Girl Meets World Cancelled

Girl Meets World Renewal Update: Series to Air (At Least) Into 2017

If Girl Meets World is coming to an end, it’s not happening anytime soon.

While fans of the Disney Channel sitcom have had much cause to rejoice this week — the network released a first look at the series’ biggest Boy Meets World reunion ever, taking place in the Season 3 finale — there’s also been rabid speculation about the sitcom’s future, or lack thereof.

The stars’ cryptic social media posts are only fanning the flames: Rowan Blanchard, for example, tweeted, “I know as much as you guys do. … The family that we have created on our set is something I will truly never forget.” And Uriah Shelton, who plays Blanchard’s on-screen uncle, wrote, “Thanks guys. I’m going to miss you.”

But according to Disney Channel, there’s no news to report about the show’s future.

“We are wrapping production next week on the third season,” a network rep tells TVLine. “With episodes airing on Disney Channel into 2017, there’s no news to share yet about a fourth season.”

How do you feel about Girl Meets World‘s future? Are you ready to hop on the “move the show to Freeform” train, should it not secure a Season 4 renewal on Disney Channel? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tara says:

    So why can’t the show’s Season four stay on Disney Channel and have them progress to High School? If they do that, then it’ll be the only decent show on Disney, as the others are all absolute crap. Why do they want to move the show over to FreeForm and probably turn it into a mixture of every boring current FreeForm shows that I despise? Also, I know they’ll have to act more mature since they’re in High School, so newsflash, in real life High School students are very mature, so why can’t they portray that in the show while on Disney?? Why have some make believe High School teens are innocent crap…. Bottom line, send them to High School in Season 4 and let it stay on Disney. It’s time for Disney to grow up a little and stop with the dumb shows like boy with the talking hand, Dog with a Blog, Best Friends…., Bunk’d etc, etc….

    • Shaun says:

      they are in HS

      • kelly says:

        I think you should keep it going. its a good show for my family.. Not many show with the whole family that is in it.. and that the parents are involve with the kids lifes…..

        • Aiyonna says:

          I think they should keep it going and if moving it to freeform is what they have to do to make the show mature and stay on tv then I’m fine with that

    • jericho says:

      Disney Channel is not for Adults, ABC is for Adults and Family.. Disney Channel is not for Teens, ABC Family err FreeForm is for Teens. Disney Channel is aimed at Tweens. Maturity has no place on the Disney Channel and the show would not get the ratings to support a more mature series.

      That being said, the show still has legs. Other larger Disney Channel series have gone through “4” years of High School (Waverly Place) or even graduated (Liv & Maddie). It can be done, but it won’t be the show that all the nostalgic adults who want the show to get less quirky and more like the HS/College years of BMW.

    • Nicole says:

      Omg plzz let it stay on Disney and don’t just stop at season four stop at like season 6

      • Clara says:

        Why do you guys care at all what it’s on? As long as it doesn’t get cancelled it’s fine on any channel. And if it’s on freeform then the content can get a little more mature which might make the show even better if that’s possible

        • Ron says:

          Because changing networks can drastically change the quality and direction of a show.

        • Breanna says:

          Exactly Clara. I know all of you guys probably want the show to get a little more mature and interesting so why not have them move it to free form or some other channel? I feel like it’s a good idea as long as it doesn’t get cancelled

        • Yenerly says:

          Clara your right we want it to get steamy not boring, their running out of options they really should move it doesn’t matter if just don’t want it canceled

        • Tierney says:

          I agree

        • Cindy says:

          I totally agree! Just don’t cancel Girl Meets World!

        • rachel says:

          ^^^^^^ TRUE

        • Paula Byler says:

          Love girl meets works. Renew it. Too many shows with bad content, so not change this show to go on freeform. They would turn everyone gay. I wanted switched at birth to come back after this year is done!

        • Roger C DSepew says:

          I would hope that it gets renewed not much in the way of clever fully developed characters in sitcoms theses days;especially for young adults which is where they are now. The transition from middle to high school left the writers floundering a little. but they got the old sweet cleverness back and the characters are maturing well. With the changes to Miya situation this brings opportunities for new story lines. with the parents perhaps,
          I believe there are still many good story lines left in the series.

