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Scream Killer Talks 'Shocking' Reveal, That Mysterious Finale Phone Call

After a compelling season of murder, mayhem and misdirects, Tuesday’s Scream finale revealed Piper’s accomplice to be none other than… Kieran Wilcox!

TVLine spoke with Amadeus Serafini about his character’s killer reveal, his future in Lakewood and the mysterious phone call he received at the end of the hour. (Was it Brandon James?!)

TVLINE | Let’s start with the question I have to ask: When did you find out Kieran was the killer?
I didn’t know until right before the table read for the finale. I went through the whole season believing I was the heroic character — and that wasn’t the case. It was pretty shocking.

TVLINE | You really went through two whole seasons thinking that. How do you feel about that in hindsight?
Kieran was much more the red herring in Season 1, since he wasn’t the killer. So there was an allowance to his creepy factor. He was able to get away with a lot more. I was playing it pretty genuinely, but in the first season, I thought I might be the killer — but then that changed. From then forth, I just decided I was going to stick to the words in the script and not give anything away.

TVLINE | According to the showrunners, Kieran was the other killer from Day 1.
Good on them for managing to not slip. If I had found out, I don’t know what I would have done, but my hope is that I wouldn’t reveal anything. … That being said, I’m looking at the Internet and there seems to be a good mix of opinions. People don’t really know.


TVLINE | Speaking of theorizing, who do you think was on the other end of that phone call?
If it is Brandon James, that’s really creepy. We haven’t seen him in adult form yet. I’m inclined to think it’s someone saying they’re Brandon James. It could go either way. Honestly, I have no idea how any of this is going to play out.

TVLINE | You’ve never played an inmate before. What was it like to step into that jumpsuit?
No, I haven’t. … It’s actually a really convenient piece of clothing. You just step into it and it zips up. It’s a onesie! … But it was actually really interesting to do those prison scenes, as brief as they were.

TVLINE | We only got a brief glimpse of the “real” Kieran. What was your inspiration in that scene?
I think I wanted to separate this killer from the killers we’ve seen in the Scream movies. I didn’t want to be Billy Loomis 2.0, and I didn’t want to be Crazy Stu. I wanted this to be its own thing. And, honestly, there wasn’t a ton of time for me to research and watch all of them. So I learned my script and I worked with my peeps, my castmates. I did watch some bits of movies, including Primal Fear. … And in this reveal, there’s all this new information about him having daddy issues and that he offed his own dad. This was all new material for me to incorporate.

TVLINE | Now that you know Kieran murdered — or at least helped to murder — all these people, which kill troubles you the most?
I think Zoe. I wasn’t expecting that. I sort of suspected Noah, even though he would have had to have an accomplice. So the fact that it was Kieran, and it was his decision to kill her purely to mess with Noah is really a stretch. He wasn’t holding back. He was ready to kill a bunch of people. … And the night clerk at the hotel! That was a really gruesome murder — the repeated jamming of the corkscrew in the neck. We had shot the finale when that episode aired, and I watched it and it shocked me. I thought, “Wow, that’s me!”

Were you surprised by Kieran’s big reveal? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. luvprue1 says:

    I wasn’t Suprise that Kieran was the killer, I think everyone suspected him. However I think there a second killer out there . The line at the end (who told you that you can wear my mask?) made me think that Audrey was the one who called Kieran at the end.

    • Honestly I think it’s Gustavo. Remember how earlier in the season his dad saw he owns the mask, by saying “who told you that you can wear my mask” makes me think it was him who made he call

    • Pink says:

      Could have been such a better finale if Amadeus Serafini was believable in the final episode. His performance just came across as cheesy and over the top.I think a lot of people thought he was the killer, the problem became the reveal. Rather than it being believable it was like we stumbled into a pre-read and the director told him to try acting as the Joker from Suicide Squad. It was ridiculous.

  2. Jeff C says:

    Soooo disappointed with the finale, and this season as a whole. It was pretty obvious that Kieran was the killer due to the fact that he pretty much was not that big of a presence this season. But at least they could have made his reveal/the finale as entertaining as last season’s. I honestly wouldn’t blame them if they canceled this show, it’s sadly become a chore to watch.

  3. Katie Brunsen says:

    I gathered that it was Kieran pretty early on… and it was pretty much confirmed when he was conveniently popping up out of nowhere every time there was an attack. That being said, it was still entertaining. As far as who is on the phone… I am absolutely lost… It could be Audrey, it COULD be Brandon James, but that seems kinda like… awkward? Perhaps another sibling that they haven’t found out about yet? I have no idea, Hell of a ride though!

