Wayward Pines Finale Recap: Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice? — Plus: Should There Be a Season 3? Vote!

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Avoid this recap at all costs if you have not yet viewed the Season 2 finale of Wayward Pines.

Wayward Pines reverted to population: zero on Wednesday as Season 2 came to an unexpectedly bittersweet close.

With Jason dead, Theo quickly became Wayward Pines’ unofficial new leader, who was forced to do right by a town where everything has gone terribly, terribly wrong. (He started, of course, by not doing everything he could to save Jason from his bullet wound.) With C.J.’s help, the doctor proceeded with initial plans to put as much of the populace back into cryogenic pods as possible to save what they could of humanity. (Among those selected to be preserved: Rebecca, Xander, Arlene, Lucy, Frank and the aforementioned C.J.)

The doctor, who was having a crisis of conscience, initially didn’t intend to be among those slipped into a scientifically induced slumber. Instead, he planned to stick behind and inject himself with strains of bubonic plague, typhoid and Marburg left behind by Pilcher. In doing so, he’d not only expose himself to those unlucky humans who weren’t selected to go back to sleep, but he’d then feed himself to Margaret and her fellow Abbies, who would spread the combination of diseases and inadvertently wipe out their entire race.

wayward-pines-season-2-kerryIn the end, it was Kerry who served as the unlikely potential savior of mankind, sacrificing herself so Theo could enter cryogenics and one day start anew. After learning that Jason was indeed the son she had given up for adoption before waking up in Wayward Pines, the former tyrant’s mother-lover injected herself with all three viruses before stepping out beyond the wall.

C.J., too, had a decision to make. As he went to initiate the cryogenic process, he was once again visited by the memory of his wife, who told him that the fate of the human world rested in his hands. Though he had the opportunity to let humanity end altogether by terminating the pods, he instead proceeded with cryogenics and joined the others in a state of suspended animation.

Later, in an almost utopian epilogue, a new dawn showed the world still populated by Abbies, only these more closely resembled mankind. The camera panned in on a newborn that not only looked more human than the Abbies we’ve seen all along, but whose initial cry resembled that of an uninfected baby. As such, it would seem Theo’s quick thinking and Kerry’s selfless deed helped restore Earth to a hospitable environment.

So there you have it: a finale that, much like Season 1’s closing hour, served as a perfectly fitting end to the entire series. Would Fox serve the greater good by ending things here, or would you like to see the sci-fi drama press forward with additional seasons? Weigh in via our polls, then sound off in the comments section.

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  1. bmemblatt says:

    A very dissapointing, paint by numbers, tie up every lose end -ending to a much more thoughful series. Last week’s episode was the better finale than the mess presented tonight,

  2. K says:

    I am gravely disappointed inWayward Pines! First you kill Matt Dillon and then proceed to kill off many of the main characters You cannot become attached to any character, because they will for sure be killed. Why did you also kill Jason? I won’t watch again. You completely ruined the entire series for me! Thanks a lot!

  3. Micah says:

    It was a mess honestly. What the H happened to Hassler? They could’ve given us something to spark our curiosity instead of showing us his last moment coming out of that tunnel two episodes ago.

    This entire season was choppy and rushed honestly. But….I must admit, I want season 3!

    • Anubeon says:

      Maybe Hassler is the father of the distinctly Homo Sapien Sapiens looking Aby baby at the end of the finale? As to his fate, I think it was strongly hinted over the course of his stint that he had resigned himself to his death as well as the. I suspect that he was inevitability of humanity’s. I suspect thus, that he was ripped to shreds (after all he knew the Abys better than most; they didn’t seem disposed to give peace a chance by that stage in proceedings).

  4. kirads09 says:

    Well, I am one in the minority who enjoyed S2 – I liked Jason Patric. Grew to love Xander – he has a very Dennis Quaid thing going. I don’t know if there should be a S3. This really felt like the SERIES finale. I wouldn’t want the same group just woken up and it starts all over. They would really have to have an excellent twist to continue. Am I right ? – THERE WERE MORE PODS – empty ones? And was CJ seriously considering killing them in the pods? And was the mother and baby Abbie meant to symbolize that infecting herself didn’t work to wipe them out? The ending really was confusing. I want a show with Siobhan Fallon Hogan as a lead. I loved her as Arlene.

    • TV viewer says:

      Here’s what brothers me: with the impressive amounts of executions before Ben, the large amount of rebels killed before Kate got shot, plus all the people from group B that got killed during the first Abbie invasion. Shouldn’t be more than enough spare pods? Even assuming Jason started over with group C there was enough room to get them all in.

