Criminal Minds Gibson Suspended

Criminal Minds Eyes Cast Shake-Up in Wake of Thomas Gibson's Exit

Criminal Minds‘ revolving door will remain active in the weeks following Thomas Gibson’s exit.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the long-running CBS drama is looking to add two new series regulars in the wake of Gibson’s controversial firing, with one of the characters eyed to succeed Hotchner as team leader. Details on the other role are being kept under wraps for now.

Earlier this month, Gibson was let go from Criminal Minds after an on-set dust-up in which he allegedly kicked a producer. In the past, Gibson had been made to attend anger-management classes after reportedly shoving an assistant director. At the time of his recent dismissal, the actor — who is said to be exploring his legal options — said in a statement: “I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last 12 years… I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won’t be possible now.”

Gibson’s ouster — and the impending new additions — come as the series was already in a state of transition following last spring’s departure of original cast member Shemar Moore. Other changes include Adam Rodriguez’s full-time arrival as Alvez, Paget Brewster’s short-term return as Prentiss and Aisha Tyler’s promotion to series regular as Dr. Tara Lewis.

Criminal Minds‘ 12th season bows Wednesday, Sept. 28.

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  1. TV Gord says:

    I don’t watch this show, but I have a general thought about this practice of parachuting someone into a well-established ensemble. Rather than bring someone in to replace Hotchner, why not promote from within the team, and then bring someone new in to fill THAT position on the team. I’ve never seen that done on a show before, and it reflects what often happens in real life.

    • R C says:

      The show’s done. This season won’t be pretty. Enjoy the first couple of shows and watch the re-runs. Why bother with the rest.

      • Joe says:

        That’s what they said about Greys,SVU ,2.5 men etcetc

        • R C says:

          CM is in a lot trouble. They’re facing a major viewer boycott. No Gibson. Lots of new faces. Lots of unhappy viewers. This is not good.

          • Angela says:

            Yeah, and people thought the show was done when they let go of AJ Cook and Paget Brewster in season 6, and then after Brewster left again at the end of season 7. Lots of unhappy viewers claiming they wouldn’t watch anymore during both of those situations, too. And yet…here the show is, about to start its twelfth season.
            The lack of Hotch, especially right on the heels of losing Morgan, will affect the ratings to some degree next season, sure. But the show’s survived multiple cast changes before, and I won’t be surprised if it survives this one, too.
            And if the show does wrap up this season or next? It’ll likely be more due to the fact that the show’s getting up there in years than anything else. This may accelerate the show’s end to some degree, sure, but I think it would’ve been looking at an end date in the next few years or so even if Gibson had stayed on, simply because all shows have to end at some point.

          • R C says:

            People won’t watch burning garbage. Fans feel cheated and they’re angry. You can’t throw in a bunch of new faces, get rid a lot of old ones, and expect people to care. Or, replace Thomas Gibson with some Ricky Schroder retread and hope people won’t notice. That’s what the brain trust over at CM are doing. Expect the backlash to get worse.

          • Angela says:

            @RC: I know fans are angry, but they have no real reason to be in this case, and if they are angry or feel “cheated”, they’re directing those feelings at the wrong people. Gibson brought his firing on himself with his behavior, so they should be mad at him for screwing things up. This isn’t like the aforementioned Cook/Brewster situation, where those women were fired because of blatant sexism. They had legit reason to let Gibson go. I love Hotch, and I’ll miss him, too. He had a special chemistry with the others that will be hard to replicate, for sure. I totally get people being upset he’s gone. But their anger is misplaced in this instance, sorry.
            And once again, they’ve brought in plenty of new people over the years and the show’s managed to survive despite the outcry from fans. Many fans even came to LIKE a lot of the new people who came on board after a while. Just because they’re looking to hire someone to fill Hotch’s role on the team doesn’t mean they think “nobody will notice”. When a character leaves any show, the network/series has to fill that vacancy at some point.
            Also, try not to speak for other fans. I’m a fan and I’ll still be watching next season, because I love the rest of the cast/characters and want to keep supporting them. And I know others who feel the same way. You and other fans are free to make your own choices, of course, but the doomsaying “THIS SHOW IS OVER!” cries are a little premature, I think. Let’s at least try and wait and see how the season pans out ratings-wise and so on first before declaring this show’s time of death.

          • R C says:

            Sorry, no one cares about a kick and a grown man’s hurt feelings. The lawyers might care, but the fans of the show could care less. People throw punches on set all the time and no one gives a damn … but this kick is going to destroy a show? What the heck is going on over at CM!? Too funny. I mean, Virgil Williams threatened to kill a woman on ER, but everyone’s dragging Gibson through the mud over this kick. Really, what’s worse? Right. Keep the guy. Hope he’s worth it. And, keep believing everything’s okay … because, like it or not, the backlash is going to get much, much worse.

          • DL says:

            A boycott over no Gibson? He kicked someone, and he has a history of this. I’m disappointed Hotch will be gone, but Gibson himself is the one responsible for this. Fans shouldn’t take it out on the show, which employs hundreds of hard working people.

