Nina Dobrev Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev in 'Discussions' to Return for The Vampire Diaries' Final Season

Nothing’s official yet, but Vampire Diaries fans can take heart in knowing that everyone is trying to get Nina Dobrev back in Mystic Falls for the CW drama’s upcoming eighth (and final!) season.

“There are discussions going on with Nina,” CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed to reporters Thursday during the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “We’d love to have Nina back. She was great for The CW. She was integral for The Vampire Diaries.”

Of course, there’s also a back-up plan in place should Dobrev’s return prove impossible: “Hopefully she’ll be back, but should it not work out, Julie [Plec] has planned a great series finale [that will satisfy fans],” Pedowitz added.

As for the series coming to a close, Pedowitz echoed previous sentiments about it being a mutual decision between himself, Plec and Warner Brothers Television’s Peter Roth.

“We collectively came to the same place,” he explained. “Julie really got there before either Peter or I did, which was this was the right time to end the series, go out in the right way.”

What are your hopes for The Vampire Diaries‘ final season, with or without Elena? Watch our latest interview with the cast below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Makes sense for them to bring her back for the series finale’ but for me, doesn’t matter either way.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Elena should absolutely wake up so Delena can reunite. Nina must come back. No other ending will be acceptable. None

    • Laurie says:


    • Gerri. says:

      That would be ideal. For at least the finale, but a few would be nice.

    • Dude says:

      Well, it’s not really their choice.

    • emma says:

      I was a fan since the first episode. Loved all the characters. Loved the “epic Lovestory” of Elena and Stefan. Loved Badboy Damon. Loved Bonnie. Caroline the annoying friend, Matty Blue eyes and so on.
      What ruined the show and had fans like me and obviously so many (ratings) was when they turned the show into the Damon/Delena show.
      Damons great, just not the whole show.
      I watched/watch the show here and there since season 4. It just got boring with Damon and Elena constantly yelling she loves him and her and him have s ex all the time, Stefan cheering them on was just embarrassing. Then forcing him with Caroline. I’ve read comments people say they’re like brother and sister. Completely agree, zero absolutely zero chemistry.
      What made this show great was a lovestory (elena and Stefan) and when Damon flirted with Elena and bedded a bunch of women.
      Bonnie and Matty.
      Sorry, never been a fan of Caroline.
      To have Damon and Elena get back together would just confirm this show was ruined by them.
      Actually it was ruined when Dries and Plec and their uncomfortable crush on Ian ended this show.
      Totally understand why NIna left the show. She literally was turned into a mattress with no brain or thinking abilities.

      • Mai says:

        @emma – ITA. Can I cosign your post? Everything is exactly what I was thinking, and the reason I stopped watching regularly, way back when they retconned the story and had Damon actually meeting Elena first, not Stefan. I caught some episodes surrounding Katherine’s last few episodes, and was disappointed they totally killed her to oblivion. I may watch some Youtube clips to see Elena’s last scenes, but the Damon/Delena show has lost me a long time ago.

    • char says:

      Delena was the reason me, friends and judging from the ratings stopped watching.
      Two things ruined this show. Delena, when they ended Stelena oh yeah Caroline and Stefan and their zero chemistry whatever it is.

    • JJ says:

      Delena should break up. There is absolutely no other ending that is acceptable. NONE.

      • char says:

        Lol, I remember when I used to watch TVD’s the “bully Delenas” would lose their s hit until they got there way. Well, you guys got your way. Unfortunately fans stopped watching and now the show is getting cancelled. Never should have had Delena stay together because I’m sure if they would have put Stelena back together or had Elena “play the field” this show would still have its fanbase.

    • Kathy c says:

      Agreed, I think Nina should come back but I understand why she wouldn’t and I can understand why she left. Wasn’t right what I an did to her…….
      It was so wrong! She a beautiful girl and can do way better then the narrcaic way he brought Nikkie Reed (ewwww) into their promise to each other is ego needs to come down a bit ,he’s good looking yes but theirs always someone better I lost all respect for him after that . it even made his good looks ugly. @ninadobrev

  3. Susannah says:

    It makes for a more fitting ending if the whole cast is back together. The show was fantastic the first couple of seasons maybe it can end on a high note with the whole cast back together and great storylines for everybody this season.