      • They have been breading people for 30 years. Making 13 years have kids to spend things up. Pluses 300 people in pod that where never woken.plus some pics were not working.

        • TV viewer says:

          The entire group A killed themselves before group B was awoken: their pods were functional. Even if everyone from the First Generation had babies, just those pods should’ve been enough.

          • David Knowles says:

            But not all of the pods were working because well you know to cause drama, why Pilcher didn’t kidnapped the person who invented them and why didn’t they defrost them is because Pilcher was fanatical and arrogant.

          • Mike says:

            I thought they had extra pods but they were fuel drained due to running the fence and town, and there was no way to get eno ugh power to charge them. Didn’t Jason get mad at C.J about that.

        • laurelnev says:

          lol…I had to laugh at that typo! I had a mental picture of the abbies dipping humans in egg wash and bread crumbs. :D But it’s pretty bad that the order was to be “Intact families first (unless you’re a Dad Jason didn’t like) and then children (well, except for Gropup 2 that was told to stay at the academy), and then “crucial” and “useful” people, but they didn’t even stick to that! I kind of agree that the whole “not enough pods” thing was lame. What’s to prevent those left behind from dumping those never unfrozen from their pods to usurp them? And didn’t Ethan find a way to break in in s1? Whose to say the abbies wouldn’t just break into the mountain to have an iced buffet? In S1, only the chosen even knew about the mountain, which is why they were safe there. Now the abbies AND those left behind know…

          • Jaybird says:

            Leaving group 2 of the children behind in the academy really bothered me. When the smallest child asked, “what’s wrong with us?” nearly broke my heart. I kept thinking why aren’t any of these adults giving their pods up for those kids? Didn’t make sense to me. Not sure I’m interested in a season 3.

  5. Blondie says:

    I rated the ending Very Good. It had enough loose ends to have a Season 3 and I hope there is a Season 3. There are very few shows I watch on TV anymore and this is one of my favorites.

  6. KLS says:

    I guess I am in the minority that doesn’t think there should be a S3, especially the way S2 has gone. I didn’t like how they killed everyone from S1 (except 2 people) either.

  7. SUSO says:

    Should there be a season three? Oh TVLine, there shouldn’t have even been a season TWO.

    • Simon Jester says:


    • cej says:

      I felt that way for the first several episodes when they were killing off all of the S1 people. But once Margaret appeared, it got more interesting to me. I wish they had developed more about her while she was in captivity, but I cheered when she killed Megan. I thought the latter half of the season was very compelling, even if some of the final episode didn’t exactly make sense.

      • Michael Summerset says:

        It’s as if they were trying to fix the mess they made at the start of the season. But the biggest mistake was the final five minutes of the first season. It just put off too many fans to bother returning for the second season.

  8. TV viewer says:

    The problem I had with season 2 is that they killed off every storyline I was invested in as a viewer. Don’t know how the First Generations took over, why Pam was spared or Kate was shot, what happened to Amy or how Ben ended up leading while his mother was still a “productive citizen” os Wayward Pines.
    The new stories were okay, good even, but I couldn’t get myself to care by the time Jason was revealed to be Kerry’s son, Xander the husband Rebecca chose to be with or Margareth killed Megan. I just knew Megan was going to die because she was the only “old one” left.

  9. laurelnev says:

    I thought the last scene with the baby was supposed to imply the Abbie’s kinder, gentler side, and that they’d spared Kerry’s baby when they ate her. I think Hassler had the right idea when he went to join them. Who knows–maybe that’s a Hassler-Margaret baby. The abbies didn’t need to wage a war; all they had to do was gather, scare half the population into pods, and let the rest basically kill themselves. Let the abbies have Wayward Pines; basically anyone worth saving was killed off pretty quickly.

    All S2 did was tarnish the greatness of S1. It was poorly edited poorly written, and full of WAY too much filler. The first 7 episodes should have been condensed into 2, and last week should have been the start of the real interesting part of the season. Just as this season started showing hope, BAM, it’s done. I would have liked to see more of the peace brokering Theo and Margaret started, as well as more of the humans learning about and interacting with Abby society.

    Should there be a S3? Lets shave off the last scene of S1 and pretend S2 was some bad cryo dream. Like they all should have done with Margaret, just let it be.