          • DL says:

            Sorry, RC, but no it’s never acceptable to kick someone at work, unless you’re an MMA fighter or something. Children get sent to the principal’s office. Why should we excuse a grown man for acting no better than a child? I’m tired of seeing bad behavior excused like it’s no big deal. There’s way too much of this on the internet today. Grow up and accept that people should take responsibility for their actions.

          • R C says:

            So, it’s okay to threaten to kill a woman, like Virgil Williams did? Just want to know where you stand.

          • Angela says:

            @RC: For the record, I’m also in favor of punishing Virgil Williams for any issues he causes on the show, too. If anyone is causing any problems on set, they deserve to be dealt with/let go.

          • Check Your Reality says:

            @RC: You really need to get over Gibson getting the boot. It’s never acceptable to kick someone, and Virgil Williams being a jackhole to a woman over a decade ago was repugnant but has little to no bearing on Gibson getting physical AGAIN with a co-worker. Your ongoing efforts to try to distract from Gibson’s issues are pretty flimsy.

            Hotch was a pretty one-note pony anyway, with an emotional range that ran the gamut from 1 to 1.75. Hire any white guy who can furrow his brow and be dour for 12 years, and they should be good to go.

          • rita says:

            exactly correct taking 2 many of our beloved people out,CM with out Hotchkiss is like NCIS without Gibbs,big deal a kick to the shin grow up and put your big boy pants on and bring him back Moore was 2 stuck on himself time 4 him to go but Hotch is the heart of the show.

          • Emme says:

            Hotch was a pretty one-note pony anyway, with an emotional range that ran the gamut from 1 to 1.75. Hire any white guy who can furrow his brow and be dour for 12 years, and they should be good to go.

            Really? Wow.

            Well, if you want to get technical about it — they’re all one note ponies and replaceable, even (gasp!) Gubler.

          • Check Your Reality says:

            @Emme I don’t know. I’m no Gubler fan-tween, but I think his role has required more nuances than the role of Hotchner.

            in the end, it’s a procedural that’s 12 years old, about a team that deals with nothing but rapists, stalkers, serial killers, etc. No team like that is going to stay intact for 12 years. I don’t think cycling new people in, like SVU has, is a crazy idea.

          • R C says:

            Look, I think it’s great that you agree with everything CM is doing. Nothing wrong with that. I mean most fans are angry, but you (CYReality) seem really positive about what’s happening. New characters are good. Old characters should be replaced. Who cares if Gibson’s gone (he wasn’t very good anyways). It’s just a 12-year-old procedural whose time has come. Really positive stuff. I get it. You’re an idealist and there’s nothing wrong with parroting a message to stay positive. But don’t you think you should have a few independent thoughts of your own? Is that such a bad thing?

          • Emme says:

            I don’t know. I’m no Gubler fan-tween, but I think his role has required more nuances than the role of Hotchner.
            I think you and I will need to agree to disagree on that one. But I’m also of the belief that a character is a product of both the actor and the writer. I’m kind of tired of seeing a poor character and everyone placing the blame at the actor’s feet and no one else’s, as if the actor alone is solely responsible for the way the character has turned out. An actor can act his heart out, but if the writer is writing crap (or there’s executive meddling, etc), it’s not going to be a pretty sight. And most of the most memorable moments that I’ve had about CM have been around dialogue and not specific gestures. I’m going to remember Hotch for his “Hotchalances” and Reid for stuff like “You kick like a 9 year old girl” and “I am calm. And it’s doctor.” Which may be executed by the actors, but where do those words come from? The actors, themselves? Maybe. But a better guess is that it came from the writers. But saying that they are merely one note characters — Mr. Grim Face and Emo Poster Boy, is rather dismissive of the characters, don’t you think? Yes, anyone can sit there are argue each and every one of the characters down to their lowest common denominator, but I do find it rather dismissive and a sweeping generalization.

            BTW, I’m not one of the people running around and saying Gibson should get a free pass or that the show is going to tank just because he’s gone and for no other reason. True, chances are good that I might not watch because the character of Hotch is now gone. Will the show get cancelled? I don’t know, but honestly, I’m really no longer interested in the show’s success or failure. I mean, if goes onto another 8 seasons, great. Just because I’m not watching has nothing to do with anyone else’s watching habits nor should it. And as far as Gibson is concerned, he made his bed, now he gets to lie in it. But going around and saying that Hotch is a one note character and anyone can replace him is pretty much saying “Oh, you like Hotch? Well, your taste in characters sucks.” That’s going to alienate a much wider audience than the group you have been vociferously counterarguing with so far. Believe it or not, there have been quite a few points that you have made so far that I’ve agreed with and I would consider myself a Hotch fan (note, Hotch, not necessarily Gibson — that dude I don’t know from Adam), but when you sit there and say stuff like that, I get the feeling that perhaps we really couldn’t have a decent conversation without it devolving into insults. I find that disappointing.