  4. Cris says:

    Hope it works out but Deadline saying they’ve heard talks have been difficult doesnt sound good.

  5. Bob says:

    There should be no reason for Nina not to return for at least the finale episode and have her be in the whole finale episode and be apart of what is going on in the finale storyline, her coming back for one final episode won’t hurt her or kill her career, she can look at it this way play the part one final time the show will be over and she will never have to be bothered or pressured into coming back again it will all be finished. If I am to speculate and based on Nina herself she to me appears to be somewhat of a royal pain in the ass, after all most actors on a long running show usually hang with their show for at least 7 seasons but Nina seems to have felt only given 6 and she dangled her contract around when it came time to sign a new one, with out regards for the show she starred in and a show that put her on the map she just disregard and up and left anyway, that to me shows that she could be troublesome even in future shows, she’s not really that good of a movie actress and eventually will have to return to the small screen if she’s a pain in the ass now she could find herself getting very limited roles because no one will trust her, the one mistake that the Network made from the very beginning was not not have all the actors sign a 7 year contract. Then there is this promise that she made to Julie Plec that she would return when the show ends, if that’s true and if Nina breaks it then her word meant nothing a promise broken, who then would ever trust her in the future, she could end up being black listed.

    • JB333 says:

      While I agree it makes sense for Nina to come back and reprise the role for at least one final episode, I do not agree that there is “no reason” for her to not return. Nina is in demand right now, currently filming her third movie since November. She’s probably also in discussions to join other projects and films. As a young, upcoming and talented actress she’s probably in negotiations for a few things. A lot of it depends on what role(s) she’s up for and gets next. If she lands a contract with a production company that is in direct competition with Warner Bros (who owns CW), they would probably NOT release her to work on another project at the same time, even if just for a week. I don’t think her honouring a contract, whatever those terms are, is being “a pain in the ass” and in fact, her sticking to her commitments is what Hollywood wants; not people who make difficult demands such as saying she would HAVE to be able to give a week to the show. Believe it or not, the CW is NOT such a big deal. And believe it or not, while the show put her on the map in certain fandoms, in Hollywood overall, she’s just another young actress; one of many. And if she wants to be successful in movies she has to play by THOSE rules. She won’t be “blacklisted” because she signed a six year contract, she fulfilled all her obligations and she never ever talked against the show or the cast or any of her producers. She’s done nothing wrong. From reading your post, I’m a bit confused. On the one hand you call her “not a really great movie actress”, without even seeing any of the films she’s made this year and yet you seem anxious to have her back on the show. Why do you care?

    • Flavy says:

      What are you saying??? Nina is brilliant .tvd was nothing without her!!!

  6. Roses says:

    Nina needs to come back so that her character can reunite with Stefan,as according to Kevin Williamson in his recent interview ..the beautiful love story of the show and what got him through his depression.

  7. Guy says:

    I mean, LBR, the right time to have ended it was in the middle of season three…

  8. ninamags says:

    Didn’t she just leave?? Why the hell would she want to come back?

    Now, maybe for the last episode, but the whole last season?

    Like Michael Rosenbaum came back for the final Smallville episode.

  9. alison says:

    Has to be Damon and Elana endgame no other ending would suffice

  10. Kelsey says:

    if it’s a delena endgame they’re planning i hope she doesn’t come back. stefan and damon should let her live out her human life while they live forever as brothers.

  11. Lala says:

    Hope she comes back for the finale

  12. Kristina says:

    I hope she’s able to come back and give the characters closure. Elena was such an integral part of so many stories it would be a shame if she wasn’t there for the end. Given she came in and recorded the lines for the finale this past year, it seems likely she’ll be willing to return if she can work it out scheduling-wise. Here’s hoping!

