Deadliest Catch Finale: Sig Hansen Reviews His 'Stressful' Season 12

For Deadliest Catch captain Sig Hansen, the end of Season 12 — and the crab-fishing season — couldn’t come soon enough. And who could blame him?

Not only were the crab particularly elusive, but there was a fire aboard Hansen’s boat, the Northwestern, and he suffered a heart attack at sea. Still, “at the end of the day,” he tells TVLine, “I think that I did fine.”

Here, he explains why — as well as weighs in on the performances of his former and current protégés, plus daughter Mandy, a budding skipper herself.

TVLINE | How can this season possibly have been “fine” for you? Dude, you almost died!
Well, it was one of the more stressful seasons that I’ve had, that’s for sure. And remember, you only see some of the things that happened during those four months on TV.

TVLINE | That’s kind of my point.
Yeah, but even though the crab were very, very hard to find, we did find them, ultimately, so I’m proud of that. I just feel like I did well because I found them.

TVLINE | How would you rate Mandy’s performance
She was fine. For her, it’s a different learning experience. I can’t speak for her, but I wanted her to experience the wheelhouse and a different side of [the business]. I’m trying to fast-track her. It’s probably not fair, but at the same time, she’s smart enough to get it.

TVLINE | How come it seems so much easier for you to give Mandy a break than your brother?
Edgar’s running the boat, Mandy’s just taking care of the boat.

TVLINE | Yeah, yeah, I get it. I have a brother, too.
What’s your point, your brother’s ugly? Your point is that you think your brother’s ugly and you hate him?

deadliest catch season 12 finale sean dwyerTVLINE | [Laughs] Moving on, let’s talk about your new protégé, Sean Dwyer. How would you say he did in his first season?
He showed a lot of maturity. That guy did really, really well. He had a lot to prove, and he did. So I was very proud of him.

TVLINE | And his “predecessor,” Jake Anderson?
Jake… I mean… [Laughs] He’s done well. He’s just a little more… What’s the word I want for him?

TVLINE | Volatile?
Passionate. He’s so passionate. Which I like. That’s why he’s going to succeed. But at the same time, it means he can never just take a step back and look at the overall picture.

The Season 12 finale of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, “The Widowmaker: Part 2,” premieres Tuesday at 9/8c following a new episode of Deadliest Catch: The Bait (8/7c) in which the hot topic is Hansen’s heart attack.

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  1. Annie says:

    Love this show. The main question is will he stop smoking?

  2. Jim says:

    Good luck Sig ! Always loved the boat ! It always has been a winner bcause of the crew !

  3. Tobacco Man ,,,it will kill every time nothing to debate

  4. Walt Krawiec says:

    Sig, a true pro at the helm, I hope those butts are history, and wish you the best. You, Edgar and the rest of the crew of the Great Northwestern are #1 . I love the show , never miss it and I hope it stays on for as long as you and the other Captains can hold on to the #1 Show on TV !!

  5. Ann Schieberl says:

    I have watched this program from the beginning an love it. Bought a bigger screen tv so I could see the sea better. All the guys are great and so different. It took me a bit to get use to them but they are just great. When any of them get hurt I get a chill in my back, from neck to lower back. Love you guys. Thanks.

  6. Bo Jennings says:

    I love Catch. Best program ever. I will morn until Sig Jonathan and Edgar return. Always worry and wonder what the guys are doing. Please stay safe during the off season. You have fans who really care about all of the hero’s of the sea. Can’t wait until April. Bo Jennings

  7. Nancy and Ken says:

    Sig, we love watching the show. Please take care. God Speed. Prayers on the way . Bless you guys.

  8. Brent vail says:

    Zach just tore his dad’s heart out by what he said to Bill . You could see it in bills face that it hurt him bad. Zach is a wimp for what he said and shows no respect.

  9. Rita says:

    I hope sig gets rid of the cigs

  10. Mickey says:

    Best wishes for a long and healthy life.

  11. Carolyn Spears says:

    Are Sig & wife together? No emotion on her part when seeing him in hospital. Wondered if they were separated or divorced? Certainly hope not. Sig is our favorite on the show. Really hope he is back next season.

  12. pat says:

    I wondered that too. She barely spoke to him in the film that was shown.

  13. Mary W says:


  14. randy beamer says:

    We love the program and have been watching since Season 1; actually saw the Bering Sea for the first time on a program that showcased the most dangerous jobs in the world. Sometimes though I tell my husband “and you think that the Dance Mom’s are bad? Here are your male versions of dance moms”; all in good fun!

  15. Timster says:

    Deadliest Catch

    Love the show. Sig, if you got to leave the Boat, don’t leave us… Don’t cop out on your family, stick around and find something new that you can do with those who love you. Don’t be selfish, Man-Up and do it for them.

    I digress…

    Good luck and the best to you and yours!


  16. Liz says:

    hope he gives up smoking and returns to show !!