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Devious Maids Finale Recap

Devious Maids EP Breaks Down Biggest Finale Twists, Teases Season 5 Mystery

Monday’s Devious Maids finale neatly tied up every loose end from the Lifetime drama’s killer fourth season… before creating a whole new mess for the show’s leading ladies to clean up.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Sabrina Wind about the episode’s biggest twists, as well as what a potential fifth season would look like. But first, a quick recap:

Gail Fleming, the surprise daughter of director/rapist Hugh Metzger, was revealed to be Peri’s killer; Evelyn and Adrian signed their divorce papers, then got down to business on the dining room table; Rosie told Spence that she’s pregnant, but concealed the truth about Tucker; Zoila resumed working for Genevieve, who’s now entertaining a same-sex romance with a new pal (played by Sharon Lawrence); Carmen and Dani finally found common ground; and, following a one-year time jump, Marisol was presumably kidnapped on the day of her wedding to Peter.

OK, time for some answers…

TVLINE | First thing’s first: I got really excited when Sharon Lawrence appeared on screen.
She is so talented, and we love working with her. We were so delighted that she was willing to do this part, and we are hoping that she continues on the show, assuming we have a show to continue.

TVLINE | How much stock should we put into this new relationship between her and Genevieve?
Well, I love the idea of Genevieve and Zoila being back in each other’s lives, but promising each other not to get involved in their business. Now we’re seeing Genevieve doing something as crazy as we’ve ever seen, so Zoila will have quite the trouble of not meddling and getting involved. … We also just really liked the idea of Genevieve thinking, “Maybe all this time, what I needed was a wife!”

TVLINE | Speaking of Zoila, Kyle and his mother disappeared rather suddenly. Is this the last we’ve seen of the Circle?
Yes, that was the intention. If we have the wonderful honor of doing a fifth season and Lifetime tells us they want those people back, then we can talk about it.

TVLINE | I assume that final mention of Dani’s father was also a hint. Might we see him if the show gets a fifth season?
100,000 percent! I’m hoping the character is this incredibly hot, wonderful man who’s going to come back into Carmen’s life and challenge where she is and what she’s about.

TVLINE | Apologies if I missed something, but did Evelyn and Adrian get re-married in the finale?
No, the only thing they officially got was divorced. They signed those papers with the judge, and 10 seconds later, they consummated that divorce. It’s really as if they were created just to torment each other forever. But will they be remarried? I don’t know!

TVLINE | OK, because I definitely caught that weird glance between Zoila and Adrian at the wedding. Is there a chance something happened during the time jump that we’re not yet privy to?
There are definitely chances that things have happened. … She’s the kind of person who can call somebody on their s–t and he’s the kind of person who’s totally full of s–t, so we think they’re just a fun combination. They might not be as fated as Evelyn and Adrian, but there’s definitely something they have found in each other that only the other one can see.

TVLINE | I was surprised that Marisol didn’t ask the girls to be her bridesmaids. They’re all still friends, right?
Well, the idea was that [Marisol and Peter] are older people choosing to go down this wedding path, so there weren’t really bridesmaids. … We felt like it was owed to Evelyn and Marisol’s relationship this season that, for some reason, Evelyn had taken over as a sort-of handmaiden. In our minds, the maids were all with Marisol earlier, but once the ceremony started, Evelyn was running the show — and she lost Marisol.

TVLINE | Rosie, of course, didn’t tell Spence about Tucker. Am I correct in assuming she’ll regret that decision?
Oh, of course. Happily-ever-after is boring. We need problems!

TVLINE | I’ll bet Dania Ramirez is thrilled that she didn’t have to wear one of those fake baby bumps.
[Laughs] You know, we never even spoke about it because of the time jump. It didn’t cause any conversation, but I bet she’d be really happy if she thought about it.

TVLINE | The Spence-Rosie household is now populated with three kids from… how many parents?
[Laughs] Yeah, it’s three children from — I think — five people. It would be quite the new version of The Brady Bunch.

TVLINE | Lastly, will Marisol’s kidnapping — I guess I should call it a disappearance for now — be a whole new mystery, or is it connected to something that happened in previous seasons?
It will launch us into the new season. We have many thoughts of what it all means, but we have to wait to talk to Lifetime about them. It will be a completely new story.

Your thoughts on the Devious Maids finale? Hopes for a potential Season 5? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Whatevah says:

    I liked this season a lot. I hope it comes back.

  2. Jake L. says:

    This was great — Lifetime, please renew!

