Post Mortems
Power Recap Season 3 Episode 5 Holly Dies

Power Stars Talk [Spoiler]'s Brutal, 'Truly Unintentional' Death

This post contains major spoilers from Sunday’s Power.

Tommy, what have you done?

Sunday’s Power found the burgeoning drug kingpin fatally choking girlfriend Holly during a rage blackout after learning that she’d hired the Jamaicans to kill his estranged best friend, Ghost. While Holly’s death wasn’t completely unexpected — the Starz series rarely rewards characters who adamantly refuse to stay in their lane — nobody thought that Tommy would be the one to take the love of his life out for good.

Especially Joseph Sikora, who plays the violently impulsive Mr. Egan.

Once his shock wore off, “I told [showrunner] Courtney [Kemp] after I had read the script, I had re-read Of Mice and Men, because it reminded me so much of the scene with Lenny and the young girl at the end of the book,” Sikora says. (If you’re not familiar with John Steinbeck’s classic novel, let’s just say the scene in question involves a man who doesn’t know his own strength.) “It’s truly unintentional.”

Holly’s final scene began with Holly goading her boyfriend about not being able to carry out his boss Lobos’ command to kill Ghost. It quickly escalated to a fatal,  physical brawl that, portrayer Lucy Walters wryly notes, some viewers have been looking forward to for a while.

“That’s the best, when they’re like, ‘Holly needs to die,'” she says, laughing. “Honestly, I feel like it’s a gift. There are so many roles for women that are described as ‘sexy’ and ‘pretty’ and ‘nice,’ and there’s all this pressure to be liked… There’s been something paradoxically liberating in this, where it’s like, ‘Oh, I thought she was supposed to be the hot bombshell cocktail girl, but she’s actually not. She’s actually this. And knowing that, ‘Oh, they’re going to hate me no matter what, so I can lean into that and I can be ugly.'”

Walters adds, laughing: “When people hate her I feel like, ‘Well, yes. We’ve done our job.'”‘

Moving forward, Walters says, Holly’s demise will be incredibly tough for Tommy to reconcile. But finding out she was carrying his child…

“The blowback from that is going to be really long and really hard,” the actress says. “Say what you will about these two people, but what they had was actually real. Yes, they are two very complicated and very broken people, but it was a real love.”

She adds: “It’s not a Hallmark love, but it is a real one.”

Do you have an opinion on Holly’s death and how it will affect the rest of Power‘s third season? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. flowerduh says:

    Man! Holly was stupid! She just wanted Tommy all to herself but at what cost? I’m not saying she deserved such a violent end but she pushed Tommy to the edge.

  2. silverleaf says:

    Later Holly. though I will miss your style.

  3. Ian says:

    I just felt like they were giving a very loud, very juvenile audience something they wanted for popularity’s sake, and I’m done with Power now because of it. I’m not going to root for adulterers and lover-killers. It breaks my heart to hear Lucy laugh off how unliked her character was, when anyone in Holly’s place would do much the same.
    The way Ghost treated Tasha, and the way this show has treated gay characters and sexuality, has been a very big turn-off for me for awhile, but I could actually feel all urge to watch this show anymore just go cold and die in the pit of my stomach as Tommy strangled her.
    And of course they just dumped the body and reignited their brotherhood over it.
    Bye Power.

  4. Valerie says:

    Honestly, I’m glad she’s dead….she has been getting on my nerves since day one……bye bye… sympathy here……

  5. stoptrippn says:

    I’m hoping she played dead and rises up from the dirt 😬

  6. thewitchisdead says:

    OMG YAAS!, it finally happened.

    I have been watching the show recently and couldn’t stand her. thank you lord Jesus. my prayers have been answered.

  7. Blaurelb says:

    The death of Holly will have a profound effect on the relationship between Tommy and Ghost. Once the truth about Holly’s pregnancy is revealed, Tommy will want Ghost to make the ultimate sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice is to kill Angela for the family. The family as Tommy will point out is Ghost, Tommy, Tasha and the children. Will Ghost have the strength to make this decision?

    • Rachel says:

      Wow, that is quite a profound statement…I was thinking of what Ghost could do to match that sacrifice…and yes…it would be Angela…

      • R says:

        Check this out…ghost doesn’t have to do anything but kill Lobos! He already made a sacrifice when he killed times beef! Holly crossed the line and it wasn’t about all this love /?-$t ….she was scared and she was jealous of the @ bond between tommy and ghost…good riddance ..@ the witch is dead @ Val I agree

        • Valerie says:

          @R….Thank u…..I couldn’t stand the b$&@? Any longer so I’m glad she’s dead….Hell everyone had a celebration party today….That shows how much she was hated…….