  13. Boris says:

    I’d rather they bring back Katherine

  14. Nabonita says:

    Yes,we all will be happy to have her back.Without delena reunion,everything will be imperfect.They are the heart of the show…

    • Mya says:

      WHAT? DE is NOT the heart of the show. It may seem like that to you a de shipper but not to the real fans of tvd. I want tvd to have a closure that actually fits with what KW & JP envisioned and DE is not a part of that.

  15. noella says:

    Nina has to come back……. i know some of you said nina gone it s okay but i hasnt been the same TVD Nina is a key figure from the beginning….. it would be awesome if she could
    come back for season 8……. she has to say yes……… <3

  16. Stacey says:

    Hope Nina can come back for the finale but as long as I get my Klaroline endgame in the flashforward I’ll be happy!

  17. Yvette says:

    TVD final season should most definitely be made complete with Damon & Elena finding each other again with Mystic Falls finally finding peace In the hometown which is what everyone in the show initially wanted….

    • Mya says:

      No DE would not make it complete. Elena and MF being in peace and happy without the Salvatores is what everyone in the show initially said and keeps saying they want. Only the DElusionals think otherwise.

  18. Steve says:

    I hope that Nina does come back for the end. However I hope its for more than the final episode, otherwise Elena’s reappearance will, to my mind, be a bit botched & rushed; what with the scriptwriters having to finish the storylines & tie up the loose ends in the 50/55 mins of the last episode.

    I also hope that all the remaining regular characters get to walk off into the sunset at the end (metaphoriically speaking); & that Julie & the scriptwriters don’t plump for a bloodbath finale, as happens in some shows. If I’ve grown to like a character or group of characters in a show, then when it finishes I like to think that somewhere thery’re all ‘living happy ever after’.

    On a different note I’m annoyed that Julie & the CW have decided to end the VD’s now. As I recall a while ago, Julie said something to the effect that they would wait to see what the ratings were like for the 1st half of Series 8, before deciding whether to cancel or commission a Series 9. But then suddenly almost before the Season 8 filming started Julie’s said that it would be the last series – I’d love to know what it was that changed their minds !
    I know that Katrina Graham was leaving anyway; but I thought that Ian Sommerhalder retracted his announcement that he would leave at the end of series 8; because Julie told him that there MIGHT be a series 9.

    My own favorite theory is that Julie, the scriptwriters, & the CW decided to finish the VD’s; because they got fed up with the hysterical, over-the-top reaction of many female fans to Elena breaking up with Stefan, & taking up with Damon; & their equally over- the-top reaction to other relationships forming or fininshing. For a long time now said female fans have been ranting & raving about how they’ve stopped/will stop watching the VD’s, & how they hope it will be cancelled, if such & such a relationship starts/finishes ! They seem to have forgotten that the VD’s was primarily a supernatural/horror series, with the love/sex stuff a secondary concern.
    Well congratulations girls – You’ve got your wish – No more VD’s !!!

    Autumn 2017 I’ll be feeling like a junkie doing cold turkey – No new series of thE VD’s to keep me going through to Spring 2018 ! I just hope that rumors that some of the regular cast will be invited to cross over to ‘The Originals@ are true & if so, they accept.

  19. Jazy Bailey says:

    Vampire Diaries is my legit favourite series ever. Finished 3 series in 4 days watch it 24/7 !! I didn’t enjoy season 7 as Elena wasn’t in there and i hate it when something happens to main characters but Elena and Damon are my favourite together! For nina to be in season 8 would just complete the series and make it that much better, i know she has other movies she’s currently in and is really busy but the show can’t go on without elena for final series!!!

