Hawaii Five-0 Cancelled Season 7

Hawaii Five-0 Boss Shoots Down 'Final Season' Talk, Reveals Episode 150 Plan — Including Two Big Returns

Jimmy Buffett was serving not cheeseburgers in paradise but double orders of anxiety for Hawaii Five-0 fans, during a Friday appearance on the Today show.

While promoting his new “I Don’t Know” concert tour on the NBC morning program, Buffett — who recurs on H50 as helicopter pilot Frank Bama — repeatedly referred to the CBS drama’s upcoming Season 7 as “the last season,” and thus fretted over his character’s fate.

Five-0 showrunner Peter M. Lenkov took to Twitter to assure the entertainer that “Bama is alive and well… For many many MORE seasons,” effectively cutting the cancellation talk off at the knees.

“I don’t know where that came from,” Lenkov told TVLine afterward, laughing. “It was early in the morning and I think they were giving him margaritas or something!” during the tropical-themed segment.

“We’re playing it as if we’re coming back, as if we have another season at least,” added the EP, who is currently also shepherding CBS’ MacGyver reboot, to this fall on Fridays at 8/7c, lead into H50.

Lenkov then Hawaii Five-0revealed that for Five-0‘s 150th episode, which will air about a third of the way into Season 7, “We’re going to bring McGarrett’s mom back (played by Christine Lahti), to wrap up the mom/Wo Fat/father mythology, and then start some new storylines in the episode that follows.”

Also returning for the milestone hour will be Michelle Borth, as McGarrett’s ex-girlfriend/almost-fiancée, Catherine Rollins.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 premieres Friday, Sept. 23 at 9 pm.

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  1. Kevin K says:

    Great to see McGarrett’s mom and Catherine Rollins back for Hawaii Five-O’s 150th episode and I’m hoping for Season 7 to be its last if fans aren’t happy about it. No complaining

    • Susan Schoppe says:

      They just said it was NOT going to be the last season, so no complaining!

      • johnhelvete says:

        Two entirely different things. Lenkov has not been told that season 7 is the final season, thus the tweet to Buffett. However the quote above indicates he does not know for 100% certainty that the show is going to be renewed for season 8 either.

        • Donna wilkerson says:

          It is hard to believe that you would even consider taking it off the air. We love this show. One of the best on tv. All the good shows are going off. Some of us real people hate all the reality crap like survivor, big brother and shows like them. We ,at least our family loves this show. The people, the stories. Why would you even think of stopping it. We don’t want to live in reality hell. Please.

    • Em Cooper says:

      Well, you may be hoping it is the last season–but, since you don’t really count as any kind of expert–who bloody cares? (And that’s a fact–not a complaint–my, you certainly feel “special” don’t you?)

    • nonnalola says:

      I love Catherine on the show. Can’t wait to see her and hope to see her more often. Give her a nice juicy story arc again. More mystery twists, misunderstandings, angst. Separating Cath and Steve just makes me root for them more. Good job Peter. Make um work for it. Much aloha to H50 fans everywhere.

  2. Susan Schoppe says:

    Can’t wait for Doris to return, but Cathrine should stay far far away !

    • NRQ says:

      Yup. Doris is a trip so it’ll be good to see her again. I totally agree about leaving Catherine out. What’s the point of bringing her back again? McGarrett’s moved on. Why not bring Lynn back? She had way better chemistry with Steve in her one episode than Catherine did in a whole slew of them.

      • H50fannie says:

        I believe that if Doris and Catherine will be back somehow their stories could be connected as both now work for the CIA. ANd yes Catherine should not return!!!!!!!!!! She had lied to Steve and he did not like it, eve if it is for protection still she lied. Steve had move on, I hope they bring Lynn back and face Catherine. I mean Lynn and Steve already slept together, I hope they bring that issue to Catherine so she knows that sorry she lost him.

    • Tammy says:

      So true, she could have stayed far, far away!!

    • Barbara Soulsburg says:

      No way Catherine is awesome I hated for her to leave.

