Post Mortems
Scream Season 3 Spoilers

Scream EPs Tackle Finale's Biggest Twists, Tease Possible Season 3 Plans

Tuesday’s Scream finale may have wrapped up the big mystery of Season 2, but just as you’d expect from the MTV drama, the hellish hour also left viewers with a slew of unanswered questions.

TVLine turned to showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register for the inside story on that twisted season ender, as well as a taste of what a third season — yet to be ordered by MTV — might have planned for the good (and not-so-good) people of Lakewood:

TVLINE | You guys came in as the new showrunners this season. Was Kieran always Piper’s accomplice, even from Season 1?
MICHAEL GANS | It was exactly who we thought it was — and it was exactly why we thought it was — from the very beginning, when we came in to pitch our take on the show to MTV and Dimension. There was one other person we thought of before we met anybody… but I won’t say who it was.
RICHARD REGISTER | We also loved the possibility that it could have been Emma this season, that she’d completely lost her mind.

TVLINE | This might be a mean thing to ask, but is Kieran smarter than we’ve been giving him credit for?
REGISTER | [Laughs] That is not a bad question, it’s just the truth. He’s really this other person that you don’t know. We only got a glimpse of the real Kieran.

TVLINE | If there’s a third season of Scream, do you know how much Kieran we’re going to see? Like, will it be limited to occasional prison visits?
GANS | It’s hard to talk about, because there’s so much we can’t say about the future — and one of those things, of course, is how Kieran will continue. But he is alive and in prison! And that’s another thing we wanted to do differently than you normally see at the end of slashers. Most of the time, the killer gets killed. And I think Emma is the right character to choose not to take the kill. … Kieran’s alive, which means anything can happen.

TVLINE | Do you two know (yet) who was on the other end of that phone call? 
REGISTER | As far as who’s talking to him … we know the reason they’re talking to him.
GANS | It’s tied into the complete history and fabric of the town, we can say that.

TVLINE | Switching gears a bit, I can’t help but blame Audrey for all of this. Is that something the characters will wrestle with moving forward?
REGISTER | There’s a ripple effect, and I think it’s something they’ll struggle with as they go forward, definitely.
GANS | I think there’s something truthful in that friends like these, regardless of their history, would work together in such desperate times. As for how things will be in the aftermath of that, those questions have to be answered. That culpability has to be faced, on both of their sides.

TVLINE | This might be a little morbid, but I would have liked to see Brooke discover that her dad was murdered. Was that just cut for time?
GANS | I think that would have been spectacular to see, and I don’t think it’s weird at all. If I’m being honest, it’s about the scope of what you can get done in the time allotted to you at the end of the season. Brooke was already carving out her own choices separate from her father’s wishes for her — first Jake, then Stavo — but they were like teammates when we first met them. And now he’s dead. It’s going to affect her forever, and it definitely changes who she is going forward.

TVLINE | We saw Brooke with Stavo and the sheriff at the end. Is she living with them now?
REGISTER | She’s just having dinner with them. We wanted to give a hint as to where her relationship with Stavo was heading.
GANS | I think she could sit down at a table with the Acosta family, but could she live with them? Could she live at their level of income? No, that girl could never do that.

TVLINE | And what about Noah? Will he still have the same affinity for the horror genre in the future?
REGISTER | When you look at the way PTSD works, it sometimes doesn’t even settle in until months after the original trauma. So all of these characters are dealing with two distinct traumatic events, which will affect them moving forward. He will be very altered by these events.
GANS | You also have to remember that he lost two women that he loved — and he was a guy who never thought he could get anyone.

TVLINE | I like how you turned Ms. Lang into the new Gale Weathers by having her write that book. I assume Emma won’t appreciate being the subject?
GANS | [Laughs] Not at all. And speaking of Ms. Lang, Austin Highsmith gave a great performance. It was a hard role to play, the way the character was written. We didn’t want people to know what she was. … I really loved Gale Weathers on a certain level. If someone’s being killed, she doesn’t run away. She tries to help. … But I think Ms. Lang is slightly crazier than Gale.

