Bill Maher: Transgender Equality Must Wait Until After 'Armageddon Election’

Bill Maher used this Friday’s “New Rules” segment to ask that socially aware voters keep quiet until after the 2016 election.

The Real Time host argued that above all else, defeating Donald Trump should be the No. 1 priority of anyone who wants to see their “boutique issues” — including equal rights for the transgender community — eventually addressed by the U.S. government following this “Armageddon election.”

“From now until Election Day, everything else — every issue, every fight, every cause — has to take a backseat to defeating Trump,” he contended. “We all have our issues that are important to us, and so just to lead by example, let me say I will take my own close-to-the-heart pet cause — pot legalization — off the table. And you know me: I have seeds in my urine!”

Maher later defended his request to set the fight for transgender equality aside until after Election Day, theorizing that Hollywood is already doing plenty for the cause with its attempts to “normalize” transgenderism in the same way that gay and lesbian people came to be accepted as their portrayal in media became commonplace.

“[T]he people who lead on social issues aren’t in Washington anyway — they’re here in Hollywood,” he stated. “This transgender thing? Let us handle it like we did with gay rights, which very few cared about until Hollywood put gay people in every single TV show. … We hit them with Glee and Ellen and Will & Grace and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and pretty soon being gay was just part of our Modern Family.”

Do you agree with Maher’s suggestion? Press PLAY on the video above to hear his full monologue, then weigh in below.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    Top priority needs to be defeating Trump. If that doesn’t happen we might as well forget about any of the so called “boutique issues ” having a snowballs chance.

  2. Cailyn Bree says:

    Issues are always boutique issues when they don’t affect you.

    Trans and AF veteran that just wants to pee.

    • Big Mike says:

      You miss the point of what he said. Yes those issues are important, but ensuring Trump does not win takes precedence for the next 3 months.

      If Trump gets elected, good luck moving forward with ANYTHING progressive. Hell, people will quickly lose victories that they already won!

      Not saying Hilary is awesome or anything….in reality she is an awful person and she makes me sick….but she is CLEARLY a better vote than Trump if you care about a progressive society.

    • Temperance says:

      So how’d they like to hold it for a century? Let Trump in and that may be exactly how long it takes to recover.

  3. I absolutely agree with him. I will fight and stand side by side with all the of the groups I am a part of or an ally of… AFTER WE DEFEAT TRUMP! He cannot be allowed in the White House.

  4. D says:

    anyone but Hillary even an idiot like Trump

    • Big Mike says:

      In a choice between a criminal and a maniac, I’m afraid the criminal is the better choice friend. Sorry.

      • Sarah says:

        Trump regularly profits by refusing to pay people AFTER they have completed work for him. His business practices can best be described as shady. He arguably committed treason. But – most importantly here – he has never been charged or convicted of a criminal offense and NEITHER HAS HILLARY.
        Point being, if you’re going to call Hillary a criminal, you might as well call Trump one too, because his unindicted offenses are at least as bad as hers. So, really, your choice is between a “person with questionable ethics” and “a maniac with questionable ethics” until one of them actually gets charged with a crime.

      • Mirabai says:

        It isn’t a choice between a criminal and a maniac. There are other options. The narrative that there are only two choices allows a criminal into the White House! Why let them tell you voting third party doesn’t work? There are enough independent voters to turn this election on its ear and install a president with actual integrity. Why not try that for a change?

    • Temperance says:

      I’m curious why you’d elect the man called ‘the greatest liar in the history of presidential politics” by historians this week over someone proven to be at least 80% since she’s been running and is, according to ALL of the living Presidents “the most qualified person on the planet for the job”?

    • Mary says:

      I am the opposite I don’t want an idiot to hold the highest office of USA. I don’t want someone like him representing us. If one cannot present themselves in a sane rational manner then they aren’t fit to be bestowed that position.

