Thomas Gibson Fired

Criminal Minds: Thomas Gibson Fired in Wake of On-Set Altercation

Thomas Gibson‘s two-episode suspension from Criminal Minds has become a full-fledged firing. In a statement, ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios — which co-produce the CBS procedural — said, “Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds. Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date.”

The move comes in the wake of an on-set altercation in which Gibson allegedly kicked a producer. “There were creative differences on the set and a disagreement,” Gibson said earlier this week. “I regret that it occurred. We all want to work together as a team to make the best show possible. We always have and always will.”

As reported by Deadline, this latest incident was the second of its kind for Gibson, who years ago reportedly shoved an assistant director and subsequently was made to attend anger management classes.

“I love Criminal Minds and have put my heart and soul into it for the last 12 years,” Gibson said in a statement to TVLine. “I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won’t be possible now. I would just like to say thank you to the writers, producers, actors, our amazing crew, and, most importantly, the best fans that a show could ever hope to have.”

Gibson’s character, BAU Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, will likely be sent away on special assignment in Season 12’s third episode. During TVLine’s Season 12 preview Q&A with Erica Messer, the showrunner made mention of a storyline that will take Hotch off the canvas. Setting up the return of Paget Brewster as BAU team member-turned-Interpol agent Emily Prentiss, Messer told Matt Mitovich, “Prentiss is doing essentially temporary duty with us, while Hotch is on temporary duty doing something that the Director tapped him to do.”

Gibson’s Hotch will thus be off-screen “for a couple of episodes,” Messer said at the time, “and then we’ll get to see what that assignment was about. It’s a big thing that will play out.” Or… not.

Criminal Minds Season 12 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 28.

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  1. Guy says:

    Thank goodness. Kicking someone should’ve resulted in immediate firing. Ridiculous.

    • Michael says:

      Maybe there was something more to the story; in the words of Keenan Thompson “We weren’t there. We don’t know who did what to who. Who did where to what. We weren’t there.”

      • KrisSimsters says:

        I agree. There’s always more to the story than what the media posts

        • Right says:

          And given that they fired the guy, it’s a pretty fair assumption that the “more” to this story would NOT bode well for Thomas Gibson.

          • Gary Eldonrek says:

            “Fair assumption” ???

            That statement seems fairly biased to me. … Why do you just assume that details would stack up against Gibson rather than against the producer/director who might have incited the whole altercation ?

            Did Gibson throw the first blow, or was he returning a shove or a chest poke or some other physical aggression dished out by the other guy?

            Again, why … is it a “fair assumption” that Gibson deserved to be fired instead of it being a “fair assumption” that the producer/director did something really unusual to provoke Gibson, and since he was a producer, he had the POWER to knee-jerk react by firing Gibson ?

            Maybe it’s a good move for Gibson anyway. … He should be the proper choice for Mr. Spock in a future STAR TREK movie, and then he could have the last laugh.

          • Aimee says:

            It’s a fair assumption because

            A) Gibson has done something like this before and there for has a history. No, that doesn’t mean he is automatically guilty because he has a history but it does mean he is capable of it.

            B) If the producer also got physical you can DARN sure believe that we would know about it. There is NO way that would stay quiet. Gibson would have said something about it in his defense and there are a number of people around who would have witnessed it. Word would have gotten out.

            C) Nobody has said anything bad about the producer. And don’t tell me they wouldn’t because they are afraid for their jobs. Secrets get leaked anonymously from TV studios all the time. If anybody thought that Gibson was being treated unfairly they would have found a way to say something. Nobody has.

            Of course we weren’t there and don’t know what really happened. But, given his history and the fact that not one single person is sticking up for him(including Gibson himself) it is a fair assumption.

