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UnREAL's Constance Zimmer on Finale Shocker, Season 3 'Consequences'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for UnREAL‘s Season 2 finale

The future of Everlasting took a sharp turn during Monday’s Season 2 finale of UnREAL.

With Coleman and Yael determined to expose all of the dating show’s dirty secrets, Rachel and Quinn tried desperately to save their jobs and their lives. But it was Jeremy who, after learning that his ex had been raped, stepped up and did the unthinkable in order to win back her trust. At the close of the episode, the trio (plus Chet) watched as a news report revealed that Coleman and Yael’s car had been run off the road.

With the production potentially responsible for another two murders, “that’s going to be something for all of [the characters] to address” next season, star Constance Zimmer tells TVLine. “Somehow, somebody has to get in trouble. I don’t know how that’s going to happen or if that’s going to happen, but we have to have consequences for our actions.”

On the romance front, Quinn plotted to blindside Darius with a live Everlasting wedding but got a surprise of her own when Rachel and Jay reunited the football player with ex-contestant Ruby. The couple didn’t get hitched or even engaged — she sensibly turned down his proposal because they’ve only known each other for a short time — but it was still as close to a fairytale ending as one gets on UnREAL.

Below, Zimmer talks about the season ender’s deadly cliffhanger and the “new energy” it brings to the Lifetime drama. The actress also reflects on Quinn’s own quest for true love and her fraught relationship with Rachel.

TVLINE | Which finale twist shocked you most?
Oh, the Coleman and Yael situation, for sure. That to me was like, “Wait, are you joking?! How are we going to do that? And what’s going to happen after we do that?”

TVLINE | Quinn and Rachel always seem to find some way out of these situations. But it really seemed like they were backed into a corner, and you had to wonder how they were going to stop Coleman and Yael.
Exactly. This is also what’s interesting about the way it ends: All four of those characters, they’re a really, really f–ked up family, if you want to look at them that way, and it shows you that they’re all just as evil [as each other]. It’s not just Quinn and Rachel. This is where I sit here and defend my character, but ultimately, I didn’t do it, and neither did Rachel. If you want to put it under a magnifying glass, we didn’t ask anybody to do that. It’s going to be interesting, though, how it affects them emotionally next season.

UnREAL RecapTVLINE | Technically, Jeremy was acting on his own. He got off his high horse and became one of them by doing this horrible thing. But at the same time, the story seems to be shifting into a redemptive arc for him.
Right. I think that he was pushed into a corner of feeling like, “I’ve done so much wrong. How do I redeem myself in the eyes of these women?” You come into this Everlasting world, and it kind of deteriorates you from the inside. Look at what happened to Coleman. Was Coleman that way before he came? We answer that question in [Episode] 10, but I like that up until [Episode] 9, people kind of looked at it as if he became bad being around us and seeing how the viciousness actually works. But then we reveal in [Episode] 10 that he was kind of a turdball the whole time [Laughs], which I was very happy about, because I was like, “Quinn is always right.”

TVLINE | Season 1 ends with just Rachel and Quinn on the lounge chairs, talking about how they killed Mary. Then Season 2 ends with Rachel, Quinn, Jeremy and Chet in a similar situation. Is it the four of them against the world now?
Yeah. That’s what it feels like to me, like we’re all in this together, and it’s not us against them, which I like, because we’ve seen when it’s men against women and boyfriends against girlfriends and all that kind of stuff. So with them all working together going into Season 3, that creates a whole new energy that we have not done yet.

UnREAL RecapTVLINE | Rachel and Quinn have been through a lot this season, and in the finale, you have Rachel and Jay conspiring behind Quinn’s back. What kind of place do you feel like their relationship is in at the end of Season 2?
I think they’re good. End of Season 1, we all knew that Rachel was going to be out to get Quinn because of what Quinn did to Rachel, and now at the end of Season 2, they kind of have bigger fish to fry. Yes, there’s going to be backlash [about] how Rachel did something behind Quinn’s back, but ultimately, I think going to go into Season 3, they’re going to be on the same team, because they have to be, and I prefer them on the same team. They’re better together. They’re incredibly volatile when they’re not together, because they’re vying for each other’s attention.

