Mr Robot Recap Season 2

Mr. Robot Recap: Effed Society

This week on USA Network’s Mr. Robot, one could only imagine the fallout of the Elliot/prison reveal, while Darlene & Co. felt the FBI (among others!) close in on their little operation.

With neither Elliot nor Mr. Robot to be seen this week, all eyes were on the ladies: Darlene, Dom and Angela. The latter went to drown her latest sorrows at a Fourth of July karaoke night, where she blew off the guy (aka an FBI plant!) she hooked up with a few weeks back, got into (and handily won) a verbal sparring match with a friend of her dad’s, crooned “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and then flirted some with Paul Young President Michener some older guy.

Darlene, meanwhile, had considerably bigger fish to fry — namely, E Corp legal eagle Susan Jacobs, who finally returned to her smart home to find fsociety’s core four celebrating their dissemination of a new video that excerpted the (daming) FBI conference call they hacked. The team’s first fix was to zip-tie Jacobs to her indoor pool railing, at least until they decided their next play. But when Trenton freed Jacobs to tend to bodily functions, “Madam Executioner” tripped and smacked her head against a wall something bad. She wasn’t dead, but Darlene saw an opportunity to use their prisoner’s down time to “own her” by digging up digital dirt.

That took some doing, but Darlene eventually confronted an awoken Jacobs with evidence of her getting unethically “close” with judges. The power women bonded some over a cigarette — when Darlene wasn’t taunting Jacobs with a memory of how years ago the rising E Corp star first effed with her family. Darlene then clipped Jacob’s restraints… only to taze her, sending the woman tumbling unconscious into her pool. Upstairs, Darlene presents the team with a tale of “self-defense,” while Mobley notes that Jacobs had a well-documented heart condition (that Darlene obviously knew about). Mobley and TrentonMr. Robot - Season 2 (whose “meet cute” origin story was saw at the top of the hour) promptly scram, to prepare to flee town and check on family, respectively. That leaves Darlene and Cisco to dispose with Jacob’s body, lest any fsociety groupies return to the burned safe house and find her.

Once home, Mobley gets picked up by Dom and the FBI — but not as a suspected super-hacker, but merely the DJ at the “End of the World” party. Dom makes clear, “We want Tyrell Wellick, not his DJ,” but Mobley asks for a lawyer, and soon enough is released given the privacy scandal the feds are already dealing with. Afterward, Mobley texts Trenton for a covert rendezvous, only to leave her hanging for two hours (…and counting).

Darlene meanwhile crashed at Cisco’s after they cremated Jacobs using the same pet-cremation oven where they roasted their hard drives. Upon waking, and with him in the shower, she logged onto his laptop and saw that he had been communicating with his Dark Army pals, documenting the fact that she was in his custody. When Cisco emerged from the show, he saw his laptop smashed on the floor — and a baseball bat barreling toward his head.

What did you think of the episode “Successor”?

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  1. Suso says:

    The first season of this show was genuinely one of my favorite seasons of television EVER (right up there with Friday Night Lights season three, Gilmore Girls season two, I Love Lucy Season five and Southland season three). But this season has been so wholly underwhelming that it’s actually making me rethink how much I loved last season. Was I crazy to love it? Gullible? Happy to buy into the hype? Last year the reveal felt ingenious. This year it felt like a way for the writers to tread water for episodes. It gives the appearance of diving deep into the characters but in reality is offering up less than it appears. I don’t want to be fooled and want showy screenwriting tricks. I want a good story that is well told, because all these machinations are making me emotionally disengage with everything. The second season of “UnREAL” was pretty bad, but at least it never felt like we were being cheated on a weekly basis.

    • Michelle says:

      Sounds like the show got too complicated for you

    • Jim says:

      This is the most self-congratulatory show on television. It revels in itself. And it’s not half as intelligent as it thinks it is. I’ve yet to sit through a full episode where that hasn’t worn on my patience. But I find enough to like to keep watching, or rather half-watching.

  2. VictorNYC says:

    My working theory is this: Tyrell Wellick is not just still alive, but is actually the head of the Dark Army, and Whiterose is just his spokes(wo)man. He knows all about Elliott and Darlene, and has been the one pulling the strings all along.

