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Supernatural Spoilers Season 12

Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles on Mary's 'Tricky' Family Reunion — Plus: What's Mom Hiding?

Does Mary Winchester have a big secret?

When Supernatural returns for Season 12, Dean and Sam may discover that what they know about their newly resurrected mother’s history isn’t entirely accurate.

“The story’s always been, ‘Once Mary married John and settled down, she stopped hunting,'” showrunner Andrew Dabb says. “But we’re going to find out maybe that’s not the whole story.”

In the present day, Mama Winchester will be haunted by her fiery demise and “the ripple effects” of her death. For starters, it sent her two sons down a hunter path that she didn’t want for them, which is “going to be difficult for her to process,” Jensen Ackles previews.

“Sam blames Dad for all the hunting stuff, but really, you could argue it’s Mom’s fault,” Jared Padalecki points out. “She was the hunter. It was the Campbell family, not the Winchester family. It wasn’t her fault, but it was her lineage that led us to where we are now.”

But rather than focusing on who’s responsible for their current gig, “the boys know that this is their life, this is what they’re good at [and] this is the way they can best help the world,” Padalecki continues. Still, it is a dangerous job, so it’s not surprising that “we’re going to see Sam probably not want his mom to go out and hunt.”

“It’s my mom, man! I don’t want to see her get punched or shot or bit by a vampire!” Padalecki says.

Meanwhile, Dean’s got his own response to Mary’s return, and it ain’t pretty:  “If you saw the trailer [at Comic-Con], [his] reaction is done face down in the dirt because she flips him,” Ackles shares. (Good to know death hasn’t dulled Mary’s fighting skills!)

“It’s interesting because, yeah, she’s his mother, but she’s also a stranger,” Ackles adds. “That adjustment is going to be very tricky.”

Supernatural Season 12 premieres on its new night, Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. Shaun says:

    That might be an interesting story line.

  2. clintbrew says:

    i wonder if mary will meet jody mills

  3. Tom says:

    Still not a fan of bring Mary back I hope it is temporary and only lasts a couple of episodes.

  4. ninamags says:


    Cannot wait for this new season.

    No matter how much Mary knew back in the day, her skills have atrophied from so many years of non-use. I wonder if she’s gonna make her sons run her thru some drills.

  5. I love Mary and I’m glad she’s coming back. Can’t wait to learn more about her past.

  6. Carrie says:

    October seems so far away. I’m excited to see what the show will be like with Mary back. I think it’s a very clever twist. The boys have always wanted their mother, but things are going to be very complicated for all of them.

  7. Rob Horine says:

    Is the story going to touch on if Mary was in Hell? She made a deal with Yellow Eyes. Otherwise, why would Chuck restructure her?

    • wgsecretary says:

      Mary was in heaven. We saw that in the episode where Sam and Dean were in heaven. And, Amara brought her back because she wanted to give Dean what he wanted most since he helped her and her brother make up.

      • SupFan says:

        What we saw in Heaven in season 5 was not Mary. Zachariah even said it was ‘the memory’ of Mary. It was not real, just another angel trick. The last time we saw the real Mary, she ‘destroyed’ herself in season 1 getting rid of the poltergeist in the old Winchester house.

    • SupFan says:

      Even Yellow Eyes said the deals he made had nothing to do with souls. The deal simply stated that in 10 years Yellow Eyes could enter Mary’s home (so he could bleed into Sam’s mouth).

      Mary was never in Hell. The last time we saw her ghost was in season 1 at the old family house (the season 5 Heaven scene was something Zachariah made up to look like Mary to torture Sam and Dean.)

      Not only did Chuck not rescue Mary, but Chuck had nothing to do with Mary’s resurrection. Amara brought Mary back from where ever to thank Dean.

  8. Angie kelly says:

    Somehow story is always wrapped up nice. You guys rock. But…the Amira, GOD, thing, didnt cut it. Please, keep the script honest. Stay on air forever😄😄😄😄😄💞💖

  9. October cant get here soon enough. Im so glad the whole chuck as god thing has moved on. Glad to see mary back no one will ever replace bobby but its a start.

  10. Missy says:

    Sounds awesome :)

  11. Pat says:

    I am excited to see the new season, start up. I wil wait to see a few of the shows with Mary in them, before I have any opinion. I am just happy to see the guys back for season 12.

  12. Chloe Tilly says:

    Yessssss! Can’t wait for the new season to start!

  13. PIGNAPOKE says:

    WIll reserve judgement on whether it was wise to add Mary back in. But remember she wasnt in heaven and wasnt in hell or purgatory. It was said she cancelled her energy out defending Sam from the Poltergeist (I think it was season 3 not sure) There is nothing she can teach Sam or Dean. They have gone far beyond what any hunter has learned. That ship sailed in season 4. Even God said Dean was created to be the firewall between good and evil. He isnt just a Hunter. Everyone has gotten over Marys death. Do we expect her to go back to making tomato rice soup for Dean ? no. Or be a hunter again? no. I just dont get it. Furthermore – she would remember Dean – he isnt a stranger. He has appeared many times as an adult in her life. Unless Amara didnt lift Michaels “forgetfulness” from Mary. No doubt SPNs writers are going to have to rise to a level they have never hit to make 12 and 13 satisfy this particular fan base. Im not convinced theyre up to the challenge. Ill watch anyway. Word of caution – I saw something about a spinoff… HAVENT THEY LEARNED THEIR LESSON YET?! You cant “CW-Model” your way through SPN! This CANNOT be “kissing vampires” show! Thats another fan base of teen girls. Prefer you kill the show rather than ruin it guys!

    • Lisa says:

      The “spinoff” being spun is supposedly the Wayward Daughters featuring Sheriff Jody Miles with Clare and Madison (? I think that is her name) and maybe Sheriff/Deputy Donna helping to train young female hunters – this might be a good place for Mary to transition to …

      The spinoff attempt 2-3 years ago with the five families was indeed awful and a CW idea

  14. Andrew Hass says:

    Sam and Dean while growing up may only have been told so much about their mother by their father.Plus it could be interesting if Sam and Dean have differing views where the mother is concerned as the season goes on.At first they might be happy that she’s alive but then things could change as secrets about her come out.

  15. It would be interesting to see if their mom is the new bobby. As much as i love the mythology I hope they end it after this season and end it on a bang

  16. Rahiem says:

    Can’t wait to see the next season. October is to far away. I want to know what dean an Sam is going to do and now Mary so am guessing its going to be more interesting

  17. Noah says:

    Please please bring back Bobby

  18. Liz says:

    Maybe Mary had a little lamb is probably the reason why they bring her back.

  19. Mary_dies says:

    Although Mary has returned, we all know its only temporary. Usually the writers bring someone back, they tend to die off. So I’m waiting to see how they kill her character off again.