  5. mimilemay says:

    Bill Maher is completely ignorant about the key role that anti-transgender legislation is playing in unifying/pacifying the Conservative Right, and therefore the need to use political resources to combat this horrifying trend. The great distinction between the trans rights and gay rights movement is that transgender people are not fighting for a positive right (like marriage, benefits) but are actually being denied BASIC civil rights; we cannot allow Hollywood to become the only change maker. Protecting trans folk from harassment in public spaces and schools is not a ’boutique issue.’ Let’s see Bill hold his pee until November 9. Shame on you Bill Maher.

    • D says:

      Let’s be honest, if a trans is pre-op they use the bathroom they are “equipped” for and no matter what the whole trans issue is dumb no amount of surgery can really make you a man or woman, it’s just a surgically created costume a man that wants to become a woman is never going to be a real woman and nothing can change that, it’s not prejudice or bigoted to say that because it’s the truth. a man will never mentally, physically, psychologically or biologically become a woman just cosmetically they will be a pseudo-woman or a pseudo-man.

      • Brooke says:

        Oh the ignorance.

      • Meresger says:

        Okay, by your logic tell me, what about people born with Swyer syndrome who are genetically male but physically and reproductively female? By your definition, even though they are genetically male and their ovaries don’t work, they can’t pee standing up and their vagina is totally natural in its creation, so they are female. And what about kids born with both sex organs and their parents pick one gender for them at birth? If a kid was born with ovaries and a penis so their parents raised them as male, which are they to you? What if those female hormones kick in at puberty, they learn the truth, and they decide to stop taking their testosterone “vitamins”, have surgery to make a vagina, and let female puberty take its course? Gender is not always one or the other. And sometimes it’s mommy and daddy’s fault for genes they passed down or the choices they made. But you’d punish the kid, I guess.

        • D says:

          you’re talking about genetic disorders which are no different than any other kind of disorder which is completely different than “transgender” issues

      • David Carson says:

        Not true. Just because someone is born a man does not mean they are such inside. You are who you are in spite of what your physical appearance may project.

        • D says:

          David you are so wrong, A man named David Avner had many surgery’s to look like a tiger because he thought he was a tiger in a mans body no matter how many surgery’s he had he wasn’t a tiger. If a person feels like a robot inside it doesn’t make him a robot.

      • Bill Chaffee says:

        It possible to influence which phenotypic sex that a person develops into but that is not the same thing as changing a persons sex. To the best of my knowledge there is only one instance in which I have mistaken an M to F for someone that was born a female. She had a high voice, she was about the same height as the average woman and her appearance was unequivocally female. She explained “I started young”. She said that she started estrogen therapy at age 13. To me that indicated why you can’t separate trans rights from children’s rights. A person who goes through tanner stage five of male puberty is never going to pass completely as a woman. In fact there were cases in which East German female athletes were mistaken for men in drag after they were given anabolic androgenic steroids without their consent or knowledge.

    • Pedro says:

      No. He’s very aware. That was exactly what he said. People forget the big issues like TTP and focus on who pees where and that is how Republicans win.

    • Temperance says:

      Actually, he just has the good sense to keep his eyes on the ball… much like Hillary. Do you think she picked Kaine because he resembles a golden retriever? No, he locks down the electoral votes of a swing state, gets replaced by a Dem, and can mop the floor with cryptkeeper Pence. Keep your eyes on the prize.

  6. seriously says:

    Transgender…yeah right!…lol…anyone but Hillary!!!!

  7. Katrina says:

    ISIS is horribly torturing and murdering anyone even thought to be LGBT. The DNC and Hillary could care less. Sad. They could really make a difference if they wanted.

    • B says:

      Hillary has definitely spoken in support of LGBT individuals. If you think she hasn’t, then you haven’t been listening. But she has to get elected to have the power to do anything to help the community here or anywhere else. She’s a former senator and the former Secretary of State. What would you like her, or anyone in the Democratic Party, to do if they don’t hold elected positions, including the presidency? Vote for Hillary and for other Democratic candidates, and put them in the position to make the difference that you want. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is not able to make laws. You have to vote and support the candidates, like Hillary, who can make these changes. If Hillary hasn’t spoken enough on this issue to satisfy you, write to her and ask her to speak more about her position. Alternatively, you’ll get Donald Trump. Do you think he will help LGBT folks? Has he seemed the least bit inclusive?