  4. Maria says:

    I expected Kieran or his cousin as murder. The signs were to obvious. But that was ok. What I don’t liked was the episode. The hide and seek game from Emma and Adrey with the police. It was a kind of annoying. At the beginning of the season it was boring, the whole action happend at the end. And in the last episode it was again boring.

  5. Michaela says:

    Omg it’s Kieran 😮😲😦😦 but who called him in jail ??

  6. Mi says:

    I thought it was Eli at first but I diddnt want him to die

  7. emma says:

    Do you no who is the killer is

  8. Mia says:

    I figured it was Kieran but did he really do all this alone? There just might be another killer out there.
    The end sure makes it seems like Brandon James was the caller.

  9. Brandon James says:

    I kinda knew it would be Kieran who was gonna be the killer, but at the same time it was kinda obvious and I didn’t want it to be him but that’s part of the show and its inevitable. but all in all it was very good series and i enjoyed it a lot. Kudos to all the amazing actors!!

  10. novhgvrcia says:

    I thought the killer was Kieran and Eli but after he shot hit him I’m not too sure. But there is still that possibility that the killer (s) could have been like Scream (the first movie) and just had beef so they tried to kill each other but since Kieran is legit a psychopath and smarter than Eli he ended up killing him.

    • Rozaline says:

      I think your this theory is great! I was on a similar thought path, and I hope it gets renewed for another season so we can really find out for sure. It would be cool to find out that eli’s death was faked possibly somehow too.

  11. Cari says:

    This show is the reason why I have trust issues. Kudos to the writers for keeping us on our toes.

  12. Ayanangsha Bharadwaj says:

    I had been literally waiting like a dog for the season finale….not to find out who the killer was, but to see if I was right about who the killer was going to be……and shockingly and with disappointment, I was right about Kieran!!!
    Screams been like my MOST FAV movies even now, and to realize that SCREAM series were on, I was extremly thrilled! Definetly Scream seasons were equally AWESOME!!!
    I am not a genius or something HONESTLY,but since slasher thriller’s one of my fav genre of stories, I had my eyes and ears all open throughout season 2!
    My reasons for why I had Kieran as suspect was in episode 11 itself, right after Kieran managed to find out those letters to Piper by Audry. Eli had become a suspect right when we were told he had the habit of breaking into others’places…. a possible explanation for the murderer. But in episode 11, when all those proofs were found against him,it made clearer that Eli perhaps IS the killer! But what caught me was – why or how can the killer be so easily suspected with perfection??? Often in thriller movies a suspect at end becomes the prime suspect but when the killer is revealed, there stands the ultimate shock about who actually the killer is, and that always works on the viewers, especially when the killer is someone we really hope a lot NOT to be the killer. Realizing that, I was like,”How come Eli is the killer? Although it’s picture clear that he has to be it! But Eli has hardly made much scenes to make us comfortable to accept him as a new addition to the victims list unlike Zoe and Stavo.” So basicly there had to be a loophole, çause killers are never so easily caught! But it was at the end of episode 11,when Emma and Audry are handcuffed and Kieran comes up, I just had a random thought that perhaps Kieran killed Mr. Maddox and then came up……but then I realized that it was possible because he WAS the last one in the scene, and prior to that, since he and Eli stays in the same house, it could be easier to frame Eli as the killer!!! That’s when I finally concluded that I was being stupid with random ideas with no solid proof, plus Kieran’s like the emotional support for Emma throughout the show! So he just couldnot be, that’s what my heart said.
    But yet I was sure it couldnot be Eli because thriller stories are not that prdictable with evidences! Just like Eli, Stavo too had almost no action, and his least appearances too puts him off the killer list as well because action always ends with the original characters, hence the killer had to be one of the surviving LakeWood 5. Also, in episode 9,before Hayley gets stabbed, she kisses the ”special someone” proving that the killer’s a guy! Hence Emma, Brooke and Audry were off the list, leaving behind either Noah or Kieran! For some reason we knew it well that it could not be Noah, yet again Kieran’s left out!
    Thus I had a thought throughout that it might be Kieran,although I literally couldnot accept it, and hence was dying to see the last episode to find out who the killer was…..and then my thoughts just came out to be true……with those thoughts it was even easier to guess out Kieran to be the killer throughout the last episode…..specially when Brooke’s attacked, well saying to check out Audry gives him chance to abduct her and while Emma’s out attacks Brooke to imply that the killer was present…….
    That’s all!! I so sorry for such a long comment!!!!

  13. Cleveland says:

    It really shocked me a lot. I was really surprised honestly! I didn’t expect it to be him I really thought it was Brandon James after seeing the flash backs! Wow! Really wanna know who called him in the jail? Season 3?

  14. Skylar Johnson says:

    I didn’t see Kieran being the killer at all. It was such a great reveal. I really can’t wait to see how season 3 turns out.