    • Kris says:

      ? Kerry didn’t have a baby in the future. Her baby from the flashback was Jason (revealed last week). Kerry was unable to have more children likely due to being attacked by the abbies earlier in the season.

    • anubeon says:

      Kerry didn’t have a baby (couldn’t in fact, due to injuries sustained during a previous Abby attack). Maybe the baby hints at the integration (and hybridisation with) some of the unfortunate souls left to die (those in Group 2, locked out of the mountain) rather than their assumed fate as Abby happy meals.

      • laurelnev says:

        Forgot about that…well then another pregnant human whose baby they spared, or maybe a hassler-margaret babe.

  10. Liane says:

    Am I the only one who saw that the baby had some kind of growth on his head? I don’t think that the Abbies were healthy, I think that last scene showed that they had become diseased…

    • anubeon says:

      I think that ‘growth’ is the usual peri-natal detritus (e.g. amniotic fluid, remnants of the amniotic sac, etc) and moisture induced puffiness that all new borns suffer from.

    • Penny says:

      The baby had hair, unlike the Abbies!

    • Katy Hargis says:

      I agree, But I do think there could be a season three. I mean with the learning to exist with the Abbie’s to rebuilding bigger towns to finally starting the Human race over. I mean there could be lots of things they could do that to me would be exciting! With all the zombie movies out there. They never showe that the Human race can start over. Rebuild. I always have that question? Ok now what happens? You know

  11. RedReddington says:

    I’m really going to miss this show if there’s no season 3. I want to see more Jason Patric on my TV. I know S2 had issues, but I still enjoyed it. It’s better than most summer shows. Please FOX, renew this show (and the X-Files 😆)

  12. fonz says:

    S2 took too long to get going, really messy how they offed almost everyone from S1 but i get that. i could’ve gotten behind the new group of characters but one thing kind of stretches it. Let’s say C.J keeps up his guardian stance every 20yrs again and eventually they find a good time to come back. I’m not sure how long it would take for the entire abbie pop. to be nearly eradicated, but it would prob take a long time to retake the town from the overgrowth,etc.
    I really think they missed a good opportunity to keep the human-abbie communication/learning going and maybe find out that there’s more than just abbie’s outside of that area.
    idk, i really liked learning the history of Pilcher & C.J. so i would like to see a S3, but where would the creepy intrigue come from? Pilcher’s way is done with, abbie’s would be decimated, what’s left?

  13. Big Cheddar says:

    I dunno if there should be a 3rd season. They really fubar’d thus one.

  14. drb999 says:

    This season was just bad. There wasn’t much mystery and things just dragged on and on. Plus they killed off so many season one characters, Jason was the dullest and most stupid bad guy on television this year. Just awful. Jason Patric was very bland. It felt like he slept walked through the entire season. I just never really cared for the new characters. I’d rather not see a third season. If there is one I may not even watch it. I might if it looked decent.

    • DE says:

      Jason Patric was the ONLY reason to watch the show. Bland? Apparently you like bad TV overacting. He was so believable as man torn from his life and plopped into the middle of a Nazi realm. His wife lied and cheated, he’s forced to use his skills in a way that he has never done before, take down a despotic leader, and in the end, make moral choices no man should have to make. Through the horrible editing and muddled story lines , his performance stayed true and was carefully calibrated. He was the only one to truly change and feel the gravity of the larger issue. He was magnetic in a mostly lost and dull show.

  15. David Knowles says:

    There several ways this could have gone. I missed the fact that the baby look more human but was Theo doing or was it interbreeding between the abbie leader and hassler that did it.

    Anyone else thinks CJ Mitchum was sabotaging the crops?

  16. Kevin Barrett says:

    There should definitely be a season 3 where we could get to see how the abbies physical evolution is shaped by the more advanced learning and adaptive capabilities of the females, especially after interaction with the technology left behind by group c. Also imagine the reaction the final 300+ unawakened will have. And given the fact that seasons 1 and 2 covers the events of the books entire trilogy, and M. Knights reputation for coming with the comprehensive ending you never predicted , season 3 should prove to be the best yet. Funny how there was no climate change so many milinea in the future though. Hmmmmm.

  17. Dawna Downey says:

    DID the beard guy have a baby with a female Abby???

    • dk says:

      My husband and I were thinking that that Margret had the ability to read minds? We were also playing with the notion that “bearded” guy knows Margaret.
      Also wondering if Margaret and the Abby population healed the infected human as they did Margaret when she was dying?

