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Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Simmons

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4: Is [Spoiler] No Longer to Be Trusted?!

With a new Director comes a new wrinkle on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As reported earlier this week, Terra Nova‘s Jason O’Mara is boarding the ABC series as the covert organization’s new boss, a character “whose Marvel roots go back to the 1940s.” But that’s not the only new title being brandished as Season 4 opens. As revealed in the official synopsis for the upcoming run, one team member is getting a promotion — and with it, some side-eye from longtime colleagues:

In light of the Sokovia Accords, and with Hydra obliterated, S.H.I.E.L.D. has been legitimatized again and no longer needs to operate in the shadows. Since the world presumes that Coulson is dead, the organization needed a new Director to be the face of the organization. Coulson finds himself back in the role as an agent and teamed with Mack, and together they are tasked with tracking down and confirming the presence of Enhanced people, aka Inhumans. They have been trying to track down and capture Daisy, aka Quake, who has gone rogue in an attempt to atone for sins from the past. But with the world believing that Daisy is a dangerous outlaw who has taken down banks and bridges, the new Director has no qualms about taking her down for good.


Agent May is tasked with training specialist strike teams, and Fitz and Simmons have taken a big step forward in their relationship. But with Simmons’ new promotion as Special Advisor to the Director in Science and Technology, Fitz, as well as her former team members, finds it hard to confide in or trust her since she’s now the Director’s confidant.

The synopsis also teases the introduction of a Ghost Rider, announced last month at Comic-Con, as well as how Dr. Radcliffe’s LMD project will figure into things:

Robbie Reyes (Wicked City‘s Gabriel Luna) will roar into the lives of Agent Coulson and the team as a junkyard mechanic who can turn on a dime into the terrifying Ghost Rider. Will Robbie be a friend or foe to S.H.I.E.L.D. – as well as the world, itself? Meanwhile, Fitz discovers that socially awkward genius and friend Dr. Radcliffe has started putting the finishing touches on a new, secret invention.

Are you sad to see sweet Simmons get painted as a possible stoolie?

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  1. Ben says:

    With Hydra gone and SHIELD out of the shadows, why is Nick Fury staying dead?

    • Cari says:

      Because the world was also told he was killed.

    • ndixit says:

      Why the hell is Coulson still wanting to stay dead is another question?

      • The Kaibosh says:

        Because despite the fact that the MCU is supposed to be all one universe it really isn’t. And in the MCU movie world Coulson was killed in the Avengers and it wouldn’t be worth the 30 seconds to 2 minutes of movie time to explain that Coulson is alive. To edit that in would cut into a movie’s plot momentum and the cut might come off as odd. Coulson and/or SHIELD would have to organically be part of the movie plot for it to come off properly and there’s not going to be a lot of room for SHIELD in Doctor Strange, Black Panther, GoTG etc. Coulson was phase 1 MCU and we’re well into phase 3 now. The opportunity came and went.

        • Ben says:

          Indeed. Makes sense to me for Coulson to ‘stay dead’, but less so for Nick Fury because in a movie continuity sense he is alive.

          Having said that, I don’t think it would be overly difficult to come up with a creative way in which to restore Coulson to the movie continuity if they wanted to.

    • Joey says:

      Because Sam Jackson plays Nick Fury. He may be down for the occasional guest spot, but there’s no way he’d do the show full time unless the backed up huge trucks of cash. There’s also the fact that, no matter how much they insist the TV shows and movies are connected, they’re not. The TV show will gladly borrow the movies world, but the movies will never make mention of anything that happens in the TV show. It’s also probably Maria Hill hasn’t been brought to the TV show full time.

      And it’s because of all of that that Coulson, who has literally no reason to play dead anymore, will continue to be “dead” in both TV and film. The TV will make up some bullshit like The Avengers needed Coulson to die to come together, and if they found out the truth it could create even more problems for an already troubled team.

    • Mad Hobbit says:

      well hydra was thought to be gone long ago, it only takes 1 person to rebuild it, Ward brought it back together before he was transformed,so hydra could come back, maybe the new director is a very very deep mole hydra person after all Nicks boss was one for years without him knowing

  2. Shoe says:

    Please. They could actually do it on the tv show without taking time in the movies. There doesn’t have to be an Avengers hug it out with Phil moment for people to know that he’s alive.It could be as simple as Phil acknowledging that he’s officially alive, asking for “Nat’s” email address from May and bitching about having to file three years of tax returns from the “dead years.”

  3. Dj says:

    I am ok with how this is being setup. I still would like William Hurt to appear or William Sadler either one would help play into why there is a new director.

  4. Spence says:

    There’s really no reason for more drama between Fitz and Simmons. It’s been 3 years of angst of their relationship; from a writing standpoint, it’s just weak and uninteresting now. Let them happily be together or kill one of them and let’s move on.

    • tevo says:

      I vote for happily together and one or two little FitzSimmons. I’m sure, Coulson and May will love to be “grandparents”, and Mack will be a great “uncle” ;)

      • safistikaytdlayd says:

        I completely agree!!! Love “little fitzsimmons”😊😊😊

        • Twin boys named Fuzzy and Simon. I have a feeling that the new Director will turn out to be a bad guy, and it will be up to Simmons to figure it out, but the team will think she has a hidden agenda and won’t immediately trust her. Also, Coulson died for me when he fell for that treacherous Quinn from Unreal. After all, she couldn’t have children and was seeing Ioan Gruffeld behind his back.

  5. Luis says:

    Do the Avengers know Coulson is back among the living yet?

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about season 4 premiere. Can’t wait to see new season next month!