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Dancing With the Stars Ryan Lochte Cast Season 23

Dancing With the Stars: Ryan Lochte Reportedly Joins Season 23 Cast

All that tap-dancing Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte did regarding his Rio “robbery”? Turns out, it was practice.

The American gold medalist will be part of Dancing With the Stars‘ Season 23 cast, USA Today reports.

Per the newspaper, Lochte’s team was in talks with the ABC competition series prior to his participation in this year’s games — and his involvement in what he first described as an armed robbery in Brazil (but later admitted that he over-exaggerated the claim).

The reality series’ support comes soon after Lochte was dropped by four major sponsors — including Speedo and Polo Ralph Lauren — for lying about being the victim of an incident in which he and three teammates claimed men dressed as Brazilian law-enforcement officials trained guns on them as they demanded money.

DWTS rep said the show does not comment on casting rumors. The official Season 23 announcement will take place on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Lochte is no stranger to series TV: He was the star of E!’s What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and made appearances on 90210 and 30 Rock.

Finally, it would be petty to say we called this DWTS development… so we’ll just leave this right here, instead.

Got thoughts on Lochte’s tripping the light fantastic? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. MMD says:

    First one voted off, guaranteed!

  2. Bryan says:

    Weird how the “Rio police also exaggerated their story” isnt making the rounds in the net.

    • Ben says:

      Lochte didn’t ‘exaggerate’ his story. He full on lied. He changed a whole series of facts to make himself look better, the kind of facts no-one changes when they are trying to give an account of the truth. If I was his lawyer, I’d also be arguing it was just an exaggeration… but the fact I said that wouldn’t make it true.

    • liame says:

      There’s one vote.

  3. CK says:

    He lost some major endorsements so now it’s time for the apology tour starting with the “redemption” reality T.V. appearance.

    • Nika says:

      You are correct and since the Rio incident is very fresh and he is demand because of that, prodcuers have to take advantage of that, and he as stupid and lousy and immature as he is, he for sure accepted. I mean remember that he had a reality show on E! something he was looking for love or something. Best example of the douche he is!! Everything for ratings!! He may be quit swimming and dedicates himself to appear in reality shows and be popular on TV, he gains more money on that. He seems not to care for swimming. Did you see him with his platinum hair on the Olympics? What a douche!!

      • Jan Hare says:

        I don’t think he’s in demand by much of anybody. He’s been on the morning shows and I don’t think the late night shows really want them, though I could be wrong. But I’ll bet who he definitely is NOT in demand by is the fans. Just look at these posts – nobody wants him. He’s dumb, for one thing, and he’s a distraction. I just don’t want to spend however many episodes he makes it through feeling funny in the pit of my stomach.

  4. Angela says:

    Blergh. Hopefully he’ll be the first one voted out.

  5. Sarah says:

    All of the dozens of athletes who made their country proud to choose from and they pick this tool?? No thanks.

  6. Daniel Snow says:

    Well he lost all of his endorsement so it makes sense.

  7. Maria says:

    And so begins my 23rd year in a row of not watching DWTS. Only, now I have an excuse.

  8. Kristen says:

    I’m a little taken aback by the amount of hate and negativity this guy is getting. I don’t condone what he did but at the same time I think it’s way over exaggerated. As if nobody else has done stupid things in their past. Let it go. There are people getting away with way worse out there and this is just ridiculous. Is it unfortunate that it happened? Yes but move on. He said he was sorry and everyone makes mistakes.

    • Alex says:

      I’m curious what you mean by “way over exaggerated.” What he did wasn’t just a stupid thing. First of all, he did it as a guest in a foreign country; if he had gotten away with the lie, he would essentially be slandering the Brazilian police force in front of the world. In addition, while in Rio he is there on the behalf and benevolence of the US, and is supposed to represent the country well. Again, had he gotten away with it, and biased US “journalists” continued to paint him innocent, to the world that appears that the US supports this spoiled/privileged attitude and would falsely spite another country’s integrity to protect a brat.