TVLINE | There was a great scene where Quinn is watching the monitors as Darius and Ruby are having this sweet moment. What was going through her head in that moment?
It’s definitely some of the emotions brimming over from what happens in Episode 9, where Quinn thought that she had found true love and ultimately ended up pushing it away because of what she felt were her misgivings or [fears of] being a disappointment to someone. For me, in that moment, it was all about just Quinn realizing that true love does exist, but will she ever find it? Or is it too late for her? In the reality of the show, it was a real moment that you don’t see very often. That emotion was like, “Wow. This can happen. True love can happen.” That’s rough for Quinn. Quinn’s got a lot of issues. [Laughs]

TVLINE | It was a surprisingly sweet ending for the show.
Yeah. Weird, right?! And then it takes a really wrong turn — no pun intended. [Laughs]

UnREAL fans, what did you think of the season finale? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Sashsa says:

    Stop trying to make Jeremy happen! He’s not going to happen!!!

    • mooshki says:

      Yeah, Lifetime execs, are you listening? Why are you forcing him on the show? Nobody wants him there.

    • Cas says:

      I actually like Jeremy. Granted what he did a few episodes back was lame but I have liked him since the beginning. I think they could do more for him though.

    • Jared says:

      Jeremy needs to stay. Chet needs to take a hike.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Chet is interesting because he is there partially to show the writers’ attempts to compare Quinn’s male-female relationships to Rachel’s, & partially to allow them to return to “Everlasting”-related storylines when they have focused too long or too hard on those aforementioned relationships away from the inner show.

        What we didn’t need was that stuff with his kid, & they seemed to realize that by having Chet be arrested for that & nothing come of it later in the season.

      • judisunshine says:

        Noooo! I like Jeremy and am not one of his haters, but I LOVE Chet!

    • ec says:

      I think I’m definitely in the minority, but Jeremy is one of the most interesting characters to me. I love (okay, love’s a strong word – I’m *extremely entertained by*) Quinn and Rachel, but ultimately their stories play out as expected: they both do terrible things; Rachel hates herself for it and Quinn has moments of understanding where she falls on the morality scale but more or less doesn’t care that much.

      Whereas Jeremy does terrible things but begins the series really believing he’s the good guy. There’s something really dark and human in watching someone who thinks he’s the hero come to terms with the fact that he’s not. I don’t get the hate for him at all except that maybe his portrayal is more nuanced. It’s not LOUD and it’s not Real Housewives DRAMA so I think people just interpret that as boring. Which is especially ironic on a show where the premise is basically that all that drama stuff is manufactured and not real.

      I hope producers keep trusting the writers on Jeremy and don’t give into the “ugh boring! i want the hawt one with the accent back!” (you know, the one who ditched when he heard “mental institution” mentioned) because I think the show is smarter for it.

    • Lindsey says:

      I’m rather entertained by his character.

  2. Diane says:

    Jay is the only decent one.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Maybe he was…Until he became the online-backed voice for “Black Lives Matter”, clearly trying to guarantee Rachel’s “first black suitor”, who arrived with an all-black entourage, ended up with a black contestant who herself was only there due to Rachel’s promise she could get her racial-reparations-related message out to the viewers.

      • Patrick says:

        And what about THAT makes him NOT decent?

        • tjchurch2001 says:

          You mean besides the fact that we already had someone who was simultaneously trying to make TV history (the show they’re spoofing has already said they’re still not interested in doing) & have someone representing the other gender for the same race, & he goes ahead & takes steps to throw them together for as much/long as he can on the show so the social change(s) become overdone, & therefore either jokes or things that nobody will pay any lasting attention to?

          • Vanessa says:

            All those words and yet you still haven’t answered how that means Jay isn’t a decent person.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            All those words, & your comment tells me you failed to read or at least comprehend some of them.

            As Coleman said, I think Jay has had the negativity that long existed in him spotlighted by his time on the show now. (I was so happy Madison didn’t listen to Quinn’s order to get “camera-ready”, b/c I think that was her trying to prove that no matter why/how she got the promotion, she deserves it, & will be someone with Quinn’s level of talent, but not her negative qualities.)

          • Em says:

            Madison DID get camera ready. They had a whole bit about how different she looked.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            Someone (I believe it was Quinn) made a comment about her acting more adult/professional, & perhaps deserving the promotion (I know Quinn had commented earlier this season about her only getting it due to her “connection: to Chet.) However, there was no reference to Madison’s change in look after that direction & if anything she looked younger & more immature & out of place.

          • Vanessa says:

            I read and comprehended every word and none of them gave a remotely intelligent or rational explanation as to why you feel Jay isn’t a decent guy. The fact that you can’t succinct sentence explaining what makes him not decent proves you have no real reason and are just spouting gibberish.

