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Fosters Boss on Finale's 'Life-Changing' Cliffhanger, Stef/Lena's Future, More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s The Fosters finale

Not one, not two, but three of the Fosters kids found their lives hanging in the balance during Monday’s summer finale.

The eventful season ender took a perilous turn when Mariana decided to mix Jesus’ ADHD medicine with alcohol after learning boyfriend Mat may be going to school in Boston. Not in her right mind, the teen thought she saw her ex, Nick, coming after her and ran off. In reality, he was under house arrest, but broke his anklet when he learned she was in danger. Jesus mistakenly assumed the worst and got into a fight with Nick, who landed a strong punch, knocking the other boy out. Considering Jesus is at risk for seizures, the future ain’t looking good for him.

Meanwhile, Callie found herself riding in a car with a possible murderer and Brandon got busted for taking someone else’s SATs (bye-bye, Juilliard!). But on the bright side, moms Lena and Stef aren’t splitting up, misleading promos be damned, executive producer Peter Paige reassures TVLine below.

The EP also talks about Jesus’ potentially “life-changing” future, several couples’ romantic outlooks and the time the writers considered killing off a Foster.

TVLINE | So many of the kids were put in jeopardy in this finale, I almost don’t know where to begin. Which situation is most dire?
The Fosters RecapThey’re very dire in different ways. Callie’s in a car with someone we really, really don’t want her in a car with. But Callie is smart and resourceful, and she’s going to have to figure something out. Mariana is a mess. Jude is in a full-on rebellion. Brandon has had his heart and dreams ripped out of his little hands. And I, personally, think the person in the most danger is Jesus, who had this traumatic head injury a few episodes ago and finds himself re-traumatized in what could be a really, profoundly life-changing way.

TVLINE | The show hasn’t explored yet the very awful, difficult subject matter of what it’s like to lose a child. Is that something you’ve considered doing?
It is something we talked about. When Jake [T. Austin, who previously played Jesus] left the show, that was a possibility. We talked about whether we should kill Jesus. But the truth is I don’t know if any of us can bear to watch that show. The show is hard and challenging and sad, but there’s also a lot of joy and happiness and humor woven through it. When you get to something that heavy, it really can overwhelm everything else. I don’t know how, for 10 full episodes, you just watch — particularly our mothers — grieving something that awful.

TVLINE | Mariana has been through struggle after struggle this season. Why put her through so much turmoil?
Mariana, to me, comes very, very organically. It’s who she is. She is an extreme overachiever, who has framed this year of her life, her junior year of high school, as the year that’s going to set the direction for everything else she’s able to accomplish in her life. It’s a very real problem. It’s very relatable to kids in school. That kind of pressure is there, and if you let it take hold of you, it’s going to cloud your ability to make sound decisions. That’s what happened with her. She’s way overwhelmed. She’s got way too many activities and way too much schoolwork. When something comes to a head — like robotics, where she finds herself consumed by something — what she’s going to do to dig herself out is really upsetting and questionable. She knows those pills are in the house. She knows one of them will keep her awake for enough hours to get that paper done. And then what about tomorrow? That’s the problem – there’s always tomorrow. There’s always more work. Once you start making those judgment calls, you can put yourself in a pretty bad position.

The Fosters RecapTVLINE | Who has more of a shot of surviving, relationship-wise: Callie and AJ, or Mariana and Mat?
Everybody has a shot of surviving. They’re great kids and great couples. What we try to do is explore the challenges of being in a relationship, as well as the fun. Sometimes, especially in young relationships, the challenges can be pretty overwhelming.

TVLINE | Is Brandon officially broken up with his girlfriend?
There will be clarification about that in the [Season] 4B premiere.

TVLINE | Brandon lost out on his chance to go to Juilliard because he took the SATs for someone else. Is he taking this to heart as a sign that he needs to make better decisions?
Yes. Brandon and Mariana are the two characters at the end of the season who are really aware of the choices they’ve made and the consequences they’re paying because of those choices. They’re the two who are really having to look at what they’ve done. I’m not sure everybody else is in that same place just yet.