  3. Lee says:

    I had not heard the cancellation rumor so I’m glad that was debunked quickly. Hawaii Five-0 still has a lot of life left in it. The chemistry with the current cast is amazing. It will be great if they finally clear all of the lying women out of McGarrett’s life and let him finally move on. They’ve only been trying for over 2 seasons. That storyline is worn out and essentially overshadows everything else.

  4. Jason says:

    I wonder. The same thing happened with Vampire Diaries about a month ago. Ian Somerhalder basically said the same thing, only to be contradicted by the powers that be a short time later. Lo and behold, they reveal at comic-con that he wasn’t talking out of his butt. The truth was, they wanted the announcement made on their own terms so made a short term denial. This could still be true. We just might not know for a while. Don’t forget that we were half way through last season before they made the Good Wife declaration.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, the point here is that Buffett stated it as a fact, and it is not known to be a fact. Buffett hasn’t even been contacted about possibly appearing this season.

      • Jason says:

        I doubt Jimmy Buffet reads a lot of tv blogs so it’s doubtful he knew whether it had already been stated as fact or not. Whether he was misinformed or otherwise, he must have had a conversation with somebody. He certainly had no doubt in his own mind. But he’s Jimmy Buffet so he can think whatever he wants :)

    • Pedro says:

      Difference being Somerhalder is the star of the show, along with Weasley, and Buffet is a recurring player.

  5. LiquidAloha says:

    I’m glad Buffet was wrong. But this doesn’t mean there will be a S8 for sure, but it’s too soon to think about that.

    I’m excited about Doris return!! I need answers and I hope she will have a lot of those.

    I’m tired of Cath.. I know she will be linked to Doris since they both work for the CIA, and she probably is back to give Steve some emotional pain but enough is more than enough. Can we move on for good?? Please? She already left three times… it’s getting ridiculous.

    One more thing. I think there will be a big death at some point. I’m sure PL has a big surprise for us.

  6. Martin says:

    FINALLY McGaretts mom is back….hopefully she shares the screen with Melanie Griffith as Danny’s mom at some stage

  7. Another Poster says:

    CBS owns Hawaii Five-O, and as long as it makes money for the Eye network, they will renew it.

    • They don’t care about just making money – they want a hit with lots of money. Lots of shows that would still be on a different network are cancelled by CBS.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Yeah, but Hawaii Five-O is a hit. That and Blue Bloods are the only things that are a hit on Friday nights. Look at what they are pulling in on a Friday compared to the shows on other networks. Not a big fan of either show, but on Friday nights CBS is basically curb checking the competition.

    • Niecie says:

      Thank you. No one is going to cancel a show in the black with good ratings. Ratings that would be in the top 10 weekly if the core 4 would live tweet, which shows how in the black this show is because every other show makes their leads live tweet. Just watch what happens with the stars of MacGyver.

      • KLS says:

        Not sure if live tweeting during a show’s airing is such a big deal. Don’t know who the “Core Four” are for this show either. There are so many cast members now. Plus, the time difference would take an hour mid-day (3-4pm) on Fridays to hit the EST fans. Aren’t Fridays the worst (most hectic) filming day for weekly shows? It might just be a matter of logistics.

  8. well steves mum and cath are e back his two favourite ladies he will be so pleased

  9. Mary says:

    I really hoped we had seen the last of Catherine Rollins. Let’s hope the 150th episode will end her storyline for good.
    Good to know Doris will be back to give some answers and closure, we saw her for the last time in episode 3×24 and she really has to face Steve and give him the truth, he deserves it.
    Goes without saying that I’m happy that rumor wasn’t true… I have a special love for this show and I think it still has some great potential… hope it will focus again on McDanno and the whole Ohana feelings, that’s what made me fall in love with the show.

  10. Dee Ann korth says:

    I hope there is a season eight bur we will not know for sure till later. I am glad that Doris is coming back she owes Steve a lot of awnsers to a lot of questions. But Catherine to her coming back I am not happy at all. I hope it is just one episode and Steve tells he what he thinks of her lying about cia and everything. I just hope she doesn’t stay around for ever. I hope Lynn is back also! Steve has moved on. I watch the show for the bromance between Steve and Danny! It is a police drama so Steve and Danny do not have to have a steady or a date every week! Just my opinion. i will srill watch every week.