    • :-) says:

      Hmmmmm. Blown out of proportion was Gabby at attention (correct) rather than with her hand over her heart ( that’s for the pledge). Drunken thugs pee on private property, damage property, behave in a drunken confrontational manner causing security to pull their gun, give false statements and flee the country. Hope Solo got suspended for 6 months for calling her opponents coward. several black men in America have been shot for a lot less than what he did. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say yes he did something wrong and should be punished. He should probably try Celebrity Rehab if he was so drunk it took him a week to figure out he lied. BTW i really think DWTS should try to get out of it. We shouldn’t reward bad behavior.

    • Mary says:

      I wouldn’t call that an apology but a frugal attempt at PR, which I don’t think he own up to his “mistakes” as you word it. This man needs to do some self reflecting and shouldn’t be rewarded with a TV spot. The negativity was brought on by himself for not being Man enough to own up to what he did and leaving his team mates to clean up the mess. What is ridiculous is that some think a half a.. apology should make up for the way he dishonor the US and his team.

    • TJ says:

      I agree with you Kristen. I know I have done dumb stuff and probably no worse than what Lotche has done. I am just not famous and did not get caught. And I am sure the people commenting on him negatively have done some dumb stuff too. They need to stop acting like they have never sinned or made a mistake in their lives.

      • Mary says:

        Oh many of us have made mistakes, but the difference is we weren’t representing our Country. Also when I make a mistake I own up to it and take responsibility not run like a coward and leave my friends to pick up the pieces. Ryan is not a child but a grown adult and making excuses for his behavior is not doing him any favors. How would you have felt if a foreigner came to our Country and did the same thing? Also, a mistake is leaving the light on. Going to another Country and getting drunk and vandalize property is more serious than just a little mistake.

  9. ceecilex says:

    That (male) white privilege.

  10. Egads says:

    It is not talked about… or the dots haven’t been connected by some… but the sign that Lochte tore down and vandalized was for subway type sandwiches. Lochte is friends with Phelps but do you think he was venting a jealous frustration with Phelps… I remember Phelps used to be in ads for subway sandwiches. Lochte didn’t get any individual medals this time… and Phelps was shining this Olympics. In tv terms Locthe is Jan Brady and Phelps is Marcia… lol. It would awkward to their friendship if Phelps knew about his motivation for attacking that sign….

  11. Don says:

    He should not be allowed to dance at all. He has done nothing but disgrace our country and his team and does not deserve the honor of being a contestant. I would vote him off even before he danced.

  12. Marc says:

    This is perfect for him!!!! After telling Billy Bush and Matt Lauer a tall-tale of having his cab side-swipped by cops, pulled over and robbed at gun-point (gun to his head), this is the best thing he can do. It may help with this image.

  13. ToyCannon says:

    His first dance should be to the Thompson Twins classic “Lies, Lies, Lies”

  14. Rio Police Sergeant says:

    His first and likely only dance before elimination should be to Fleetwood Mac’s “Tell Me Lies”!!

  15. Renee says:

    If Lochte is cast, I as well as many more will boycott and ABC will be paying the price@

  16. Therese says:

    This is disgusting! What message does that convey to the younger audience? Lie lie lie and you will get on a National TV show. I LOVE this show but will NOT WATCH!!! I know, maybe OJ Simpson is available…let’s get him too!

  17. webly3 says:

    I LOVE HOW TVLINE CALLED THIS. Yes, caps were necessary to express my delight.

  18. Britt/Brat says:

    I can’t listen to him talk for more than 10 seconds(this was way before the Rio Olympics). I have a low tolerance for airheads.

  19. Joe says:

    I pity his partner the guy is as dumb as a box of ricks. He can swim becasue its a straight line and has rope guidung him the right way.

    Nice though he embarrasses American so lets put him on a reality show. Any money should go to Brazil of better his team mate he threw under the bus.

