Hulu No Commercials

Hulu Ends Its Free Streaming Service

Hulu made it official on Monday: The streaming giant has ended its free, ad-supported service as it moves to adopt an all-subscription model.

This will leave two options for those looking to Hulu (which is now a verb): the $7.99/month plan, which includes commercials, and the and $11.99/month plan, which eliminates ads.

“For the past couple years, we’ve been focused on building a subscription service that provides the deepest, most personalized content experience possible to our viewers,” Ben Smith, Hulu senior vice president and head of experience, said in a statement. “As we have continued to enhance that offering with new originals, exclusive acquisitions, and movies, the free service became very limited and no longer aligned with the Hulu experience or content strategy.”

That said, Hulu is partnering Yahoo on its new ad-supported streaming site Yahoo View, which will allow users to watch the five most recent episodes of shows NBC, Fox and ABC eight days after they air. Select shows from other networks (TBD), as well as next-day clips will also be available to stream for free.

Your thoughts on Hulu’s big changes? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. KLS says:

    It would be great if there were some kind of streaming guide to find out where all of these shows are going be, for how long and for how much. This stuff is getting confusing.

    • sunshine says:

      I would love HULU to have some kind of printed guide either on the web site or on the screen. I have a dickens of a time trying to find what’s currently on and the movies are not in any order. I’ve subscribed to it for two months and haven’t got the hang of it yet.

      • Lupa says:

        I think that this is just an experiment in how far people will tolerate abuse. And I think it is a generational thing. The same people who were willing to pay hundreds of dollars a month for cable TV where nothing good is ever on are probably good and grateful to pay for substandard video service. We have to remember that hulu did get bought by Comcast. I just don’t see paying to watch commercials. Hulu service simply doesn’t have enough to offer. The videos themselves are rarely HD and the streaming is slow and always buffering. The commercials are always HD and often crash the player. Their original content is lacking. Mostly cartoons that look like they were made up by high school students. Their selection is lacking and what videos they do have are almost impossible to find. I quit paying for hulu when they destroyed their native review and comment system and replaced it with Facebook. It showed a fine disregard for their customers. Thousands of paying customers let them know at the time that not everyone wants to tell the world what they are watching on TV. They also in the TOC reserve the right to make automatic Facebook posts for you. They further demonstrated that disregard when they deleted everyone’s queues. Netflix is $7.99/mo and has no commercials and a far better selection of videos. Amazon is $10.99/mo and also commercial free with a many of useful perks. I don’t see how a paid hulu service fits in there. It doesn’t for me.

        • schonkeren says:

          Yep, I got out as soon as they removed the queue. It was the only reason why I still don’t use my netflix subscription… No decent queueing system! If I know a series to be on Netflix I’ll watch it but most if not all my videos come from websites like thedaretelly (with Ad-Muncher). I never looked back and I only just now found out hulu isn’t free any longer. I won’t miss is. Them times are changing and hulu is stuck in the past or with mismanagement; either way, I don’t see it grow a lot any longer. We’ll see in 10 years time, no? :)

        • lora robinson says:

          Well they just shut mine off no notice at all DROP AND REFUND! No matter what TV u watch were all getting frakkined.I think I’ll go back to when people had had a 20 antenna!

    • Leslie says:

      Look for an app called Fan TV by Fanhatten – You have to look up each show, but it tells you were it can be found. Unfortunately it doesn’t have when or how long on it but I suspect that’s because that information is a closely held secret most of the time.

  2. keniri says:

    Well, Hulu is about to lose a lot of users. This is a sad commentary for the service provided by Hulu.

    • Peggy says:

      I’ll say. Hulu was where I could access the broadcast network shows I missed live, all in one place. Unless I missed something, Hulu didn’t offer much else that’s worth the site pricing itself like it’s the next Netflix or Amazon.

      • At last! says:

        I’ve got to agree. There’s no reason for the viewers to prefer it over Netflix or Amazon anymore. The consumers aren’t going to subscribe to yet another one to get what they already get from the already established subscription models. If it’s time to pick, Hulu is a goner.

        • Grace says:

          Netflix doesn’t have TV seasons until the entire season has aired. On Amazon, you’d have to pay per episode of a TV show to watch the day after air. For people who watch a lot of TV and want to keep up with it (not watch it months later), Hulu is still very much a solid option.