  15. PJ D says:

    I’m kind of sad Eli ended up dying. Despite it being obvious he wasn’t the killer, i liked his mysterious relationship with Emma and i feel like there was more to discuss/learn about him. It also made me realize that the show killed off 2 of the three main characters they introduced (Eli and Zoe) and just kept Stavo as a replacement for the 5th Lakewood 5 survivor (as depicted in his drawing at the end of the episode) which kind of sucks a little. Love the series as a whole though and really hope there’s a season 3 and that they are able to step things up!

  16. fatsolio says:

    I agree with those saying the finale was disappointing as was the season.

    Emma getting the call early on in the theater couldn’t have been from Kieran seeing as he was with Noah at the time. That is unless Noah was his accomplice.

    Regarding the call to Kieran, it is probably Emma’s dad or perhaps the sheriff or maybe her mom.

    Was just poor writing overall for the season and I didn’t know there were new writers until a couple weeks ago which explained the mediocrity of the season.

    • Dan How says:

      I thought i was the only one who noticed that the call in the theater had any sense , I hope that in the new episode they clarify it

  17. Jamie keatley says:

    It was amazing loved every single bit, praying for a season 3!

  18. Alivia lindsey says:

    I think that night when will and piper where at that building I think that was kerian in the mask not Audrey. It makes perfect sense to kerian never really liked will.

  19. Jessica 75 says:

    Hoping for 3rd season. When I saw Emma almost kill Kieran at the funhouse I really didn’t think it was him. Loved it.

    • Jessica 75 says:

      Oh yes, and I want to say that Seth Branson’s murder scene was my favorite of the season. Superbly grotesque. Just how I like it!

  20. MeMeAndYou says:

    I think whether the killer had been Stavo or Eli too people would say “It was too obvious” because those two + Kieran were the ones I’ve seen most people been suspicious of. It reached a point where I’d be disappointed if it weren’t Kieran XD I do believe there’s another accomplice out there though. Still suspicious of Stavo.
    Also, ’bout time you kill Brooke rather just stab stab stab. Come on. She’s not a final girl.

  21. Alberto Ortiz says:

    Gustavo is the person who called at the end. He is mad that kieren used the mask. I also believe Gustavo killed Brooke’s dad to get closer to Brooke. So he is the only person she could trust and then he could play his sick games with her. Who knows, I may be wrong.

  22. DionGD says:

    I feel like they rushed the last episode abd kierans reveal as the killler was a little corny.. He wasnt convincing
    And i didnt get how emma was on the phone with kieran as the unknown number was calling at the same time it didnt make sense. Kieran was one of my top suspects but he had do many chances too kill off Emma and her firends that it didnt make sense too suspect him.

  23. Micaela says:

    I thought Kieran was the killer from about ep 1 of season 1. I couple of episodes later I worked out that Piper was the killer and the she must have had help and the accomplice was Kieran, so it was no surprise to me. And I have also thought for a while that Brandon James is still alive. So I think the phone call at the end of season 2 may have been him.

  24. Sid says:

    Shouldn’t it sat something that Stavo stole that lipstick and coincidentally everything on the mirrors written like in Emma’s locker, was written in the same type of lipstick? Makes it seem like it had something to do with Stavo, too. But one thing I think is im getting a little sick of the killer being one of them. I honestly personally thinknow Brandon James should come back. It would tie it back in to what the show is actually about. It all started with Brandon, so the killers just seem kind of random using him as the scapegoat i guess I’d say.. I don’t know, I’d just like it to be a little more logical and Brandon coming back would make the most sense or it being somebody that had something to do with Brandon. like I said, the whole thing stayed with Brandon James and i just think the show should be about the history and him/what happened. It would be cool to see him come back pissed off because they’re all using his mask and name to kill. I hope he comes back for revenge this season. Maybe these past 2 seasons where made to be to pull Brandon out of the woodwork and give him a reason to come back to Lake Wood looking for blood? Just my opinion. My apologies some of that was definitely a little repetitive. Just excited to see -if there is one- what the 3rd season will bring to the table, it definitely has potential to be great, as long as they don’t use one of the teenagers again as the killer then it’ll be a little too much and old. They need to make this next one a little bit more original.

  25. Bob says:

    Is there going to be a season 3

  26. Niklas says:

    But what is if kieran is not the final killer and just got blackmailed to pretend that he is the killer to protect emma?

    Would make sense in relation to his last question to his murder: “so you keep your promise?”

    Still mysterious ….

    • Niklas says:

      But what is if kieran is not the final killer and just got blackmailed to pretend that he is the killer to protect emma?

      Would make sense in relation to his last question to his murder: “so you keep your promise?”

      Still mysterious ….

  27. Eric says:

    Hey Keiran who told you to wear my mask..☻👻