    • Lee says:

      I agree with everything you just said. I would love to see Lynn back on a limited basis like was planned and more concentration on Steve and Danny and the rest of the team.

    • H50fannie says:

      I agree as well Catherine had left him 3 times even if some say for protection she had to lied but Steve had moven on he event slept with Lynn I hope Catherine wll know about that so she will get dissapointed and leave Steve alone and she move on as well away from her. Steve needs to have peace and less heartache with his women.

  11. joyfuljaj says:

    not surprised Catherine and Mama McG will return at the same time. We would be shocked if the CIA connection didn’t bring them back. A McG/mom confrontation is way overdue, and I am excited for Steve and Catherine to get to talk. Am I happy she lied to him? no. Do I think he loves her? Yes. They most definitely had chemistry. People have to remember with the two of them, we were seeing a relationship that had been going on for years. Couples in relationships that long look very different from two people who just started dating. I liked Steve with Lynn, but he deserves the right to make a decision about his and Cath’s relationship with all the cards on the table.
    So excited to think about the 150th episode! I can’t believe people thought a side comment from a very infrequent guest star could be considered valid information about a show. However, at this point, H50 is season to season, so we never know.

    • do people consider steves feelings no they dont because of there hatred towards cath he loves her so why dont those of you that dont like her think want steve wants

      • Susan Schoppe says:

        Because, at some point he isn’t going to want a woman who’s first priority is lying. Trust is a big issue with Steve and after 3 times of her deciete he will see that, he’s no fool, he may love her but he always does what his brain tells him, we’ve seen that. I think THIS time he will kick her to the curb. I’ll make pop corn for that seen !

      • nonnalola says:

        Haters love to hate more than reason. They want quick gratification rather than a long substantial relationship that takes work. Steve and Cath were both trained for hard work, self sacrifice and putting the country and others ahead of them selves. Their relationship was built on long periods apart going back to Coronado. Steve just temporarily lost hope. Neither C nor S had all the info to make a final decision.

    • Karen C says:

      Thank you for wanting Catherine to come back. I’ve been watching every season of H5-O on Netflix and Catherine & Steve have a great history together considering their line of work. He’s happy with her, they have fun together, you really should go back & watch. I think she hated leaving Steve but felt she didn’t have a choice. If he had proposed I think she would have stayed. They definately have chemistry and are good together. I’m happy she’s returning. Steve loves her & she loves him. And look at how many times Adam lied to Kono! She forgave him and married him!!!

      • be careful what you say about kono and Adam you will be told off ifyou make bad comment about them is is onlyCATH you are to be nasty about I am glad she is coming back and as Steve once said to Danny you got to let it go this nasty attitude towards cath is pathetic

  12. Ange says:

    I could do without Catherine

  13. Kaya says:

    Ugh, can we stop with Catherine? It’s done. Move on. God.

  14. Catherine should be left out in the cold forever.

  15. Wendy says:

    I am so glad to hear that Christine Lahti will be back, we need some closure on the whole Wo Fat storyline. Hopefully Catherine will appear as a flashback in the 150th episode, he says she’s only back for that episode. I agree, time to get rid of her for good, Steve deserves to be treated so much better than she has done in the past! I doubt if Peter Lenkov knows yet if they will be renewed, let’s hope the ratings this season are good and they probably have to renegotiate a lot of the actor contracts.

    • Dee Ann korth says:

      I guess I missed it so there is a chance that Catherine will only be back for one episode. Did Peter Lenkov really say that. I hope it is true. Thank you for that info.

      • Wendy says:

        Yes the article says that she will be back for “the milestone hour” as his ex-girlfriend/almost fiancee. Time to kill her off, she brings nothing to the table.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          Hey, someone getting together with someone is always fun…who cares whom and whom! It’s the whacking afterwards that gets me…too much Little Joe on Bonanza as a kid, I guess. They made the blue skies USA network for my type. They nailed it, and then took it away…sniff.

  16. Marci says:

    Why can’t we get rid of Catherine once and for all?