          • Mirabai says:

            Grace, you can just go to the network website and watch shows these days. I’ve been doing it for years. It’s so much more efficient that television, commercials, etc. Hulu is completely unnecessary.

          • ToyCannon says:

            Agreed. I watch Hulu, because I can watch it on my TV thru Roku. Most of the network websites that stream their shows are not available on Roku.

          • dragons3 says:

            I agree. I’ve tried to watch on the network sites, but the quality is horrible. Constant buffering, ad interruptions every 5 minutes, picture and sound fuzzy. I’ll stick with Hulu.

        • Andrea says:

          One thing I like most about Amazon is that you don’t HAVE to have a subscription. You can have Prime if you want it, but you can also just buy the series or the episode a la carte style. I only like paying for what i actually watch.

      • drhenning says:

        Hulu had the Stephen King mini-series 11/22/63…

        The ad free service to stream with is great I will say.. Better than the On Demand offerings I can get from Xfinity… Commercials are gone..

      • Jbj says:

        If you were paying for HuluPlus, then the only thing that would change for you is The CW’s new deal with Netflix, which pulled their show’s from Hulu. If you weren’t paying, then Hulu wants you to try the Yahoo View service. No harm, no foul.

  3. Peggy says:

    Are you “bleep”ing kidding me?

  4. LJ Bissonnette says:

    We’ve had commercial free Hulu Plus for a while now and I find that there are moments when I miss a commercial or two — NOT!

    • Leslie says:

      Exactly. I don’t have cable, so for me to pay $12 a month for ad free for most of the shows I watch has been worth it.

  5. Morgan says:

    I noticed a while ago that they were phasing out the free streams. That’s why I haven’t been to their site in over a year. I already pay for Netflix. Damn sure ain’t about to pay Hulu too.

  6. Nikki says:

    I have a subscription because I like many of the Hulu shows but I’m sad to see them removing the free option. It was always a place where people could find the free content that’s available elsewhere.

  7. Gorgia Madman says:

    I pay the $7.99 fee. Its worth every penny. Just got rid of Netflix cause it was worthless. It never had anything I wanted to see. Amazon Prime is filling that gap.

  8. Daphne says:

    I wonder if Canadians will be able to subscribe… Now THAT would be great!

    • Michael Summerset says:

      If they don’t have a free service they won’t be able to get enough interest in Canada. They’re shunned Canada so long that Canadians are use to going elsewhere. And some of the shows (at least the latest episodes) are available for free on Canadian sites.

  9. datdudemurphy says:

    Hulu is still the best option if you want to stay current on your daily shows

    but if you are using Netflix, Hulu, and Prime….you may as well just switch back to cable. You’re paying just as much at that point.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Now that Amazon has a monthly option, I dont know why people could not use one of the three as their primary streaming service, let’s say Netflix. Than they could alternate the other two depending on what’s available. Perhaps Hulu is better during the network season while Amazon could be used in the summer months.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Thats actually a really good plan. I like that….and am a little disappointed that I didn’t think of it myself.

    • Brandi says:

      No it’s not. I pay for Hulu $11.99, Netflix $9.99, and Prime $8ish a month. That is still less than half what I was paying for DirecTV with DVR/playback on 1 receiver each month. And we didn’t even have premium channels like HBO, or Showtime. We were getting robbed. I could still add 2 more streaming services and not pay what I was paying for satellite. I don’t subscribe to any other streaming like HBO, Showtime, CBS, or any others. Hulu gives me most of my current, up-to-date shows (minus CBS), Netflix and Prime give me older more variety of stuff along with the kids stuff we want. I also still like Netflix’s platform way better than Hulu or Amazon.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Cable packages (at least here) start at 30 bucks.
        with the cable subscription, you can access a lot of the OnDemand channels available.

        Same goes with Playstation Vue or Sling TV. Subscribing to those give you access to many of the on demand channels PLUS you get live cable TV.
        Both of those services start at or under 30 bucks a month.

    • At last! says:

      Why would I bother to subscribe to Hulu if I can DVR the shows instead? Why would I bother to subscribe to three streaming services when I can pay cable for that price? It’s just not worth the cost anymore.

      • Marcie says:

        In my area, cable is much more expensive that Netflix + Hulu + Prime. But it IS getting confusing where to find the shows. I subscribe to all three, but now with HBO Go and CBS AllAccess and all the others, I’m beginning to wonder why I subscribe to Hulu at all. (My daughter says it’s because of The Mindy Project!)

