Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Premonition Impossible

Carla “Green Eyes” Grunwald was a welcome sight on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars — even if her warning of an impending danger came about a season too late.

Ravenswood’s resident soothsayer, who’s been having “unsettling” dreams about Caleb and Hanna as of late, spoke of a mysterious “darkness” that’s apparently targeting the couple. And although she couldn’t get into specifics, the supernatural nose bleed she suffered at the mere sight of Noel Kahn pretty much confirmed what we’ve known since Season 1: Those eyebrows are up to no good.

Following a near-kiss with Caleb at the end of the hour, Hanna placed the world’s sketchiest phone call — something about money and keys and forgetting her name — before leaving to take care of… business. (Don’t bother asking me what that business is. I got nothin’.)

Elsewhere this week…

* Paige also made a “surprise” return to apply for the swim coach position at Rosewood High School. Over a somewhat romantic dinner with her fellow applicant, Emily rehashed her history with Paige, even blaming herself for their breakup a few years earlier. Paige — whose Olympic dreams apparently went up in smoke after a nasty car accident — seemed interested in rekindling their old flame, so you can imagine her disappointment at the sight of Emily and Sabrina together in the episode’s final moments.

* Speaking of Rosewood High School, Alison’s return to teaching couldn’t have gone less smoothly — unless, of course, a classroom full of black-hooded students is just RHS’ way of saying, “Welcome back Ms. D!” (And don’t think for a second that I missed Ali puking in the school bathroom. Could she be the Liar with a bun in the oven?)

* Aria came clean to Ezra about deleting Nicole’s phone call, and he reacted exactly as she feared. She smoothed things over by buying him a plane ticket to South America — which she got by cashing in their tickets to Italy — but the truth is: If Nicole turns out to be alive, Aria basically just handed her fiancé back. (What is the return policy on Ezras these days?)

* Team #Sparia tracked down the on-call doctor who helped deliver Mary Drake’s baby at Radley, and although he didn’t offer any earth-shattering reveals — those are clearly being saved for the summer finale — he did confirm that an underweight child of an unknown gender was handed over to County Family Services. (Could it have been Spencer? I mean, why else would she have been flipping through an old family photo album during that closing montage?)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Did you also catch Ali’s little moment in the bathroom? Do you believe Nicole is alive? And could Spencer be Mary’s secret child? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. E says:

    I don’t know what Hanna’s up to but I think she may have been talking to Mona. Who else would she know that could hook her up? I doubt she would have involved Lucas. Felt bad for Aria but we all knew that was coming out. I was proud of Ezra for not freaking out more.

  2. Riana says:

    It’s not Spencer. That’s too obvious.

    • Riana says:

      It’s probably Aria.

      • Axel says:

        My bet is on aria since nothing real bad has happened to her also is a reason why she and Jason can’t be together

        • whocares says:

          agree on Aria suggestion.
          maybe that is because uber A(who i think is marry drake’s baby daddy) was checking children of that age and close date of birth to this mystical baby. and noel and aria were the closest – noel called the doctor last episode, maybe checking his dna as he was informed on the possibility. but it wasn’t good, so uber a trashed his folder. aria ‘s was left.)))

          and baby will be Alison’s. most likely. with Em’s participation. this line will not be thrown away.

  3. Plllover says:

    Uhhh…so what exactly was the point of Grunwald?…to tell us that there’s going to be yet another red herring on the show? And seriously, can someone actually die on the show other than Sara Harvey who’s only part was to stare at Emily and make her feel uncomfortable each episode?

  4. Summer says:

    Ali, preggs benedict with Emily’s eggs, so that team Emison can be endgame.

  5. Ingmar says:

    Noel is not AD. There hasn’t been a larger red hearring than this before, lol. He’s up to no good though. I think Hanna called Mona. Spencer is Mary’s daugther. Would make the most sense. Aria would just come out of the blue. I suspect Ezra and Aria will make it in the end, but there will be lots of drama in between. Maybe Aria hooks up with Jason again, which will cause drama, or Nicole returns…or both scenarios happen. Their wedding will happen tho, I”m sure of it. Ali is pregnant with Emily’s eggs. As much as I want Paige and Emily together Emily will end up with Ali if they both survive till the end.