      • Gbogo says:

        Don’t you get Disney has a four season rule now

      • Matthew Xie says:

        no stopped at season 8,lol i want to see who maya fall in love with, zay started to have feeling for maya, and josh look alittle bit jealous,lol

    • Stephanie says:

      They are in high school…..season 3 is high school


    • Karri says:

      They are in high school. They are saying if Disney chooses not to renew the show it should be moved to freeform to keep the show going instead of it ending when Disney decides

      • agreed. i am 31 and i love watching this when it hits netflix becuase im too poor to get cable. just finished watching season 2 waiting for season three to come on to netflix. if they are worried about mature situations, move it to abc or freeform. it is made for the generation of young people just like BMW was for mine before widespread technology.

        • Keri says:

          I’m I glad to know that I am not the only adult who loves K show. Before I put my kids in front of something violent to watch. I would rather they watch A show with morals and values.

    • Otaku Derp says:

      As much as we hate it, Disney is a kid’s channel. And, since they are going into high school, they are no longer kids. It would be awesome to keep this show there and have it be the only good, true show there, but Disney doesn’t like talking about the more mature topics like it used to way back when.

    • Nicole says:

      Omg ur so right (besides me liking freeform) but they really gotta stop taking out the good shows like soon all I’m gonna do is watch Disney Jr !!! And if they move it to freeform most little kids can’t watch like me Lil sister

      • Janae says:

        Well u have to understand GMW is a great show and they should take it the New Disney Channel Is crappy anyways all the shows are horrible except GMW and people want more interesting things not just little kids things

      • Nia says:

        Yes. Boy meets world was very mature from the start HECK Cory almost slept with Topanga. What’s the whole idea of saying girl meets world if disney channel is sugarcoating everything. Now I’m not trying to judge the channel but it is catered to kids and if I was a mom I wouldn’t like my kid asking where do babies come from. Recently the show is in a high school theme and let’s be real, everyone is pretty much is going to judge for being a virgin or not and obviously GMW is not going to explain or show that because of its restrictions over disney so I am all for it going to FREEFORM.

      • Nia says:

        Yea but is your sister in high school?? I hate when people sugar coat things just tell me the full on truth

    • Lynn halabi says:

      I completely disagree, moving the show to freeform will let it grow and reach its full potential. And just thought I’d mention this, the shows on freeform are NOT boring,(or at least “the fosters” isn’t)

    • michael says:

      They are already in High School since the start of season 3 (current season). Liv and Maddie is already going to season 4, which is their final season. Liv and Maddie is currently the oldest series on Disney Channel right now it’s been on since July 19, 2013, Girl Meets World has been on since June 27, 2014. I agree the rest of them are dull. Here’s some series that had 4 seasons on Disney Channel: Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, Jessie, Austin & Ally, Liv and Maddie (when their season 4 starts this fall). So let’s add Girl Meets World to the list of shows that has 4 seasons.

    • Steph says:

      You may think that Disney channel is boring but that may be because it’s not for your age group. I used to love Disney but I aged out of it. Children watching Disney shouldn’t be exposed to the difficult drama of high school, let them keep their innocence. Children are growing up fast enough without exposing 10 year olds to teenage drama. If they are old enough to watch shows that address that issue than they are old enough to watch free form. Keep Disney for the children and free form for teens+

    • Matthew Xie says:

      What about backstage,that show is not dumb.
      There is another show premiering soon called lodge
      Some of the show you mention are over already.
      Backstahe and girl meet world are related to the term of EDUCATION
      HIGH SCHOOL is like teen , they will be a lot of kissing and drama, do you thik that goos for 7 years old
      They will be kissing girls ate school at age 7.
      If they show continue, they should allow teen to watch it.
      If it on freeform , the makeout scene may be beter but on disney they have to make it educational with small kiss or something. It may get too inappropriate,tha why they want to freeform channel.
      So far ther isnt that much kissing in girl meet world but next season will different.