        • Nero tTVFiddler says:

          Have faith – don’t worry. Your daughter will grow out of her ‘Mindy phase’ before you know it!! Then she’ll probably want to watch Orange is the New Black… and you’ll already have Netflix! Bingo… Mom knows best!! :)

        • Brandi says:

          Same here. I spend less on those same 3 then cable. I won’t subscribe to CBS or any of the single channel streaming, I feel if I subscribe to them all I’ll be paying more than I would for cable. I just don’t watch CBS anymore. I have to wait for the new season of Five-o to show up on Netflix and I haven’t started a current new CBS show in a year.

          • Nero tTVFiddler says:

            Hang in there – before you know it, you probably won’t find much on FOX, NBC or ABC to watch either. Lol. First CBS, then FOX, then…

            I think in the end, it really was about ‘content’. Content is king. If the networks (or streaming services, or cable channels, etc.) produce content people want to watch, they will seek it out – be it live, on-demand, streaming, DVD. Good content finds viewers. Always has, always will.

            The question I have – if CBS is successful on their own with their streaming service, how long before one of the members of Hulu says – “hey, I’m tired of pulling these other two laggards along.”

            I’d be interested in getting a breakout from Hulu (good luck with that!) as to the ‘ratings’ and demand (and dollars revenue generated/earned) on Hulu for ABC shows, NBC shows and FOX show – individually. Would be interesting to see which one of the three, not to mention any names (cough, cough, NBC!! cough, cough) is the laggard. :)

            I bet it won’t take much to get at least one of the three to ‘go it alone.’ ABC already has ‘ABC-Go’… one foot out the door. Then FOX can decide how long they want to pull NBC along. And since Comcast owns NBC-U, I doubt Comcast has their heart in any streaming service that promotes cord-cutting. In the end, Hulu will be an NBC entity only, kept in line to ensure it is priced to keep Comcast customers paying up. Ha Ha!! :)

            Gotta love those mgmt programmers at Comcast. ;)

      • datdudemurphy says:


    • Leslie says:

      You say that, but where on earth can people get cable for under $30 a month? Not anywhere I’m familiar with.

      (Hulu, $12, Netflix $8, Amazon $8)

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Time Warner and Xfinity

        and as I already mentioned, Sling and Playstation Vue both start under 30….if you want to count those

        • Jbj says:

          I didn’t even get Internet Only via TWC for less than $40/month when I lived in Rochester, NY. With streaming services, you can at least pick and choose what, when and how long. With cable companies, they charge you each month, and they charge you if you change your mind and want to drop packages with deal pricing or quit altogether. That said, it is very nice to have a parent or friend who cannot live without cable who will let you (for free or for a nominal charge) use their account info to verify just about any network streaming site. It even makes sense to cost-share Netflix or Amazon Prime, as both services have legitimized the practice.

  10. Nero tTVFiddler says:

    I’m just puzzled by the Hulu model now. People pay for NBC, ABC and FOX content that they didn’t already Tivo/DVR, or get via on-demand from their cable company, or watch for free live via broadcast and/or cable feed? $7.99/mo to watch shows with commercials for those who could have watched those same shows with commercials a couple of days earlier without the Hulu service. My goodness.

    I guess Hulu will work for ‘cord-cutters’ with a broadband connection, but unless NBC, FOX and ABC can come up with *enough* new content for Hulu that is specific only to Hulu, I don’t see the dollar value.

    And for three broadcast networks that can barely fill up their own full schedule of Primetime entertainment without padding with reality programs and filler each week, how confident are we all that NBC, ABC and FOX will be able to create enough content on Hulu to make the service of value to their customers? ‘Chance’ and ‘Shut Eye’… could these programs have been created by the networks for their broadcast 10pm time slots?

    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu. Three players in a two horse race middle-man business. We’ll see how well this works out. The networks can stream direct – ABC Go is an example. CBS, HBO, they will be going direct. How many ‘middle-men’ does the industry need, or will be able to support?

    • Lauren says:

      It’s easier just to keep cable, pay one fee and use the DVR. All this other stuff is so complicated.

      • At last! says:

        The idea of streaming was to ease the viewer’s experience, if the service doesn’t do that anymore, the viewer will not subscribe. It’s that simple.

      • Michael Summerset says:

        And don’t overlook off-air antenna, where available. Some cost to setup (anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred, depending upon what you need) but no cable fee.