          • Right says:

            People with producer credits don’t have firing power over cast. Don’t be naive. A producer is usually a staff writer who’s been around long enough to work his way up to a producer credit. But TPTB know where their bread is buttered, and it’s not by an unknown writer. If he did something to provoke Gibson he’d have been gone in a second. Thomas Gibson is the face of this franchise. The fact that they FIRED HIM definitely indicates that his behavior has been problematic for some time. That this was the straw that broke the camel’s back is a very fair assumption.

          • Mark says:

            If its as bad as this article and the studio are making why were no charges filed ??? Then it carnt have been that serious, which leads one to think there is something else at play here.

        • TV Gord says:

          …and message board commenters sure love to fill in the blanks with hypotheses that somehow become fact, if they seem plausible to people.

        • marcus says:

          Like the fact that this was not Gibson’s first time putting his hands on someone at the show. Google it.

      • maggie says:

        This is the 2nd time Gibson has attacked a co-worker. The first time he had to go to anger management classes. That indicates that he was the responsible party, and that the show knew he had anger issues.

        That the show fired Gibson, their lead actor, over this current matter shows that he was the responsible party. They gave him a second chance the last time, but he blew it.

        • Paige says:

          Isn’t there a DUI in there somewhere too?

          • Maria says:

            Yes. In 2013. The charges were eventually dropped…cuz…you know…celebrity.

          • Kaz Williams says:

            He did not get off DUI case actually. Again all on record but believe what you want to to. Also this was totally blown out of proportion and heavy handed police (as clearly shown on video). He was apparently arrested for going up a one way street…yep, and he was going up it the correct way. He apparently went through a police barrier…yep, because he was entitled to as a resident. He was actually stopped and arrested outside his appartment. I know this part of LA . It was claimed he was resisiting arrest. Even the biggest cynic might argue with that having viewed the video. Basically because he is in the public eye, even the most mundane event is totally blown out of proportion.

        • misty clark says:

          just because there was an incedense once doesnt mean it was his fault maybe the person he pushed had an attitude or did something he wasnt suppose to hachner was the star of the show he made them alot of money he dont deserve to be fired what about the fans guess they dont care about us

          • Angela says:

            How do you figure they don’t care about the fans? Getting rid of a cast member who’s causing trouble on set so the show itself isn’t further negatively impacted is proof they’re thinking of the fans. They want to end things as smoothly as possible so it can still go on and fans can still keep watching.
            I loved the Aaron Hotchner character, too, and I’m sorry the show and Thomas Gibson have found themselves having to part ways like this, and think it’s sad. But I also think the show is making the right decision for the cast, crew, and fans at large, as well as Gibson himself.

          • Maxwell says:

            CBS and ABC know what firing Gibson will affect the fans and will most likely result in loss in viewership and ratings. But the CM set is also a workplace and physical violence should not tolerated in the workplace. It’s a big controversial move for a network to fire the lead in popular long-running drama. This isn’t the first altercation he’s had on set. He was given a second chance, he blew it. As much as I like Gibson and Hotch, I’d say firing him was justified.

          • marcus says:

            so people are supposed to what, accept a less than place because he’s the “star of the show that made them alot of money.” With a blank script let’s see how far his star power goes. With no camera operators, let’s see how far his star power goes, no editor, no script supervisor, no craft services, no drivers, no one to open or close the set. It takes a legion of people to make a show successful, and no one is better than anyone else.

          • Teebaby says:

            It’s “incident” and his name on the show is “Hotchner” not hachner. Do you look at the show? Geez…punctuation, run on sentences…just all over the place.

        • Carol says:

          Did anyone stop to think they may have wanted him to do something that he didn’t think was safe or injure someone else. They may be stepping it up running out of sinerios for shows. With Shamar gone also they would have to step it up

      • AM68 says:

        He physically assaulted someone! I don’t care what the “more to the story” is. I don’t know where you live but where I’m from you don’t get to physically assault your co-workers and keep your job.

      • Karen says:

        Second offense says it all. He was sent to anger management classes after his first physical contact with a crew member. He is old enough to know better and he should have more self-discipline when he disagrees with someone.