            I’ll be honest in that I’m not really familiar with SVU. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. Mothership and CI, OTOH, are a different matter, but I’ll focus on the Mothership. What it had going for it as far as cast goes is that they were never straddled with an actor’s sudden departure and having scramble around that. Wolf had more time even with Moriarty’s departure (most of the summer break, IIRC) than CM will have with Gibson’s. Also, cast retention for L&O was a bit better, IMO. The only actor that I can recall not lasting much more than a season was Milena Govich. Even the actress (Jack’s assistant) who ended up dead in a trunk (can’t recall her name, unfortunately) lasted a two and a half to three seasons. (From what I understand, Michael Imperioli’s tenure was always supposed to be a limited run.) What the show had going for it writing wise is that it had an excellent writing team. I can’t really say the same for CM. I can point back to shows even from season 7 that were rather meh and the seasons have been going downhill since then, IMO. Yeah, there have been a few that have been good, but there’s more than a few that have had me sitting there fairly apathetic throughout the entire episode. Even if Gibson, Moore, Brewster, or Patinkin, had stayed, I kind of wonder how much longer it would be on. Except for a few notable episodes per season, it’s getting more tedious for me to watch as time goes on. Even though Mothership was on for twenty years, I never thought that way about that show.

          • Mary Kaywork says:

            You are correct but I think with bringing back Prentiss will help many viewers liked her a lot. I was not going to watch but now that Prentiss will be back I will give it a shot.

          • PageTurner says:

            Gibson may not be perfect but he is much much more than any ‘hire any white guy’ actor (dumb comment much?), and I have been moved many many times over the years by his portrayal of Aaron Hotchner. A few years ago out of curiosity I looked up Virgil Williams and viewed his twitter feeds, etc, and he struck me as extremely immature (aka college football frat immature), a boy’s man. It is no surprise he has a history of bad behaviour too. So …. I am almost positive there are two sides to this story and Virgil Williams should be accountable as well. If Hotchner didn’t have more stories that is not Gibson’s fault; the writers should have had better plot lines that ran more than two or three shows. It is a mistake to fire Gibson. Big mistake. Fire Williams as well or keep them both.

          • Susan Roberts says:

            Totally agree, hope the remaining stars are looking for work because it will never last without Hotch.

          • Karen Allen says:

            I agree 100%

        • Julia says:

          I’ll give you SVU, but people watch Grey’s for the looney plots, not character intelligent character interactions and development, and Two and a Half Men didn’t last that long after Sheen left (he was in 2/3 of the show’s run). Actually even SVU is as much about the plots as the character relationships, more so than Criminal Minds.

          • Marsha says:

            Agreed. SVU’s leading character, Olivia, is still there. She’s the glue that binds. However, its not as good, in my opinion, but it does work. There’s something about Hotch that is the glue that binds.

        • Cassandra says:

          They stayed because Aaron hotchner was still there. I always hoped Emily Prentiss would return,but its to late for that. Its just not the same team.

      • PK says:

        Without Thomas Gibson, the show will be done. He is the show……I am so disappointed. I too will watch only the reruns…….

      • PatriciaLee says:

        The show hasn’t been pretty since the first year, and we bailed after the second. The husband wants to watch it, again, because ‘Delko’ will be on board, so I don’t expect it to tank over this.

      • Carol says:

        Why doesn’t the producer and Gibson make amends and keep him on the show. I agree, it is done without him on it. No replacement will help the shows rating at this time.

      • Carol says:

        I agree- it is done for good. Sorry it has to be this way. Hotch was a main character.

    • padraicjacob says:

      Actually SVU has done that, with Benson taking over for Cragin and the new people come in as the detectives now

    • Dennis says:

      Hitch did that when Gideon left

    • jls1792 says:

      Because that makes sense and is what a lot of fans want, so they can’t do that.

    • Diane Townsend says:

      Because there is no one within the team that can handle being team leader. The obvious one is Morgan but he left last season, Rossi is most senior but he probably wouldn’t want to deal with higher ups, JJ is too inexperienced as a profiler, Reid is too meek, best would be Prentiss but the actress doesn’t want to come back full time. So it does need to be someone outside the unit.

    • AHW says:

      That’s a great idea, which does often happen in the real world.

  2. It´s time for JJ to be team leader.

    • Rob Horine says:

      I agree. AJ Cook can handle the addition to her role. And ask Paget back full time.

    • Diane Townsend says:

      No way JJ is not experienced enough as a profiler to be team leader

      • HH2 says:

        If being a unit chief is solely about profiling then I might agree with you. But half of what Hotch does were actually JJ’s jobs before her character was cut from the show especially her media and law enforcement liaison duties. She’s also had years of experience dealing with other government agencies from when she was shipped off to Pentagon and Afghanistan. Out of all the characters left on the show, JJ is pretty much the only one capable to dealing with the politics that come with the unit chief job. Rossi’s too old now. Reid still has to work on his interpersonal skills and diplomacy. Morgan proved himself a good leader back when he was unit chief for a while but Shemar’s gone and so there goes a potentially good Hotch successor. That being said, I think Emily would be a perfect unit chief if the networks and producers can convince Paget to be back full time.