  3. Joanie says:

    Renew this!!!! It’s great!!!!!

  4. Alesia says:

    Love this show…have never missed an episode! Please bring it back again!

  5. Diane says:

    As long as Spence/Rosie and Adrian/Evelyn are together, I am a happy viewer.

  6. Amy Rasmussen says:

    I love this show can’t wait to see it every week!♡♡♡♡♡

  7. Fionna says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW AND DIED JUST NOW!!! How you gonna take out one of the girls?!? Please never stop!!

  8. Emzie says:

    I absolutly loved this season, this can not be the end. PLEASE RENEW!!!!!!

  9. LENA WILLIAMS says:

    I love this show I watch it Faithfully every Monday I live in the Midwest, I pray to God lifetime pick this show up again I just love it I was a big fan of Desperate Housewives to I cry when it ended I’m happy to have Devious Maids I really enjoy it it really light up my world on Monday I hope lifetime bring this show back please please please please I always take off the good shows and put the boring ones. It’s so exciting and I love looking at all the Fashions because I am a fashion Diva myself.

  10. Cinders says:

    I can never get enough of this show.. I love, love, love it💜

  11. Melanie M says:

    Absolutely love this show and cannot imagine a summer without it. I know Evelyn and Adrian seem fated to be together but I actually really like the idea of Adrian and Zoila

  12. Carrie and Tim says:

    My wife and I love Monday nights because of Devious Maids… it is one of the funnest shows with great twists… Please Lifetime bring it back for another season you already canceled one of our other favorite shows… dont make us go back to the major networks

  13. Andrew Hass says:

    I think there will be a fifth season for Devious Maids.Plus the one year time jump is sort of what Desperate Housewives did between Season 4 and 5,

  14. ChrisGa says:

    I thought this season was the show’s strongest; hope it returns for a fifth. And Evelyn + anyone with a pulse=pure, unmitigated joy; Rebecca Wisocky is a comedic goddess.

    • John Cosmo says:

      She’s extremely versatile. (I’ve seen her in other roles nothing like Evelyn.) When given the right material she can chew up the scenery with the best of them. (I mean that as a complement!) She’s a hoot!

      In a flashback episode of “Desperate Housewives” she played Bree’s mother and you can see a sort of similarity in the acting styles of Marcia Cross who played Bree and Rebecca. It was good casting.

  15. Holly Gomez says:

    I love Devious maids really keeps me on the edge of my sit! I’m really hoping for season 5!

  16. Mary says:

    My husband & I have enjoyed all 4 seasons. We hope Lifetime will bring back a 5th season and hopefully even more seasons. The show is funny and entertaining with the best plot twists!!

  17. Melody Hall says:

    My husband and I both watch and love Devious Maids. Certainly hoping for a 5th season!

  18. Neil decosmis says:

    This show back up I guess it’s the best show on

  19. Dani says:

    Devious maids is so laugh out loud funny

  20. Nina Waren says:

    Spectacular finale! One of the strongest I’ve seen from any show in a long time.

  21. K. Ullrich says:

    Best show ever!

  22. Lorraine says:

    I just love Devious Maids, hoping for a 5th season! I hope all the speculation in the interview is going to happen.

  23. Crystal says:

    Love this show so much. I really hope it is renewed.

  24. John Cosmo says:

    This was a satisfying ending. It’s just too bad that the season was so short with only, what, 10 episodes this year?

    This is such a delightful, well-written, character-driven series. The characters have some depth to them, along with the witty one-liners and complex plots that are mostly neatly resolved. A surprising amount of intelligence has gone into the writing of the 4 seasons we’ve seen so far and I hope there’s a 5th season with more episodes in the future.

  25. chris says:

    5 years is a good run for cable, sooooo please come back for a 5th season

  26. D says:

    Any chance of a storey line with the return of Valentina. Possibly a frienship between Valentina and Danni. A story line with the designer Ziola worked for and Valentina. I liked Jesse and Rosie together better than Spencer and Rosie.

  27. Pam says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I’ll be CRUSHED if they don’t do a 5th season!

  28. Denise Veda says:

    Please, please please don’t let this be the final season! The character development from Season 1 to now is amazing. Get those Lifetime big wigs on the phone now & tell them the fans deserve at least 2 more seaosns! 😊😊😊

  29. Michelle says:

    I love Devious Maids please bring them back.

  30. Denise Veda says:

    The potential fifth season should also be a bit longer. Other prime time shows get 12-18 episodes per season. Why do we only get 10? Seems like we got stiffed, especially since we have to wait well over a year for a new season

    • Frank Luna says:


    • FrancoisT says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Some shows even go into 21-22 episodes and this was less than HALF of that!

