right? It wouldn’t be like this show to leave us with loose ends /s

  7. Kara says:

    I’m sorry it Allison throwing herself at Emily isn’t fair. She’s not into Emily. She is alone, pregnant, and isn’t really in love with Emily the way Emily wants or needs. I mean you are telling me after ALL this time she loves Em. No..I don’t buy it. It’s pandering to the Emison fans. Not that I’m a big Paige fan, but That’s more believable than Alison.

  8. Mary says:

    AD = Mona, that is all.

  9. Kevin K says:

    One of the best mid-season finales of PLL in recent memory. Can’t wait until April 2017 for the final 10 episodes of the series and how will it all end.

  10. Rebecca Peace says:

    Mark my words….Toby is dead. I believe it was a fatal crash and I have an inkling that Mrs Hastings is A or her husband is. But Toby is deceased and the only reason I know this is I was looking at IMDB and his character was the only one of the main characters that will not appear in 2017 in PLL. Everyone else said 2010-2017… clearly and unfortunately he’s not coming back. Maybe Spencer is AD, after all she is Charlotte’s sister AND she’s smart enough to have a figured that out a long time ago.

    • Cas says:

      Except AD kidnapped Jenna at the end and Spencer was shot? And I hope you are wrong about Toby because I don’t believe IMDB is always accurate.

      • Plllover says:

        Besides…I don’t think the writers are that stupid to have Toby go out in a car crash, his fiancé, maybe. Otherwise they could have just let him leave town. A car crash just for effect would just be a poor ending for his story. Seriously, unless he jumps in front of a bullet for Spencer’s sake, (which he should have done if he were leaving)it would just be a wasteful ending to his story. As inconsistent as season 7 has been, I don’t believe Marlene would allow that.

        • Han says:

          Or…. Spencer was shot in the chest and she requires a heart transplantation, Toby car crash was fatal and Spence will get his heart. That wouldn’t be a wasteful ending to his story.

    • Hannah says:

      I am very upset by this but it’s probably true

    • Plllover says:

      It’s too early for that. Guest stars don’t have to be added on imdb right away. He’s never been a series regular. I don’t believe he’s dead but we’ll see. Also, not that it makes a difference but according to the SAG, in order for him to be considered for any awards like an emmy as a guest star he can only star in half the episodes, Keegan averages about every other episode. They likely haven’t filmed the final 3 episodes just yet so there is still room for Cavanaugh.

    • Cassie O. says:

      I’ve been to several actor panels at conventions and a lot of them say you can’t always trust IMDB. I’m hoping that the writers have more respect for Toby than to let him die in a car crash.

  11. Christy says:

    That was COMPLETELY BONKERS. Every time I think they’ve out crazied themselves with craziest thing, they do something that surprises me. I can’t wait for the last 10 episodes.

    Now to avoid any and all casting information…easier said than done.

  12. Snafu says:

    Jesus, this show is as fubar with them being adults as it was before. Even as a lesbian teen I wouldn’t have been rooting for Emison. This is already offending enough that everyone and their mothers is kissing and boning but hey, let’s have Emily hugging the random gf. She had more physical contact in one scene with Sarah (unpopular opinion but I liked Dre) last season than with her supposed gf this one, despite being an adult. All that to end on an Emison note? Oh,please, give me a break. Alison has been all about guys when she could have pursued Emily but suddenly she goes to the lesbian because her psycho bf, sorry husband, whom she married very happily before she knew, tortured her? Can you notice the stinking smell of trope?

    Regarding the reveals, it’s so predictable and idiotic that it doesn’t even deserve a deeper comment. This season had an interesting start but as usual, as the season goes on, it ends up being full of facepalm-worthy and eyeroll-inducing developments (with some great lines and rare gems in the middle, I have to give them that)

  13. Stacey says:

    Everything was kind of obvious. I thought Spencer was her child as soon as we found out about it. Especially since Mr. H hooked up with Jessica in the past resulting in Jason. We all called Ali’s pregnancy, though I still think Archer used Emily’s eggs. Noel dying was pretty apparent too. Hope Toby is okay. I loved the Mona scenes, still love her and Hanna’s friendship. Happy for the Emison fans, and yay for Haleb! All that is left is finding out who is A.D.

  14. "A" says:

    If Aria ends up with Jason she’ll be Alison’s sister in law as well as Spencer’s cousin in law right ?

    • exs113030 says:

      Well it depends….it’s very possible that Spencer’s dad is still her dad meaning she is Jason’s sister AND cousin. Making his future wife her sister-in-law.

  15. Nicole Young says:

    Please let Spencer and Toby be ok 😢😢😢😢!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nicole Young says:

    Please let Spencer and Toby be ok

  17. MattySi says:

    So spencer and Charlotte are, er, were sisters. Will we find out if half or full? These families are so messed up!

    • Britt/Brat says:

      So true. How is it that no one knows who was or wasn’t pregnant in this town? Don’t the parents have friends or other family members. These families need Maury.

  18. Ronnie says:

    Now that Nicole is alive, that means Aria can be with Jason.