        I do not like it but I do understand why they had to fire him. He was given a chance and kicked it.

      • June says:

        Lol at someone quoting Keenan Thompson, of all people, like he’s some sort of shaman.

        Gibson is an actor, which is a job. If a studio fired the lead, especially in today’s lawsuit-inclined age, there has to have been more than enough reason.

        I hope if someone kicks you at work, nobody comes up behind them, quoting Keenan Thompson.

      • dragons3 says:

        At least one media story (and, darn it, I can’t remember which one) reported that eye witnesses said the writer provoked the incident by taunting Gibson and following him around and making aggressive gestures, and that the writer is trained in martial arts. Sounds like there’s wrong on both sides.

    • Kimberly Carey says:

      Were you there? DO you know the circumstances? No? Then shut up.

    • David4 says:

      More so when you have a history of this!

    • Nellie says:

      According to most reports the other guy started the altercation

    • Temperance says:

      After having met a few producers, I’d say the deserve to get kicked – a lot. There is more than one way to abuse someone… and it’s doubtful the producer is innocent (either).

    • Karen Alleb says:

      Well you really don’t know the whole story. It could’ve been, “NOT A BIG DEAL”! Firing him, “IS” a big deal for the series. They might want to think about it a little more. He’s a HUGE assets to the program.

      • TJ. Church says:

        I agree firing someone from a series they have worked on for so long is a relatively-big deal, as was his wrongdoing off-camera (& not his first occasion of such on his show).

        Also, so many are acting like firing him is a huge loss, but the little I have watched of the show has proven to me every time that other members of the cast are talented enough to fill in time on the show if the script is written for their characters instead of another’s, as they no doubt will be after his rightful ouster.

    • Karen Allen says:

      Producers need to think about this. Afterall, he did apologize. Thomas is the top gun on the show one of the main reasons I watch it. Fantastic team leader. So SAD!

  2. Claudia DellaRipa says:

    Don’t think I will continue watching. With him and Sharmar gone, really what is the point!?

    • RebeccaB says:


    • I agree. Shemar and Hotch made the show.

    • amysue4772 says:

      You must be a huge fan, since in 11 years you didn’t even bother to learn how to spell Shemar’s name

    • MMD says:

      Doesn’t matter what happened because we will never hear both sides and there is ALWAYS another side. CM wasn’t must see tv for me but I doubt if I’ll ever watch another episode with both he and Shemar gone. All parties involved could have come up with a better resolution to what “exactly happened”. The show will do well to last this upcoming season as this will upset a lot of fans.And NO, I do NOT CONDONE violence in any circumstances.

    • favoured7 says:

      Me either

    • tannerose5 says:

      I can give you many many reasons to watch: Reid, Rossi, JJ, Garcia, Tara, the new guy Adam Rodriguez, Prentiss, and a multitude of guest stars, and good story lines, There have been shows in the past that have lost part of the cast, but have continued to thrive. Look at Law and Order, they have changed many an actor, and still, they are on television.
      I think CM will do just fine. Maybe bring Emily in to temporarily take over unit chief while Hotch if on “temporary duty” somewhere. Hell, maybe Shemar may come back for a few. Thomas needs help in the anger management department.

      • preta4 says:

        SHEMAR has Already stated that he WILL be doing some episodes off and on, CBS NEVER closed the door him so ALL those who’re leaving WILL miss out on his appearances.

        • Not really. I stopped watching when Derek left but I will be watching any episode Shemar is part of in the future. TV Line (and other TV sites) will announce his return and all I and his other fans will have to do, is identify the episode and watch it online.

          • Carolyn says:

            Wow! I feel the same. After Derek reduction the show was on life support . Now no Hotch show definitely dead to me. Season 12 epip. 2 over and out. Other character good but played with Derek and Hotch they are great.