    • Sue says:

      Some fans feel that she has taken over too much of the show already since her return as a “profiler.” I’m one of them. I’d rather see somebody else in charge.

  3. Cas says:

    Why wouldn’t someone on the team, like Rossi or JJ, lead the team? I think bringing someone new in to lead is dumb. And it doesn’t matter how many series regulars you add I think the show will still feel the absence of Morgan and Hotch.

  4. It would not surprise me if one of those persons was Paget Brewster. Otherwise, it is likely to get very crowded if she sticks around for even more episodes this season, while also adding another new character.

    • Bella says:

      And I really hope Prentiss becomes the team leader. It’s the only thing that makes sense, and that the majority of the fans, I think, would actually enjoy seeing. The character is already leader of another team in London, she has experience, and would fit in seamlessly.

      • Spence says:

        I agree. Really, if Paget doesn’t fill Hotch’s place, I won’t really like whoever else they use to replace him. It makes sense for the writing and for the fans to promote Paget.

        • R C says:

          Don’t think it matters. It’s a band-aid and they have to try something … but they’re going to need someone with a bigger name to make it work.

      • HAP says:

        Exactly. After Grandfathered got canceled, she has been wasting her time on Another Period. Personally feel that she has the gravitas to take over the leadership. But that makes too much sense.

        • canadian ninja says:

          Her career choices lead me to believe she always prefers comedy and while she would be great as the new boss, I’m guessing she mostly comes back to the show for her friends and a few bucks.

        • Kymber says:

          Brewster was on Grandfathered? Didn’t know that, thought she was a comic

      • jk says:

        BJ Rogers eluded on Twitter that Paget may be coming back as a regular or staying longer than expected. #FingersCrossed

  5. I’d like to see Rossi that hunk of man meat step up to the plate and lead the team

  6. Whatevah8 says:

    I’m going to miss Hotch so much. It’s going to be weird without him. That being said, Rossi or JJ should lead the team. I agree with everyone else. Bringing someone new in to be the boss is lame. I have a feeling this will be the last season of this show anyway. Why even bring anyone in?

  7. Mr. Smith says:

    What happened to Esai Morales’ character, SSA Cruz??? Why not tap him to be the team leader?

    • Daya says:

      Being unit leader (or section chief or whatever–I’ve seen few eps since he joined) means that team leader would be a step down. Not to mention I think I recently heard Esai is on another show (or will be in one, come fall.)

      • Mr. Smith says:

        Ah. Didn’t know that about him being on another show. My thinking is that SSA Cruz steps in when Hotchner becomes missing and decides to step into the position, even though it IS a step down. Call it a personal decision to be closer to JJ perhaps. Whatever happens at this point is moot, in my opinion. The show won’t survive without Gibson. I know he did wrong, but this is just a death sentence for the show, especially after Shemar Moore’s departure.

  8. Lauren Law says:

    I think the producers are about to learn that THEY are not as important as THEY think THEY are. No one watches the shows because of the producers. We watch because of the actors. When an actor makes a decision to leave the show, as Shemar did, we all know we’ll miss him but we can let him go and wish him the best. When some unknown group of producers or writers think THEY can make a change and the fans will remain loyal to the show, it shows that they are almost as delusional as the criminals whose stories are shared each week. As addicted as I am to the show, it will not be the same without both Gibson and Moore…and that means I’ll be finding something new to watch. I love the rest of the team…but I feel like I’m having to mourn family here…because grown men can’t handle their differences. It takes two for an argument to happen…I hope the producer’s butt was canned too!

    • AJ says:

      The producer was the guy who was assaulted… He shouldn’t be fired. If you get assaulted at your job and got fired with the idiot who did it, it wouldn’t be fair or right.

      • R C says:

        Oh, Virgil won’t get fired. Impossible (lawsuit). But, don’t worry Lauren, after everything he’s been up to behind closed doors, he’s finished.

        • Check Your Reality says:

          Do you work on the set, or do you just believe what you read on the fan blogs?

          • Kaz Williams says:

            Slightly ironic do you not think that you critisise someone else for apparently “believeing what they read on the fan blogs”, yet we are to believe that Thomas Gibson is some violent thug who has been pushing his way around the set for 12 years…based on media which is being fed by the networks. Yep. There is a reason the networks went all out to try and destroy the character and credibility of TG almost immediately, and now that the tired tale of an innocuous incident 6 years, as a result of a potentially serious safety breech, and a DUI (everyone in Hollywood has one of them), is no longer having the desired effect, the start digging through his family life, and the fact that his car was recalled by Audi. Just one other thing on this – what does it say that alot of followers of the show, knew immediately who the other party was on first hearing about so called altercation, before any name had come out. Because Virgil Williams does not hide his ass holery, but he was never going to be dismissed.

      • John NYC says:

        Unless you such an unrelenting tool you provoked the action. The kick would still be wrong, but only half the on set problem.

      • PageTurner says:

        He was part of this incident and he is responsible for his part in it. We don’t know his side of the story but I would hope he would be accountable as well for his actions. I am not sure he shouldn’t be penalized as well.

    • Simon Jester says:

      “It takes two for an argument to happen…” – Yeah, but it’s the idiot who thinks resorting to physical violence is the way to ‘win’ an argument who is going to get canned. And rightly so.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      I, unfortunately, agree. It takes two for an argument. We simply do not know what the argument was about or how the producer handled him or herself. I fail to see how the “kick” warranted Gibson’s dismissal.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I don’t know what went on, but this was just a tv episode. The guy needed a break, whether he was initially in the right or wrong. The emotional toll must be great on actors who work with such topics. I read an article some years ago where Kirsten Vangsness said she never watched the show because of the intense subject matter, or some such. The point being she could never bear to watch the filmed episodes.

    • PageTurner says:

      Agree. There have been a lot of decisions made that seem to be counter intuitive to the show, the writers, and the actors. ALL involved make this show happen. This incident has two sides. Gibson was suspended. Then all of a sudden he was fired. WHY? The other party should be held accountable as well. As a viewer who really really cares about this show I would take Gibson over Williams any day.

  9. R C says:

    Uh, X-Files anyone? How’d that work? Doesn’t matter what they do, this show is toast.

    • Simon Jester says:

      If memory serves… it declined in quality after Duchovny left, but stayed on the air for two more seasons, was spun off into two feature films (and a TV spin-off), then came back again 15 years later. If that’s your definition of ‘toast’, you need a new dictionary!

      • R C says:

        The X-Files died the first full season without Duchovny (season nine). The funny thing is, they had time to plan for his departure (not the case here). And Duchovny floated around season eight to make the transition smoother. The Lone Gunmen? Whatever. The first film was a modest success (during the height of the show’s popularity), and the second one was a bomb (after the show got cancelled). Yes, the revival is a success … with Duchovny. Don’t think they can make a movie without Gibson, do you? Just make it with Paget etc? Sure. And when the show gets cancelled, a revival would work … with Gibson.

        • X Files has a completely different dynamic than Criminal Minds. The couple chemistry of Scully and Mulder was central to the show. CM is a workplace procedural and bosses can be replaced. We’ve seen it happen on many other procedurals.

        • Mowbray says:

          No one forced Duchovny to leave, though. And the success of The X-Files has always relied on TWO actors. If Anderson had left, the show wouldn’t have survived for long, either. By the way, season 8 (with Duchovny’s greatly reduced role) had very good ratings. Ultimately, it’s the lower quality of writing that led to the show’s cancellation. And the writing was still a problem in this year’s revival and will continue to be if the hypothetical season 11 happens, because Fox is too greedy to care about quality and Carter does not have it in him anymore to write a good story.

  10. Robberey says:

    Oh! That’s just 4 new cast members then, this season. Man, they should cancel it as fast as possible. This ia no Law-and-Order-like show, where you can swap actors and it doesn’t realy matter. This team, was like a family years ago. But that’s long ago. Nobody needs new cast members, leaving after one or two seasons like Jenniver Love Hewitt and Jane Tripplehorn did. Really hope people stop watching this. Sorry not sorry.

  11. KLS says:

    Another show imploding! Be interesting if it makes it to another season. Though it does look like they have money to burn now that an original cast member departs (like NCIS).

  12. K says:

    I wish Alex Blake would come back. She was an awesome grounded character.

  13. sofia says:

    Promote Paget Brewster to series regular again, and make Prentiss the new team leader and Unit Chief.
    There, case solved!

  14. skrable2 says:

    A new home for Stana Katic?

  15. Sharon says:

    I don’t understand why the rest of the cast haven’t rallied around him. Why they haven’t stood up for him. I’m done with the show since he’s been fired.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Perhaps because there’s nothing enjoyable about working with someone with anger management issues.

    • A Goonie says:

      There are several articles on Deadline and Hollywood Reporter that said the cast (and producers and some crew members) were allegedly supporting the writer/producer who was assaulted so that could be a major reason why they have not stood up for Gibson. Or they could be under orders from CBS and ABC not to talk about the incident.

    • jls1792 says:

      There are a few reasons the cast hasn’t said anything/stood up for him:
      1. They don’t agree with what he did. Violence isn’t the way to respond to something. No matter what their feelings are towards Virgil and Thomas, Thomas kicked Virgil, so they probably aren’t going to defend Thomas when he was in the wrong.
      2. They can’t say anything. They could have been told not to say anything by CBS/ABC. They are under contract by these studios and if they say the wrong thing it could mean they are out the door as well.
      3. They simply don’t want to get involved. The cast has received so much hate on Twitter for posting things that fans are taking as shade at Thomas. They’re really in a lose-lose situation. They say something in support of Thomas, people will claim they think it was okay he kicked Virgil. If they don’t say anything, people assume they hate Thomas.

      Even if the cast isn’t siding with Thomas, it doesn’t mean they don’t like him. You can still like someone but not agree with everything they do. Unless the cast directly says their feelings about everything, we may never know. I would like to think the cast has always gotten along and been like the family they say they are. At Paley Fest in 2011, Shemar even said they were like a family and they didn’t always get along but they still loved each other and had each other’s backs. I’d like to think that’s true. Plus, in pictures and interviews the cast has always seemed close. But who knows. Maybe most of them are fine but some people (like Thomas) weren’t as close. Again, I’ve always thought everyone seemed close, but I guess we may never know (unless someone directly says something). We don’t know these people and don’t know what they’re really like. If the cast had problems with Thomas I say kudos for never letting it show. You’d think that tension would show up on screen or behind the scenes, so they must be really good actors to have that amazing chemistry if it wasn’t always real.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Didn’t Jon Cryer shrug and laugh off words he took as coming from a friend? You might have some perception, here.

  16. Natalia says:

    I think they are going to kill Hotch. This show is totally done for me. Not watching again.

  17. Kevin K says:

    If CM gets renewed for a Season 13 it should be a proper “final season”.

  18. Terri says:

    Change can be good I guess. Do you think Shemar is going to return now?

  19. Rossi would be the logical one to be the leader. He’s been with the Unit off and on for forever. Be nice to see someone promoted from the team. Super that Tyler is going to be regular. Prentiss is best as a once in awhile character,. Not sure how well it will do with out Hotch and Morgan.

  20. GraeLeigh says:

    Well if TPTB hadn’t acted the way they did with Paget and AJ well they’d have a natural team leader replacement with Emily. But that won’t happen sadly.

    As for bringing a chief from outside well that might hurt the show even more than last two seasons very poor writing (IMHO).

  21. Hege says:

    I would looove to have Timothy Olyphant come in as the team leader.

  22. Marianne says:

    The fans want Gibson back not new cast members that don’t fit in. You haven’t had one new member with the right chemistry in years. Give the fans what they want for a change which is Hotch

  23. Jimmy says:

    I think Criminal Minds should bring in Forest Whitaker as the new team leader, and have him reprise his character of Sam Cooper from Suspect Behavior. Even though it was cancelled after just 1 season, he was the best actor and character on the show. Plus, his character is already a team leader within the BAU, so in a sense, this is a promotion from within.

  24. Jamie says:

    This will be like when William Petersen left CSI. Yes, it stayed on the air a few more years, mostly because the syndication money from its brand name remained profitable. And the producers can keep their jobs a few more years. And the network will declare it a success, still. But it won’t be the same show, many long time fans will bolt, and it will drop off the TVLine radar and continue on life support till someone pulls the plug…finally. And through it all CBS/ABC studios will strip mine it for all its worth. I give it 2 years, 3 max.

    • Jen says:

      CSI lasted another 6 years after Petersen left, not bad at all.

      CBS didn’t have a choice but to get rid of Gibson, this wasn’t the first time he has been aggressive towards others on the show. Actors can’t physically abuse writers/producers etc. and get away with it. Crew are people too.
      Personally, Gibson is my least favourite of the main cast, he is so wooden. CM is close to the end of its run but that was always the case with or without Gibson. How long it lasts depends a lot on whether or not CBS can make news shows that resonate with people to replace CM.

      Maybe we’ll get more screentime for AJ Cook out of this and that can only be a good thing.

      • lukeS says:

        Are you kidding me?
        AJ and SM are the ones VIEWERS HATE and the reasons for ratings’ drop.

      • Jamie says:

        CSI only ‘lasted’ because of its franchise $$$$, not because it was good. And CBS was waiting for a replacement.
        I’m not a regular viewer of CM, but I associate it mostly with Gibson as the lead, like Petersen on CSI. I just think most viewers will lose interest without the original team, but networks are ok as long as the show remains profitable. Not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s a necessary evil of business, but I’ll move on.

  25. Marie Watson-Brock says:

    I love the show and I’ve been watching from the beginning. Hotchner and Reid are my favorite characters, not to encourage bad behavior but I won’t be watching it this season so sad.

  26. jls1792 says:

    Two characters in addition to the addition of Adam Rodriguez, promoting Aisha Tyler and Paget Brewster recurring is just too much in my opinion. If they do this, it means they’ll have 8 characters on the show, 9 when Prentiss is around. Unless Prentiss won’t appear as much/at all once they get the two new characters.

    The most main characters the show has had is 7, so this will be the most they’ve had. I just think it’ll be too much. People were already complaining about them not balancing the screen time well with 7 characters, how is it going to be better with 9 characters?

    While I can see hiring someone new to take over Hotch’s job as the best option, I think promoting someone from within would be better. It’s going to be weird seeing anyone in that position that isn’t Hotch, but it might be a bit easier if it’s someone we’ve known for 11 years. Or if they really want someone new have Adam’s character take over. Isn’t that character supposed to be a lead on the Fugitive Task Force or something?

    I’ve also seen suggestions of just having Cruz (the section chief) take over Hotch’s position. He wouldn’t need to be in the field which would explain the actor not being around much. Plus, as I’ve seen others suggest, the core of this team has been working together for 10-12 years now, it’s not like they necessarily need someone to be “in charge of them”. So if Cruz took over, he’d give them the assignments and could call to check in and give them information/orders, but the team can take care of things from the field. They’ve all been doing this long enough to know what to do.

