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Criminal Minds Aisha Tyler Regular

Criminal Minds: Aisha Tyler Promoted to Series Regular for Season 12

The doctor is in, more than ever.

Criminal Minds has promoted Aisha Tyler to series regular, as Dr. Tara Lewis, CBS announced on Wednesday.

Things thus look to be more crowded than ever at the BAU for Season 12 (premiering Wednesday, Sept. 28), with CSI: Miami vet Adam Rodriguez joining the cast as a series regular and fan favorite Paget Brewster due back for multiple episodes as Emily Prentiss.

Tyler, whose days also include co-hosting The Talk, voicing Archer‘s Lana Kane and lording over Whose Line is It Anyway?, first appeared on the crime drama in the Season 11 premiere, to help fill the void left by the exit of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan and maternity leave of A.J. Cook’s “J.J.” Jareau.

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  1. Freddie says:

    This is great. I love her character. And this is also the closest the show will have come to having as many female members of the team as they have male members. Which is not something I usually care about tremendously but, with the history this show has behind the scenes, it becomes something I notice…

  2. Kevin K says:

    That’s good news but what does this mean for her co-hosting duties on The Talk.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      Not really a fan of hers on the Talk. She’s great on Criminal Minds and Whose Line, however.

      • Ralph says:

        Aisha and Julie are the only reason to watch the Talk. Sharon is a snob and a boor. Sharyl is ghetto trash and not funny, and Sarah is ugly and mousey. They need to get rid of those three and bring in better people.

  3. tannerose5 says:

    I’m glad the cast is solidified. Time to create some great memories and episodes. Can’t wait.

  4. Steve F. says:

    Dang! Aisha Tyler really is becoming one of the busiest actors in Hollywood! Where does she have the time to do The Talk, voice Lana on Archer, host Whose Line (where she’s come into her own), and appear on Criminal Minds?

  5. Thank God I stopped watching when Emily left..

  6. kbm says:

    I like her, I am glad she is staying

  7. quimbey says:

    Guess I quit watching Criminal Minds. I SO don’t like Aisha at all in ANY role.

    • eportuguesa says:

      So true for me too

    • Sharon says:

      Aisha’s role on CM is SO boring and bland. Fail to see any talent she has, either on The Talk or CM. Jennifer Love Hewitt was terrible, also. That show has such a close knit core group – difficult to replace with actors who are not strong or unique.

  8. Peggy Ferguson says:

    Please give her a decent wig. She is pretty but her hair is a mess.

  9. ilkem says:

    Nahh. I will stop watching show I think. I hate her. She’s not even acting.

  10. Laura says:

    She’s good on the Talk and Whose Line is it Anyway. She’s a pretty, funny lady. That being said, I’m sick of shows changing characters 5 hundred times. I don’t think she’s right for that role. I stopped watching after Shemar left. I miss him and Kirsten Vangsness’ banter and chemistry. Maybe I’ll start watching again when Paget comes back.

  11. eportuguesa says:

    Aisha Tyler’s acting just doesn’t feel right for me in Criminal Minds, just my opinion (and a few others in my world)

  12. helen says:

    Yes!! I love her!!!!!!!!!

  13. Norma Beck says:

    Wish Paget Brewster was back full-time…still miss her. Although it was nice to see the comedic side to her in Grandfathered and especially in Another Period on Comedy Central. Who knew she was such a hoot!

  14. David4 says:

    Boo! Boo!

    Not booing because she isn’t great. I’m booing because she needs time to do her own show because she is so awesome!

  15. Shahkien says:

    She don’t need to be on the show they already have REID for that they don’t need two of them get rid of her it’s a waste

    • Angela says:

      She doesn’t do the same job as Reid. She’s a forensic psychologist. Reid is not. So they’re not replacing his skills at all.

    • marie says:

      Let’s be honest, the show has barely cared about Reid for the last five or six seasons. All they’ve really done with him was that ridiculous “tragic love story” you’d think was something a twelve-year-old on Tumblr had written. Between the current writers treatment of Reid and the cast going round and round the mulberry bush, I’ve all but totally given up on this show.

      • TJ. Church says:

        You MUST be kidding!! That show that was largely (& more as it progressed) Reid & Aubrey Plaza last year may have been the best one in YEARS!!

  16. Spence says:

    Yay! I really enjoyed her character and I hope to see more of her personality this season i.e. a psychiatrist examining why these killers do what they do.

  17. Betty says:

    Not a fan at all of hers on Criminal Minds…She should stay with the talk shows. I don’t think she does drama very well. Very disappointed!!!!