    • H50fannie says:

      I wonder that myself I dont know why I want to know a reason

      • Wendy says:

        Looks like Cath won’t be back for more than the 150th episode!! This is what Peter Lenkov said the other day about her return….

        “People are interpreting it like her coming back into the relationship and starting all over again, but I just don’t think that can happen after all that these two have gone through,” executive producer Peter Lenkov told Entertainment Weekly. “Her relation to the story is more plot driven than reigniting that relationship.”

        So it looks like it will be a great season!

    • Because Steve really loves her and you can feel the chemistry between them! That doesn’t exist with other characters. Why so much Catherine hate?? She felt she was serving her country when she left before and she put that ahead of her personal desires! That doesn’t seem like it is deserving of all the vindictiveness!!!

  17. KayADee says:

    Very happy that the series ending rumor has been quashed.

    As for Catherine returning, I guess they never heard of the baseball rule, 3 strikes and your out! Enough of her. PLEASE. But since she is returning, AGAIN, hopefully both her and the worst-mother-in-the-world’s stories will be mercifully ended putting all of us out our misery.

    It’s time to move on giving Steve a new lease on life and love!

  18. PatriciaLee says:

    Yah, yah…blah, blah, blah, we heard it all before with the Castle series. But I hold no hard feelings with showrunners, in such cases. We are all surviving whims of the muses (and their corporate reps).

    • KLS says:

      We only hear from or who the showrunners for our shows are when they do something that irks the fan base, then they have to explain themselves. In this case, we hear from the showrunner when someone else made a mistake and he gives us some insight for the season.
      The Castle example was a good exercise in how NOT to run a show. From the convoluted story lines to the almost weekly press releases/interviews on why and what they were doing.

  19. cath come back steve as been so miserable since you went away even lynne didnt last long

  20. Kevin In CT says:

    So glad to hear this, H50 is a one of my faves! With R&I and Hell On Wheels ending this season it would be hard losing another good one.

  21. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about new season. Glad Steve’s mom and Catherine are coming back. Can’t wait to see new season!

  22. ninamags says:

    So maybe Catherine comes back and they kill her. Thus setting up a different storyline.

    Steve will drive himself nuts trying to find out who killed her. Blah, blah, blah.

    I only watch for the bromance between Steve and Danny as well.

  23. Lorena Bosley says:

    Absolutely love Hawaii 50.. going to Hawaii end of august 2016 and hoping we will get to see some of the actors..

  24. AngD says:

    I for one am glad Catherine is coming back. I hated that the writers kept her and Steve apart. I did not like Lynn.

    • IWould be careful what you say about lynne AngD or you will have people being nasty to you cath is the only one you are allowed to say you don’t like let’s wait and see what happens it is so sad and pathetic that people say these things but there it is it happens ignore them and maybe they will go away

  25. Thom says:

    The word in the headline should be “quashed” rather than “squashed.”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      transitive verb. 1 : to press or beat into a pulp or a flat mass : crush. 2 : put down, suppress

      • Thom says:

        quash [kwosh]
        verb (used with object)
        1. to put down or suppress completely; quell; subdue: to quash a rebellion.
        2. to make void, annul, or set aside

  26. darkn3ss says:

    I might be in a minority but I still holding out for a McRollins ending if the show evr end. Cat and Steve are made for each other. And yeah Doris better comes and give us lots of answers.

    • nonnalola says:

      You are not in the minority. The millions of catherine and steve loving fans don’t go on the internet and say horrible things about real actors, writers, producers, who have real feelings and are trying their best to entertain us. They are too oblivious to notice their hate words cause real pain to both fans and creators/actors on the show. I ‘m not talking about people who voice their disagreements in a civil manner. Shame on all you bullys.

  27. Kevin B says:

    So, no reprisal for Gabriel? Or is that in the works? Really would like to see Christipher Sean back for a good long time!

    • Wendy says:

      I agree, he was a great villian. We only have Chins’s word he died on the table, PL could totally find a way to work that back into a storyline!

  28. Ella says:

    Ugh, please let Catherine stay far, far away from Steve. Enough is enough.

  29. Thank you, thank you for bringing Catherine back in season 7!!! Please let hers and Steve’s relationship grow!! They are perfect for each other!! We views have been patient for so long hoping they get back together!!

