Sleepy Hollow Season 4

Sleepy Hollow Adds Masterchef Junior Runner-Up, Days Vet, Empire Alum

And the Sleepy Hollow makeover continues…

Fox’s supernatural drama has added three more new faces to its rejiggered fourth season, including Days of Our Lives-turned-Awkward actress Rachel Melvin, MasterChef Junior Season 2 contestant Oona Yaffe, and up-and-coming Empire guest star Jerry MacKinnon.

The trio, who will recur throughout Season 4, join the previously cast Janina Gavankar (True Blood, Mysteries of Laura) and Jeremy Davies (Lost, Justified). The new blood arrives as the show shifts its setting from upstate New York to Washington D.C.

JerryMelvin (pictured above alongside Yaffe) will be portray the direct and bracingly candid Alex Norwood, a self-taught engineering prodigy who works alongside the endearingly eager Jake Wells (MacKinnon, pictured below) in the supernatural archives in Washington D.C.. Whereas Jake handles information and news, Alex is all about artifacts and machines.

Yaffe, meanwhile, will play Molly Thomas, the bright and poised 10-year-old daughter of Gavankar’s Diana. Molly is an explorer at heart— an instinct that quickly bonds her with Crane.

Sleepy Hollow‘s fourth season is slated to premiere a midseason on Fox.


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  1. Kevin K says:

    Still missed Rachel Melvin on DAYS but I’m happy about her new gig on Sleepy Hollow.

  2. mooshki says:

    I may have to start watching; I loved Rachel on Days.

  3. Bella says:

    I loved the first season of this show so much. The second season was a mess. Last season was a little better. But now with Abbie out? I love Crane, but come on! I’ll watch the first few episodes, but it will have to be really good for me to invest in another season of this series. Too bad.

  4. Shaun says:

    Oona doesn’t look anything like Janina!

  5. Rachel says:

    Why didn’t they just make this a new series… a new series I might like but acting like THIS is a fourth season of a great ONE season Television that they ruined in the 2nd season and made worse in the 3rd is just pointless.

    Let it die. Let it die.

    • preta4 says:

      Rachel, “Let it die, let it die”, I’m with you (and so are MANY others) and hope it happens within the first few episodes (once again, sorry for those going forward, but it just doesn’t sound or feel right any more).

    • MelodyJ says:

      Agreed. As I was reading this article I was thinking the exact same thing. This sounds like a totally different tv show than Sleepy Hollow. in that case why didn’t they just start a new series with a new name and end Sleepy Hollow properly.

  6. preta4 says:

    It does NOT matter to me how this show is rebooted, it will NEVER EVER be the same again (one last time why keep the Sleepy Hollow title with these awful drastic changes?? Still hoping to bring back some of the former viewers??), but as you can see from these boards so folks are willing to watch any kind of trash (sorry folks my opinion ONLY here, still hurt by what this series really “could have been”).
    I feel so very sorry and sad for Mison and pray that this dies a very quick death, so he Can move on to something More worthy of what I Know he’s capable of doing. FOX has done a real disservice to those who were loyal viewers of this show, and wanted nothing but the best for it and its cast and crew. For those of you staying behind, I so hope they do better for you, but knowing FOX I wouldn’t bet on it sadly.

  7. Matthew B Lawler says:

    The more I hear about the fourth season of Sleepyhollow the less it makes me want to watch there’s going to be nothing left of the show that I loved they should simply pull the plug at this point because no one will watch the show ever again

  8. Ben says:

    Oona had so much personality and attitude, I’m not at all surprised to see her make it into acting.

  9. Sherrell S Frederick says:

    Can’t wait for the new season, and the new additions to the cast. Hopefully the writers can make it a season to beat the last three. Good luck Sleepy Hollow!!

  10. Hi, I (Sleepy Hollow Addict, @SleepyAddicts) have supported the show since the pilot, when I fell in love w/a show about the 2 Witnesses foretold in the Book of Revelations, who turned out to be Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) & Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie). We were all devastated after seeing the S3 Finale, a beloved character killed in such a way that did not honor what she or “Ichabbie” (Ichabod & Abbie) meant to the Sleepyhead fandom. As a HUGE fan of the show, I’ve been honored to cover the series as a journalist in press rooms/red carpet/events during Paley Fest, San Diego & New York Comic Cons, as well as for the Headless Podcast on Southgate Media Group & host on Hollow Hangout. I was intrigued with the final 2 minutes of the finale when Ezra Mills (James McDaniel) gave Ichabod a letter from George Washington that Ichabod was to lead the group involved w/the secret war as the last “Founding Father”. Ezra also told Ichabod he must race against the clock to find the 2nd Witness before the bad guys do. I did not think we’d get another season so was as surprised as everyone else when FOX gave the green light. I was initially very excited when I heard S1 Executive Producers Roberto Orci and Len Wiseman had pitched the storyline for S4 to FOX, because I believed they could somehow recapture S1 glory. However, while I loved Rachel Melvin on Days of Our Lives and it will be nice seeing her again, I’m at a loss as to how this “eternal soul” stuff can work??? I feel like the show is changing way too much- case in point, a show called Sleepy Hollow in DC? An FBI/Techy/XFiles-esq reboot? What about the Headless Horseman and Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood)?? While I’m trying to remain hopeful, the Sleepy Hollow news trickeling down is slowly but surely, breaking my Sleepyhead heart. My hope is that some of the show’s elements, i.e.: twistory, biblical & supernatural, American history & founding of our country will remain in tact. I still wish the cast and crew good luck as they begin to film at the end of the month. Although I have great concerns, I’m in it until the bitter end and will be watching…Chrissy 😉

    • Cali says:

      I’m with you Crissy. I keep looking for news if Lyndie Greenwood has been retained or if she is staying in Sleepy Hollow instead of making the move to DC. There has literally been no word and to me that is troubling. I as well am hoping the keep some of the same elements of the show that you mentioned. Have enjoyed reading some of your commentary along the way.

      Regardless of the changes I will be with the show if it continues past S4 or if S4 will be its swan song.

      • tfvchrissy says:

        Thanks Cali! Be sure to follow me on Twitter- I keep up on all the news. As of now, FOX confirmed Tom Mison & Lyndie Greenwood will be back…so that’s comforting. 😉

    • Sandi says:

      Very glad to hear Lyndie is a go! I’ve been rewatching season 2 and find it better than I remembered. Katrina’s role is more understandable once you see the whole picture – though I grew heartily tired of her the first time round. I’m worried about the addition of a child to the new cast, sounds like the kiss of death, if the loss of Nicole hasn’t already done that. I, too, will stay till the end.

  11. ladyj says:

    This would have been a new show if FOX wasn’t so pressed for those syndication dollars. Alas, it’s still a new show with the same title Sleepy (and) Hollow.

    The same mess of a writing and production team is there. POC and women were still mess. And a black female lead was fridged in the worse, most stereotypical way.

    &*#$ this show.

  12. JK says:

    The jury is out on whether I will watch…but, the show needed something. Last season did not work. My suggestions, Improve the writing and the show’s purpose.

  13. Cat says:

    With all the “NEW” characters being added…where will Ichabod be able to fit in???? Looks like they’ve killed another good series by trying to go for the “younger” audiences!

  14. TERA says:

    Yup. White people will love this.