TVLINE | The promo for last week’s episode touting Lena and Stef’s divorce, which was just their way of keeping the house, gave fans a scare. Can you reassure everyone they’re in a good place?
The Fosters RecapThey are two women who are deeply, profoundly in love. There are challenges, like there are in any relationship, that are never going to go away. Stef is always going to be impulsive. That is the nature of who she is. She is quick to react and quick to act. Lena, on the other hand, is considerate. That is who she is by definition. She is thoughtful. And that’s going to be a constant struggle for them. I talk to my friends about their relationships, and they’re like, “Ugh, it’s this,” and I’m like, “You mean it’s the same thing we’ve been talking about for 10 years? Yeah, it is. That’s what you signed up for. That’s what you chose. It can still bother you, but don’t act surprised.” That’s what I feel about Lena and Stef. They have their challenges, but I wouldn’t worry a whole, whole lot that they’re going to break up.

Fosters fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Brianna says:

    OMG like the ending of have the season for the fosters was awesome and very intense and Jesus being the overprotective bro he is for Mariana is so cute but it’s not necessarily nicks fault and Jesus fault I can’t wait for the other half of season 4

  2. Delayna says:

    I love the fosters so much I just want to see them at a happy point there’s been so much drama don’t get me wrong I love drama in a show and that’s what makes the show 👌🏽 I just miss them being young ! I hope you guys continue this show for a very long time I love all of the actors and actresses on this show it’s amazing ! You guys keep doing what your doing ! This is a great show :) #teamfosters

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Jesus better be okay, period.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else notice Callie’s accent slipping when she was onstage with the band?

  5. ToyCannon says:

    Was this the season finale or the mid-season finale?

  6. Dy'esha says:

    Omg I just wish it longer.

  7. We luv it lots still watch their my favorite show movies always everyday ♡♡♡♡♡with all my hearts and souls always god bless always disabilities ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  8. Betty Basey says:


  9. I have to agree with Peter about not wanting to watch Stef and Lena deal with the grief of a child. Even though that happens IRL that is not this show. I hope the writers/producers stick to that stance. I am enjoying Mariana’s storyline even though it’s pretty sad, it’s very relatable to a lot of teens these days and I think it’s important to address the issue of taking pills recreationally. Great episode!!

    • Anna says:

      But they dealt with child loss and grief wheb Lena lost the baby she was carrying! Saying that doesn’t count, discredits all the women who have had to deal with stillbirths and miscarriages.

      • Andrew Hass says:

        Losing an unborn baby is tragic but losing a child you watched grow up and loved is quite another thing.However i don’t think the show is going to have Jesus die but i have a bad feeling that his health is going to get worse and he might have a long recovery ahead of him.

    • Christy says:

      Same. I can’t deal with the one-twin-dying on TV, so that would be it for me watching. And I really really don’t want to stop watching!

  10. annon says:

    I liked how Brandon storyline was handled…its a lesson taught..will he learn from it?
    Marianna, Jude, are all going through stages where you have adversities and its challenging.
    Stef and Lena relationship is so true and this is what marriage is all about…ups and downs..

  11. Tammy says:

    What a hanger!!! I can’t wait for the next season. It ain’t gonna come quick enough.

  12. Dwight says:

    I sure hope Jesus is ok!!! When does the next season start?

  13. Brittany says:

    I really am obsessed with this show please hurry up with next season

  14. Sharon Evans says:

    I watch the show with my teenage granddaughter. I think it tells her a good story of what could happen and what does happen, we really enjoy The show.

  15. Shannon says:

    When will the fosters season 5 or 4b begin?

  16. Lisa oconnor says:

    Love the show can’t say the same for the cliffhanger bring back the show next week and I’ll be fine …. the writers of this show are amazing trust they know where to bring the show

  17. Mikayla says:

    I hate that they ended it like that!!!