    • Ariel says:

      Good point, but if you think about it Tariq would have most likely died if Ghost had been killed. Holly and the baby dying can be seen as equal to what she called on ghost, which if carried out would have lost his son. Plus, Ghost also saved Tommy from the Koreans, so Ghost doesn’t really owe Tommy anything, or something as deep as killing Angela, they just need each other so they can move forward.

    • mag says:

      Naw, that don’t make sense, it’s not like Ghost ask him to kill Holly.

    • Vado says:

      Sorry but if you kill a federal agent your life is over…holly deserved to die…she was too damn nosey anyways…oh right you must have forgotten that she attempted to cash the big check Tommy received or that she stole earrings from Tasha which Tommy claims as family…gtfoh

  8. Rachel says:

    I don’t think what Tommy and Holly had was love-what it was was real life emotional manipulation and dependency…I think Holly emotionally abused Tommy. Though I did not care for Holly-and I knew it would have to be Tommy that killed her…the writers and actors did an AWESOME job at extracting sympathy from me that I did not know EXISTED for Holly within me…

  9. Blaktheoru says:

    Holly was a manipulative red headed b….
    and she had Tommy twisted until she really got out of her lane..She will not be missed!

  10. Kenny says:

    Best episode yet. holy moly i was on the edge of my seat. cant wait for more. this deserves an oscar. holly and tommy acted their butts off wow

  11. Chyna2016 says:

    I think it will be a shocker to Tasha if she finds out. I also think the season would still be interesting since Holly isn’t in it. I feel like she wanted to be to noisy in everything with Tommy and Ghost, she knew more than she should have. Her character was to sneaky and underhand simply she couldn’t be trusted. I was hoping she woke up though because she never got a chance to tell Tommy she was pregnant. I’m glad Ghost and Tommy reunited, sad that it had to be on those terms.

  12. Johnnie Mae says:

    Well, I knew something was going to happen to her ass. Because she was trying to be like Ghost’s Wife. She wanted her and Tommie to wear their shoes so BAD that i knew she was going to jump the gun and get KILLED. Well I am glad that happened to her now maybe Tommie and Ghost can become friends again. Sooooo long Holly Molly. LOL LOL LOL 😄😄😄😄😄

  13. R says:

    Ghost,Tommy, Holly ….true raw talent….Lobos & AUSA Angela are also breath takers….the jamicans ….wooooo.. Y’all had the facial expressions and everything down to a science….but see that security..understatement….Secret Service/ Tactical Unit! Whoever listens to their boss anyway,rt?

  14. Phillip says:

    I liked Holly.
    She was real. She was like so many women I know
    she was like most women I know…almost all of them.
    I will miss her with Tommy. They looked and acted just like a real
    The show will be different without you now.

  15. Michael Bell says:

    Holly was a pain. She was a wannabe in every sense of the word. I am glad thet Tommy found out that Ghost saved him. Ghost could have bought it last nite in front of his son. That was close.

  16. Leana says:

    Glad she’s gone. She was nothing but trouble. Even his crazy mother said “get rid of her”.

  17. Heidi says:

    That was quick! We predicted last season that Tommy would be the one to kill Holly. A lady and I were talking about the show, and I said Holly is going to get herself killed, and she said yes, and Tommy is the one who is going to do it. I was expecting it just not this soon.

  18. Phillip says:

    Mid Season 4—- Holly was the Black sheep…no secret there.
    MOLLY is the twin sister of Holly.
    Molly is educated, smart as whip and is a force to be reckoned with.
    Mollys look is a platinum blonde, wears stylish glasses. Fingers are always twitching from mentally calculating her next several moves.
    She is highly intelligent, Street savvy from learning from her sister holly growing up.
    she has an arsenal of people, tech smart, and skill set
    …put your seat belt on…because the real ride is about to start on POWER.

  19. Er8 says:

    Good! She gone never liked her,the show won’t miss a beat without Holly.

  20. Daniel snow says:

    I never liked Holly, but her death was so unexpected. What I mean is I knew she was going to die One day but I did not think she was going to die by the hands of Tommy.
    She should have left when Tommy told her to go. If she did come back later she could have gotten his good graces by saying she was pregnant.

  21. Marche says:

    Makes me think about when she handcuffed Tommy last season to tell him she talked to the Feds. She knew he was unstable. Now we know what would’ve happened if she didn’t handcuff him!