            Your comment also proves you didn’t really watch the show as Madison did get “camera ready.” It was visibly clear but they also specifically called attention to it. Keep reaching though.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            You say you read & understood every word. However, your going on to claim I didn’t answer your question (which I felt would not have been asked by anyone who read & understood what I wrote the first time anyway) proves otherwise.

            They fact you can’t properly use adverbs in your own sentences perhaps proves your issues are with comprehension, not intentionally skipping part of what was written.

            You then go on to claim something happened that didn’t (by which I mean both her becoming “camera-ready” & them, you claim, calling attention to it, neither of which truly occurred)… This again points to comprehension issues on your part, but may also be viewed as backing-off &/or admitting your own being mistaken on your original points/questions of discussion.

          • Vanessa says:

            Another response lacking an answer to the very simple question as to how Jay is not a decent person.
            You can type all the long paragraphs you want the fact that you can’t provide a simple answer to a simple question indicates that you know you can’t back it up.

            Also, her becoming camera ready and them drawing attention to it absolutely happened. It’s not debatable. The fact that you’re trying to claim it didn’t happen when it CLEARLY did shows that you’re missing a few screws. Now run along, it’s med time at your mental institution and if you’ve clearly missed a few doses.

          • Em says:

            About 48-50 minutes in the finale right before Ruby coming in…

            Camera guy Dan: Can I help you? (Not recognizing camera ready Madison)
            Madison:(gives Dan irritated look look) DAN!
            Dan: Oh, let me get out of here. Here, Madison have a seat.

            Ruby scene

            Few minutes later:
            Madison to Quinn: Hey do you still want me to …

            I would say she was game to ruin Tiffany even if she didn’t win. Not sure where you are seeing a change in character here.

          • TJ. Church says:

            I see no reference to me stating a character change I noticed. (If anything, I have made many comments denying one happened, in the character’s look or anything else.)

            Also, I’m sure I could find the dialogue, scene-order, & such many places. However, the “not recognizing…” & all that is simply your thought/imagination, & not stated on the show at all.

            As for all that but about ruining & winning, it is “neither here nor there”.

          • Em says:

            Immediately after Quinn told her to get “Camera ready” Madison is shown with her hair down and heavy makeup compared to how she is normally shown with braids and natural makeup. How exactly are you not interpreting this like all the rest of us? She clearly did not defy Quinn.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            I’d often assumed the hair seemed tied-up & painful, & the changed look appeared less “camera-ready” on a TV show about a TV show, especially one with so much focus on so many other females & the ways they dressed/acted/looked.

            I am not interpreting anything similarly or differently, simply seeing what was there.

          • Em says:

            Okay… Long flowing beautiful hair and sparkly make up clearly says that she is actively trying to NOT be camera ready.

          • TJ. Church says:

            I admit the description you gave there would show an attempt to be “camera-ready” (even noting the person/character had not that I recall been on-camera before), but it does NOT describe how Madison looked ever in the episode.

          • Em says:

            Then you must not have recognized her towards the end of the episode. Because her hair was down and makeup was heavily done.

          • TJ. Church says:

            Or perhaps I recognized her when she was there, & you all saw someone else (similar to some saying in comments that other characters made references to the changes, which I know never happened).

        • Vanessa says:

          Another response lacking an answer to the very simple question as to how Jay is not a decent person.

          You can type all the long paragraphs you want the fact that you can’t provide a simple answer to a simple question indicates that you know you can’t back it up.

          Also, her becoming camera ready and them drawing attention to it absolutely happened. It’s not debatable. The fact that you’re trying to claim it didn’t happen when it CLEARLY did shows that you’re missing a few screws. Now run along, it’s med time at your mental institution and if you’ve clearly missed a few doses.

          • TJ. Church says:

            There is no answer to the question as there is no reason to ask it.

            Likewise, Madison’s change is not debatable, as it was requested/ordered, but never took place.

            I have not missed any med doses nor any of the changes in Madison; You’ve simply imagined them all.

      • Daisy says:

        I think you have a lot of issues completely unrelated to the show before you. Good luck with that.

        • tjchurch2001 says:

          The only issues I have or old TV Guides dealing with last year’s Comic-Con, & other shows like the “real” dating shows that don’t have as much to do with what’s really going on between their audience members & others in the real world.

  3. Carrie says:

    A ridiculous ending fit for this ridiculous season. Only positives were Darius/Ruby and the reactions that accompanied them. I hate that Jeremy now seems a permanent member of Team Rachel-Quinn, after his verbal and physical abuse earlier this season. I understand flawed, complex characters, but there has to be *something* likeable about them and UnReal just went too far this year.