      However i want it to stay on disney channel. If it move to freeform channe, it okay for me
      I dont want seasom 3 to be end
      I want an ending about what happen
      To maya, riley. Lucas, and zay(isaisah)
      It should end at seasom8 like full house.

    • tasty tuesday says:

      watch the theme song for freeforms girl meets world theme song

    • Matthew Xie says:

      they are in high school ,then college, there should be more maturity topic, example: datings, fighting over one boy, i don’t really think the triangle broke yet, kissing,….etc

    • Ozair Durrani says:

      Let season 4 stay and the other seasons. It is a legacy of boy meets world. What do you say?

    • Please don’t cancel girl meets world I want a season 4 make it happen I will be really happy if you didn’t cancel it I would be very happy. I will pray don’t cancel it I will be very sad :(

  2. leash10 says:

    There is absolutely zero reason this show should not go on to see these kids through at least high school. Great show I can watch with my girls & love the messages each show contains. I laugh, I cry, what’s not to like?

  3. Lois says:

    As far as I’m aware it’s pretty typical of Disney to wait a while to renew, especially considering only 8 (9 as of tonight) episodes will have aired of the 21 episode season. Considering it’s one of the highest rated and buzzed about show on Disney, I don’t doubt it’ll get a 4th season, it’s just a waiting game for when they’ll announce it.

    However if they don’t, it absolutely should be picked up by Freeform because it will allow them to move into more mature territory that Disney limits them in.

    • Michael Khan says:

      agreed! 100&.

    • Kate says:

      Disney *Channel*. ;) The company also owns Freeform, which doesn’t have DC’s limits.

    • Roger C DSepew says:

      i am in complete agreement. the show has great actors who have really found their characters. More mature stories would be difficult. on Disney. But it is a rating and critical hit. Which draws on a broader demographic then their usual far. This is the only thing i watch on the network,,,

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Good news update. Hope they will renew the show for season 4!

  5. padraicj says:

    So, i kind of hate to think this. However, do you think the uncertainty in renewing the show has to do with how much more outspoken Rowan Blanchard has been this year? She wrote the essay, i believe about feminism, and came out as queer. I wonder if perhaps it is giving Disney pause.

    • Shaun says:

      As if that matters these days,she didn’t blast the show or fellow actors.

      • shulz021 says:

        Disney Channel is pretty conservative when it comes to someone’s sexuality portrayed on their sitcoms.

    • Doro626 says:

      You make a good point. I’m not sure what he Queer identification is, maybe just showing support for the cause, maybe more. I did think that if they wanted to go to that type of storyline, it would have to happen on another network. I am surprised how good this show is and I like that they have real values in the episodes.

      • nsync08 says:

        Rowan came out as bisexual, if I’m not mistaken. Disney has been known to fire actors and/or cancel a show due to their real-world conduct.

  6. Gemma says:

    I almost hope they’ll be moving to Freeform. It would allow them to be a little bit “edgier” than a Disney Channel show is and deal with topics that Disney wouldn’t necessarily like, but teens should really be exposed to.

  7. A says:

    Appreciate the update! Hopefully GMW/BMW universe will continue for years to come- on any network who will make it happen

  8. Christine says:

    I think they should do as many episodes as Boy Meets World had and yes they should totally move it to a different Channel especially as Canadians they don’t get their stations

    • iHeart says:

      what are you talking about? Canada has had Disney Channel for almost a year (I just don’t use it as much because I feel that the network came 15 years too late)

  9. Brenda Lopez says:

    Would love to enjoy more of the show. Good family watching with my teenage grandkids.

  10. Nicole Miakelson says:


  11. Teagan says:

    I think Girl Meets WORLD should continue but on freeform. Boy Meets World wasn’t on Disney and neither should Girl Meets World. I love Girl Meets World as much as Boy Meets World. Me and my siblings even both of my parents have conversations of what we want to happen on Girl Meets World. We talk alot about it.

  12. Sean o'brien says:

    I like girl meets world please stay for a fourth season😀.