    • Amelia says:


  20. Maddy says:

    If she’d come back I would rather her come back as Katherine! And I think Nina would too, seeing how Katherine doesn’t like Damon, so there wouldn’t be any tension between Nikki, Ian and Nina 😂

  21. Joanna says:

    If Nina comes back, that’d be awesome. But I’m fine either way. I gotta say, It feels kinda weird that their ending the show so soon, as I thought they intended on having more seasons, but I guess you can only expect a show to go on for so long (especially one with a repetitive story *cough* and extreme fan service *cough* *cough*) However I do hope though that the ending is good and not rushed. In my opinion the endgame relationship should be Stelena. And Caroline should be with either Klaus or Alaric. Alaric mostly because of the family she built with him. Still can’t believe Stefan wanted her to leave them for him (correct me if I’m wrong, but I honestly don’t remember the last season too well.) as his mother did to him and Damon for that one dude. And yeah I guess you could say that she really doesn’t love him but she could at least be there with him for her kid’s lifetime, or until their old enough to understand and or until Alaric finds a new bae. Which may seem like a long time but hey, she has eternity. And a Bonnie endgame would be cute if they brought Jeremy back. Or she could get with Damon considering they were so close the last few seasons.
    Just anything other than Delena please.
    I would say something about the story but I don’t really care too much about what big bad they go up against next.
    I just hope we get to see Nina for more than 1 episode, as well as some of the fan service to die down.

  22. soheil says:

    Thats when she was a beautiful film with Stephen Boyd

  23. A S Isaacs says:

    nina needs to come to back to finish the story

  24. Belen says:


  25. Brianna says:

    No body want stefan and Caroline together I love Stefan and elena they deserve there happy ending

  26. Angel Pina says:

    My girls and I are big fans of the show, and we would very much like for Nina Dobrev to return for season 8. We hate to here that this might be or is the final season for “The Vampire Diaries.” We are eager to find out what is going to happen to Elena in the show as well as the rest of the cast.

  27. zed says:

    Nina should come back for the grand Finale- her being important as the doppelganger to be a key part in solving whatever magical conundrum will be the thing of this season and then decide to go away from Mystic Falls and find herself and live a little, alone!!

  28. Kii says:

    I hope more than anything that Elena comes back! ❤ please please come back Nina . Delena is just amazing! And it would crush me if they didn’t end up to gether at the end

    • Cassy says:

      Yes! Agreed I love the bad boy love story ! I liked Klaus with Caroline at first but now Alarc yeah I see it sorry Stephan but your brother needs the end romance didn’t you have a thing for Valerie where did she go seriously bring her back so he can be happy I guess too…

  29. Jecelyn says:

    Nina HAS to come back for Damon. We have to see them together finally. <3

  30. Deanne Whitescarver says:

    I think that Elena should forget about Damon while she’s in slumber and when she wakes up she should only remember how things were good between her and Stephen should get back together…..forever

  31. Gemma says:

    I want nina to come back as elena nd end up with steafan not damon she good wit steafan they still love each other i wouldnt watch it without nina wudnt make sense to be honest she was there start to finish

  32. Gemma says:

    I wudnt watch it without nina bein in it wudnt make sense to be honest i think she shud go bk yo steafan wen she wakes nd she shud come bk as elena gilbert the love between her nd steafan is lovely i think ye shud do more seasons it brillant programme i know im gonna miss it wen its nd if nina doesnyt come bk i wnt bother id be sickened

  33. Gemma says:

    I think if elena and steafan go bk together i think ratings will go nd the show will go on in all fairness its a brillant show just wudnt make sense if nina is not there in it all started nd finished wit her if stafan nd caroline get married i think thats wen steafan realises he love elena nd no1 eles is good enough he went there for her he got but then he marries caroline witch i hate in the show anoys me so much

  34. Mark says:

    I forsee a Big Bang type payout to make this happen as she can basically hold them to ransom if they are so desperate to make it happen

  35. Carlin Bloom says:

    Not worth watching anymore! Sadly after so many wonderful dedicated watching years without Nina it has been nothing but mish mash! Not going to watch without she and Damon’s reunion. Pitiful!

  36. Millie teitloff says:

    I’m pretty mad there won’t be another season of vampire diaries don’t see why u r stoping the show to many people watch it for it to end