TVLINE | And just to be clear, that note in the tree was supposed to make us think Brandon James is still alive?
REGISTER | Yes, that’s exactly what we wanted to plant. Whether or not that’s really happening is a question we can’t answer.

Your thoughts on the finale? Hopes for (a potential) Season 3? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with all of your thoughts.

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  1. Diane says:

    Hope there is a season 3.

  2. tommy says:

    this show… i cant begin to explain how it affects me. i absolutely love the cast anf ive been by their sides from season one. i mourned the death of jake and especially will. i love watching this show because it gives me the same scary feeling i adore along with the excitement. season 2’s ending was amazing, i can only pray for a season 3.

  3. Clay says:

    This season was very slow at the start. Season one left me hanging with each episode and with each episode I expected someone else. However the way this season played out is what kept me going. It was like just like everyone in the show all I could think about was finding pipers accomplice. The last 4 and a half episodes, of season 2, were phenomenal. That’s why I gave this season a rating as very good. Although it could be better I’m definitely hoping for a season three I loved it.

  4. Ken says:

    Loved the finale and the seeds that have been planted for season 3 so MTV renew already!

  5. Mercedez says:

    Awesome! We need a season…… 3 When a stranger calls.. I’m hanging here😭😭😭😭

  6. JCPrime1 says:

    I really hope this show is renewed.

  7. Dede says:

    Please don’t end I love it so muchhhhh have a season 3 can’t wait to see what happens if there’s another season. So many mysteries to solve and so many questions. Who was that on the phone. What’s gonna happen next.

  8. Dede says:

    MTV please please please please pleaseeeeee renew this show almost everyone loves this show please don’t stop it renew it

  9. nell says:

    Im surprised no one mentioned that there will be a special Halloween episode? They showed clip of it on the after show.

  10. Kris says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. Emma and Audrey were on a movie date. Emma was going to put her arm around Audrey, but the camera cut away too soon.

  11. James says:

    Literally freaking out on the inside! I was a big fan of the Scream franchise and the fact that there was a tv series really made a knew highlight for my interests. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a season three!

  12. richie says:

    renew it, its one of the best shows ive ever seen and been in love with this show since day 1. mtv renew it, your ratings will pick up more and more as show goes on. its one of the only shows that is worth watching and made my every tuesday that much better :)

  13. harrie noble says:

    I always knew it was Kieran since season 1 becaouse am a fan of the movie scream plus maybe your gonna bring Brandon James awesome….I thinnck I was the on who spread the thing of ” #ScreamAfterDark I really want to know is Brandon James alive?

  14. richie says:

    renew it, its one of the best shows ive ever seen and been in love with this show since day 1. mtv bring it back for 1 more season, your ratings will pick up more and more as show goes on. its one of the only shows that is worth watching and made my every tuesday that much better :)

  15. Emma says:

    I have always been a fan of scream, from the start of Season 1 episode 1 I fell in love with the show and the cast members. This show is so greatly written that I have actually mourned the deaths of every character who has died, and the killers have never been anyone i even slightly suspected, it keeps you on the edge every second you of every episode! We want a season 3! Scream is everything you want in a good mystery/horror show!!!

  16. TurnTheRAGE says:

    Just wanted to point out how ignorant the post that said “Could she live at their level of income? No, that girl could never do that.” how completely ignorant. You must not watch the show. Stavo walks around with a 1400 dollar ipad all day and uses a 100 dollar “pencil” to draw… They aren’t exactly poor… All those art supplies he has… costs a lot of money… Maybe they chose to spend their money on things theyll actually use instead of bentleys and mansions for only 2 people…

    • N8frogg78 says:

      Wow butthurt huh? I’m sure it wasn’t meant in a mean way. More of a joke. Take the stick outta ur butt.

    • Jake says:

      Ipad and pencil, your talking a couple thousand in suppies , average income can afford this. Almost everyone has an ipad these days … big difference from 2 million $ house and 100k car. Someone used to living high end vs average is a large gap

  17. Brittany says:

    Yes !… Season 3 please

  18. kylevpirate says:

    Hope it is renewed. Really well made season this season, more so than last years season. If it doesn’t, I am hopefully Netflix picks it up! That would be AMAZING!