  20. John NYC says:

    But Hope Solo gets her contract terminated alongside a six month “suspension” from the national team.

    I guess Ryan has the better agent?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Too bad for Hope Solo that she already did the DWTS route. If you recall, she was voted off early and Maks, who was her partner, really didn’t like her.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Whoops, I should have done my research before posting. Apparently, she made it to the semifinals, a lot further in the competition than I recall.

    • The Kaibosh says:

      Lochte acted drunk and stupid and got caught. This isn’t over for him. Hope Solo has a history of being petulant scum. She violated her Olympic Oath by being unsportsmanlike and bringing dishonor to her team and country. She should also be banned from competing in the Olympics again.

    • Terry says:

      There will be a suspension coming his way too, for how long is yet to be seen.

  21. Carmen says:

    DWTS must be desperate for ratings to place this American embarrassment on the show. Lochte lied and the media blasted his lies all over. No wonder other countries think America is a fool. Sorry doesn’t cut it, this guy doesn’t need to become famous for his lies…place him on the shelf and find a contestant who really deserves the spotlight.

  22. Eran says:

    Evidently, no bad deed goes unrewarded.

  23. Garbo says:

    First Dancing with the Stars then The Bachelor then some sleazy naked photo shoot then some embarrassing cameo in something at least as prestigious as Sharknado 5 and then we can be done with him unless he marries a Kardashian because in that case we will never get rid of him.

  24. MJFenney says:

    Thats a terrible move for ABC. I can’t stand that guy- for more reasons than recent ones. He’s an arrogant jerk and does not have the goods to back that behavior up. I’m a huge fan of the show but if he’s on it I will not watch this season.

    • Barbara. says:

      I totally agree!! I have watched the show from the beginning and dwts has more class than this! This guy is a liar and also skated out and left his 3 friends holding the bag. The only reason he says he’s sorry is because he got caught. Hopefully dwts will rethink this and tell him to take a hike!! I have never missed a show but trust me if he dances I will not be watching!!This is a very poor example of an Olympian!!r

  25. Mary says:

    In my opinion they shouldn’t give him the time of day or any more publicity. He should just fade away into oblivion. Hopefully this is just a rumor and won’t be true.

  26. Connie Long says:

    I enjoy Dancing With The Stars and have been an avid fan of the show. When you put people of Lochte’s ilk (privileged) on the show you start to lose true fans. Won’t be watching this season and questionable if I’ll watch DWTS in the future.

  27. Seve Preston says:

    I have been a faithful fan of DWTS for many years. If Ryan Lochte is the best DWTS can do in season 23, I will not be a fan anymore. Betrayal of the USA by Ryan and betrayal of loyal fans by DWTS!

  28. Carol says:

    That is disgusting for DWTS to award him big bucks for bad behavior!. He’s the most hated man in America right now! What an ill-motivated ploy for viewers!

  29. Dot Noseworthy says:

    VERY BAD CHOICE! WHAT are you thinking DWTS? This liar has disgraced himself and the US and certainly does NOT belong on DWTS!

  30. Kris says:

    My only hope is that if they were in talks prior to the Olympics, his actions in Brazil have caused ABC to reconsider and drop him like a hot potato.

  31. Nika says:

    He was just cast because he is popular now due to the Rio incident and he participated in the Olympics and since that is very fresh, producers have to take advantage he is on demand for media interviews, media appearances, etc everything just for the mighty lame $$$ and ratings. not really because the day can dance.

  32. Lois says:

    How embarrassing to have a low class liar on the show who tarnished the entire American OLYMPIC team and never even took full responsibility. NOT WATCHING!

  33. tallsy says:

    Ryan Lochte, but particularly the other 3 swimmers, have been vindicated by USA Today. There was no bathroom vandalism, and tearing down a poster does not warrant extortion.

