Zoo's James Wolk: Cliffhanger Finale Tees Up a 'Very Interesting' Season 3

Season 2 of CBS’ Zoo may only be at its midway point (Episode 6 of 13 airs tonight at 9/8c), but such a technicality didn’t keep Michael Ausiello from asking James Wolk for finale scoop, during the CBS Fan Favorites’ visit to TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE.

In the video clip above, Wolk reports that not only does Season 2 end (on Sept. 6) with a cliffhanger, but it effectively paves the way for a “very interesting” Season 3 — if, that is, CBS renews the summertime series/James Patterson adaptation.

Season-to-date, Zoo stands as the summer’s second-most watched original scripted series (averaging 5.8 million weekly viewers in Live+7), and CBS’ top-rated original summer drama (besting freshmen BrainDead and American Gothic).

Press play above to hear everything Wolk has to say about the finale, plus whether he’d be game for a third season.


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  1. Pamela says:

    From James’s lips to the CBS programming executives’ ears… I definitely have my fingers crossed for a third season. Such a fun show!

  2. MIke says:

    This is really not a very good series. Kind of hokey. And James Wolk, handsome though he is, reminds me of Greg Evigan, an actor who could never say a line without smiling through it. Very disturbing whenever an actor is going to tell you someone is dead!

  3. MissEllys says:

    What is summer’s most-watched original scripted series?

  4. Bill says:

    Season 2 has been horrible. They randomly killed off a main character in Episode 5. The animal storylines have been laughably implausible or impossible. The new characters are unlikeable and unnecessary. The CGI effects have been low-budget and look very fake. The doom and gloom military vs. “the team” and Jackson-is-a-mutant storylines have been anything but “fun.”

    • PatriciaLee says:

      “It was kind of sad they killed off the blond girl. I liked her.”. says the husband, a huge fan, And “Don’t you want to see ZOO?!”, when I skipped an episode. There are some fans who don’t notice low-budget fake stuff, but he says no one can stand [the new character] who killed of the blond girl. So, there are those viewers feeling your pain of loss, too.

    • Joyce Parker says:

      Bill, it’s FICTION, so it’s ok for it to not be ‘believable’ for a real life tv show! If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us who LOVE it!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t started season 2 yet. Waiting for my daughter to get home from camp.

    Matt – what is your opinion on Season 3? I’m thinking if Under the Dome got 3, this show should at ***least*** get that.

  6. Mr. Smith says:

    Much like Under the Dome, Zoo has fallen to the sophomoric curse where the shark gets routinely jumped every week.

    End it now before we get another season of what pretends to be the same show as season 1.

  7. Jerry says:

    I hope the finale has an animal donning a tophat and monocle and singing New York, New York.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Good tease about season 2 finale. Hope the show will come back for season 3 next year!

  9. drb999 says:

    This season is worse than all three seasons of Under the Dome combined. I still haven’t watched last week’s episode and I’m not sure I’ll continue. Wayward Pines was better this season and that’s been awful this season has well.

  10. Erica says:

    I hope it’s renewed. I love Zoo. I tell people to watch.

  11. Mb says:

    I just realized they got rid of Chloe so they could replace her with dariela…..I mean I’m not even sure why it took me this long, this IS cbs after all, the same network that fired two of the three MAIN women of criminal minds because they wanted “new women”. It hasn’t even been one episode since Chloe died and they already put dariela on the intro and the name of the actress in the opening credits. Never watching zoo or anything from cbs ever again.

  12. Miller says:

    I watch this show as a comedy because it is soooooooooooo bad. The actress that portrayed Chloe was probably the worst I have ever seen on TV – I’m a little sad she died, it was hilarious to watch her. Almost as bad as the CGI. When it first started it sounded like a good premise, but well..I still hope it gets renewed, it’s the best so-bad-it’s-good Show on right now.

  13. lakegirl says:

    I enjoy this show and looked forward to it all year. I like all of the cast and characters. I will miss Chloe. I keep hoping she will come back! It’s like a beach novel. Nothing heavy. But exciting. I’m on the edge of my seat as I watch. I love Jamie, Mitch, Jackson, and Abraham. I hope I get used to the new people. The CGI may not be the best but it’s summer TV. Not a blockbuster movie with a huge budget. What do you expect? When Jamie and Mitch reunited it could’ve been more romantic with better background music but I had tears in my eyes nonetheless. I demand a 3rd season. It is far better than Under the Dome. I’ll admit season 1 was better. The writing for Mitch was superior and he and Jamie have a great give and take in dialogue. I don’t really want them to get all lovey dovey and change that relationship. I do find Mitch’s mother-in-law’s appearance interesting.

  14. Lorena Harrell says:

    I hope you keep this series as is a great show and I hope you don’t let James Wolk leave the show as he’s a very important actor in this show. If you need to get rid of someone I don’t even know her name I know she’s playing Billy Burke’s stepmother ex-girlfriend and she can go but you gotta keep the rest of the cast as they are at least the ones on the plane they’re great and they keep us wanting more that’s just my opinion but what am I but someone who watches your show faithful and have others doing

  15. Linda Nye says:


  16. Lesley Hall says:

    This is by far the best season finale I have ever seen!!!! So well thought out, exciting and just when you think you don’t need to see more it envokes a new interest in what happens next! Even making new characters interesting which is very had to do!!!! Cannot wait until the next season!!!!!!!

  17. Lera Fridard says:

    Want to see more Zoo Pleeeese Come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a third season Pleeeeeeese!!!!!!!!!

  18. Natalie says:

    My head hurts from all the back and forth in tonight’s Zoo finale! But, it was good and it did make me cry at one point. Yeah, I’m emotional, lol. That just speaks to good writing for that section. There had better be a season 3 after all the open-ended scenes! Just don’t make us wait 9+ months for the next season!

  19. Wkleon says:

    Please keep the show on and bring back Mitch. It is the only show I watch because I do not watch regular TV,,,,too many commercials!! Great Show.

  20. Shirley says:

    I’m a big fan and hope that Zoo will be back for a third season!

  21. JoAnne Brettschneider says:

    Great show. Need Mitch, love his character. Sad about Chloe. Thought she should have made it. I read the book and loved every minute of it. Please keep it going.

  22. Completely loved the series. Anticipating Season 3 pretty please. Love the action, the actors, and the animals. Scientifically speaking, you actually feel like you learned a little about the different animals.

  23. Jairo says:

    They need to bring Chloe back because if they don’t this show will suck