  18. Joe house says:

    Season 1 was fantastic…thought another season was a stretch….3rd would just ruin it for what it was….an epic 2 season success that I truly enjoyed. ..thnx M night and fox

  19. L w says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the baby at the end was Adam Hasslers? I feel it was quite obvious , he would always mysteriously disappear outside the fence . He had strange circular markings on his stomach that were also on the abbie mother who just gave birth.

  20. Michael Mccluskey says:

    I would like to see, if not a thirD season, perhaps a rv movie to finish off the show. Outside the abbies were starting to build a setlement, a plant popped up in wayward pines city limit and the new abbie baby. Then there are the sleepers, how long are they going to be frozen, will the babies surpass them with a better society or will they start fighting over land and have wars. Maybe the humans sleeping? Perhaps a new season, mini series or movie could spend time on the babies and to an oblivious Pilcher who never sas the future correctly, abbies (future humans) create utopia and discover that after waking the 21st century humans that they don’t have what it takes to be in harmony with the universe.
    Just too many things could happen the way s2 ended and my head will be aching for months to come if there is yet another show with no final ending.
    Remember FIREFOX.. Don’t wait to give a finish to Wayward Pines, this show rocks.

  21. jr. says:

    This is how I’d like season three to go: Since the beginning CJ had come in and out of frozen pod state, to see if it was time to unfreeze them all. In this season, we heard CJ say to Pilcher they had some empty pods available. But Pilcher felt it was time. Season 2 showed that when CJ unfroze every thousand years or so, he went out and explored. What if thousand of years in the future, when CJ unfroze himself and went exploring, he went out and found and captured an advanced human ( genius ) scientist who was looking for Pilchers fabled project. And CJ grabbed him and put him in a pod. It could turn out that CJ discovered that mankind advanced quite a bit while they were frozen. And those future scientists created a WP experiment of their own. What if they created a gigantic space station, and place thousands of people in pods like Pilcher did in WP. And they also had all their great future technology, which could help regenerate a new world with the survivors of WP. But the future scientist was also placed on the space station, and served the same purpose their, as CJ did in WP.. And the scientist didn’t know where the fabled Pilcher project was, but went down to earth to find it. But CJ grabbed him, and podded him instead.
    Season three would have CJ unfreezing in the future again, and then unfreezing this genius scientist. Who then unfreezes the people on the space station, who come down to earth to help rebuild withe there futuristic technology. And with there space station, and WP as their home bases.

  22. Joey2k says:

    It would have been a good ending to have everyone woken up from cryogenic sleep after another couple thousand years by abbies who had become civilized and learned how to use the old technology.

  23. Kim says:

    I would love to see a season 3. It would be great to be able to see some new twists and have both species be able to live together and evolve together in wayward pines. Then have it end in season 3. Having both species thousands of years apart finally being able to co-habitate in one town, one world would make for a very epic final season 3.

    • Juanita says:

      That sounds like a good way to go, I would enjoy that story line. Watching Margeret have flash backs, the problems started when man awoke and started killing the Abbie’s. Had they tried being friends instead of murderers, maybe things would have worked out different. So I would love season 3 to do a coexistence route!

  24. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Didn’t watch the finale or last wks episode cause I just lost interest. S2 SUCKS I had a feeling the finale was going to fall FLAT on its face and it did! Hell my mom watched it and she told me it was whump whump. S1 was wayyyy better just kill all of them this season? That’s stupid oh well I won’t be surprised if the show gets cancelled.

  25. KLS says:

    There were so many plot holes in S2 that it was almost maddening, or was that part of the plan? To keep us asking questions and wanting a S3?

    The lack of food was puzzling. What was wrong with the soil inside the fence? Why not just dig up the good soil and put it inside the greenhouse? Didn’t Pilcher ever hear of hydroponics?

    Too many questions.

  26. Gerald says:

    Kinda slow for a finale. Lots of Abbies running in the woods, but never seeing them get into the town. Boo.

  27. Donna Salvi says:

    I think the writers could read the writing on the wall and came up with an appropriate ending. The changes of a third season are slim to none.

  28. Sarah says:

    I didn’t see the human-looking baby as a human-Abby hybrid, or Hassler’s baby, but the implication that Abbies were evolving BACK into humans (this show never seems to have had a very good grasp of how evolution, or science in general works – season 1 was good enough to overlook that, but the utterly abysmal season 2 made all its flaws seem more pronounced).
    What bothered me most about the ending was that even though Theo made a point of recording about the 13-hour incubation period he’d have to wait out before going outside the fence, Kerry seemed to go straight out. Why bother giving yourself 3 deadly viruses if you weren’t going to wait to be infectious? Bygones, though – it was hardly the worst part about this season.
    This show should never even have had a season 2, let alone a season 3.