      I agree with everyone else here too, we NEED a 5th season! I was sooooo worried when they seemed to be wrapping things up. After gail was arrested, Marisol gets proposed to and accepts and rosie announces shes pregnant and a wedding with a time all in the space of 10 minutes had me freaking out that this was it!

      But then Marisols disappearance allayed my fears. Lifetime HAVE to pick this up again! Its one of the best shows out there, that simply doesn’t get enough credit at all! It needs a 20 episode season and a much bigger budget! (Not saying they need this as they did well without it, but they DESERVE it).

      Come on lifetime, don’t be stupid!

  31. Becky Magrum says:

    If was a very good final show

  32. Sophia says:

    When will season 5 air? Can’t wait

  33. Theresa Heid says:

    Better be a season 5!!!

  34. Michelle Lanorias says:

    Monday nights were/are the highlight of my week because of Devious Maids! Another SUPERB season! Whenever I’m crying, laughing hysterically, jumping out my couch, gasping in pure surprise, and yelling at the tv – you know it’s a damn good season! #renew LIFETIME!

  35. Trella says:

    Since I’m forever the hopeless romantic, I hope Jesse is Marisol’s abductor!! And where was Remy & Valentina all season?

  36. Vicki says:

    It was awesome. Didn’t see it coming! Can’t wait till next season!

  37. Trella says:

    PLEASE LIFETIME… BRING THIS ONE BACK!!!!!! I think it has a faithful following!! Which means it can only go up from here!!!!!! :)

  38. Ana Lara says:

    I enjoyed watching Devious Maids in season 4, I love that Spence and Rosie got back together and have new baby, such a good looking couple. Zoila is lost and needs to find a husband that will take care of her and what ever happened to her daughter, she hasn’t called her at all. Carmen has changed a lot , now that she has a daughter to care and love. I see her now with a kind and loving heart for her daughter Dani, not to mention where is her real father? In the end, Evelyn and Adrian have always meant to be with each other, they have this weird relationship. But, I really thought Mario and Peter were gonna live happily ever after, hopefully we can find out what happened to MARISOL IN SEASON 5…….I CAN HONESTLY SAY, I CAN WAIT AND IT WILL BE AS GOOD AND INTERESTING AS ALL THE OTHER SEASONS!!! LOVE ALL YAL DEVIOUS MAIDS CAST!!

  39. Pam G says:

    Susan Lucci brought me to this show. Ive stayed for everything! I love all the actors, characters, plot lines…everything! If they don’t have a season 5 it will be a great shame!! One of my favorite relationships are Evelyn and Adrian!! They are hilarious! The tension between them is great! Can hardly wait to see where Genvieve’s relationship goes with her girlfriend, the wonderful Sharon Lawrence!! Kudos to another wonderful season!

  40. Softd says:

    I loooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee this show. It is one of the best shows on television. Please bring it back and add a few more episodes.

  41. BriaMaria says:

    Looovvee the show!!
    Can’t wait until season 5.
    Seriously I can’t wait.

  42. DeviousKid says:

    Oh my……I just love thos big twist that devious maids got…..I nevere expected this….Its awesome and it deserves to be renewed so the devious continues!

  43. H. Scott says:

    I love this show! It’s charming, fun and a great escape. I loved Desperate Housewives, but I like Devious Maids even better. And all the characters are wonderful!!!
    Please don’t cancel this delightful show.

  44. Isabel says:

    Bring devious maids back!

  45. TRACIE says:

    Love to see another season! Number 5 season. Just hate it takes a full year before we can see the next season.

  46. Victoria says:

    Can’t wait for season 5!!make it faster this time please so we don’t wait for another 6 months to a year !

  47. Alwayssunny1 says:

    Please please renew!!!!
    I look forward to Monday’s….
    Great finale.. Evelyn and Adrian make a great couple , keep their excitement going…. Make them jealous of each without breaking them apart for good.

    Genevieve is super funny and comical, I always look forward to what she has to say..and the way she says it.

    Keep this show going!

  48. Frank Luna says:

    I’ve watched the show since the first episode. The writing, cast, and pace of each episode is top notch. I appreciate that it doesn’t get stuck in neutral like so many other one hour shows of it’s kind have tendency to do. I really hope that Lifetime renews it for season five. If not, maybe another network could pick it up.

  49. Esther Owusu says:

    Cant freaking wait for season 5