Houdini Doyle Cancelled

Houdini & Doyle Cancelled at Fox

Fox is making Houdini & Doyle vanish into thin air: The network has cancelled the magic-mystery series after one extremely low-rated, poorly reviewed season, TVLine has learned.

The 10-episode period drama, which starred House‘s Michael Weston as master magician Harry Houdini and Episodes’ Stephen Mangan as Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, drew 2.6 million viewers and a 0.7 demo rating when it premiered last May. Those numbers fell to 1.77 mil/o.4 with last month’s season finale.

The series followed Houdini and Doyle as they assisted Scotland Yard detectives in solving inexplicable and possibly supernatural cases.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Boo. I loved this show.

  2. Annie Sisk says:

    Didn’t need to be clairvoyant to see this one coming.

  3. I suspected this would happen, but I really enjoyed this show.

  4. Vince says:

    Another cheap import bites the dust.

  5. Andrew says:

    Boo. This show really improved after the first few mediocre showings. I know this was a co-production with Canada and the UK but I’m assuming FOX bowing out means its 100% done?

  6. LJ Bissonnette says:

    Dang! I was just getting into it through the reruns. Would have liked to have seen more of Arthur and Erich.

  7. kmw says:

    It must not have gotten as many hashtags as American Grit, since hashtags seem so important to FOX now But for fans of the show its too bad.

  8. Robberey says:

    What does this mean for UK and Canada who were co-producing and ratings were okay? Going on without US? Would be possible.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I’d buy any further episodes, whether dvd or online! Suits in England and Canada, take notice!

    • Marc says:

      I would think that the Canadians could keep the show afloat alone. They’ve had a similarly-themed albeit superior turn of the century procedural, Murdoch Mysteries, going for years with limited US access (first PBS and now Ovation and syndication). It really depends upon the ratings in Canada and Britain. An American cabler could always pick it up later.

      It’s not a bad show, though the deviations from the real lives of Doyle and Houdini make me wish that they had just paired a mystery writer and an escape artist/illusionist. It just isn’t as good as I had hoped.

    • Michael Summerset says:

      Due South lasted at least one more season in Canada after CBS dropped it. It could continue without FOX.

  9. Freddie says:


    I’m crossing my fingers that Canada and the UK renew it, still.

  10. Kat says:

    Fox has a knack for canceling excellent shows. I will miss it.

    • StepCorn says:

      The “geniuses” at Fox have done this again and again. It HAS to come down to Money for Murdoch and the suits. NOT creativity, NOT direction of characters, just ca$h and more ca$h. They are probably banking on the idea of the show vs. the income from traffic (i.e. commercial rates at “must-watch” rates vs. “DVR, we’ll watch it later and pass thru the ads”). The ideas @ FOX are only fresh for a limited time, to them, so they squat on the property, and hope for a intellectual property sale.
      When everything is a cash grab, pretty soon, nothing grabs cash anymore.

  11. datdudemurphy says:

    I didn’t even realize it had started….thought this was coming for next season

  12. Shannon says:

    No!!!! I loved the show!!!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Actually an interesting , smart show. Sad since not many shows on TV are interesting or smart.

  14. Sarah says:

    I thought this was always supposed to be a limited series?

    p.s. Was this the blind item?

  15. Leanne says:

    I loved this show and am disappointed in FOX – I guess if it’s not mindless drivel, aimed at the lowest intellect, it’s cancelled. They did nothing to promote this show or try to help it succeed. There’s really nothing left on FOX that I will watch.

  16. Sandy says:

    Well, heck. The one new show I actually liked… I think the only other Fox show I watch is Bones, and it’s been cancelled, too, so bye-bye, Fox.

  17. Clint O Nelson says:

    What is up with Fox lately? It seems that they are taking off shows that actually entertain people and putting on more “reality” shows. Houdini & Doyle, Sleepy Hollow, Fringe, and Glee (just to name a few) all great shows and now gone but not forgotten; but I know if you don’t have the ratings then you’re shown the door. It is sad that now a days people get a bigger kick out of seeing people; cursing, fighting, or naked. What happened to being able to watch TV with your whole family? I will say that there are a few other shows that are still on Fox but I now feel like their days are numbered also. Let’s hope that another station might pick some of these other shows up so it can continue to entertain us.

  18. Carol C says:

    I quite liked this show but could see the writing on the wall. I am disappointed, though, that it won’t be back.

  19. Chris says:

    What a shame, while the first two episodes could have used some work, by sticking with all of the first season–this turned into an excellent show. Too bad it ended up on FOX, the channel that doesn’t advertise, promote or show any consideration to loyal viewers who watch their products. I’m just about done with FOX–why should I waste my time viewing their shows when they cancel them without even promoting them first? Plenty of more channels around than you FOX, I’ll watch them first…

  20. Marjorie Petersen says:

    When I finally discovered this program I fell in love. I binged watched it until I caught up and then never missed an episode . Just like Murdock mysteries Houdini &Doyle used historical info and fiction and married the two into a wonderful program. I will miss them. Maybe another station will pic them up. I hope so.😭

  21. mary says:

    I loved this show, it was one of my favorites. Just like Backstrom and Houdini and Doyle was a canceled. Which this show was second chance for Fox by me, if they can’t give this show a second season A.K.A. a second chance to get better ratings. And Fox, since it is winding up to be another reality show network and leaving all the good TV series to the birds. Fox, your second season aka your second chance is canceled to. I’m done with Fox they don’t deserver my viewings or ratings!!!