      By the way, to say that someone “could care less” means that they do care in some amount because they *could* care less. What you apparently mean is that someone *couldn’t* care less, which states that they have no caring at all because it *couldn’t* become any less.

      • Katrina says:

        Trump actually does care about stopping ISIS. Hillary only cares about those who could vote for her or make her richer. If you read my post, you will notice that the reference was to the international and not domestic.

        Hillary was a dreadful Secretary of State and wouldn’t even speak up to countries like Saudi Arabia that BEHEAD LGBT individuals. She is thoroughly corrupt (Wall Street speeches, the Clinton Foundation, etc). Many of her actions made us less safe. I can never vote for her in good conscience and hope that you won’t either.

        The DNC prevented Sanders from getting elected by its (ironically) non-democratic rules. In emails, they refer to Hispanics as “Taco Bell” democrats. Such racism should be profoundly repudiated, but it was barely given a passing mention. Our country is truly in a terrible place.

        • Big Mike says:

          Are you somehow under the impression that Trump isn’t corrupt? Or that his #1 priority isn’t increasing his own wealth, regardless of how?

          • John k says:

            Last I checked, Hillary became rich while being a politician. Trump, on the other hand, is using his own money he made in the private sector to fund his campaign. So yeah, kind of sound like Hillary is the one who has been abusing their public role to take make herself wealthy so far.

          • Patrick says:

            Trump has been bought and paid for by Putin and China. They own him completely.
            Oh, and Hilary and Bill were private citizens, just like Trump, when they earned their money.
            Oh, and his dad’s small gift of 1 million dollars back in the day, which he used to start his company? Today that’s about 4 million. And his dad was very successful and well known, which opened a lot of doors for him.

          • Katrina says:

            Patrick is factually incorrect about several things.

            1) The Clinton Foundation has received far more money from Russia than Trump ever has.

            2) Hillary’s net worth increased substantially while she was Secretary of State. Donations to the Clinton Foundation and beneficiaries of State Department policies were so related that the FBI and IRS have both been investigating them.

          • Patrick says:

            Its hard to know what Trump got from where. He won’t release his tax records. Because he’s a liar and a coward. Like his supporters.

          • Sarah says:

            Hahaha “funding his own campaign”… One of the many, many lies his followers somehow choose to believe, despite the evidence. He has been taking donations (just last week it came out that he’s been soliciting “recurring donations” that seemingly can’t be cancelled) and spending the money on lavish events at his own properties. He’ll profit from his campaign much more than he’ll spend of his own money.

      • S says:

        Hilary has spoken both for and against the lgbt community. she spent a lot of her political career against same sex marriage. This woman is a joke, everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Don’t get me wrong I’m no trump supporter by any means, still hoping for that asteroid before the elections actually happen.

        • Mary says:

          See I don’t hold that against her because quite frankly many have shared the same view but finally realize that the LGBT should have the same rights.
          It is okay for one to progress and allow themselves to become more aware.

      • Katrina says:

        If you think I’m lying Patrick, research my statements via Wikileaks and press releases.

        You owe me an apology. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Temperance says:

      Well, isn’t that a total lie. I mean, really? How deep does the brainwash have to get to say that?

    • Mary says:

      How do you propose that they can make a difference, in fact how does Trump plan on handling the ISIS crisis, since he finds it difficult to explain any of his positions. I don’t want to disillusion you but even if Trump stops Muslims from coming in that will not make your safer. See that is where Trump and his followers are ignorant. Several of the mass shootings were Americans. Some weren’t even Muslim. He is playing on your fears which obviously has worked. I rather take my chances with someone who is rational and thinks before they speak. I refuse to support a person who has demoralize every group of people except white hetro man. I refuse to support someone who is totally clueless and is nothing more than a third grad bully who when confronted whines like a baby. Trump to me is nothing more that a male chauvinist pig, who will set this Country back not moving it forward

  8. David says:

    Bill Maher has become nothing more than a left wing puppet. The only thing the left is concerned about is power. They talk like they care about gays, and the poor, but in all reality they only use these subjects to gain power.

    I guarantee you Bill Maher would never accept being paid the minimum wage he champions for his position, but he’ll day he sup ports it for those who make less because it makes it looks like he cares.

    The only thing he cares about is his own personal agenda and keeping his ratings up. Donald Trump will do more for this country than Killary could ever dream of. The last thing we need is someone who has never run a business and accepts money from the very organizations she says is the root of all evil.

    At least trump has created jobs and isn’t afraid of offending people. Killery tells you what you want to hear even if there’s no truth behind them.

    • Mary says:

      You make an awful lot of assumptions which sorry you cannot back up. Yes Trump has run a business, with his daddy’s money not from the bottom up, and also has screwed many contractors in the process. Success is in the eyes of the beholder because filing bankruptcy several times might make one beg to differ. The only think Trump will do for this Country is to set us backwards instead of forward. Also probably have us in a war before the year is out, but rest to sure his children, the avid hunters, won’t be serving.

  9. Top priority is to vote Green.

  10. joannmprinzivalli says:

    Bill makes an interesting point. However he is a bit off the mark. Transgender people in 2016 are not analogous to same-sex marriage in 2004. This particular “culture war” issue already has the right wing in desperate rear-guard action.

    When an opportunistic Ted Cruz led with anti-trans rhetoric in the week before the Indiana primaries, he saw a 15 point lead over Trump (who invited Cairlin Jenner to pee in the appropriate bathroomtoom at Trump Tower) evaporate into a 15 point Trump win.

    The public approves of the NBA pulling the All Star game out of North Carolina.

    As Bill points out toward the end of his point, Hollywood has already taken steps to bring trans people out of the shadows.

    If we’re not a presidential campaign issue, it is because Ted Cruz is not the GOP candidate. We have already eon, except for the mopping up.

  11. Annie says:

    Yes I agree with Bill … If Trump wins, we all lose so let’s band together and beat this narcissistic fascist.

  12. Bill says:

    So he’s using his own show to push his agenda and get all his viewers to agree with him. Whatever happened to entertainers ya know…… Entertaining! Seems like every time you turn on the TV you have these liberals like Seth Myers, Shonda Rhimes and Bill Maher pushing their views on people. Let America decide who they want and just entertain. Rant Over lol

    • Angela says:

      Whatever happened to entertainers ya know…… Entertaining!
      Good question. So when’s Trump going to quit the presidential race and go back to being an entertainer and focus on his reality TV fame?

      Seems like every time you turn on the TV you have these liberals like Seth Myers, Shonda Rhimes and Bill Maher pushing their views on people
      1. You ARE free to change the channel if you don’t like what they’re saying, you do know that, right?
      2. I assume you felt the same way about the celebrities (I use that term loosely in this particular instance, mind, but still) who showed up to speak at the RNC as well?
      3. Reagan, Schwartzenegger, and Fred Thompson were celebrities before getting involved in politics. And again, Trump was a celebrity before he got involved, too. So if you’re going to get on celebrities for “pushing their views on people”, maybe you should tell the GOP to quit letting them run for (and win, in the cases of Reagan and Schwartzenegger) various political offices.
      Seriously, the right has absolutely zero room anymore to complain about celebrities’ influence in politics.

  13. Kel says:

    Sorry it won’t be Hollywood leading the fight for transgender civil protections. For a minute it did sound like he knew what he was talking about. He is just one more Caitlyn Jenner joke away from sounding as sad as Clint Eastwood.

  14. Bark Star says:

    He is right. When an asteroid threatens to destroy the earth, nations forget their conflicts to come together for the survival of the human race. The principle is the same. Trump must be stopped at all cost. Anyone not seeing that is blind.

  15. Zoe says:

    Bill Maher said something uninformed, mean-spirited and transphobic? Perish the thought!