  6. Abhish says:

    I feel like Ali being pregnant is too obvious so thats not going to happen. Even though I don’t like Ezra I know he and Aria are endgame(come to think of it I don’t even like Aria). I feel like instead of Spencer, Melissa being that baby is more likely, but knows. And finally, let’s face it, we all know that call can only be with Hannah

  7. Abhish says:

    I feel like Ali being pregnant is too obvious so thats not going to happen. Even though I don’t like Ezra I know he and Aria are endgame(come to think of it I don’t even like Aria). I feel like instead of Spencer, Melissa being that baby is more likely, but who knows. And finally, let’s face it, we all know that call can only be with Mona

  8. Cas says:

    I hope Spencer isn’t the child. Also how come Aria and Ezra and Hannah and caleb (plus some think Ali and Emily) get endgames but Spencer gets nothing? Lame. I’d also prefer Emily and Paige over Emily and Ali.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m just still wondering why it was even teased that Aria and Jason had a thing in the missing years? They’ll just throw that out and that’s it?

      • Plllover says:

        Yeah…that’s the kind of stuff that’s frustrating me about season 7. It doesn’t even come close to the tight writing of the previous seasons. Right now I’m only watching it out of respect for previous seasons and to see the endgame. But I tell you what, if D’Arkest night sucks I won’t watch anymore.

      • Marina says:

        If you look at the trailer for next weeks episode I think they inform us what happens with Jason and Aria , you can see Aria climbing out of the bed and Jason is in it

      • Idk lol says:

        well in the books aria and jason had a thing, until he turned out to be a complete psycho

  9. SB says:

    Ok, maybe I missed something: Did the series creator actually say “someone will be pregnant” or is that just an interpretation of some other comment that has spread like wildfire? Because I’m not buying it. And Allison throwing up was probably more about PTSD then morning sickness. Also, Mary’s 2nd child going to child services pretty much confirmed for me that it is not Aria. If the child was Aria (and Byron’s brother was the biological father – which I know is a popular theory), then why wouldn’t Byron and Ella take the child the night it was born like Mrs. DeLaurentis did with Charles/Charlotte? I think this just reinforces my theory that Mary’s other child is Andrew, who we know was adopted so the child services thing makes sense.

    • Plllover says:

      Ok I need to weigh in…if Aria is AD then did she suddenly become some gifted hacker? Did she all of a sudden have time to torcher Hannah? I don’t think it’s any of the liars. All I know is Sidney Driscol is back on the summer finale.

  10. JKR says:

    Paige/Emily/Ali: while it was nice to see them reconnect, Paige looked ready to knock over a few garbage cans when she saw Ems with Sabrina. Longer term, I’m still going with Ali is pregnant with Emily’s eggs. That’ll probably be what reunites Emison.

    Mary Drake’s second child: Spencer or Aria. The scrapbook scene with Spencer at the end showed a pic of her at around 3-4 with a blonde girl. They seemed to focus on that so, I’m guessing that was her cousin Ali? I would have predicted twins, but the drunk doctor said he delivered a baby. Now we have that weird scene as well as the one when Hanna was held prisoner. However, Aria still seems to have something on her aside the obvious “A. D.” initials. Didn’t all this harassment start when she and her family came back from Iceland anyway?

    • SB says:

      To your last question: the first “A” was Mona and despite her intelligence/vindictiveness, it would have been hard for a 15 year old to torture Aria when Aria’s in Iceland. So she waited until all of the Liars were back to start her torment. I mean I know Charlotte caused Caleb’s mom’s car accident in California, but I see that more as a one off.

  11. Plllover says:

    I think Toby’s fiance killed Sara Harvey and got injured in the struggle so went back home and faked an injury. Isn’t it strange she was found injured right after Sara was found dead?

    • E says:

      That would be amazing. I don’t like Toby’s fiance. Unfortunately I think it is for sure Noel since he had the folder that was stolen from Toby’s. In the preview next week it shows Aria and Jason in bed so hopefully that’s a flashback. I want all the old couples back together before the finale. I love a happy ending.