    • :-) says:

      Not extortion. Restitution. Grown men should hold their urine until they reach appropriate facilities. Grown should respond appropriately when approached by security. These men were Olympic swimmers. This was not the first time they had been to a foreign country. This was not boys misbehaving. These were well traveled young men doing wrong. Many athletes and reporters stated on TV they were told not to get in cabs or go to certain places at certain times. This group ignored all of that. I don’t care what country you are in you obey the law. This is something that people that travel regularly know. He’s lucky he was in Brazil rather than the middle east or Asia.

  34. Terry says:

    What I find so ironic about this whole debacle is that he didn’t even need to lie, what happened to them was bad enough without “exaggerating” it! If he had just told the truth all the outrage would be directed towards the rogue gas station attendants and not the swimmers. Instead he lies and costs himself all of his sponsors, I’m sure the DWTS pay cheque pales in comparison, but hey, that’s what you get for lying to your mamma you POS!

  35. Anita says:

    If he actually IS cast on DWTS, it would be a terribly bad PR mis-step for the show…and I, for one, will just tune out for this coming season.

  36. If Lochte is in, and shame on DWTS if he is, I’m out

  37. Nancy Taylor says:

    If Ryan Lochte is chosen to be on Dancing With the Stars, I will not watch it. He may be a good swimmer, but he’s a 32-year old scum bag … IMHO

  38. Yoko says:

    Grow Up. It’s about ratings. Other have been forgiven for LOTS worse behavior. Save being indignant for issues that are serious. If you haven’t watched for 23 yrs you shouldn’t be trolling this post and commenting.

    • Hayly says:

      I will watch DWTS because ,I love the show.. Not because Ryan is on the show.. However I notice the show rarely has Latinos as contestants and Ryan is half latino.. Plus Derek and Max and Gleb will be back as pros.. Lots of good looking men to watch…

  39. Melissa says:

    Ryan should not be on dancing with the stars.what he did was disgraceful

  40. Melissa says:

    no to Ryan on dancing with the stars

  41. Don wooldridge says:

    If Lochte shows up on DWTS I refuse to watch the show….and I’ve watched the show since it began. Producers are simply Stupid and self serving.

  42. Maddy says:

    If this dude is in DWTS I will never never again watch this show. A person that lied about another country and acted the way he did – it does not deserve the right to be on this show but if the producers think is the best thing for their show then it tells me a lot about them.

  43. Carol says:

    I wish we could vote them off instead of voting for favorites. I guess the only way to assure it would to vote a lot for the one who is the worse dancer and would normally get the fewest votes, pushing Ryan down. There are some people out there who my vote for him.

  44. I guess I’m not watching DWTS this season….you don’t reward criminal behavior….Get Sig Hansen instead….he needs the cardio….

  45. LIVE-HERE says:

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  46. Sheila says:

    I hate that he is being rewarded for bad behavior. This is a great example of what is terribly wrong with American culture. If there is a buck to be made, Hollywood will exploit anything. I love this show but for the first time, I will not be watching this season and maybe other seasons as well.

  47. Jan Hare says:

    Please no. I haven’t missed a season of DWTS and I’m not saying I’d boycott this one, but I really, really don’t want Lochte to be on the show. He will be a distraction from beginning to end, take up a space someone else could have had, and really make everybody uncomfortable. I hope DWTS comes to its senses and decides not to have him on. I’ll really hate it if he is.

  48. B.J. says:

    Just what a narcissist and lier needs is a national stage to bring more attention to himself. He disgraced the American team and threw his teammates under the bus..but at least the DWTS will get their ratings up by showcasing this guy. Of all the gold medal winners to choose from ..this is the best you guys can do??? I will certainly not be one to support it.

  49. marilyn festa says:

    Boycott DWTS!!! I do not care if Ryan apologized. He would not have if he had not got caught. This speaks to his lack of character and bri g shame to the Olympic swim team. Make the sponsors put the heat on them to remove him from the cast.

  50. Coby says:

    A bad choice for Dancing with th stars, Ryan Lochte is!!! Lots of canadians will not wat h the show