Stephen Colbert Introduces Identical Twin Cousin of Colbert Report Persona

Stephen Colbert faced legal woes following the return of his Colbert Report persona on the July 18 edition of The Late Show. As a result, the CBS funnyman retired the character on Wednesday, and in his place introduced his identical twin cousin. His name? Also Stephen Colbert.

“Hello, Colbert Country,” the twin Colbert said, not to be confused with the Colbert Report host’s well known tendency to address The Nation. What followed was an explanation of how he and his alleged cousin are identical.

“It’s simple, Stephen. Our moms were identical twins who married identical twin husbands, then had sex at the exact same moment and gave us the same name.”

Though this never-before-seen cousin appeared via satellite from the Democratic National Convention, he never had a chance to weigh in on Night 3. Instead, he insisted that he was “happy to be here tonight to save this country and join the Late Show team.” In other words, we can probably expect copious amounts of Cousin Colbert in the near future.

Afterwards, the real Colbert got back to business, breaking down the potential outcome of the 2016 election in a new installment of “The Word,” which for legal purposes, is now called “Werd.” In it, he spoke of how both Republicans and Democrats are ready to settle for “The McDonald’s Angry Meal” (Donald Trump) or “President Wonder Bread” (Hillary Clinton) come November. He then insinuated (via on-screen graphic) that the better option might be writing in Michelle Obama, who is fresh off an acclaimed DNC speech.

Are you excited for more appearances by “Cousin Colbert?” Sound off below.

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  1. thisismenow says:

    My nostalgia level for The Patty Duke Show is at a high thanks to this.

  2. peterwdawson says:

    For some reason this made me think of Newhart.

  3. sammy says:

    Rofl… just ask Chris Christie…

  4. maggie says:

    Comedy Central is really trying to say that “Stephen Colbert” is their intellectual property? What do they have to gain by going after Colbert? It’s not like they can have someone else play “Stephen Colbert” on the Colbert Report. Idiocy.

    • KCC says:

      “Stephen Colbert” is Comedy Central’s intellectual property. They invested the money and air time that gave the character life and exposure. If CBS wants to profit from the character, they’ll have to pay Comedy Central. That is the potential gain for Comedy Central. If CBS does not want to pay (apparently they don’t) it’s no loss to CC, just the “Nation.”

      • BillyBobJohnson says:

        Now, it’s a parody of “Stephen Colbert”, so Stephen Colbert and CBS are good to go. No different than Weird Al not having to pay royalties for the songs he parodies.

        • Goshen says:

          NBC tried the same thing with David Letterman when he went to CBS, asserting that he could not use the Top Ten list on Late Show. He basically told them to f off.

          • KCC says:

            It’s not quite the same thing. Top Ten lists existed long before Letterman started using them on NBC. The idea was not created for or owned by NBC. I guess that “idea” would be considered in the public domain. The character of “Stephen Colbert” is unique and was created for Comedy Central.

  5. Butch says:

    Comedy Central is owned by Viacom. Viacom and CBS used to be the same company until they were split into separate companies. Both are still controlled by Sumner Redstone. Unlikely this is anything more than a joke.

    • BillyBobJohnson says:

      No joke. Yes, Redstone still has interests in both companies, but they are legally separate companies, with nary a thing to do with one another. Most corporations with joint history wouldn’t have bothered, but I guess Comedy Central didn’t think it was funny. How ironic.

  6. BillyBobJohnson says:

    Comedy Central not finding this funny? Now that there is some irony.

  7. Kevin In CT says:

    What the heck is up with the crazy commercial that is playing before the video?????
    To avoid this mindless nonsense click on the watch on YouTube icon. C’mon guys, really???

  8. meg says:

    Colbert seemed surprised that Viacom’s lawyers would pull something like this. I’m glad they did since instead of a one time thing, he will probably bring back “cousin Stephen Colbert” more than if they had just left it alone just for spite. And I’m thrilled to see him and the “werd”.

    This is almost exactly like what NBC did to Letterman when he went to CBS. He just changed names of bits and slightly reworked them like stupid pet tricks and the top ten list. But he left NBC under angry circumstances unlike Stephen so it is slightly different. But lawyers are lawyers everywhere.

  9. HAP says:

    Just seems like bad blood in the board rooms. What in the world does Viacom stand to gain? Or what do they lose? Colbert’s persona on Comedy Centgral could hardly be replicated by anyone else.