        • Robert Cruz says:

          No we won’t miss out, with today’s digital age,we can watch just about any show anytime.

    • Charlene Wallington says:

      I agree, I will be moving on, I will miss seeing him.

    • Heidi says:

      Agree, I’m out as well as he was the main reason I watched…….

    • Denise hoopes says:


    • I agree, I love all the characters , but with these two two gone, it won’t be the same show, I love hitch character, I really hate to see them go. I probably won’t watch any more

  3. Diane says:

    He needs to get help.

  4. Jenny Rarden says:

    Oh sh…oot! I didn’t think they’d make that move, especially given that I read the other guy was basically in his face being an a-hole and egging him on. Guess this isn’t the first altercation he’s been in, but still. Dang! :(

    • Cory says:

      I think his temper has gotten him into trouble before on the set of CM, which MAY have had something to do with why he got fired this time.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      Even if that other guy was in Gibson’s face and egging him on Gibson had the option to walk away and go to the higher ups and complain that one of the producers was provoking him.I also wonder now if there were witnesses to what happened and their statements didn’t help Gibson.

      • Right says:

        It’s a TV show set. OF COURSE there were witnesses.

      • Jerry says:

        Well if someone got in my face and challenged me I think I’d hit him. If the producers being a dink and expected the other person not to retaliate than the producer is a moron.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Sounds like Gibson isn’t the only one who needs help.Violence is NEVER appropriate.

        • KLB says:

          Sure, and you’d likely get fired. Actions have consequences, people.

        • AM68 says:

          Sooo… we are to assume that if you worked in an office and an argument got heated you would think it’s perfectly fine to but your hands on someone? Wow. Well lucky for the rest for your coworkers that just like Mr. Gibson you’d be immediately fired as well.

        • Robert says:

          Spoken as a MAN, you get in a persons face expect to get b***h slapped if anyone ask you why? Tell them in the words of Michael Jackson” tell them that it’s Human Nature”

          • Angela says:

            No, it’s stupid macho pride at work is what it is. There’s plenty of other ways to handle confrontation that don’t involve getting physical. The fact that people think violence is the way to solve things is why we have so many problems in this country.

          • TJ. Church says:

            Maybe the first time. However,… No matter whose side of what story you believe, this wasn’t the first physical altercation (at least not for Thomas).

            No matter all the “stupid macho pride” or whatever you wish to call it, I for one am shocked there are so many bullies in the average city/society. Not that I haven’t gotten into my share of physical altercations. However, I can count the number I’ve started & have most (if not all) of my fingers left. If this person was on-set/site for Thomas’ first altercation, it was simply “stupid” for them to do anything that would even go near making him mad afterward.

          • marcus says:

            I wouldn’t jeopardize my livelihood, nor put my family in a messed up situation because my pride was hurt, Never, not for anyone. Say what you want, I’ve got plenty in return, but once it gets physical it’s another story, that other guy could have laid him out after he kicked him, but he didn’t and there’s a reason for that.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      So sorry for it all, one never knows who couldn’t take it from whom, anymore, or just two too creatives. But…David Caruso, anyone? The husband is going to start watching Criminal Minds again because “Delko’s” going to be on it.

  5. Steven says:

    Wow! I’m really curious what they have planned now.

    • Susan Wood says:

      Not curious at all. If they are writing him out then I won’t be watching and I don’t care how they write him out. Many new shows coming out so I’m sure I can find a new show to watch.

      • Susan in Oz says:

        Ditto! Love Hotch. Won’t be watching Criminal Minds without him in it.

        • favoured7 says:

          Yes , I’m sooooo done

        • manow says:

          I agree, I love Hotch and firing him just made CM unwatchable for me. Everything is blown up out of portion and people commenting like they know everything. I’m supporting Thomas Gibson/Hotchner until the end. I’ll watch my CM dvd until season 11.