  13. semprasectum says:

    I had no idea it was still on the air. . . just a horrible show. Sorry

    • Sara Pina says:

      Honestly girl meets world isn’t just a show much less boring. It helps me cope with my inner feelings. I really like this shoq because I can totally relate to it I hate that it mught not have a fourth season. That’s just really unfair and pathetic. There are so many people who watch it. i still want it to air even if it means on freeform on a whole other channel. That show not only makes me happy but can make me laugh with all my family problems. When I watch this show all my problems disappear and by the way this is the only show I know about on Disney like what are the other shows about ? I have no clue. But if season 4 doesn’t end up airing at least it’ll end good. I’m 17 and even my sister that is 19 watches this show with me we love it.

    • Roger C Depew says:

      Horrible have you even watched the show. it is well written and acted. there is much worse garbage on the air I.E. every version of “reality shows especial all the FAKE WIVES SHOWS. what’s left the real wives Peaksgil. If it needs to move to a new network so be it. Just don’t shut it down out of fear or overly cautious. Over what might happen?

  14. Donnielle Geer says:

    As a mother and now grandmother, I admit I watch the show and love the messages it sends. As i watched Boy Meets World with my daughters and loved it them, it was great to see this revamped version for the next generation in my family. There is so much crap they call cartoons out there that I will not let them watch. Please dont cancel one of the only shows we can enjoy as a family. I especially love seeing what came from the old cast.

  15. Shae says:

    Keep girl meets world going its the only decent realistic show on Disney all the other shows are OK but not like this I watched every episode of boy meets world and now girl meets world too I love when they bring back characters and play on stuff from bmw I don’t want this to end if helps just move to freeform that’s where they had bmw there is a lot of people who don’t want this show to end so don’t end the show please

  16. Jared says:

    Why would Disney Channel cancel Girl Meets World?!?..isn’t it currently the biggest show on the network?..judging by past shows, it will atleast get a S4.

    • Bob says:

      It probably has something to do with Rowan Blanchard. As the main character of a top of the charts show, she has a certain image to maintain. Innocent, normal, almost perfect teenage girl. But Rowan is this outspoken, powerful activist. Disney can’t have that, they’re too conservative.

  17. MattySi says:

    Disney shows are notorious for lasting up to 4 seasons. I can see them spinning it off tho and creating a new show after season 4 like they did with That’s So Raven, Jessie, and Suite Life.

  18. meatwad says:

    I don’t care what channel it is on, just stop this love triangle crap!!!!

    • Nicole says:

      The last episode ended the triangle and explained why there ever was a “triangle.”

    • Brad says:

      It’s over he chose Riley if you haven’t caught up but it aired already last week unless I got it a little bit early cuz they Disney Channel app. Hope i didn’t spoil it for you but it was obvious cause mya wasnt herself.

    • Brad says:

      I’m 35 yrs old and I watch the episodes before my daughter even gets to them cause her mother won’t let her download the Disney app at her house. I usually get it a week or the morning before it airs on Friday night with the app. Good show and very nice ty ins with boy meets world. Just goes to show disney there audience is much broader than there tween target and I support a move to freeform although it could just keep going on Disney channel. The best part of a move to freeform would be for the older teens and adults cause they could be put in more serious situations that would keep an even more broader audience watching but then will utimitly cut out the tween audience as it would get to be too much for them. Although after i think about it for a min my daughter loves family guy and she is 9 so I don’t know it could just go Anywere or just end up being cancelled or into a series finale or cancelled but I’d like to see it end on a finale and just cancelled or stopped on a mid season episode. If they are going to end it hey need to do both the shows justice since they tied so well into boy meets world is my only hope.

  19. Steven schooler says:

    I think that they should continue with a forth season this is a fabulous show for all ages it should go to freeform and stay through there collage years

  20. Cindy lopaZ says:

    Don’t care for it at all.

  21. Cindy lopaZ says:

    Don’t care for it ,

  22. LISA says:

    Okay, I really don’t want girl meets world to end it a really gooood show and I believe it can go on long like how wizard of Waverley place had more than 4 seasons ….I’m glad its not being cancelled.🌌

  23. Tyler says:

    Continue on freeform to have the flexibility of discussing more mature/relatable topics when growing up and different aspects of relationships.