    If they were to promote from within the team, I’d want it to be Rossi or Prentiss.

    Rossi has said he doesn’t want to do a leadership role. He seems content just helping and being “second in command” and being the “senior agent” and mentor role. But I could definitely see him taking over temporarily. But I could also see him stepping up if need be. Other than when Morgan took over in season 5, it was usually Rossi who took over when Hotch couldn’t be present. But I suppose too that Rossi taking the job could cause more conflict with Hayden.

    I like Reid, but as he’s pointed out, he’s not an alpha male, and even though he’s developed and grown over the seasons, I’m not sure how well he’d do in this type of position of authority, or if he’d want to do the job. I’d be fine if he got it though as it could be great for even more character development. And after Rossi he should be the next to be offered based on seniority. But I still don’t know if he’d do it.

    And I like JJ, and while I think she could be qualified, I think Rossi and Reid (and Prentiss) are just a bit more qualified for the position. Plus, JJ hasn’t been a profiler for as long, and while she’s gotten to develop over the years like Reid, I just can’t see her in the position. Plus, she saw how much of a toll the job took on Hotch and she saw how much time Hotch had to sacrifice and how much it affected his relationship with Haley and how much he saw Jack. I don’t think JJ would want to sacrifice even more time away from her family than she already has to.

    If Morgan was still around he’d probably take over, but Shemar left.

    I think Prentiss would be a good choice. She has the profiling skills and she has been the leader of her own team with Interpol for quite some time now (about 5-6 years), so she would be qualified to take over as the leader of this team. Paget may not want to come back full time, but they could work around that. It’s not like she’d have to be there ALL the time (heck, even Hotch missed an episode back in season 6).

    So I get why bringing in someone new could be what they thought is the best choice. But again, I think if they wanted someone new Adam’s character (Luke) would probably be fine. Or even just 1 new character would be fine, but 2 seems to be a bit much. I would prefer if someone from within was promoted. Plus, the team wouldn’t have to worry about getting used to someone new being in charge of them and possible tension. Although that could be interesting.

    I’ll still watch the show and give it a chance. I won’t be surprised though if this causes ratings to go down a lot. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

    • Diane Townsend says:

      Jls1792 Agree with pretty much everything here. I think Prentiss was only set to return for 3 or 4 episodes so I doubt that would change & then the new characters would arrive sometime after that

  27. Tom Hunter says:

    MAYBE they shouldn’t have killed off Patinkin’s character offscreen. With Gibson gone, Mandy may have been willing to return. The feud between he and Gibson started back on their CHICAGO HOPE days. Patinkin’s character was so strong on CM, I would like to have seen him return.

    • Angela says:

      If Gideon were still alive, that still would never happen because Patinkin himself has made it abundantly clear ever since he left the show that he has no desire to come back to CM. He’s badmouthed the show and mocked the fans, and hates the violence of the show.

  28. Angela says:

    I got scared for a moment reading the headline to this article-thought we’d hear about someone else leaving! Breathing a sigh of relief that’s not the case. *Knocks on wood*
    As for the article itself, while I’m with others in preferring seeing someone on the team take over Hotch’s job, at the same time, I can understand in some ways why the show’s looking for someone new, too. Sure, Rossi could take the job, but he’s also not that far off from retirement age, so that could be an issue for the higher ups. Emily would be PERFECT, but the only way she’d have a chance is if the show convinced Paget Brewster to return full-time, and who knows if that would happen.
    JJ would be good, too, but while she’s worked with the team since the start, she hasn’t been an official profiler for very long-she only started doing that in season 7. So I don’t know if that would affect her chances. Tara and Rodriguez’ character are too new. Reid would be a very intriguing choice, but would he want the job, I wonder.
    So looking at it that way, it makes sense they may look elsewhere as a result. I’ll be interested to see who they do wind up hiring for that job…and I’m also very curious about the other character, too. Hm.

  29. Thomas Gibson is the best!
    To replace it will be necessary two NEW personages.
    Criminal Minds will have to change team to the crowd.

  30. Tip for CBS and ABC
    Replace some writers to improve the stories in #CriminalMinds!
    Audience remained, thanks to the cast and crew.

  31. We will continue to stand up for Thomas Gibson #NoHotchNoWatch #WeSupportThomasGibson #ThomasGibsonDeservesBetter #WeLoveThomasGibson

  32. Ronda says:

    You might as well end the show now, it’s done.

  33. Gigi says:

    Stana Katic please

  34. l.mm says:

    Cminds is my favorite show Morgan,now hotchner he is the glue reruns only.

  35. They just need to pay Paget like one of the boys which they should’ve been doing with all of the women on that show and make Prentiss the new boss.