  30. well we have to wait and see what happens in S7no one has any idea what will take place so lets just enjoy another great season without any nasty comments about any one we all have our opinions but if we say things that are not nasty we will enjoy it much more you are solucky to be able to see S7 so good luck with it and look forward to sept 23rd

  31. Barbela says:

    Don’t bring Cath back, please.
    She deserves someone better than Steve, someone who really cares about her and loves her a lot, who takes good care of her. Not someone who only thinks about her when he needs help, not Steve McGarrett.
    Sorry but, I think their relationship is twisted and unfair. It’s a totally mess.
    I miss Billy so much, but he was dead. Sad story.

    Glad to know that Doris will be back! In fact, I kind of like her because she always makes me think about Valka, a brave and independent mother from HTTYD.

    Waiting for the great stories in season 7!

    • ally says:

      You’re one of the only posters to comment on this. I’ve been on different websites and it seems to be all about Steve. I noticed exactly what you said. He never takes her out without her straight up telling him. In addition to that on the day he was supposed to propose he was real quick to tell Danny in the boat if she was leaving he wasn’t going to propose to her. I think Mr. Abandonment issues decided to ask her to marry him in the hope of keeping her there. He didn’t even bother to ask her about her year away. You can’t tell me that once she accepted he wouldn’t have moved her in and drawn out a long engagement. I like the actress, but I don’t care for the way her character is written. I mean come on they dated before and after Billy so I’m guessing at least 6 or more years. I don’t like how she was accepting of that with no real commitment or the fact that he didn’t want to label the relationship.

      • yes I think he only said he loved her once and that was in season 4 people forget the times she helped him we don’t no why she left but I am sure all will be revealed when she comes back I hope he does the decent thing and tells her about Lynne if he doesn’t then he willbe keeping a secret but I don’t suppose anyone will mind that because it is Steve and not cath

      • yes in a season three ep he was on a boat with Danny and he referred to there relationship as we have a thing in fact it was Danny who mentioned cath as his girlfriend

      • yes ally you are so right in what you say

  32. if there is season 8 i hope that cath is mrs magarret in it

  33. maybe kono will get found out for killing adam brother and get put in jail

    • Wendy says:

      Kono did not kill Adam’s brother, Adam did. And that was only because his brother was going to kill Kono. Why all the Kono hate?

      • well wendy as a police officer she should have turned him in instead she ran away with him

        • Wendy says:

          You make no sense at all. Adam shot his brother in self defense. Did you you want Danny arrest Steve for killing Wo Fat?

          • well whether is was in self defense or no wo fat was steves enemy and i no adam shot him in self defense but that makes no differenceshe still should have arrested him not run away with him and i do make sense maybe if your hatred of cath wasnt so bad you would see that they have all done bad things i really hope she comes back to stay this time i am glad that PL has decided to bring her back and didnt listen to those people who dont like her people with nothing better to do than keep on saying bad things about someone it is so sad anyway i will put comments on tv line but not to you so please dont contact me anymore my comments in future wont be to you

          • Wendy says:

            You are just plain old ridiculous. And why do all roads of conversation lead back to Catherine with you? Quite happy to hear you won’t reply to me anymore, it’s like having an argument with a toddler.

          • at least I won’t have to reply to some one so nasty as you you are a mean person and a bully who takes pleasure in hurting someone you are the child not me and I did ask you not to contact me anymore

  34. I wish they would keep Catherine gone from Hawaii 5-0. I do not like her paired with McGarrett!!!

  35. Ryan C. says:

    Way to spell BUFFETT’s name wrong every time in this article. He’s not a line of food.

  36. Sarah B says:

    I was happy when the whole kath and Steve drama ended leave it that way!!! She needs to stay gone!

  37. Cassandra Greene says:

    The best news I’ve heard yet that season 7 will not be the last!😊 Also returns of 2 of the best characters Michele Borth and Christine Lahti again a big plus! I am so looking forward to the new season and also the new characters coming on board for season 7 and storylines. Alex et al lives on! LOL

  38. Mike Danko says:

    Along with the amazing storytelling, great acting and fantastic character dynamics, they have one of the best composers in the business, Brian Tyler, writing amazing music for each episode.