  4. ceecilex says:

    This season was just bad overall for me. What a disappointment. I was wondering why the quality dropped so much after season 1 and it turns out one of the show’s creator peaced out. It makes sense now. Her absence was clearly felt.

  5. earlbny says:

    This season was a total had Sophmore slump written all over it. This finale was 59 minutes of filler then Cue Ruby which I figured out days ago. Then the car crash. I wonder who’s going to die next season? Who will be on the lounge chairs during the final scene during the finale? I hope it’s boo. He’s my favorite. Bringing back Ruby for the happily ever get after does no make up for the Darius shooting.

    • The Beach says:

      Agree. You could see that car crash coming a mile away. I just sat there waiting for it.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        I wasn’t sitting there, waiting for a car crash to happen… Nor did I predict one… Which is fine, as that’s not what happened.

        As I believe this article says, the car was “run off the road”. It may have run into a tree, a pole, a sign, or maybe the gun that shot Romeo… But there was no other car on the film or mentioned in the speaking of the reporter. (If there had been, odds are Jeremy would have been the one driving it, or so they would have wanted/expected us to believe.)

  6. Jason says:

    Kim Matula in that lingerie..Darius should have picked her and ran. lol

  7. tjchurch2001 says:

    I left the show at the end trying to figure out how Jeremy made it happen: Did he cut the brake-lines, was he driving the car that ran them off the road,… What? Wanting something done & actually doing the something are two very different things.

    On the other hand, I disagree that anyone has to answer for anything next season… They never showed nor said if the “exposing” team survived or not. Even if they did, they may decide for one reason or another not to tell their stories (especially since Coleman told Rachel that he was going to tell all the truths after she had discredited Yael’s ability to), & nobody (not even the outer show’s viewers) can surely say how the outer show’s staff was involved in the final-scenes accident…

    So why not just a clean start for Season 3? Maybe it’s a time the outer show can show viewers how that might look/be-created.

  8. Greg says:

    I would have preferred seeing Quinn and Rachel on the same side all season like how it started, but it turned out to be a decent season in the end. Maybe not as strong as the first, but still better than anything else on summer tv.

  9. Anna says:

    Rachel subtly manipulated Jeremy. She knew he was unhinged, still hung up on her and that he’d do anything for her. Those 2 deaths are on her.

  10. Kristin says:

    As much as a mess this season felt to me I have to say for the most part I enjoyed the finale. I do hope they dont try and make Jeremy and Rachel happen, even though I wouldnt be surprised if she gives into him for “saving them” from Coleman or because he doesn’t blame her for what happened to her as a child.
    Also my only hope for next season is PLEASE more adam. His scenes where by far my favorites this whole season, and there is definitely unfinished business with him and Rachel, i mean she only turned him away because she thought Coleman was going to take care of her.

    • TJ. Church says:

      That’s impossible when I don’t think it’s right to say he had more than one scene this year… Regardless, bringing back Adam when there was a totally (in every way) different person in his place & his story was told (unlike, say, bringing Coleman back next season to show he lived) would be basically admitting no growth on the part of the “UnREAL” crew (those on or off-camera).

  11. Clare says:

    I loved the finale and unReal in general- this show is amazing in that there is continuous action and entertainment, yet at the same time is incredibly deep and puts you in touch with complex emotions when relating to the characters. Yet it is still so fun to watch! I consider it a guilty pleasure.

  12. MissEllys says:

    Well, this show was just too ridiculous this season. I don’t mind a show being silly or overly soapy, but nothing about this season was consistent.

  13. d says:

    The whole leak story was ridiculous. An ex-employee tells a story that another ex-employee and an ex-contestant get a mentally unstable and obviously drugged-out-of-her-mind current employee to back up on video, without a shred of physical evidence, and they think that’s enough to blow everything up? Not even Gawker would touch that turd of an expose. There were no real stakes there.

  14. Luli says:

    I just need Rachel and Quinn on the same side for more than half the eps. I just didn’t like them seeing them apart this season.

  15. Dan says:

    I accidentally stumbled onto this before the finale aired on the West Coast and, after reading it…yeah, just deleted the show from my “series recordings” on the DVR and am not looking back. The shift in quality between seasons one and two are staggering. In the first season, only Chet came off like a cartoon; this season, in attempts to make Rachel and Quinn more “ooh, shades of gray, character you love to hate, Wallis White” they just became caricatures as well. So long, UnReal…thanks for a great first season.