    • RedReddington says:

      It was nighttime when everyone went into the mountain and the pods. Kerry went outside the fence during the day. So I
      assume she waited the 13 hours. *shrugs*

  29. coneyro says:

    Did we all watch the same ending? I thought, overall, that it was awesome. So many possibilities for future stories.

    Loved the symbolism of the small viable green growth. Life will continue. The hybrid baby (probably Adam and Margaret’s) indicates a new foundation of humankind has developed.

    Theo will make a humane and respected leader. His character has evolved nicely from boring to strong. Technically killing Jason for the greater good, was a powerful decision for a doctor.

    Would love another season to see how the new hybrid population interacts with the revived WP citizens.

  30. Abe Normal says:

    Season 2 was not as good as the first, sometimes it is better to end sooner than later, this is one of those times.

  31. Kevin says:

    The beginning of this season started off pretty bad and I was almost ready to throw in the towel on this one after a few episodes. I’m glad I stuck with it because once the evil Megan was gone, the story shifted to Theo and Kelly. The last two or three were great. I’d like to see a third season but only if FOX does it right and green lights the type of story we saw in the last two or three episodes.

  32. noelia says:

    This season although kind of slow, still awsome. There definately should be a season 3. I think that last scene with the baby human-like abby is a representation that abbies are evolutioning back into humans, and by the time that everyone is awakened from their pods, they will find an entire different world. Being even further down the evolution chain than humans, much smarter, and they (the ex-citizens) of Wayward pines will be considered the animals.

  33. Ben says:

    Wayward pines really sick in season 2 becuase of screen writer. Is s/he a noobie writer? Filled all reason in one episode and there become a very not excited show. All mystery was tell in just one episode, so suck. When I first saw season 2 I think oh it’s okay to be drama series after everyone know secret of this town but the storyline was sick and bored. If it possible to be season 3 I need a better storyline and storytelling.

  34. Roxanne says:

    Alright, I’ll add my two cents here.
    I think that this ending of WP was simply amazing; it fills many plot holes, has a lot of revelations and it still has some mysteries. With that I mean that if it goes on for a third season, it has a re-starting point; but if not, at least it yelled the truth about many things.
    And, about that baby at the epilogue, I think it’s an evolved/involved (however you want to call this) Abby. Honestly, I think that in the past, when humans were becoming and getting better hunting and outer resistance capacities, their immunological system was getting each time more useless; and as the diseases that Kerry gave them, they returned to an state where their bodies could deal with those diseases, the Homo-sapiens…

  35. Michael Summerset says:

    I don’t think it’s a case of whether it should be renewed as much as whether it will. With the ratings as poor as they are it’s unlikely that FOX will bother with a third season. The majority of season 1 viewers abandoned it before the second season started. And no matter how much better the show gets, it won’t draw them back.

  36. Jo graham says:

    Love, love, love wayward pines, totally addicted hurry up series 3!!

  37. Martha Torres says:

    Straight to the point… I need to see Season 3.

  38. Geraldine says:

    Thank you for getting rid of Jason. I think he would become Hitler reincarnate.

  39. steve says:

    I really enjoyed the Margaret storylines and felt like I watched a lot of storylines just to get back to that one. Biggest thing that bugged me was the not enough pods storyline. Should have gotten as many people in pods as possible….start charging up other pods diverting all power away from town. As new pods charge put more to sleep. If all food and water and the other 400 plus people were evacuated to mountain seems like the 3 months or so of food could have gotten a lot more people in pods long term and short term would save from attack. Just seemed like thy gave up too quickly.

  40. Wanda says:

    Oh please please please have a Season 3 of Wayward Pines. I’m dying to know what happens and what kind of twists are going to occur when they come out of their stasis pods.

  41. loved 1 and 2 bring on 3 so much better then what the other networks are showing

  42. Linda Clark says:

    I really hope their will be a 3rd season.

  43. Katy Hargis says:

    I am excited to watch a season 3 of wayward pines. I have not seen that there is one yet. If there is not. Please go for it! Best show ever!

  44. Sheryl Wetenkamp says:

    I love the show and so look forward to it returning this year. It is different and we need something like this and not the same ole same ole again. This with Zoo is highly anticipated in our household