  36. John says:

    Just cancel the show .It will not be the same without GIBSON.Moore is gone,Bruster left

  37. Loressa Hayes says:

    You can’t just change up and take out the whole Criminal Minds family!!! That is what has made the show and kept it on air for so long!!! Princess is awesome, but she’s part of the family so her return will be victorious!!! As far as Adam Rodriguez he is a good actor but he will not fit into the Criminal Minds family!!! These changes will not only decrease in viewers but damage the whole show to where it will no longer be on air!!!!

  38. mer says:

    I think it would be perfect timing to bring back Morgan as the replacement for Hotchner

  39. phillymd says:

    What idiots the producers and networks are. There are many accounts from various sources that say the producer was the aggressor and Gibson was defending himself; and the so-called kick was a mere brush. But why fire him? Two spats in 6 years is not violent behavior. This entire episode is media driven to support a negative impression of a man who has given this show 12 years of his life. How many arguments have you gotten into with your family members in the last 12 years?

    This is so sad and devastating, it hurts. To get this kind of treatment from people you’ve spent all this time with and supported, has to be a major betrayal. I’m not absolving Gibson of the minor kick and shove, but both incidents had reasons: one being a safety issue in 2010; the other, the producer rushed him. Wouldn’t most of you defend yourselves if someone is barreling at you. Or yell at the idiot who almost got you hit? Thomas Gibson did not deserve this, and what’s happening to him is sordid and unfair.

    I believe it’s because of CBS’ and the producers desire to retool the show and get some more “diversity” because CBS was besieged with criticism because of its lack of it during the TCA’s. Thomas happens to be the sacrificial lamb. Yes, he helped by giving them the opportunity, no matter how minor the infraction. CBS, ABC and producers blew it up as a means to an end. The get Thomas out and bring in a more diverse crew, with a minority as co-lead. If they need two people it’s because they will not let the minority carry the lead of the show alone.

    My heartburn is why? And Why now? I love Thomas Gibson and his character, Hotch. I’m heartbroken over what they’re doing to him and to my favorite show. I cannot believe I’ve been loyal to this bunch of cowards and clowns for the last 12 seasons. It will be easy for me to walk away. These people have no souls or scruples. Thomas is not the only one who’s been betrayed. The fans have to endure the betrayal with him and watch as they bastardize the show into something we no longer recognize. This whole thing was manufactured. Thomas served his two-week punishment only to experience double jeopardy with the firing. They said he had three strikes in 5 years. The first infraction occurred nearly 6 years ago. The DUI they counted against him was a personal matter and occurred away from the job. Both Shemar Moore and Michael Weatherly both had DUI’s. This whole matter has been contrived by the networks and producers in order to revamp a show that many of us loved and were dedicated to. This whole matter has been so obscene and I feel so bad for Thomas Gibson. He’s had to endure all this negative scrutiny; been called violent and attacked for keeping his marriage a secret all in the networks’ and producers’ attempt to paint this man as somehow not worthy and deserving of the unfairness and degradation being heaped on him. HE IS NOT! The cruelty of it all is unbelievable. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Thomas has given Criminal Minds and the fans his life, he deserves better.

    • Lisa says:

      Totally agree! And don’t forget the fact that Virgil Williams has stated a numerous times that he loves to write episodes where they kill and rape beautiful women because it’s “hot” and that he also has been extremely sexist to both A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster. But no he is still on and they fire the one who keeps the team together. He deserved that kick.

      • Slade says:

        Well someone better tell AJ and Paget that Williams is sexist to them because they probably arent aware of it. They both are chummy with him. Vangsness also recently tweeted that he is rad which had Gibson’s supporters all riled up on Twitter.

    • PageTurner says:

      Agree – thank you!

  40. Ralph says:

    Good another show I won’t watch.

  41. Ralph says:

    “Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!” Is that a ten year old monitoring the comments?

  42. roberta says:

    i know a lot of people ot be watching criminal minds anymore

  43. donna belloma says:

    The will not past this season Thomas Gibson departure for something that could have been resolved is ridiculous. Then Shemar gone what’s left… Irony think I will not be watching this season.

  44. Criminal Minds is over. Buh-bye ratings…

  45. Will never be the same. They cant replace him.. its over! what he has with original cast cant be replicated!! Im never wrong about this. They go down every time!!! Bring back HOTCh…

  46. BJ says:

    Prentiss should take over and be team leader. Paget Brewster should be offer series regular again, its time for a woman as team leader

  47. allyson says:

    Big mistake keeping Aisha Tyler I do not think she is a good fit and don’t like her character. What a shame she’s is being kept on.

  48. Bonnie Morales says:

    It’s bad enough you fired him please do not make him leave by suicide. Have him go out with honor and dignity one in which his son can hold his head up high and be proud you owe him that. I have watched from day 1 and have all seasons except the last one.

  49. I’ve watched it from the very beginning and I was upset when AJ Cook left, Paget Brewster not so much, but with Morgan leaving and now Hotch being fired I’m pretty much done with the show. You can’t lose the two main stars of the show and expect it to last. I’ll give it half of this season before it’s cancelled. However, I will tell Thomas Gibson to get his sh*t together. It’s NOT all about you, buddy! And that’s my opinion.

  50. Jaye says:

    I feel this will be the last season.