  16. John says:

    I enjoyed the first season but there’s only so much “horrible people being horrible to each other” I can stand. That’s not a sustainable concept for a television show. That said, the finale was just okay and the “shocking” ending all too predictable, though making Jeremy a murdering psychopath for no reason other that the script says so is just lazy writing.

  17. Nancy Allen says:

    I thought the character development was written beautifully for Quinn and Rachel and even Chet. There was so much more personal emotion while still keeping their vicious tendencies; very well balanced. Shout out to the writers! However, next season I hope they don’t cheat their way out of the car accident by saying “oh no one could prove anything” so life goes on. This was a blatant and direct act by Jeremy not an indirect accident of Mary and in real life this changes people so keep it real on this one #UnREALtv. Looking forward to season 3!

  18. Christine says:

    Listen up people..this aint Shakespeare..its a freaking TV show on Lifetime. Lets not take it all to serious. People lighten up. It’s entertaining. A spoof on the “other” show about finding true love in front of millions of viewers.

  19. The Ruby-Darius and Coleman-Yael twists were so thoroughly telegraphed by the awful plotting of this season that the only thing shocking was that they hadn’t put Rachel’s mother in the back seat of Coleman’s car. And so many crucial things happening off-stage and then hurriedly informed through exposition (Yes, I checked with your old girl friend, and she said you cheated by hiring extras for your award winning documentary–So Lame) throughout the season. This has got to be Gertrude, right, because Noxon used to write better stuff for Mad Men and Buffy?

  20. The show is amazing I can’t wait till season 3 I can’t wait to see what Quinn and Rachel are up to next I wish the seasons had more episodes

  21. Lerbert says:

    This season didn’t work for me–I wish it had!! Over the last year I’ve basically turned into Oscar the Grouch while watching TV. Really enjoy the cast though.

  22. madison says:

    I love this show but this season’s arc proved that Shapiro needs Noxon. Just like Rachael and Quinn they are better together.

  23. Cate53 says:

    The season didn’t grab me In the same way as the first probably because when Rachel or Quinn weren’t the centre of the storyline, it was not that compelling. Last year Adam, Faith, Mary were characters I was interested it. Did anyone really care about Darius or Ruby or Yael in the same way? Mind you, I did like the double brides bit – dark and funny.

    I hated Jeremy last year and the toxic masculinity that he stood for. I didn’t want to see a redemption arc for him. However now Chet, Quinn and Rachel are complicit in his presumed murder, will we ever be rid of him??

    There has been quite a backlash against the show this year and they have definitely skipped around starting and dropping storylines. Nothing this year like Faith’s coming out or Rachel falling for Adam. However despite the bitty storytelling, Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby have been fabulous to watch,

  24. chris says:

    nice job writers.. just hope to see the show last for several years maybe even get a little darker. .. or a lot

  25. Winter says:

    Well I think that was the last episode of UnReal I will ever watch. There just isn’t anything compelling to me about these terrible people being terrible. I was pretty much done after last week’s literal crapfest but I figured I’d watch the finale and see if they could turn it around for me. It didn’t happen.

  26. Adam says:

    I’m hoping that if anyone gets to live after the crash, that it’s Yael. I get her a lot more than Coleman, she’s a reporter trying to break a story, he’s a monster who pretends he’s trying to take down an evil show because he won’t stand for it. When in reality he’s just as bad as them, he even faked a documentary about sex trafficking. Although, i actually hope they both live. It would be nice if the show didn’t kill someone for one season at least. How am i supposed to like any characters if they keep killing people.

    • TJ. Church says:

      I would prefer Yael live out of the two stories, since I don’t believe hers. (Frankly, I think contestant Yael got cast on “Everlasting” for her looks. She then realized Jay, Madison, & the others were backing/assisting certain contestants, & created the reporter bit hoping Coleman the documentary man would do so for her.)

      On the other hand, I don’t really see killing either of them now as killing them during a season the way you do. Also, I don’t see them as actively having killed the contestant last season, though they no doubt played a major part in it.

      Living or dead, however, I see no reason to physically show any of the three again.

  27. 1ifiona says:

    Why didn’t they leave the cause of the accident a cliffhanger for next season? All 4 had motive. I didn’t think it was too smart to give it all away in the finale.

    • TJ. Church says:

      Jeremy admitted he had involvement/played a part, but they never said specifically what he did or the actual specific cause. (In fact, I believe the on-screen reporter actually said something about details still arriving, or something similar.)