  12. nadialus says:

    If it is Mona, I don’t understand why Hanna would tell her to lose her number?

  13. "A" says:

    A possible clue ( besides her ‘mother’ has red hair ) to Hanna being Mary second child, Charlotte’s younger sister, and Alison’s cousins is being born underweight psychologically drover her to become Hefty Hanna as a child, as she never felt full.

  14. DAMN says:

    I think drunk Dr Cochran is the baby daddy of Mary Drake’s 2nd baby.
    The was also a file for a Lisa Cochran when Ali was searching through the Class of 2012 files.

  15. Mandy says:

    I’ve been thinking that Mary could be Spencer’s mom. Her dad had an affair with Mary’s twin, hence Jason. Her dad could have mistaken Mary for Ali’s mom. They also knew each other (Mary told that to Spencer).
    However, I don’t know if Spencer’s mom would have forgiven him for that. She hated Jessica because they had Jason. Anyway, I’m not sure why Spencer’s mom would take care of her husband love’s child, unless they are going all soap opera and her baby died and someone switched the baby with Spencer.

  16. Kirsty says:

    Ali is going to get pregnant because uber A will somehow use Emilys eggs that went missing. Then in 2033, uber uber A will strike again ;-)

  17. Marlene told EW that the baby’s identity won’t be revealed until 7B ugh.

  18. Hannah L says:

    I’m sure it was made quite obvious that when Ali was searching through the filing cabinet, the only other file that the name wasn’t blurred out on was Lisa Cochran. Surely Spencer & Aria should have recognised her when they visited the hospital if she was in their school year. There’s some link between Mary’s unknown child, Dr Cochran and Lisa surely?

  19. Franz says:

    About Mary’s Child… Let’s remember Jenna’s been adopted by the Cavanaughs and we never saw their biological parents… Plus, it could all make sense: she being the second Drake baby could justify her recent link to Charlotte as well as the anger between her and Alison that lasts from the beginning (and even before: the Jenna thing, anyone? Their constant bitching towards one another…)

  20. Romi says:

    Spencer looks a lot like Peter Hastings and nothing like Mary Drake. Melissa is too old, the child has to be younger than Charlotte at least for 18 months. So if they pursue the Spencer storyline, they’ll have to make Peter (or someone alike) the father to make the details fit.
    Aria would be just disappointing, everything in the last 6 seasons points to her parents being her biologicals. I think Ella even told Aria a story about the pregnancy once.
    Noel is a good possibility too. I’d say Caleb if it wasn’t because I recall that he knows his biological mother and it isn’t Mary but a woman named Claudia.

    • Plllover says:

      Just a side note. Understand that just because a liar may be Mary Drakes child doesn’t necessarily mean she’s AD.

  21. idk lol says:

    Isn’t there a picture of troian pregnant? I thought I was it on her Instagram. She had a fake baby bump so what if it’s calebs? I wouldn’t be surprise tbh

  22. Whitney says:

    I feel like Hanna’s comment ‘so this is all just a test for Mary/marry?’could have been a huge clue.. like this whole thing has been a big set up to make sure whomever(s) are really ready for marriage. That honestly could be anybody. But I’m guessing it could be Ali and Emily. She could be pregnant, but she could be about to propose. The ‘bride to be’ crew at the Hotel/Radley was wearing rainbow (pride) feathered boas and were all girls, and Emily’s mom was really tight with them all. I think Paige showing up to the interview was a set up, possibly by Alison or Sabrina, as they were the only ones who knew about it. They’re just there so Emily has a chance to have other relationships before settling down with Ali. The big give away, in my opinion, are the Emison shirts they made recently for the show. I’m curious as to how Mrs. Grunwald knew that Hanna was at Lucas’ loft. I also don’t trust Hanna’s mom owning Radley. I think the moms know more than they are leading on. In the end it could be a total twist, changing everything we ever knew to be true. Who knows. I think in the end, Aria will end up with Ezra, Caleb with Hanna, Emily with Ali, and Spencer with Toby, and they will have a conjoined wedding. A-men!