  24. girl meets world season 4 says:

    they need a season 4!!!!! with Uriah Shelton pls!!!!!

  25. A. D. says:

    Needs to run MANY more seasons!

  26. Rob says:

    Move to Freeform! Move to Freeform!

  27. erika abbott says:

    please move GMW to Freeform!

  28. Ram510 says:

    This show needs to continue!! Freeform seems like an obvious and smart move since GMW just doesn’t seem to fit Disney Channel especially as they are going to age and need to take on more serious matter like BMW did. From my observation it doesn’t seem kids are really into this show, my little cousins are way more excited for a show like Austin & ally and not too interested in GMW. So a move would probably be good.
    Even if it moved to ABC where BMW aired or MTV/MTV2 where the repeats air a lot of times would be nice, but they would probably need to incorporate the adults more for that to work which is fine since it seems a lot of fans of the show are older

  29. Dawn says:

    Please just keep it going on Disney or Freeform, it doesn’t matter because they are both owned by Disney. I do agree that on Freeform the writers can explore more serious topics that effect high school students in todays world. This show is excellent in dealing with family and student topics but it needs to deal with more serious matters that happen in high school and how students can deal with todays pressure and that includes students sexuality like they do on The Fosters which is a great show for the high school kids, also. Please Keep GMW going just like BMW did for many, many season till they go to college and start their adult lifes.

  30. sherry says:

    renewal for season 4

  31. WILLIAM EX says:

    as a grandfather who watches with my granddaughter, in their 20’s i may add, i can not imagine why disney would even consider not continuing. this is one of the smartest programs going for young people.
    there seems to be a message, thankfully, not shoved down our throats in the programs which i like. i have watched some re-runs 2-3 times because they are funny and or touching. these young actors are some of the best for this generation. thank you for keeping this going because i am sure there a ton of laughs to come.

  32. Virginia Woolford-Cotter says:

    This show is awesome. Finally a show you can watch with the entire family.

  33. Amelia says:

    I hope it doesn’t go to Freeform, as that network relies too much on the PLL-style melodrama with its youthful shows. This is a sweet, charmingly imperfect coming-of-age comedy that doesn’t belong with their fake-feeling sitcoms or insane melodramas. I hope it continues, but that Disney gives the show the leeway to grow up along with the characters.

  34. Crystal C says:

    I think it should move to freeform!! Freeform will give it more seasons than Disney would! This show is too good to cancelle!

  35. Lexie says:

    I think they show is great! And I don’t mind their staying in Disney Channel, I think they have done quite well there.

    For it to fit into Freeform’s programming they would have to change a lot of things about the show, it would be something else entirely.

    That being said, I do hope they get a fourth season – and there is no actual reason to believe they wouldn’t, they have great ratings for a cable show on Fridays, hell, they have great ratings for network TV on fridays, and they just got nominated for an emmy for a second year in a row – Disney wanted this show to begin with, they approached Michael Jacobs, not the other day around.

    Also, looking at the bigger picture, I think Disney is trying to get some older-teen audience back. Liv and Maddie was given a fourth season where they are going to be in college. Teen Beach Movie 2 and The Descendants had modernism, even feminist friendly spins.

    Anyway, I mean to say that their being in Disney Channel isn’t as bad as some people would make it up to be.

  36. Emily says:

    if theirs a good chance it could get renewed then why would they make the S3 finale feel like the end? we don’t know much about it, but it is called “girl meets goodbye”.

    • Lexie says:

      All Disney Channel shows do this, because the average lifespan of Disney Channel shows is 3-4 years, and they won’t find out until after months of taping the season enders.

  37. CC says:

    I’m not betting it’ll go more than 4 seasons, unfortunately. Good Luck Charlie was a better show, with great ratings, appealed to the entire family, and they canned it at 4 seasons because that’s how Disney does it. Makes me sad, but realistically that’s probably how this will go. I wish they’d rebooted the show on any other network because it would’ve had a much better chance of lasting longer than it will with Disney.