  6. drb999 says:

    It must be worse than what they say happened if he got fired I guess. It’s hard to imagine the show without him.

  7. Lindsey says:

    Yet another former Chuck Lorre employee is showing signs of falling off the deep end…

    • BadPenny says:

      That is a cheap shot. Sheen always had addiction issues; and we learned much later that his issues with leaving 2.5 men stemmed from learning he was HIV positive and then he sunk into a drunken/drug-filled haze of depression.

      • Steven says:

        Brett Butler, Roseanne, and Cybill Sherhard all had notorious issues on set of show involving Chuck Lorre.

        • rowan77 says:

          Brett Butler was an admitted drug adn alcohol abuser (In recovery now for years, so good on her), Barr has admitted massive mental problems and she has a huge ego (not to mention she admitted to using cocaine with Tom Arnold while working on Roseanne. Cybill Shephard has always been known to have a massive ego (Moonlighting, anyone?) and she was fine until co-star Christine Baranski won acclolades, an Emmy right out of the gate, and kept getting nominated throught the run of the show. Cybil didn’t win once. You can’t blame Chuck Lorre for everyone’s behavior.

          • Steven says:

            I’m not blaming Lorre, just showing that Two and a Half Men wasn’t his only show with problems. I’m very happy for Brett Butler too.

          • Susan in Oz says:

            There seems to be one common denominator here and it sounds like Chuck Lorre.

          • rowan77 says:

            Susan, that makes no sense. Chuck Lorre didn’t give Brett Butler an addiction. He didn’t give Roseanne her myriad of mental disorders – they came with that already in their bag. Same with Charlie Sheen. He was a partier all the say back in the 80’s. Gibson is a mess of his own making as well. His ego and temper have gotten in the way one too many times.

            I can’t believe he’s lawyering up. He kicked someone. He shoved someone before. He’s been verbally abusive and been talked to about it multiple times by the producers. He needs to get himself some therapy to deal with his issues because hitting someone at work is definitely cause for dismissal.

    • Rob says:

      Wait. It took you saying this to make me realize that he was Greg of Dharma and Greg. GREG kicked a writer on Criminal Minds. 2016 is a trip.

      • Liz says:

        I know! He will always be Greg for me, the sweet sweet husband of lovely & funny Dharma. I wonder what does Jenna Elfman think about this whole thing? I think he wasn’t like this, this angry, when he worked with her.

    • iHeart says:

      yeah I’m starting to think that anyone should think twice before signing onto a show with Chuck Lorre involvement. There’s gotta be a curse involved (wait when did Cybill Shepard have issues?) a big bang theory cast member cold snap at any moment

  8. BadPenny says:

    This probably has far more to do with salary then anything else – as Thomas has the largest salary on the program. I will say that Shemar and Thomas were the only reasons I watched the show. Now my evening is freed-up for something else.

    • maggie says:

      No show is going to cut their lead actor in the middle of filming an episode just for salary reasons. This isn’t the first time Gibson has assaulted a co-worker, and on most jobs that kind of behavior will get you fired.

    • Q says:

      Second that….😕

  9. Ryan says:

    There’s no excuse for violence in the workplace unless you are defending yourself.

    • Angela says:

      Which we have no idea if he was doing that or not. Chances are, he’ll never say, because he does want to still work in this business. The producer/writer could get him basically blacklisted for saying anything bad. So, yeah, we’ll never know the true story.

  10. Christine says:

    My understanding is, he has always been a very difficult person on set. I hoped he saved his money.

    • Car says:

      the rumors at the time were that he was also very difficult on Chicago Hope. And that was part of the reason Mandy left (not that Mandy was easy to work with either).

      • BOGS2002 says:

        Mandy left to be with his family in NYC. He didn’t want to be in LA alone and he didn’t want to move his teenaged sons across the country. At least that’s how he explained it back then.

  11. kmw says:

    This is very unfortunate but behavior like his cannot be tolerated in any workplace. We shall see how Criminal Minds does without him.

