Last Ship Recap Chandler Arrested

Last Ship Recap: Arrested Development

This Sunday on TNT’s The Last Ship, the Nathan James was the site of some unexpected on-board battles, while back home Kara scrambled to find someone to trust.

Having witnessed the execution of Secretary Rivera and Senator Beatty by Secret Service agents, Kara sent her baby off to be safe with her mother (and Tom Chandler’s father), before carefully reaching out to Allison Shaw. Upon seeing that Allison dispatched Secret Service agents to nab her at their arranged rendezvous, Kara realized that the chief of staff was in on the coup. Kara sought out and looped in reporter Jacob Barnes, who himself was shocked to see President Oliver reverse Michener’s domestic policies. Since Barnes has White House access, Kara tasked him with snooping in Beatty’s office to see why the senator was delivering “troop readiness” reports to Rivera at the time they were killed.

Barnes has little luck — Beatty’s office was already being cleared out — but his conspicuous visit landed him on the Secret Service’s radar. As such, an agent showed up at the reporter’s apartment to take both him and Kara out. Barnes got winged, but Kara used Barnes’ shotgun to blow away their attacker. Thanks to Kara’s computer-savvy colleague Dennis, she and Barnes had deduced that the regional leaders were fortifying remote prisons, to accommodate the citizens who do not comply with the new policies. What’s more, they learn while driving away, actual walls are being erected on the regional borders!

Meanwhile on the Nathan James….

Captain Meylan of the critically damaged Hayward is already iffy on Chandler’s decision-making, especially when the CNO barters scarce rations to Takehaya’s pirate pals in exchange for a needed cipher. After Allison Shaw leverages President Oliver to sign off on Chandler’s arrest order, Meylan is empowered to relieve the CNO as well as Slattery of duty, and steer the Nathan James back toward Pearl Harbor. Chandler, though, smells a rat back home and thus sets in motion a plan that will dictate an immediate at-sea trial, upon him resigning his commission. Slattery meanwhile conspires with the James crew to stage a mess hall riot, during which they get their hands on the key to the armory. They then deftly take over the ship (using ammo-free guns, we were told and shown many times!!!!), ending with the room in which Chandler is giving an opening statement at his trial.

Meylan gets in a self-righteous moment, gloating about how he was right about Chandler all along, to which the CNO shoots back that when all is said and done, if he is in the wrong, he’ll have a far higher power to answer to than the likes of Meylan!

What did you think of the episode “Scuttle”? And which among you has surmised who Kara has set out to track down?

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  1. Kevin K says:

    Allison Shaw is one naughty girl.

    • She does a good job at being evil but she will be leaving the dark side. The hints were thrown out in this episode.

    • drhenning says:

      I wonder if she’s a Lesbian??? ha ha.. No matter what I see Elisabeth Rohm in, that’s all I can ever think of is how she left Law and Order.. Not the actress’ fault what the writers write… Turns out she’s an alumna of the little school in TN my son attended for high school.

  2. DonnaMama says:

    Tex is back. Was curious as to how they were going to work him into the story

  3. Snsetblaze says:

    The male was Tom Chandler’s father, not Kara’s. The kids were Chandler’s kids. That was her mom though.

    And Kara is seeking out Tex.

  4. Jeannie H. says:

    Good way to bring Tex back. I loved this show when it was simple. Hope this government conspiracy story-line is short-lived and we can get back to saving the world.

  5. I really like this series. This third season is better than season two. It has a B movie vibe but I don’t care. Contrast this with Ray Donovan which is really done slickly.
    Last Ship gives you a very good portrayal of how such a scenario will play out.
    Eric Dane is channeling John Wayne for a generation that never saw his movies. I liked seeing Mark Moses from Mad Men. I Liked the actress playing Dr Scott— Rona Mitra.
    And lastly actress Bridget Regan is a fine addition and love interest for Chandler and she is an action babe too!!! And ready to rumble and shoot.

  6. Kevin Fowler says:

    Chandler needs to back to the states and this coup quick.

  7. Bruce Palmer says:

    Great episode. The White House coup reminds me of 24.

  8. jr. says:

    Starting to sound more like the plot of the recent series Revolution!
    Really hard to believe the trained american forces, FBI, etc., would turn so quickly into killers and traitors. It’s like they think only the Nathan James crew has soldiers with a brain, and the rest are clueless puppets.

    • George says:

      It’s not hard to believe at all. The military is trained to follow orders, and will do so unless those orders are clearly illegal (and sometimes, even then). A clever manipulator could make these actions seem necessary to the security of the country. As for the construction crews? Go here, build a wall, get paid, can eat. Very simple. The chief ability of a politician is the charisma, glib tongue, and social skills necessary to get other people to do the work. Then you just need one of them smart enough and ruthless enough to device the plan and convince the others. Shaw might be that person; she’s ruthless enough but it’s unclear whether she’s smart enough. She and all of the regional leaders are guilty of treason – but all will have loyal followers in their regions (or they wouldn’t have become regional leaders). Their acts warrant death, but executing them will be problematic. Perhaps next season’s arc?

  9. Larry Gresham says:

    Interesting episode! TeX is allie in Arkansas. Peng probably dies, his character was deliciously evil. Suspect Takehiya and Kyoko will be released to die in Japan. Imbd shows 3 episodes for XOCobb so she probably dies. Capt Meylan let his plot involvement slip while talking to Slattery. I hope his character expires, but he is contracted for 5 shows. Hope the writers keep the Green’s characters going.

  10. KayCeeCee says:

    I feel sorry for Captain Meylan, he was really trying to do what was best.

  11. This show just gets better and better.

  12. Larry says:

    This should be a 2hr program all season and should be longer than 10 to 13 episodes. Hope it last more than 5 seasons. I record this show and replay all week right up to Sunday night .A great product by TNT don’t let it get away. Kara is going after Tex.

  13. A M says:

    This season was a bit slow to get into but it’s really hit its stride. I was a little bored of the White House storyline for a while there but it’s all paid off and I am enjoying the political side of it now that it finally has a firm connection with the Nathan James plot. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all gets resolved.

  14. Ellajasper says:

    I thought season started great, but not liking the way the story line is going now. The President had NO ONE on his side or protecting him? That’s a little far out there. Glad Chandler was quick to figure out what was going on. But let’s get real with the White House.

  15. Derzog says:

    Absolutely love this show! And I love that they write the crew so smart! Great ensemble!

  16. larrykelly says:

    Love this show! Glad it got renewed.

  17. Malissa R. says:

    Tex, Tex, Tex! Whoot, Whoot!

  18. Jeff says:

    I’m an ex-sailor and this is my favorite show on TV. I enjoy seeing all the old equipment, even the emergency stickers on the bulkheads bring back fond memories. It is all very far fetched, and far from what would really happen, i.e. the wardroom aren’t the people out conducting missions, perhaps one leader/officer, but not the whole task force, but it is very entertaining.I look forward all week to the coming episode. Viewership is slipping, I hope the show runs for a good long while.

    • Joy Granger says:

      I’m not a sailor but equal.your enjoyment of the show! I ‘ve got to watch it live, then often watch it immediately again if it was especially interesting. Later in the week, I’ll queue it up again. Aside from the Olympics causing loss of leadership, I’m wondering if it’s “One Trick Pony” viewers who are leaving? You know the kind…they moan about ANY SHOW that is imaginative in it’s plot and actually moves beyond the season one storyline. Personally, I love shows that allow the storyline to grow and change, just like real life.

  19. Charles Durham says:

    Very entertaining show, my wife and have not missed. Hope it comes back next year