  18. Jessica says:

    I love this show it has a little bit of everything in it it’s very interesting and it’s not fake these are true life stories of today I am excited to watch it every single time it is aired every episode is exciting to watch some people don’t like that there’s Cliffhangers, I do, because it keeps me interested what’s going to happen to Jesus? What’s going to happen to Mariana what’s going to happen to Callie I am genuinely worried about them and I am genuinely excited to see what this story is going to bring. So when the new season comes I’m excited to be able to see the outcome of the Situation’s from the season finale. I hate waiting because I am so into the show that I just want to know what happens next week but I like that sometimes we have to wait it gives me something to look forward to. I hope that nobody is killed off the show I like the characters I like the people playing the characters it’s all a great show and I can watch this with my kids I can watch this with anyone.

  19. Edenes says:

    It was freaking insane new season needs to come quicker!!!

  20. Tammy says:

    Please let Steph and Lena work things out and Jesus be ok!!!

  21. I love watching the fosters it has been we good show

  22. Andrew Hass says:

    I think we all knew Jesus injuring his head earlier in the season meant something and having Jesus have a medical issue which he needs to recover from could be very interesting.For example maybe Jesus becomes temporary blind.Plus i also like that the show left so much up in the air for most of the characters

  23. Samanthia johnston says:

    I love the show, but i think Brandon should commit suicide it would be the most that would startle and upset the show the most.his mom,dad,lena and dont forget callie…would be devastated

  24. Andre C says:

    I thought the ending was a shocker. It was surely not expected but all that stuff did need to happen. Even though I’m still pissed at Marianna for not being there for Nick at all only being concerned about herself he galliantly broke probation to help her. He was never going to hurt her and it was all in her head. She played mind games with him and she got a dose of it herself. I’m sorry Jesus deserved to be punched. He rushed in without thinking and that has consequences.

    • Lynne says:

      She didn’t know it was all in her head. That’s what paranoia does. You don’t know if what you’re seeing is real or not. She’s been taking Jesus’ pills for a while now and added alcohol to it this time, that’s a horrible combination. She knew he was out for the weekend so there was a chance that he would come for her, ankle monitor or not, he could come for her if he really wanted to. Which he did, true, he thought she was in danger but she thought HE was the danger. And Jesus saw his sister with the guy that previously held a gun on her and reacted how I hope my brother would if it was me: rush in to protect her from who he thought was dangerous to her.

      • Andre C says:

        so I understand that but I’m an older brother I normally do what nick did I try to talk to the person before throwing the first punch. Jesus never did that. He assumed and got knocked out. I believe he thoroughly deserved that. He has every right to want to protect his sister but rushing in doesn’t justify the cause. I can understand that the drugs and alcohol mixture is a bad combination but she could have been stop the fearing nick part. If she went to go see him more and saw his progress maybe her fear level wouldn’t be so up. That’s why its important to understand mental health and not jump to conclusions like she did and Jesus did. Its a serious subject and if we fear everybody with mental health issues then the world be even more chaotic. I believe I stated she got what was coming for her because she played mind games with nick before they started the relationship as well.

        • koolaid says:

          Dude, seriously, get back with us when your sister has had a gun pointed at her by a boyfriend. You’ll be singing a different tune then, Jesus by all rights did what most sane people would have done. Hell, I would have shot the kid myself, honestly.

    • koolaid says:

      When someone takes a gun into your room and holds it to you and threatens to kill themselves IN YOUR ROOM—- that is not “in your head.” Marianna had every reason to be fearful of Nick, which is a healthy fear to have if you know about the theory of natural selection. Also, she was (stupidly) taking her brother’s pills then downed alcohol with them (do not EVERY mix prescription medicines with alcohol or anything without being fully aware of what it can do to your body- people have died doing that kind of thing).