  12. Kevin K says:

    Thomas Gibson’s departure from Criminal Minds could spelled big trouble for the future of the show.

  13. Dee says:

    Unbelievable!! First Shemar Moore and now Thomas Gibson?!? Really?!? The criminals have lost their minds!!

  14. kate says:

    not sure I want to watch Criminal Minds without Hotch.

    most workplaces have a zero tolerance policy for stuff like this but since these are essentially freelance contractors and TV has different rules anyway I’m surprise it went this far. either it’s worse than is being reported or something else is at work. salary maybe?

    • He ASSAULTED someone. Depending how bad it was, he could be sued or fined. There should be no tolerance because it was an “independent contractor”.

      (Yes, I love Criminal Minds)

      • favoured7 says:

        How Bad can you assult someone, without any bruising or marks. However don’t get in someone’s personal space either.

        • manow says:

          I agree. I also think that Thomas was defending himself. We all will never know. What I know is that he is a versatile and talented actor, I hope he is able to put this behind him and find another show that is similar. I’ll being following him for sure but will bury CM.

  15. alania moore says:

    very much deserved.

  16. Spence says:

    This is truly insane! I did not see this coming at all. Maybe Prentiss could be series regular and fill his spot?? I mean, they had her planned to fill in for Hotch temporarily anyway….

  17. Paul says:

    Might Be A Good Time To Bring In Gary Senise And Cut Ties To The Spinoff

  18. Andrew says:

    On a scale of 1-10, how loud is Mandy Patinkin laughing right now?

    • Amanda says:

      I say a 12, but I really don’t miss Gideon.

    • Daya says:

      Suddenly I hear, “Now you get it, don’t you?”

      True, he left over the violence of the show (supposedly), but still…

    • Aimee says:

      Probably not much given that the show has run successfully with out him for 8 years after he left and all the actors were making serious money. Also, given the number of actors that star on the show (including the ones that have come in only for a year) I’d say one out of out of 8 having a problem isn’t bad. Patinkin has nothing to gloat about.

    • Alrisha says:

      SInce the show survived without him, for a very long time, I’m guessing not so much. I’m never miss him at all, he was pretty intense in a bad way.

  19. Dee says:

    I read in one article about this that his response of a kick was in response to “aggression” from the other person. I wonder if they fired the writer who may have initiated this, or just went for the high paid talent. Two incidents in 11 years on a show of this caliber, which Mandy Patinkin professed was a challenging show, really doesn’t seem like a big deal. Now if the kick was severe enough to cause injury, not just hurt feelings, then this may be a different story, but I’m thinking it wasn’t. Too bad, he adds a great deal to this show, and it won’t be the same without him.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      Those are the only 2 incidents that we know about.There could be others that maybe didn’t get physical maybe but still got heated between Gibson and someone else.

    • Lizzie says:

      It is reported the writer is actually a very well trained MMA fighter and evidently lets everyone on the crew know that is capable of kicking booty. I’m in no way condoning workplace violence but I also can see if someone were to feel threatened by a trained mixed martial artist they may take some type of action. On the other side, a kick sounds like maybe a temper tantrum so who really knows. It is unfortunate because I really like his character and now that everyone is leaving it might be time for me to find another show to watch.

    • maggie says:

      The show made Gibson go to anger management classes, so that says a lot about his behavior at work.

  20. Andrew Hass says:

    I do wonder if there’s more to the story and this wasn’t the first time that Thomas Gibson got physical with someone on set and so his bad behavior could be overlooked this time with just a suspension.Also maybe there was a quick investigation and something else came up about Gibson’s behavior which the show didn’t know about.As for the character of Hotch, he’ll probably go on a special assignment and then for whatever reason decides to stay there and not come back to work at BAU.