  18. Angelo says:

    She is terrible I can tell what she is going to say before she says it. They could do a lot better will continue to watch but not for long. Definitely miss MORGAN great actor. JJ’s the best g;ad she never left Reid is the best too.

  19. Golfjunky says:

    Really hope they grow her character a little bit & don’t spend a lot of time trying to get Adam eased in, he’s never gonna replace Morgan PERIOD, and should spend a season pretty quiet. Joe Mantegna was a perfect fit after Mandy walked, but just not sure about the Adam for Shemar trade. I think used right Aisha can be a great fit for the shows end run. Finally someone needs to let Paget Brewster know her choices every time she leaves CM are terrible. Come back, stay put, and stop pretending you’re anything other than Emily Prentiss.

  20. Lorie says:

    I liked Aisha Tyler on Ghost Whisperer and even liked her when she was the host of The Fifth Wheel, but I don’t care for her on Criminal Minds. The character is boring and I don’t know why they have her looking so dowdy when she is a very beautiful woman.

  21. Cecelia says:

    Hated her on the show, this is a mista!

  22. tjchurch2001 says:

    I am repeatedly amazed to see her able to do drama on “Minds” & comedy on “Whose Line”. (Also proud to see her jump up & involve herself in “Scenes From A Hat” or other games more than Drew did… Only wish CBS or a major network would pick it back up for full seasons.)

  23. Juju says:

    Loved her on Ghost Whisperer, not so much on Criminal Minds. She just doesn’t seem to fit.

    • TJ. Church says:

      Disagree. It made sense when she was replacing the departed Jennifer. You didn’t need both.

    • Lisa says:

      Aisha is a smart, very smart, woman. But first off THE WIG!! WHY??? She’s smart in this show and beautiful, so why are they making her homely? Also she doesn’t connect emotionally to the character and what’s written for her. She has no life in her in this role. I believe it’s because of the writing AND directing, NO MATTER WHO THAT ISHE OR WAS!
      She has the ability to speak her mind on the TALK. I suggest she do it here. NOW JUST USE HER OWN HAIR FOR CRY’N OUT LOUD!

      • Lisa says:

        She was connected to her characters on’FRIENDS’ and ‘GHOST WHISPERER’. Come on girl. …click it! You know you can!

  24. Keene Hodges says:

    All the original characters that were in criminal minds like Hotch , Rossi ,Morgan ,Garcia ,Prentiss ,Jarreau, Reid,Gideon . Made the program suspenseful and exciting.. I still watch every episode. Any additional faces make it that much better.

  25. clintbrew says:

    i hope they can get h. jon Benjamin as an unsub so he could put tara in a zone of danger (archer fans will get it)

  26. Ella says:

    I just want Emily Prentiss back fulltime.

  27. Sandra Whicher says:

    I will miss some of the regulars but welcome the new cast members..it still my favorite show hope this show is around for a lot longer..thank you for giving us such a wonderful show..

  28. Hate says:


  29. Rita owens says:

    Love the show and gone miss them ones that left the show to.u all great actions.

  30. Trine says:

    No, No, NO! Aisha Tyler is returning in Season 12?? I was so hoping this wouldn’t happen. And so Tyler is returning and now Gibson is gone? Who makes these God awful decisions? To make such a boring and unbelievable character (Dr. Lewis) a regular and to lose one of the best characters (Hotch), I’m sure I won’t be watching much more of the show with these changes.

  31. Oh wow, I love Tom Gibson! So sorry he’s fired! Don’t think the show will be okay without him and the on-going story about his little son!

  32. oh no I will miss Tom Gibson – won’t be the same without him and the on-going story about his son!

  33. Tee says:

    Is JJ combining back?

  34. Michael E Johnson says:

    I love Aisha Tyler in Criminal Minds and can’t wait for the return of Prentiss. I like the changes and kept help but think that the show will be even better this up coming season.

  35. Clarissa says:

    Show isn’t the same without Hotchner. Didn’t really care for Prentiss … So adding her back won’t help your cause. Tyler is boring … Didn’t like her either . It was bad enough Morgan left but firing Hotchner was a poor decision and something should have been worked out. Anger management classes and counseling sessions etc

    • TJ. Church says:

      I agree something should’ve been worked-out: Gibson’s aggression on something that wasn’t living when he made contact. Firing off was the wrong decision, but firing him was the right one.

  36. Jan says:

    The character Dr. Tara Lewis adds nothing to the show Criminal Minds and doesn’t fit e team. She need to GO! She should be the one killed in the car crash in the season finale, not Steven Walker.