    Anyway, wow, I totally admire the way the Darlene character has evolved to the level of psychotic murderer (the scene on the subway with her and Cisco was a bit frightening when – as is the case with most psychopaths – she expresses that she feels absolutely no remorse or empathy over killing Jacobs). Darlene has become the dangerous one.

    Mobley had nothing to really worry about with the FBI all along, but doesn’t know it. I wonder if he and Trenton are going to leave for good. I hope not.

  3. Drew says:

    I didn’t miss Elliot or Mr. Robot at all and didn’t really realize until the hour was almost up that we hadn’t seen them. I also loved Darlene reading the message from Elliott to Trent and Mobley at their “meet cute”. If I’m not mistaken, those were Elliot’s narration in the opening for s1e1?

  4. John says:

    I’m enjoying the every other week between Darlene and Elliott. This season definitely shines a light on Darlene’a Dark side. I feel that Cisco’s story will combine the two arcs. At first I was finding the “supersized” eps hard to get through but now I want the 90 min back.

    To the people that can’t stop comparing this season to last season need to take a deep breath and let the story unfold. While many of the plot twists last year actually landed as surprising, you can’t complain that this season isn’t doing it for you. Since we already know that there’s more to the story than what we see, we’re looking for some kind of major reveal. Early on last year there were episodes that seemed inconsiqental but played a serious role later on. The show is no better or worse than it was last year…It just is.

    • Michelle says:

      THANK YOU. Man I’m sick of people complaining about season 2. I binged watched season 1 but I am also enjoying season 2. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

      I liked this episode. While I love Eliott and Mr Robot, it was nice to see Darlene shine along with the F Society crew and I think Wellick is the one behind it all. I think we need the longer episodes back as well. I seriously don’t get how people complained about that…

      • Overrated says:

        Michelle, don’t get your panties in a knot because everyone is not jumping on the bandwagon. Maybe began to realize that this show is overrated. Just because people are wisimg up doesn’t make them “dumb”.

        • Michelle says:

          Just because you aren’t enjoying the show and pouting about it doesn’t mean everyone else is going to complain about a show they’re clearly enjoying.

          • Overrated says:

            Only person complaining is you. Complaining that people need to enjoy this show. I have never enjoyed this show nor have I “pouted”, I believe that is all you.

        • Aubrey says:

          If the show is so overrated why are you here in a Mr. Robot article commenting on it? You must be an undercover fan or a bored troll with too much time on his/her/their hands. How about you leave us real fans of the show be to bask in all of its overrated-ness and in the meantime you could I don’t know, find a hobby or a job.

      • Normandy says:

        You’re on the wrong website if you want to talk Mr. Robot. On this site, people freak out and threaten to quit watching a show every single time a main character dies — The Last Ship Blindspot, Person of Interest — not sure how they watch The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. And any story about Michael Weatherly or NCIS requires someone to complain about how Ziva is no longer on their TV screen.

  5. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    PPL, stop BITCHIN if u don’t like the show don’t watch! I liked this ep. seeing the rest of F Society and that Jackass Cisco was good. I really believe that Tyrell and Whiterose is behind EVERYTHING…..The FBI seriously getting close to them. I was freaking out when they got Mobley…..can’t wait to see how Elliot/Mr. Robot deals with it in the next week. S2 started out a bit slow but I think now it’s going to pick up the show is almost half way over.

    • Michelle says:

      It makes me sad we aren’t getting longer episodes tbh. I hope they increase it next season to and have a little longer episodes next season. And for a show that people are complaining about, it sure did have a great amount of people wanting to see the panel at Comic Con as well as stop by their mini store outside SDCC.

      I think it’s all Tyrell but I still wonder if Tyrell is still alive or if Elliott is just imagining him ever since ” they became gods”

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        The episodes will always be exactly as long as the series creator wants them to be. USA has given him free reign. Sometimes he wants the extra minutes, sometimes not.

  6. Max says:

    Am I wrong in thinking that the show is much better without Elliot? I’ve taken to Fast Forwarding through his scenes.

    • rhoydotp says:

      Elliot’s character and his inconsistencies is what drives the show for me. Without his personality, this is just another hacker show … IMHO, of course.

    • Tim says:

      Much better without Elliot and his psychobabble—I’ve started fast forwarding through his scenes too, especially if Christian Slater is in them.