  22. tricitysteel says:

    I like and also miss Second Chance, which was also on FOX.

  23. Susan says:

    Once again, a good show cancelled! It was never given a chance, and FOX did a terrible job of marketing. Was there any marketing? I found this by accident. Guess it will be replaced by a another useless reality show. Very disappointed in you FOX!

  24. Yoko says:

    Fox sucks.

  25. Sharon says:

    I loved the show the way they developed the characters through their interaction was great you learned a little more about each one through the season. I am very disappointed to learn the show has been cancelled. Was looking forward to it returning in the fall.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Sadness. My daughter and I really enjoyed this show. will it be available on DVD, or any streaming service? We missed an episode or two.

  27. Couch Mom says:

    Really like this show. Quirky and funny. Boo, Fox. Maybe it will make its way to Ovation, along with the Artful Detective. Another favorite show of mine. AD and H&D would make a nice duo for a Saturday night.

  28. Teri Snyder says:

    Sad about this! I really liked it.

  29. Lazarus Long says:

    Big mistake Fox. Hopes Netflix picks it up.

  30. Cindy Koch says:

    Bring It Back!!!
    Every time I find a show like this that I really like, they cancel it.
    They should leave it on longer to give people a chance to get involved in the characters.

  31. Linda Jenkins says:

    Very sorry to hear Houdini & Doyle will not be back for season 2. There are not too many shows now that don’t have extreme violence, swearing and/or insulting humour. I will miss Houdini & Doyle. I liked the actors, the sets and the stories. It was entertaining. Thank you.

  32. JonH says:

    I loved the show. Is it possible for it to be produced without Fox support? It had endless possibilities as far as potential plots were concerned. I thought Houdini was the weakest list as far as acting was concerned but even he started to grow on me. Please, someone, keep this show on the air.

  33. Debb says:

    Fun show it has a lot of potential bring it back

  34. I completely enjoyed this show! Glad I DVR’ed it so I can watch it again. Just shows you what society today prefers.

  35. Jim Morgan says:

    Too bad! A really imaginative show with intriguing stories. My wife and I thought it was right up there with “Castle” and was infinitely beAtter than 95% of the tripe usually offered. Almost as much of a mistake as electing Hillary.

  36. Phyllis Malfi says:

    What a terrible loss. Loved the show. I hope in the future it will come back maybe a cable channel will pick it up I hope so.

  37. Terry Beeghley says:

    I think it’s a real shame that Fox is cancelling Houdini and Doyle. I loved this show and it was also something the entire family could watch. It was smart and clever. I think it deserves a chance of a 2nd season. Why do all of the networks think that all we want are crappy reality shows? Any wonder why so many viewers are turning to Netflix and Hulu for really “good” TV.

  38. M lewis says:


  39. Linda says:

    I am so sad, I really like the show, saw all episodes.

  40. Kiljoy says:

    To bad great show but I guess the average American could not keep up and needed something simple with a simpler idiot proof story line.

  41. Beverly Ryan says:

    I was one of the people who have watched this show. I really enjoyed the banter between the characters. I will miss it.

  42. Teressa says:

    I found this show did not get enough advertising. I know a lot of people who loved this show and are very disappointed it is not being renewed for season 2. It was interesting. Good writers, great actors, and it was not too gorry and the fashion was great like Downton Abbey. Anyways I really hope it could get picked up by some wonderful network. Very sad and feeling like All that is on now are reality shows and shows that are for teens with way too much gore, perverse ideas and sex. Oh well call me a prude but I grew up in a nice family. I like mystery and intrigue, but not all the horrible stuff pushed in the shows.

  43. Leslie says:

    I really liked that show. Not pleased.

  44. cheryl says:

    I enjoyed this show. Liked it more and more as I watched the episodes a ts with understanding the character’s personalities Darn! Thought I discovered a hidden gem. Too bad.

  45. Bella says:

    I am so mad!!! This was one of the FEW intelligent television shows out there. My family watched it religiously on the air and the app. Definitely gives us a clear direction at where our mentality is heading as a nation, down the drain

  46. Josephine says:

    I really liked this show! I don’t understand how shows like this,Mysteries of Laura, Rush Hour are all cancelled and they keep dumb shows like 2 Broke Girls!!!
    I know theses other shows aren’t on FOX.

  47. J conley says:

    Low ratings were because it was too smart for Fox viewers.

  48. stratton88 says:

    I hate to hear that Fox has canceled it. I always Dvr’d it. It was a highlight of my weekly television viewings. I hope that Netflix will pick it up. If not, I guess another show bites the dust.

  49. Joel Falco says:

    This is phenomenally sad. It was a good show. Again, not necessarily drawing a wide audience from the get go. Sad to see it not continue.

  50. Betty Amburn says:

    I really enjoyed Houdini and Doyle. I wish Fox had not cancelled this series. I hope that another cable will pick up the series.

    • JANE says: