Powers Cancelled PlayStation Network

Powers Cancelled After Season 2

The PlayStation Network powers that be have decided to end Powers, TVLine has confirmed.

Series co-creator Brian Michael Bendis announced the cancellation on Twitter Wednesday.

The comics-based drama, co-produced by Sony Pictures Television, followed detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, who were tasked with investigating homicide cases involving people with superpowers.

Bendis assured fans that Marvel would continue to produce the Powers comic book and hinted that the show might reappear on another platform.

“A Powers episode generated over 4.5 million hits on Youtube alone, and people [behind the scenes] who believe in us,” he tweeted in response to a follower’s question about the “for now” part of his initial announcement. “We’ll see.”

Powers was PlayStation Network’s first scripted drama.

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  1. Lauren says:

    PlayStation makes TV shows? Y’all, isn’t it possible that there are too many avenues for media now? Who is supposed to watch all of these shows on all of these platforms? And how can they afford to make them? I did not mean for every sentence in a comment to be a question. It’s just so crazy to me that a show existed for two seasons on a platform I’ve never heard of.

  2. kate says:

    I had been vaguely interested in this but only so many shows…it reminded me of this book series which seemed to fall apart after the second book, it was about kids who had been born with super powers, there was a war, as a result of the war, all the superpowers disappeared then fifteen years passed and suddenly we were with one woman who had been part of one of this group, who suddenly had superpowers, only not the ones she had when she was nine. The group got put back together. Then the second book, it was a different POV, which I was initially put off by, but, okay, I liked this character. Then, she apparently isn’t a super hero but a science experiment so she isn’t even real. And you were like, what?

  3. Alicia says:

    Wait. PlayStation Network?? Where have I been?

  4. Shaun says:

    Man,what a harsh cliffhanger to end on.

    • Nichole says:

      I know, so annoyed, next season was set up to be fantastic between what was going on with Pilgrim and the last Unity guy (can’t remember the name – brain blank moment lol)

      • Gammasmasher71 says:

        I really felt like the series found its footing this season.

      • Fred says:

        Forget that relation ship i want to know what happen to walker cause I know that wasn’t just the end of him want to see this man come back as diamond

    • Michael Griffin says:

      Ikr I mean we finally get to the part where Walker very likely gets his powers back and this is what we get? I’m sorry but Playstation is a scrap heap now. 1st: No Mod Support, 2nd: PSN is garbage they get hacked/under maintainance way too much, 3rd: PS Plus prices increased but the free games are crap, and 4th: They cancelled the only show I watch on PS4. And don’t even get me started on System Software issues. I give Playstation a 2/10. Xbox treats their customers right.

  5. sterling says:

    Ok this sounds like a show I would have liked but I have never even heard of it. Or the Playstation TV network? What cable package is that?

    • Brian says:

      Playstation Network is a streaming service accessed through the Playstation console. It is also how how you buy digital games/play online.

  6. Tony Lang says:

    It was the kind of show I kept watching because I desperately wanted it to be good, despite it’s absolute, constant failure to be anything more than a hot mess. I’m still sad to see it go, second season was still leagues better than the first so it might have finally lived up to its potential in Season 3.

  7. Steven Stone says:

    I’ll admit, some of the acting was pretty bad, but the story is what kept me coming back. To end the show on a cliffhanger is just plain idiotic. And, no, you don’t have to have a PS4 to watch it, just a Playstation Plus account. Well worth the $50 a year, in my opinion.

    And to Lauren: Yes, PlayStation made A TV show. Why is that so hard to believe, since PlayStation is owned by Sony, who own several movie studios and produce TV shows for other networks.
    You’ve never heard of PlayStation? That’s the platform it was on. Duh.

  8. Sheldon W. says:


    The show ended on such a weird cliffhanger…

  9. Argeeoh says:

    Powers had cheesy special effects, but it wasn’t about the effects. It was a decent comics-based drama with good potential. Sad to see it cut short by the company that gave us “Amazing Spider-Man 2”

  10. PaulYall says:

    Ehh that’s not surprising. The show was never really all that great. It was probably it’s most successful when it was focusing on the sexy ladies of the show looking sexy. Everything else was trying to hard and failing constantly.

  11. Samuel says:

    I’m really sad to see it cancelled, I really enjoyed the show and was looking forward to Season 3. Looks like I’ll have to buy the comics to find out what will happen next…… Please Playstation, bring it back!!!!

  12. John says:

    Really sucks, I really loved the series.. I couldn’t really get enough.. It was a good story, I think some people just complain to much about everything.. so they always try to nip pick on things.. so they can point to faults instead of just shutting up and enjoying it. But some people won’t like it, Some people will and some peoples mentality ruins the show for them.

    But in all I wish it would come back.. I waited months to see it.. and its a very good PlayStation exclusive, the cast has worked pretty hard and I’m sure they would love to see it go further as much as its fans have. Sometimes having exclusives isn’t all that great because then there’s not many people able to enjoy it if its only on the ps4 platform but that’s just me.