  19. Marisa Tijerina says:

    Is the person we heard on the phone the same person we see laying over Kieran’s cell. And if so, have we seen this person in other episodes including season 1 &2

  20. Rachel says:

    Really enjoyed the finale and the season overall. Hope we get a season 3!

  21. Calvin Thomas says:

    If there isn’t a third season I will be very depressed

  22. Joey darko says:

    Season 3!!!!!😃 Please!!!!

  23. Charlee Barrett says:

    Oh my goodness I’m beyond obsessed with scream! I love it, I didn’t want it to be over. Diffenitly neeeeeed season 3 ! I can’t go not knowing I need answer and a new plot twist . Biggest scream fan ever!

  24. Ms Bean says:

    The killer reveal was always going to be obvious, as every character had their shady moments. They could have gone so many roots, but they decided to stick to the old boyfriend killer reveal. Im not complaining that Kieran is the killer, i preparaed myself for the obvious, but that motive was simply ridiculous! Did the writers even watch the first season? Kierans motive for wanting to kill Emma and Audrey, is because they killed Piper and he and piper were in love…partners in crime. So why did Kieran leave piper unconscious on the floor when will was attacked? Some love that is. And what really irritates me, is that his reasons for doing the killings with piper is because clark and maggies relatinship made them sick, but their relationship only started after the killings began? Also, if Kieran wanted to hurt Emma and Audrey, why would he kill Jake, Seth, Eddie, Zoe…the people Noah and Brooke cared about. It does not make sense. Please, someone correct me if im wrong. Cause i really want ti be wrong 😭

    • Matt says:

      His motive to kill Emma was not because she killed Piper, that was his motive to kill Audrey. As for Emma his motive was from what I understood, Piper used his bad childhood to prey on him to help her get revenge on Emma for her better childhood so he was just doing it for her. As for why he left Piper on the floor, simple she wasn’t really knocked out it was part of the act. And as for why he killed the other people he told Emma killing was fun so he did it for fun.

      • Ms Bean says:

        Matt you seriously need to rewatch the series 😱 Thanjs Georgia,glad to know im not the only one who really pays attention to the show. 👍

    • Georgia says:

      I completely agree with you. I think the reasons Kieran gave for his motive to kill with Piper was poor. I suspected Kieran from the start but began to trust him more as throughout the show it seemed as if he had less reason to be the killer. To me, the finale felt as if the writers couldn’t think of a substantial reason why Kieran would be the killer and so they just went with the easiest option – that he and Piper had a relationship. The reasoning felt very weak and to suggest that the other killings (those that would hurt Brooke and Noah) were because he found it fun just left me thinking the writers had executed it to a subpar level. At the end, I felt a little bit cheated. I don’t think you are wrong at all. Maybe we will find a more substantial reason as to why Kieran joined in the killings in season 3 – let’s hope so.

    • Ruth says:

      I also agree with you, Mr. Bean!

      I think that the person who was talking to Kieran on the phone in prison is Ms. Lang. I think she was Piper’s original accomplice which is why the killer said to Kieran “Who said you could wear my mask”. I think Ms. Lang was the one who killed Seth. She was pretty pissed off when she found out that he and Brooke were meeting.
      And since Ms. Lang is in the hospital, no one can assume she is doing the killings. She is safe while still managing to manipulate Sherrif Accosta into thinking that Emma (and Audrey) are the killers.

    • gmdirect says:

      I’m totally with you on this. Kieran as the killer creates more problems than it solves. Why does Eli tell Emma about Kieran’s tragic past as a nice gesture if Kieran framed Eli for stalking that girl? How does Kieran kidnap Audrey from the theater, stay there while Emma runs away, and get to the old school/asylum to set up the final reveal

      I am going to rewatch both seasons to see if I missed something, but Kieran’s reveal as Piper’s accomplice, however cool and well-executed in that moment when Emma realizes it, causes more issues the more I think about it.