  21. Mark says:

    So they have basically just confirmed the final season of Criminal Minds damn, Hope we het to Seaver return before it withers and dies without Agent Hotchner

  22. mango cherry says:

    Good. May he never work in the field again. Workplace violence is not funny and not excusable.

  23. Mr. Smith says:

    Hate it. The show was floundering most of last season. This will surely get it cancelled.

  24. Steve F. says:

    To quote Chris Tucker in that cinematic masterpiece “Friday”: DAAAAAAAAAMN!!!

    I always thought that Thomas Gibson was pretty level-headed off the set, but hearing about that behavior… it needed to be nipped in the bud. And with all the behind the scenes brouhaha, I wonder what’s going on with Criminal Minds?

    Storyline wise, who’s gonna take control of the BAU? Rossi? Prentiss (if so, yay for getting Paget Brewster back full-time… even though her comedic chops need to be put more on display!)?

    • Probably Rossi, because seniority? I know next in line after Hotch was Derek, but he’s gone. JJ hasn’t been a profiler for too long, although she’s been an SSA since she was a media liasion. So, I’m guessing Rossi. It’d be crazy awesome if JJ, though.

  25. Cassie says:

    He literally went down kicking and screaming.

  26. Malissa R. says:

    Dang it, Thomas! Had to go and mess it up!

  27. Luc says:

    I might actually end up watching Criminal Minds! Never liked him as a dramatic actor. Go back to school for it or stick with comedy!

  28. Sir Magic John says:

    Now that the evidence has been gathered. It’s time to deliver the profile.

  29. Tony Lang says:

    Guess it saves CBS from having to re-negotiate his contract down the line. They’ll probably replace him with a younger nobody for half the money.

  30. Ginger says:

    While I don’t condone violence in the workplace, or violence of any kind, we have no idea whether or not Thomas Gibson was the instigator or if he was defending himself against Wililams, who is apparently an accomplished boxer/martial artist. Usually the person who retaliates in an altercation is the one who gets “caught” because no one ever sees the person who starts it. At any rate, even if it is deserved, I’m sad to hear this because Aaron Hotchner is a VITAL member of the BAU and quite frankly one of the three remaining reasons I still watch this gory show after 12 years. (Reid and JJ are the other two!) Good luck Thomas. Let this be a lesson to you.

  31. Griff says:

    This was the second incidence of workplace violence from him. No wonder he was fired. The guy makes millions of dollars a year and takes out his frustrations on his co-workers. That’s ridiculous. He’s obviously a danger to his co-workers.

    The show needs to offer Shemar Moore a truckload of money to come back and lead the show.

  32. JenJ says:

    Wow, this is something! I don’t know what was going on, there is obviously something that we don’t know the full scope of, but this is enormous. Gibson was the glue that held the team together, I don’t see how the show can continue without him. This is sad.

  33. Author says:

    And i’m done watching Criminal Minds.

    This show is going to lose a lot of viewers. This will be the end of it.

  34. Maxwell says:

    I didnt think it would go so far as firing him. He’s had his issues in the past on and off set but got nothing more than a reprimand and anger management sessions. There must have been more to the story than the altercation reported in the media for the network to decide to fire him. CBS must know Gibson is the face of the franchise and that firing him would result in lower ratings and possibly the end of the series.

  35. Lawana says:

    He makes the show and I will just see how it does without him and that will determine if u continue to watch. If prentiss is who I think it is I was glad when she left

  36. Dave says:

    Excited for the return of Paget Brewster … but I’m guessing this will soon *officially* become CM’s final season.

  37. anne says:

    He forgot the Zen he learned from Dharma and Greg??

  38. tito says:

    It’s a shame that this happened. I don’t see me having this show on my watchlist much longer. The addition of Adam wannabe actor and now the loss of Hotch.

  39. Whatevah says:

    I love Hochner. This bums me out. And you know CBS is just looking to save $$.

  40. Ruth says:

    There goes a great show. Unless Padge and Shemar come back full time, sadly this could be the last year.