  22. “nobody thought that Tommy would be the one to take the love of his life out for good.”
    Highly inaccurate. You’d have to be extremely naive and desensitized to domestic violence not to see this coming. Tommie could have killed Holly once before. She survived because she cuffed him and he couldn’t get to her. He was raving like a maniac, barking at her to come closer. He would have broken his neck a while ago had she obeyed him. Tommie’s crazy, unstable, violent and when he started shoving Holly, it was clear she was not long for this world.

    • Power Fan says:

      I agree. Some people have forgotten the scene in the park when Holly first returned. Tommy told her then that he’d choke her out right there, “in front of God and everybody”. It doesn’t take much to imagine what he would do behind closed doors if she pissed him off again, especially considering the things she was saying to him.

  23. Leta says:

    It was a very wild ride with those two. Holly wanted a Bonnie an Clyde life. Tommy wanted a sit and look sexy. The were both caught up in the game. Tooo much for me

  24. Abi Cape Town says:

    Holly’s death by Tommy’s strangle hold was brilliantly acted out! Sikora portrayed a very real believable act of “murder by mistake”… I wonder what the courts would make of this case… I mean that Holly was damn pushy as a girlfriend to be approaching Jamaicans on her own to take out Ghost! serves her right

  25. Phyllis Martell says:

    It was time for her to go between her and the ya, he was too distracted. Good she’s gone

  26. lala says:

    In my Pam off Martin voice…✌ Peeacce. Never liked the bitch!

  27. Delvito1965 says:

    I knew it was gonna be tommy. To me it was clear that tommy had very ambivalent feelings over killing ghost. And holly pushing tommy should have been obvious to her that she should have stayed in her lane amd let tommy figure it othafor himself. Everyone knows Tommy is off the reservation so she asked for her death especially since he did t know she was pregnant whuch she should have told him. It was a crazy scene but so well acted that i am an even bigger fan after that episode. #mymantommy

  28. John says:

    Totally expected because she kept going outside her lane against Tommy’s wishes. Tommy’s no cHump and takes his business very serious but, how do you kill a guy that you consider your brother? Deep down, he knows Ghost will be there for him.

  29. Dave says:

    To the editor, why bother putting a big SPOILER warning at the top of the article if your internet search blurb yells HOLLY GETS MURDERED before I even click on the link to get here?

  30. sno says:

    Didnt Holly scratch Tommie as he was choking her. I think they are going to find her body and check DNA under her fingers. At this time they will announce dead woman was pregnant at the time of her death. Checking DNA will reveal Tommie as killer. This will be the cliffhanger and end of this season. How will tommie get out of this?

    • N says:

      I agree! Double murder smh. Didn’t know that it would be Tommy that killed her, but I kept thinking that whoever killed her would be charged with double murder because of the baby. DNA all in her nails smh.

  31. Judith Delancy says:

    I was so happy Tommy killed her. I wanted Tommy and Ghost to go back to being brothers from another mother.

    The chemistry between Ghost & Tommy, is the best acting ever. I’m completely convinced they are Madd tight.

    Episode 5 had me on the edge of my bed, screaming at the television
    ” noooooo please don’t kill ghost.” Lol

  32. Eve says:

    I really loved Holly Thought she was a little crazy and although a lot of people are happy to see her gone I really wanted her to stay and fix not only herself but also tommy.She is one Hell of a Good Actress.

  33. La Shawn Turner says:

    I must say it was really sad for holly and I did not want her to die at all. To bad that the baby had to die as well and I feel sorry for Tommy as well. I know she was the love of his life and vice a versa.

  34. Shawn Doles says:

    He did what he was suppose to do . Holly just made the wrong decision she may have stay around a lot more longer . But it won’t stop a thing it is something we just have to deal with .

  35. Bev says:

    I really wanted Holly dead but I would had never imagined Tommy doing it. She worked my nerves so badly. I feel so bad for Tommy though cause he truly loved her.

  36. kamsy isiogu says:

    Well , I don’t know what to say about Holly ‘ s death. To be honest I’ve mixed feelings for her sooo I’m kind of happy she’s death cause she was kind of a push over and a snitch . I’m s ad because I feel like she was the only one that like ever understood tommy. But I’m happy VERY HAPPY! ! IN FACT I’M EXCITED ….!!!

  37. Lia treadway says:

    What is the name of the actress that plays MJ?

  38. lawanda harris says:

    i dont think she is dead i thing she is down with the russians i think they followed them and they have her i think thats why they didnt kill tommy wish i could be on that show

  39. I am glad holly is gone, she was dingy, I hope Angela is next, I would keep holly and get rid of Angela I can’t stand her, she will screw anybody then look pitiful afterwards.