    • Truther says:

      The show actually makes perfect sense. If you actually paid attention, you would know that. First of all, why wouldnt kieren leave piper lying on the floor when they set it up to look like he knocked her out. He was doing the same thing he repeats in season 2 with himself, he tied himself up. It is obviously the easiest way to draw attention away from the true killer. Kieren explains that him and piper have been together for a long time. Piper showed him that killing was a good way of coping with his issues. And this was before the killing spree started. They had been plotting their revenge. Piper used audrey by pretending to be her friend. And the final result would be the murder of kierens father and emmas mother. Because the relationship made them sick. The plan was foiled by emma and audrey. Everything kieren did in season two was getting revenge for them ruining his and pipers plan. All the murders were meant to hurt emma and audrey. Kieren set it up so they would feel responsible. It doesnt matter who is the person dying. If you feel like the blood is on your hands then it still hurts. Kierens plan was practically bulletproof. He easily convinced emma that eli was the killer and that the murders were on her. This broke her down. He also toyed with audrey, using her lies against her. He made them both feel responsible for what was going on. Until the time was right to split them apart by revealing audreys secret. The only aspect i find ridiculous is the way emma found out it was kieren. He used a similar phrase as the killer !?! Who wouldnt want to feel safe again after all the dangerous games of cat and mouse with an actual serial killer. After two seasons of being able to play it sooo cool. How could kieren be so thrown off guard and reveal the truth to emma. The only explanation i can think of is this: he figured he had them both cornered and dead already. The only question i would like an answer to is why was stavo able to draw branson handcuffed to the bed?

  25. Ms Bean says:

    I want a third season so badly! But i dont want the next killer to be just as obvious as Piper and Kieran. They were very dull reveals. I really hope Brooke is the mastermind behind everything, otherwise this series was ultimately stupid. I feel like the death scenes are very rated R which i live…but the story and drama and especially the mystery and reveals are as if they are writing it for ten year olds. This series needs a drastic spark. Its missing the magic thepat the first two scream films had. :(

  26. luis8787 says:

    This season of mtv , scream. was fine ..i think it deserves a season 3, but i also wanted to point out that the writers ,or, producers need to do a better job at hiding who the killer is. They just made it so obvious from the start that kieren was the killer. They gave away to many clues in regards to his character being the killer .But i must say this is by far one of the best horror shows that doesn’t include magic, demons, or, any kind of mythical creater to make it a true horror show or to make it interesting for that mater. it has great suspense, and, mystery leaving the audience wanting more or making them feel anxious onto what’s going to happend on the next epepisodes. Really looking foward for a season 3

  27. Shannon M Johnson says:

    I love the show I haven’t miss a single episode from season 1 or season 2. Both season were incredible if I’m was being made to choose which season is the best of the two I would have to say season 2 bc it kept me on my toes the whole time with all the surprises and clues that had me going back and forth of who I thought the killer was but the killer emma’s boyfriend he was one of my guesses. I really hope that the show comes back for a season 3. Please.

  28. Jailyn Thibault says:

    Why’d they have to kill Eli off ? But to the Scream TV Series producers & directors that was an amazing episode. 😊 big thumbs up !! Loved it & I honestly knew it was Kieran sineed episode 1 😂 but hope scream gets renewed for season 3 .

  29. C.C. says:

    Well it was already confirmed by the previous EP that Noah would have been one of the killers until the actor’s performance changed their minds. And judging by this interview saying that Noah could have a rippling PTSD side effect, I’m already reading in-between the lines that they’ll use Noah as a possible PTSD killer instead of Emma for a possible season 3.

  30. Keelin says:

    I’d like to know why stavo had jakes phone and I noticed everytime Brooke got a text stavo would have a phone out , was stavo one of the killers?

  31. Heather says:

    This show had my brain going nonstop trying to figure out till the very end who was the killer! Now I’m so upset it’s over and I wanna watch more! Ahhh I hope there will be a season 3!

  32. rula marshmans says:

    eli died v sad make him come back

    • Radha says:

      Really? Eli wasn’t a saint. He and his mother are con artists or grifters and he loves breaking into people’s homes and watching them sleep while he LETS them know he was in their house. I don’t know why people loved Eli so much. He’s just as creepy and crazy. He just hasn’t killed anyone.

      Maybe people like him b/c they think he’s cute. I found him annoying.