  39. Dawn says:

    The way Catherine’s character has been written these past few seasons has really pissed me off. When it was revealed that Steve was going to propose, I got so excited about Steve possibly finally figuring out what Danny has been trying to teach him about the responsibility to come home safely to your family, especially when you’re a parent (still holding out hope that we’ll see a mini McGarrett someday). But the goodbye sequence when she left with the CIA completely killed all of last season for me. To the point that I only watched it after all the episodes were on my DVR so I could leave out the ones that had Lynn. (And the ones without Scott Caan but that’s a whole other conversation.)

    Sorry Peter but if you’re going to show us the main character’s love interest and have them go through everything that they did up until Afghanistan, you can’t just turn her into the person that you did. It’s been way past the point of ridiculous for a while now and the fans deserve better.

    • Barbara Soulsburg says:

      Dawn, In regards to Scott Caan, do you know why he’s not in all shows? It was his request so that he could spend more time with his family here in the States.

  40. Michael Summerset says:

    CBS is probably considering making it the last season if the ratings don’t get better. But of course calling it a last season can help keep those planning to drop it to stick around one more season.

  41. Dawn Darliing says:

    I’m so happy Peter is bringing back Catherine and Steve’s momma. Just waiting for the new season to start. Oh and putting MacGyver first then 5-0 is just making my Friday programming awewsome!

  42. missnanse says:

    I need someone to explain to me why Ingo Rademacher is never listed on the credits?

  43. Susan Schoppe says:

    I read PL,s interview in TV Line & was trilled that he’s not putting Steve & Cathrine back as a couple . As he said there has been to much that has happened between them for that to work now. And sense he’s wanting Sata Carter (Lynn) for the same 150th episode, maybe Steve gets to break Cathrines heart this time!

  44. Baxanne Doyke says:

    I’m just really excited for this season to start. All the characters have such great chemistry together and it makes for a good show even when the plot seems out of whack!! Looking forward to Bama returning again as well as McGarrets mother! The writers have left us hanging on this long enough! Good Luck with the new season I’ll be watching!!

  45. Vera johnson says:

    Please keep Hawaii Five-0 on the air. It is getting to be hard to find something to watch,,,I live reality, hate reality shows. Tv, means entertainment,,,I want to be entertained, and this is by far one of the best shows on TV. Bring back Steve’s mother and especially Catherine, and keep it going,,,do you not see NCIS, and the good written shows are still on, so please leave this alone,,,love it, have watched all the series 5 times,,,as not a whole lot to watch.

  46. Tara says:

    Love this show thank you for not canceling that bring back Game of Silence and bring back Te Family

  47. Ricky Rogers says:

    I’m gonna be mad if they make 7 seasons of this they meet make 13 seasons

  48. taenha says:

    It is not that Steve does not deserve a great relationship, it is not that Catherine Rollins is not a good charter. It is that the actress cannot act at all. No passion from her at all. She is so wooden and well. boring!

    • Wendy says:

      You said it taenha!

      • well wendy first of all i would like to apoligise to you for any nasty comments i made to you lets just be civil in our comments thank you christine wardd

        • Wendy says:

          Christine Ward,aplology accepted. I have never been anything but civil. This is a forum where many different points of view and opinions are expressed. If you start calling the people who don’t agree with you nasty, or bullys, perhaps this forum is not for you.

          • well i have said sorry so there you go whatever happens we shall enjoy s7 anyway when i get it you will be four months ahead of us over here but it will be worth waiting for i expect

  49. Margo Langley says:

    May be oldest fan, at 64 yrs. So glad for season 7; I plan to hang in there as long as the 5-0 team does! Glad Catherine’s returning. Hopefully, Doris will only stay long enough to explain; I like Lahti, but not as “bad, mama McGarrett”! Wish Chin and Leilani had lasted a bit longer! Abby’s okay. Love Sang Min and Dekker.

  50. bsgoriginal says:

    I can’t believe they’re keeping Steve & Catherine seperated that sux!!!