      • Andrea says:

        Unfortunately, I agree with the comment that I read somewhere in this thread, that eventually streaming is going to become as pricey as cable. CBS is already putting The Good Wife spin-off on its own streaming service. I’d have no problem buying it on Amazon because that’s the service I use, but I’m not going to start buying individual streaming services for each network. So, no spin-off for me.

    • Leslie says:

      Hulu works for me because I don’t have cable and I don’t have to be tied down to my house when the shows I want to watch are on, plus, even with me splurging on a better antenna I just don’t get very good signal strength half the time.

      Or at least it has been. With them no longer carrying CW shows it may not be as helpful as it once was.

      So I pay about $20 a month for Hulu and Netflix and I have plenty of options.

  11. Lauren says:

    Sorry I’m sticking to cable and my DVR. I swear I think it’s a better deal than paying for all these different streaming services. If anything, it’s easier to get all my shows from one source than bouncing back and forth between different subscriptions to watch different shows.

  12. Sharon says:

    I’ve been paying the last two months so this isn’t news to me.

  13. J. Deering says:

    I cut the cord years ago and have only subscribed to Netflix (for whole seasons of network shows we missed and Netflix originals), Hulu (for next day broadcast series) and Amazon Prime (primarily use it for shipping but occasionally tv). Stream it all on a Roku device and haven’t missed cable except for live sporting events. Our tv bill went from over $80/mth to only about $25/mth. Honestly didn’t know Hulu still provided free streaming but don’t really think this move will have much impact on them.

    • Brandi says:

      Same here. I don’t miss cable one tiny bit and I can watch stuff on any device, not just my DVR and TV. I pay around $30 a month, less than half what I was paying for cable.

      • Lcsd114 says:

        I also cut the cord and have Hulu, Amazon Prime (half price because of my student id :-)) and Netflix. All in they cost around $20 a month, plus around $50 a month for internet, for a savings of $100 a month. The only show I miss is Jeopardy. I did end up buying an antenna last week to watch the Olympics (I get NBC perfectly with it) but that was so worth the $15 one time payment.
        Anyway, if you can remember that all the latest episodes of most shows are available on Hulu, older shows (or shows you can wait to watch) on Amazon and movies plus more older shows on Netflix, it is easy to handle.

        • Lupa says:

          You do realize you can still get all normal broadcast TV with digital antenna right? You don’t have to miss Jeopardy. I don’t see the point of paying for hulu when you can download the network apps onto your phone.

  14. Deion says:

    I cut the cord 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. The only Hulu changes that distress me are the loss of next day availability of CW shows. Unless CW Seed gets much better, I may not be partaking in those until the summer when they are available on Netflix.

  15. LdyJne114 says:

    Wouldn’t care if they would allow a family option so more than one device at a time could watch **cougnNetflixcough**

  16. Joe says:

    I’ve been paying for Hulu the past 2 years

  17. KLS says:

    So, if you had an extra $6-7.99/month for TV, would you spend it on:
    A) CBS All Access
    B) Hulu
    C) HD Cable/DirecTV with DVR
    D) none of the above and pick up a book
    E) other

  18. Max says:

    I’ve got Netflix, goodbye Hulu… for good.

  19. Phil says:

    Hulu still has the entertaining “Casual”, but I’m way more upset at the lack of CW shows starting this fall. That’s gonna hurt me.

  20. Yebs says:

    Why would anyone pay $8/month for the privilege of watch ads? This is a stupid model.

  21. xomylifexo says:

    You’d have to be the special kind of stupid to pick Hulu over Netflix. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

  22. Vona says:

    Why am 8 day delay for network shows? That defeats the purpose of Hulu for me. I might as well watch it from each networks’ website at that point. Who wants to wait more than a week for the new episodes that come out?

  23. EllynW says:

    Hulu was a godsend during the 2007 television strike, but ever since I signed up for Amazon Prime, I haven’t had much reason to look at Hulu’s free content, such as it was. Seems like everything I used to watch has gotten canceled and the CW is the only network app I use anymore.

  24. Karen MT says:

    What does this mean for Viz’s free streaming service? I believe that still goes through Hulu.

  25. It’s funny that people keep saying streaming is destroying cable.

    Pretty soon it’s going to be the other way around and cable will take out streaming.

    Would you rather spend $80 a month on 5-6 different subscriptions, or $40 for all the channels you want, watching shows live and/or with a DVR?

    • Nero tTVFiddler says:

      I’d prefer $40, but I can’t find anyone (you perhaps?) who has a cable bill for $40/month. I know the cost of cable is geographically/local franchise driven, so ‘mileage may vary.’ However, my cable bill is over $100/month (just went up again recently), but I live in the SF Bay Area, so costs are high here for just about everything now. Between cable bills, phone bills and BMW car payments with their morning lattes, I don’t know how people keep up here in the Bay Area. The job market is good, but not ‘that’ good. Lol.

      That said, at that $100/mo price point (for a package that is similar to the old ‘extended basic’), the viewers get the 100 channels of ‘nothing’ to watch, boat-loads of reality programming and the sports packages. It is the sports packages that will save the cable industry. If those go direct, goodbye cable companies. For those who like their sports however, the cable companies (ESPN, TNT, and the local sport-teams/XFinity franchise packages) have a great position – that will keep them in business.

      For those who don’t care about sports, or (as a viewer up-thread noted), are willing to get an HDTV antenna hookup for the occasional broadcast sporting event (Super Bowl, World Series, NBA or NHL championship, Golf, Tennis, Olympics), ‘cord-cutting’ has never been more appealing.

      For me, and folks like me, if the Comcast bills go much higher, I’m moving on (I have to at $120/mo, and I’ll listen more to the local sports on the radio). A Roku box and an HDTV antenna with my own DVR, and I’m good to go. I’ll keep Comcast (maybe) for the broadband pipe, and nothing more.

    • Brooke says:

      Maybe at some point, but right now my Hulu+Netflix+Prime (the latter of which I use for SO much more than just TV/movie streaming) is significantly less expensive than my last cable package.

      • Right now, yes, but I think you’re going to see Cable shift downward in price to compete, and incorporate some sort of package system where you can get big channels (TNT, USA, ESPN, Fox News, FX) for $20-$30 and then opt in to certain smaller channel packages for $5-$10 each (cable news, sports, movies, kids, oldies etc.)

        There’s only three main streaming sites right now, but CBS All Access will be launching a lot of shows in 2017, and I am sure NBC will try too (expanding their Seeso right now or just starting a new one since I don’t know if anyone even knows about it.)

  26. David4 says:

    I really want to pay $8 a month for commercials! Thanks! No wait, no thanks.

  27. mrmcgee says:

    Is there a good guide to what’s available on streaming? I’m debating cutting the cord also and watch Amazon, Netflix and Hulu but want to see if I’ll be able to get the shows I regularly watch. I’m just so used to cable/dvr I don’t know if I can get in the habit

    • Lcsd114 says:

      I don’t know about a guide but I recommend leaving cable behind. If you feel you will miss shows on the basic channels NBC etc. don’t worry, Hulu has them one day after. I don’t watch CW, so don’t miss them.

  28. SJP says:

    I’m sorry, but WHY would I PAY for COMMERCIALS?????????

  29. Cas says:

    I didn’t know they had a free service? When I signed up I got the choice of ads or no ads. I eventually canceled and will just retain my $10 a month Netflix free from ads.

  30. Jeremy says:

    That the way these companies operate unfortunately. They first offer freebees and then a few years later If you want to continue to use their service they start charging you. I hope this never happens on You Tube since You Tube is free. Before you know it you may have to have a subscription to use You Tube. I think are freedoms are slowly being taken away on the internet pretty soon you may have to subscribe to view websites that are now free. These money grubbers will do any thing they can to steal from you

  31. CJH says:

    Exactly KLS…I want to know exactly whats on and how long i have before I watch it For me to pay for this it would have to be enough shows I watch and all episodes available at my whim not someone elses

  32. I haven’t used Hulu in a very long time and never bothered to subscribe. A lot of the shows I watch aren’t on there, anyway, and were available on other sites. I actually thought they did this a while ago because the last time I did look on there, there were few interesting shows that had free episodes. There are other less than legal avenues, and with those, Netflix, Amazon, network sites, and other sites, Hulu’s kind of pointless/a waste of money.

  33. maggie says:

    Pay $7.99 a month for commercial tv? Isn’t the point of paying for a streaming service to avoid commercials?

  34. Roberto says:

    Hulu, Have you not learned anything from when AOL went to “unlimited”? You are doing what you believe is best financially for Hulu without factoring in your customer desires. It should be the other way around: take care of your customers and your financials will take care of themselves.

  35. Sonya David says:

    We pay additional fees on top of our monthly to watch the partner yahoo shows?

  36. BillyBobJohnson says:

    Why would I want to pay MORE for Netflix-lite when I can just subscribe to Netflix? The only thing I liked about Hulu is that I could watch missed TV shows for free.
    Everyone has been into the “cutting the cord” movement to free themselves from cable bills. Well, this is the result. The other major broadcast networks are watching CBS to see if their All Access streaming service makes it. If it does, you’ll eventually have to pay a monthly fee to watch their shows other than live. All those monthly fees add up after a while to the point where you’ll be paying more than cable.

  37. KLS says:

    I wish TPTB would spend a little less time some trying to solve the SVOD (Streaming Video On Demand) market and more time on solving the technology to get more accurate and industry accepted ratings! That’s the core problem, right? Networks don’t know who/how many people or how they are watching their shows, so they can’t set accurate ad rates, so they are losing out on perceived revenue through streaming, so all of these convoluted business plans, price structures and stack rates/rights are getting put into place that just wind up confusing everybody.

  38. act_on_love says:

    You know, at the very beginning, there was an ad campaigne with Alec Baldwin and tentacles. So don’t say we weren’t warned :-D

  39. what? you mean they dropped Hulu?so i will not being paying 7.99 a month anymore?

  40. Debbie says:

    The only reason I subscribe to hulu is for the network tv shows and viewing them on a smart tv is a plus. What a total disappointment.

  41. Leah says:

    This is awful. They could at least have some free streaming like they did in the past. There goes a lot of your users including me.

  42. Michelle Entzel says:

    I’m very disappointed that I can no longer watch GH 8 days after airing. I’m afraid a lot of viewers will feel the same way.

    • Te Pierce says:

      With my hulu subscription I watch GH the same day it airs after 8pm. I watch Gotham, Once Upon A Time, Grey’s Anatomy, Grimm and other shows I like the next day after they air. The only thing I will miss are my CW shows.

  43. Rachol says:

    That is absolutely rediculous!!! I already had to wait an extra week to watch last weeks episodes of my shows with commercials, now I just can’t watch them at all unless I sign up for Hulu plus? Done with Hulu, unless they go back to the way it’s been for YEARS… couldn’t be more disappointed.

  44. kuppycake says:

    I am honestly a cheap bastard. I own it. But shows that are available on network television, and you were showing me ads no matter what? I’m sorry.. I’m never going to pay money for that.

  45. mt says:

    screw them…won’t be watching any longer. Won’t pay for TV. Thanks, you’ve just saved us a lot of time to do other things, Hulu. They were annoying anyway, couldn’t easily find a complete list of what programs they offered to be able to watch something. Instead, THEY choose for you unless you already knew and typed it in the search. Has to be about the money. They won’t say that. Instead they come up with some sanitized reason/excuse for what they’re doing. My guess, most people didn’t pay, watched the free content or not enough companies wanting to advertise OR we’re not buying, so they’re making you pay, hoping you’re so dependent on them/hooked and won’t leave. Sort of like things the government does. You don’t do it, they’ll make you…healthcare, guns, “recycling”, gasoline, water, student loans, removing used automobiles from the market…crushing them, rather than fixing the Volkswagon issues-which would be an easy fix, agenda 21 crap.

  46. Anthony Lang says:

    i no longer use Hulu. I only found it useful when free…

  47. John says:

    Screw Hulu. I’ve been supporting their streaming service, watching endless worthless ads for years and now they’re pulling this crap. I’ve already have an app to watch my shows for free anyway. The only difference is Hulu provides better quality 100% of the time while my app doesn’t. I predict Hulu will phase out and die eventually. Netflix already dominates the online subscription service WAY before Hulu forced their viewers to subscribe.

    • odell01 says:

      I noticed your comment a couple of times, and I thought I’d take a moment to raise disagreement. I’m not sure about your prediction that Hulu will meet an untimely end. I think Hulu is on the right track, remaining inexpensive and staying afield of good programming. They might be headed for success, not failure, as you’re boldly predicting here. I am nearly willing to wager, and I do that seldom, that Hulu will remain alive and well for some time now.

  48. fairwell says:

    Goodbye Hulu…. It’s been real. But I have found somewhere to watch EVERYTHING for free!!!

  49. Mike says:

    Hulu, yo’ure fired. You never were as good as the others and now never will be.