  38. Lennelle says:

    I love this show!

  39. Keep it for a long while. Its a great show that teaches about love family friends and many lessons.

  40. Martha Martimez says:

    As an adult, I thoroughly enjoy Girl Meets World. I watch it weekly with my adult daughter. It’s great seeing what happened to Cory and Topanga. If at all possible I would like to see it stay on Disney channel. Thank you.

  41. Ayah Nassar says:

    I hpoe to god they put GMW on Freeform

  42. mike says:

    The best show to ever air on Disney still has a lot of life left.

  43. Tim Greathouse says:

    Please don’t end this show this is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched I love this show and also want to see if Riley and Farkle actually get together that would be great and it doesn’t matter what channel it’s on just don’t cancel it please alot of people love this show

  44. Saul diaz says:

    I think Disney channel should just renew the series for a season 4!

  45. Jessica Hoffman says:

    I think it should stay on Disney channel. I love this show, And makes me wish my childhood was like that and my love life. Get them through highschool then see how it goes. This is the only great TV show on disney don’t take it away from us to freeform.

    • Nicole says:

      It needs to be on Freeform. That explanation for the love triangle was completely unrealistic and even in girl meets commonism they didn’t even accurately portray communism. What I’ve noticed about this show is that they were excellent at portraying seventh grade and eighth grade life and problems but it all started going downhill when they hit ninth grade. Their were other ways to set up the lesson they had the kids learn and the quality of the show is decreasing especially since they dragged out the love triangle, thinking that it would keep more people interested. High School is nothing like the new Disney shows portray it to be, the social interactions and relationships are completely different. Not every Freeform show is like Pretty Little Liars. The Foster’s is a great example of a Freeform. Boy Meets World was even on Disney Channel in while Corey and Shawn were in their younger years but when they hit high school the TV show moved to Freeform back when it was called ABC Family. Corey and Topanga got married in high school, Disney has only had one character engaged and even then the engagement did not last nor had it been to a serious boyfriend. I understand the worry about the show being shaken up but honestly it’s been long over due. The writer’s have been messing with the characters and underutilizing the skills of the actors probably because the network limits where they can go content wise. It was a shame to see Lucas have many dimensions in season 2 but now he’s been reduced to the triangle. Like I mentioned before the quality is already decreasing, the only reason I’m still watching is because of Maya. They haven’t started ruining her character yet. Even the minor characters like Zay and Smackle have changed. Smackle was boy crazy but the way they portrayed her in Girl Meets Ski Lodge part 1 was completely nonsensical. This show has great potential for its character but it can only go so far with surface level content.

  46. Danaya says:

    I love girl meet world because it’s funny, and it has real life experiences and it help with choices and I also love boy meets world and think yall should make a 4th season

  47. Cynthia Medina says:

    I think there should be a season 4 on disney channel, I absolutely love the show, I daw boy meets world while I was growing up and now my daughter and I watch girl meets world. Please do not cancel show and please don’t move it to free form!

  48. Roy says:

    I have been a fan of Boy Meets World since the beginning. I was 11 when the show started. I am now 33 and manly watch the show because of Corey and Topanga. If Disney dose not renew this, then it should move to ABC on Friday nights or FreeForm. Either one works. Also Netflix would be awesome. They got Fuller House, why not Girl Meets World. They already show the older episodes.

  49. Destiny says:

    My family and I think about this all the time and we were just talking about this earlier this week. We all are major BMW fans and we’d love to be even bigger GMW fans. We love the relations of friendship and romance that they all share. We all stated if this show wanted to go somewhere it needs to move to a different channel (which I said freeform). I’m not ready for the show to end but I do think it should move to a different channel and more people would maybe pay more attention to it (especially since they are in their high school years). I really enjoy the show but they are old enough to move to another level of maturity.

  50. Chach says:

    Seriousl?!!! They cannot cancel the show now!! It’s inspiring and my kids, nieces, nephews and friends love it!! Keep going, it just got started and just got good!!