  19. lauri5567 says:

    Spencer is Jason’s half sister & cousin. Ooh-kay.
    We still don’t know (or really care) who killed Charlotte, though I guess Noel & Jenna were working with her (and possibly Mona) the whole time.
    Even if Toby dies, he made it a lot longer than in the books.
    I won’t be surprised if black hoodie turns out to be Mona or Noel assuming that someone else died while wearing a Noel mask.
    None of this has ever tied back to the NIT club or the Melissa/Jason age group as was alluded to in the doll house, IIRC.
    Also, when buildings are abandoned in Rosewood, why do people never clean them out?

    • lauri5567 says:

      Adding: Caleb was originally on Jenna’s payroll. Could he still be?

    • Plllover says:

      I think Veronica Hastings killed Charlotte. Think about it, Charlotte finds out Spencer is her sister and threatens Veronica that she knows and that Spencer was adopted and that she’ll tell her. Veronica, not wanting the secret to get out AND she’s running for office, murders poor defenseless Charlotte. Lol

  20. Gregory Cook says:

    I saw Ali’s pregnancy coming, but does anybody else think that AD impregnated her using Emily’s fertilized eggs? Wouldn’t that explain the final scene from earlier in the season where she was being wheeled into a white light?

  21. S says:

    Can AD be Melissa? :):):)

    • AD says:

      No, not likely. Marlene already said that the actor’s commitment to Chicago Med will probably prevent her from returning to the show.

  22. Sara says:

    How was Noel’s death in the show’s history? Once again….they promise a major character gets killed and it ends up being a supporting character. You know…once this show ends we won’t have to listen to Ms. King’s pretty little lies.

  23. "A" says:

    Want to bet A.D. ran the school for the blind.

  24. LMB says:

    Did anyone realize how shady Ezra phone chat with Aria was?

    • Ines says:

      I was thinking the same. I bet he already knew that Nicole was one of the hostages, and maybe he couldn’t tell Aria it himself so he wanted her to be at the apartment and see it on tv?

  25. sarah j says:

    I predicted the pregnancy, the death and Mary’s baby!
    I am sure Yvonne is dead and I do really like Marco but Toby and Spencer will get back together.
    Happy for Haleb! I think they will be the wedding we are promised.
    I really like Ezira and love the proposal but Nicole being alive is the end of Ezira. That does free up Aria to be with Jason!

  26. Britt says:

    Why was Noel after them? We still don’t know. Why was Mary Drake there at all? If she was there the whole time why didn’t she stop Jenna from shooting her daughter in the first place?
    Of course Ezra kissed what’s her name as far as she knows they are still engaged. Aria should bow out gracefully from that relationship.

    I don’t know why but I think AD is Charlotte and she faked her own death. Or it’s Lucas. With these realistic masks who knows.

    Haleb forever!

  27. Well, at least Spencer gets to the hospital and Aria still has her ring, so maybe things won’t be that bad. Plus, it was said that SOMEONE will die by the end of this episode – Noel took care of that. Can we assume then that Spencer and Toby will be both safe?

  28. phoebe says:


  29. Andrew Hass says:

    That was a great episode and set things in motion for the final episodes.I’m sure Toby will be okay but maybe his car crash wasn’t an accident.

  30. Q says:

    Spencer gets Yvonne’s heart in a transplant so that Toby can have both of ladies at the same time and without feeling like he’s cheating on one with the other. Best of both (creepy) worlds, people.

    Ali and Emily become PTA moms to the twins that Ali’s probably carrying and settle down in weird Ravenwood where they start a business baking hash brownies to pay for the little ones’ private preschool.

    Aria realizes Ezra’s going to stay with hostage chick Nicole so she runs away with Jesus Jason and they join a commune and see who can grow their hair longer.

    Mona takes her skills as “A” (and maybe “AD”) and becomes a corporate billionaire by running numerous Ponzi schemes. She hires Jenna as her body guard. Have cane, or gun, will travel.

    Hanna becomes a Navy Seal after realizing she’s really good at kicking ass and taking names.

    Caleb goes on the run with Edward Snowden after hacking one too many sites.

    Mary Drake becomes head of the mob in Rosewood and starts shaking people down for the thrill of it.

    Lucas loses all of his millions by investing in bad deals, and starts over as the assistant bartender/exotic dancer at Ashley Marin’s Radley Hotel.

    Relax…..just having fun here….though it will be bittersweet to see this show end next year.

  31. I love pretty little lairs

  32. Alexandra says:

    Tbh the most shocking thing was Nicole being alive and Ezra lying to Aria. That was sooo messed up. And also Toby and Yvonne getting into that car crash. I know it’s probably gonna end in Toby confessing his love to Spencer but I genuinely think him and Yvonne made a really good couple and him and Spencer were good at being friendly exes. Not everyone you date in high school is your soulmate. The Emison development is absolutely ridiculous. Ali is obviously hurting and Emily is getting sucked back into their old habits. She technically has three girls fawning over her right now. And the Spencer is Mary’s kid thing honestly just kinda ruined the episode for me. I think it’s so unnecessary and it added dumb tension to an otherwise alright episode. I rolled my eyes BIG time when I found out.

    • AD says:

      I really don’t think he lied, given he knew the news crew would cover the event anyway. I think she was not one of the initial survivors, but after he talked to Aria another group of survivors was found.

  33. sarah says:

    How did noel escape when mona was suppose to be supervising him? That never got questioned by Hannah for the rest of the episode from what I can remember. I think she has been involved the entire time.