  41. Nwr says:

    Did they fire that writer and producer? It goes both ways here.

    • Daya says:

      No, and they won’t, either. My experience with bullies (if the writer/producer truly provoked him) is that the victim gets all the shame/punishment and the bully gets a slap on the wrist.

      I’m not saying that Tom was right to kick him. I am, however, saying, “Don’t forget how many mass shooters were bullied before they went off.”

  42. I wonder if his firing is effective immediately, meaning that the second episode will be his last, or if there will be some sort of actual exit episode. Sure, it sounds like they already wrote in a temporary duty explanation to explain away his absence, but I wonder if they will do more. They SHOULD in my opinion but you never know.

    • amysue4772 says:

      Is it bad that I hope they don’t kill him off solely because I don’t want his son to lose the only parent he has left. I apparently have serious attachment issues to the characters after 11 years

  43. canadian ninja says:

    Seems to be very covenient that Hotch was getting written off for a brief stint well before this incident happened.

    As for the firing it may just be a case of CBS covering their arse – he does something once, you send him to anger management class; he does it again you protect yourself from liability.

    • Kaz Williams says:

      This is not what happened. This incident happened a number of weeks ago. TG was actually directing the episode. There was an altercation and all witnesss have stated that Williams instigated and elevated the argument. It seemed to be sorted out but then Williams went and reported it, not internally but to his own people. So TG took his medicine and done 2 weeks suspension. He was back on set this week and actually filmed and shot opening credits and photos for this season on WEDNESDAY. Then suddenly this story which was over with as far as others were concerned is leaked to media. TG apologised and acknowledged it happend. Should have been end off. All of this information is available and verified although I am making supposition on the last few lines but would seem accurate. Also this particular writer has only been with show for a few years, TG 12 years and that writer is a nasty dick to people online who might comment negatively on his episodes. Also likes to ‘joke’ about rape and ‘white people’. Main reason why so many people are annoyed is because it feels like TG been scapegoated.

      • Iris says:

        Thank you for those enlightening facts.

      • canadian ninja says:

        Thanks for the clarification. That makes much more sense in the timing.
        Unfortunately it makes even less sense in the story. Why isn’t Gibson fighting it? Why is this writer/producer still employed? Ugh…

        • Kaz Williams says:

          Well it seems now that he might be. I’m personally not sure how I feel about that. I think he should have taken some time to think about it. It looks like they will be digging up every misdemeanour from his elementary school days! Here is another thought. He has been on show since the start. Apparently 1st incident was back in 2010. There have been 3 contract negotiations since then. If he was such a trouble maker, why resign him, 3 times.

  44. Sherry Lollar says:

    I am so sad for this, He is the glue that keeps the team together.

  45. Kellie Jones says:

    No reason to waste my time watching with Thomas and Shemar gone .So in good faith just cancel the show. And I am sure there is more to the story but in my view it is now CBS loss. Taking it off the DVR now.

  46. Mia says:

    hmm CM won’t be the same without TG but there is no room for violence on the work set.

  47. ZinniQ says:

    Well, it will be nothing without him, but I don’t watch any more. This show is well passed it’s sell by date!

  48. fiberlicious says:

    Greg, Greg, Greg. Dharma will be so disappointed.

  49. Criminal Minds is o my top 5 favorite shows out of the close to 70 I watch. If I had chosen one character to leave, it”d’ve been Hotch. Always said he had the personality of a broomstick.

    Could this finally be the chance for Criminal Minds to shake it up and bring a grand new cast? Could they leave Paget again for good, Aisha, and have a female prevalent cast? (in a show that has been on the spotlight for paying less and firig its females). Goodness, I’m hoping.

    Any actor with this posture SHOULD be fired. I think the decision was right, and I’m glad it was him and not someone else.

  50. Cindy campbell says:

    Such a shame! Childish behavior from such an actor!