      • Lorna says:

        Completely agree Radha. Did not like Eli, but I felt bad for him in the finale. Too bad stupid Lang didn’t die. I’m disappointed they made Kieran the killer with weak reasons. He seemed like he really loved Emma.

  33. Scott says:

    I’d just like to say that I thought it was Kieran in season one as the killer was surprised when it wasn’t so for him to come out at the end of season 2 as the killer another surprise. Great show!
    Can’t wait for the next season 👍👍👍

  34. Kyle Carey says:

    please season 3, will complete me, u cant leave us with a cliff hanger like that and pursue a third season!

  35. Alex says:


  36. blah says:

    I hope there is a third season, love this show.

  37. Benjamin Di Federico says:

    I don’t have just a statement to be honest. I will say though the episode caught me off guard. I think the killer should of been Eli he made more sense yeah it would of been more obvious but it would of left me with out my question which is this. Who taped Kieran hands up for him in the carnival episode? Which ties into what Noah said in the finale about Piper’s accomplice getting their own accomplice. If the other accomplice is still out there what does this call that Kieran got mean for them could there be a murder spree off between the killers? If this accomplice is to be then there here is the only people it could be is Gustavo, Audrey, or Lang.

  38. Dom says:

    In season one I was totally flabbergasted when Piper was revealed as the killer, but with season two, I was sure it was Kieran from about half way through the season. Still loved how it panned out though. Looking forward to season three. (Although I have to admit that when I saw Audrey on that chair at the end I had a brief nagging in the back of my mind that I was wrong about Kieran being the killer and that Audrey was gonna be revealed as the killer after all) but when Emma shot Eli it confirmed for me that Kieran was the killer! I though oh no she’s shot the wrong cousin!

  39. Caroline Taylor says:

    I need a season 3 of this so badly. Season 2 was even better than the first and even though Kieran was always mentioned as being the killer I still suspected different people every week right until the end.

    • Dom says:

      Especially when Brooke’s phone was called in the theatre. Kieran was in the room with them when the call was made from the killer!

  40. Dom says:

    One question I do have that’s been bothering me! Who called Brooke’s phone? When the killer called Brooke’s phone after they arrived at the theatre, I thought I’d screwed up and that Kieran couldn’t possibly be the killer seeing as he was in the room with them when they received the call. Thoughts????

  41. Marco Piazzo says:

    So basically their take on season 2 was the original Scream?

  42. Emma Pattison says:

    i really hope theres a season 3, im completely obsessed with this TV programme i literally lived for Wednesdays (it came on my tv every Wednesday but i think it came on the tv on Tuesday in the US) i adore it so much!!

  43. Mr. Smith says:

    Love the show and can’t wait for season 3!!!

  44. Stephen says:

    I can’t express just how awesome Scream is. It resonates with me and my love for the genre. I think that it has taken it’s source material and cleverly elevated it. It has elements that are familiar, but it’s at the same time quite original. I definitely hope there’ll be a season 3. MTV needs to renew this so I can take a deep breath!!

  45. Lois says:

    Such an underrated show! I figured out that Kieran was the killer when Haley died but he’s always been suspicious. Loved that he was the killer even though it’s a little Billy Loomis. And I really need there to be a season 3, crossing my fingers!

  46. Creeping Death says:

    I still believe that Audry is guilty for at least one of the murders in season 1, and she actually dawned the Brandon James mask and costume, herself, on one ocassion this season. It will be interesting to see what happens to relationship with Emma going forward. Judging by what we saw at the ending of season two’s finale, it looks like Audry and Emma are going to become more than just friends in the near future.

  47. Lisa says:

    Im pissed eli had to go but bring on season 3!

  48. Korbyn Jackson says:

    You should have asked about Brooke’s mom and how she could be revealed, maybe as a killer?

  49. Vivianne says:

    need a season 3 !!!!!!!!
    love the show my favorite
    so many questions still and need to finaly know if Brandon James is still alive. you called Kieran ? who is the real masked murderer ! CAN’T WAIT

  50. David says:

    Kieran tenia un complice, en el episodio que atacan a la Srta Lang, atacan tambien a Eli y Emma. Queremos Temporada 3 !!!!