  25. Patti shaffe says:

    Please continue with the show. Will there be a season 5. And when???? Where can I watch it b Flix?

  26. Star bolt says:

    This show is so much of what reality we as parents go through and as couples it’s an awesome show and it really helps us parents

  27. Nataliyah Paul says:

    I have a question about The Fosters. When are they going back onto tv for Season 4B?

  28. Sarah Nash says:

    I wanted to cry at the end knowing it was about to end.. Is there a date for the season 4B premier yet?

  29. Cazo says:

    All i can say is that Mariana killed it and the Season Finale was amazing. They never fail to disappoint, every single episode is just on point, there not like any other show, they keep it grounded. And that’s the reason why i like this show. They take on Real Life situation’s, they take on Hardships and Problem’s. Can’t wait for the second half that cliffhanger has got me pumped.

  30. Maria Lopez says:

    The fosters is awesome show

  31. NICOLE BELL says:

    I absolutely love The Fosters! The Finale was great and very unexpecting! I don’t think Jesus should be killed off but he might be in comma for a long time. I think he will be the one everyone goes too to talk about there problems. I love this show and I hope it never goes off the air!

  32. Maribeln says:

    It had me shocked every minute! I cried when Brandon got the news about his dream school I hope somehow he is able to go! Overall amazing I can’t wait to watch what is coming next!

  33. Kimm says:

    The episode was good…but oh so much drama! I don’t think I can take much more…lol Good show though!

  34. Mariela Alarco says:

    I can’t wait for the next season to begin. Anybody have any ideas when it will be?

  35. Tina says:

    Please please find a way to get Brandon to Juilliard. I know he messed up but it was his trying to fix it that got him caught. There has to be a way out of that. And please find a way to punish Detective Grey for being such a horrible person, sending an innocent boy to jail. And please don’t kill off Jesus. That would be too much.

  36. Ann says:

    I want to know what is going to happen with Nick because he is not a bad kid, he will never hurt Mariana, he always want to be around her and loves her so much and Mariana just stupid and now look what she made Jesus do and because of that Jesus is not going to be alright and Stef already don’t like Nick now she is going to hate him more.

  37. Ann says:

    Jesus could of just talk to Nick instead of stacking him because he broke the law to see if Mariana was ok.

  38. Jeannine Keenan says:

    I just love this show! My female partner and I raise and support 5 children of our own between us. Every week, I sit after watching this show and say to my partner,” I would swear that Freeform planted cameras in our house to get their ideas for the show.” This show replicates so much of our family’s ups/downs, struggles/accomplishments, job positions, addictions, beliefs, ect. Our one son’s name is also JUDE!!!!!! The similarities between this show and our family are just insane! Love the show, love the cast, love the storyline, and we love Freeform for bringing it to our living room here in Philly Pa every Monday night!

  39. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I was gasping at the end. And, now we have to wait until January? :-(

  40. Mary says:

    I love the show. The finale was a bit overwhelming. How could all of these crises come at the same time?????? Not very realistic. I will eagerly await the next season. When is it?????

  41. Phil says:

    Its truly a great show… so glad to have discovered it a few months ago. Have since watched all the episodes and looking forward to the next season.

  42. Sandy says:

    All I can say is when is Season 4 B starting? I need to know what is happening. Such an upsetting finale. Very intense.

  43. Yvonne kentish says:

    I love the Fosters, I can’t wait to start watching season 4b.

  44. Meme says:

    I really want to see season 5 episode11 nick is not responcible for what happened he was just trying to help mariana though.I really want ro see whats going to happen.

  45. Iyanna Cook says:

    I wish I could at least know what happened to Jesus so I won’t be worrying till the end of January but other than that I loved it the fosters are my favorite please keep it going don’t stop you are great at writing for the fosters keep up the great work

  46. Iyanna Cook says:

    Please don’t say that Jesus is gonna be find 😊👍

  47. Annie says:

    I think jesus is dead. He was hit in his nose where the nail went.