  13. calvin says:

    why is that always good shows are cancelled i love powers and i wanna see more about diamond is hy really dead infact i wanna see more what pilgrim can do with her new powers are they good or bad…..please i need season 3 guys its killing me….all the way from namibia

    • RandomB5 says:

      Diamond wasn’t dead, you probably did what I did the first time I watched the final episode and stopped watching when the credits started. There is a post credits scene. That is the cliffhanger everyone is talking about.
      Sad to see this canceled, I agree with most here that it was kind of all over the place the first season but was finally finding it’s footing during the second season.
      Also, you don’t have to have a subscription to watch this. You can find just about anything on the internet, including free sites for this.

  14. Gary says:

    LOOK powers TV series did have SOME bad actors in it & SOME powers uniforms were NAFF but this TV series had something that OTHERS did NOT have. Foul language WHICH for me made it more real. Unfortunately we live in a generation was swearing exists. So when WE watch TV shows and they don’t say one swearword COME ON that’s not real. For ME that’s what made the tv show POWERS stand OUT

  15. gggogetta says:

    First season was on crackle and it wasnt as bad as season two. I got pissed off by what they let the female cop wear, really unnecessary. Yound girls and old men as super heroes, no younger male super hereos? Watching them land was super funny, wish weed was legal in my state this show would be awesome high.

  16. Jason jay says:


  17. Robert M says:

    Playstation has shot themselves in the ass with the decision to cancel Powers. Not only is it one of the best dramas on TV, it is by far the best Super hero show that has ever been produced (and this is coming from a die hard Marvel fan boy). I hope Marvel has the good since to pick this up and run with it.

  18. Jimmy Bon Jovi says:

    I was addicted to this series, I would pay to see an additional season in the making happen!

  19. the special effects for the show were terrible it looked so fake yet i still kinda enjoyed the show and will miss it

  20. Drex says:

    On the low you have to have a feeling for these type of shows if you actually sit down and watch one of the shows you might actually like it I watched all two seasons and it was pretty good really interesting it had me asking a lot of questions

  21. Kirito says:

    Bad move PlayStation. I just finished both seasons of this amazing show. After googling and finding out that there is not going to be a third season I was upset. So upset that I am trading my PS4 for an XBOX ONE. I’m done with you guys.

  22. Arthur D. says:

    The show was awesome! How can you not renew?! PlayStation MOFOS!!!

  23. kush says:

    that was a great show to watch sad to see it go

  24. kaden says:

    Kate is right this show is really interesting. So here is a shout out right on good thinking.So we are going to fight.Right we cant just sit here on the couch like couch pottatoes waiting for something to happen we need to fight.That might get us somewere.This show is probally not possible to be canceled if we dont let it happen. please help us get powers back.I’me counting on it to get me through life and the fictional world before it turns to crap.So please come back powers we all need you or a riot is likely to happen if we dont have you.

  25. Tammatta Palmer says:

    Y’all really got me going I watched both seasons in 2 days. I am asking could you please not delete the show, it’s the best I’ve seen in years.

    • Sun says:

      at the least, both seasons are available on microsoft video. if they delete it off the playstation network, at least you will know where to look

  26. Peter says:

    Why did this show have to be cancelled,season 2 was too epic how can you end something so beautiful.

  27. Sun says:

    well. this blows. i’ve been watching the show since i got back form deployment, and finished season 2 just a month ago.

    i want to know what happens next. the end of season 2 was a huge cliff hanger for me, not knowing what happens to walker, whether he survived somehow, or if he truly made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world form a dementia ridden former superhero

  28. Forbes says:

    Please bring powers back

  29. Jojo says:

    Thought it was great want it bavk on. I watches on my ps4 and loved it! Plz, plz go another session with Diamond getting his powers back. I think d-day was just retro woman wanting to retire. I thonk shock knew but his mind was so scrambled he couldn’t progress if she was or was not. That’s how I think it should be. Think she should come back to teach with Diamond the new unitiy. Lot of room for great story lines.

  30. warren says:

    Loved the show, one of the best ideas for Playstation, though that cliffhanger was a wierd ,somewhat disappointing end.Really hope there is a season 3.

  31. A PlayStation network?? I didn’t have a clue about it till today.

  32. Dave V says:

    I didn’t even know this series existed until recently and I’m a huge Bendis fan! Powers is, quite possibly, the best live action series, based on a graphic novel, ever made. I want more.

  33. Smith says:

    This was a great show and I’m really not happy to hear its been canceled. I watched both seasons from start to finish. I couldn’t stop watching. Please please bring it back.

    • xagor says:

      man, this show was pretty good, the last season left me wanting more..
      – acting was a bit trashy, but so are most marvel series..
      – what’s different is the fact superheroes are treated almost as they would in real life, you don’t get instant money if you have powers, you would have to do some PR stunts in order to get yourself in front.. it’s very different from most stuff out there, and I watched 90% of scifi (I think) ..

  34. Shannon says:

    Aww, come on! I want to know whay happens to Walker!!!

  35. zodeezo87 says:

    I had this show in my list of tv shows and skipped over it for a over a year now didn’t have anything else to do so I watched the 1st episode and was impressed and binge watched the whole 2 seasons in 2 days….gotta say the show had a lot of corny moments and bad acting but I must also say it was a great show and definitely worth a watch