Sarah Silverman Mocks Republican Presidential Candidates, 'Bernie or Bust' Dems in DNC Speech

Comedian Sarah Silverman admitted to “feeling the Bern” at the start of her 2016 Democratic National Convention speech, but dang, she doled out some burns to members of both parties by the time she’d finished.

The Masters of Sex star started with a zinger that very likely crossed party lines: “Citizens United — isn’t that such a beautiful name for something that means ‘Billionaires Buying Politicians’? “

Eventually, though, Silverman eviscerated the jabs about penis size, sweat glands and other superficial concerns that plagued the Republican primary race eventually won by Donald Trump: “That stuff is for third graders. Come on! It’s like major arrested-development stuff. That’s ‘I’m still emotionally four and calling people names from my gold-encrusted sandbox because I was given money instead of human touch or coping tools’ stuff!”

Hillary Clinton got off with just a single goofy zinger from Silverman, regarding the presumptive Democratic nominee’s stint as Secretary of State: “It’s so inspiring that just a few years ago she was a secretary, and now she’s going to be president.”

As Silverman struggled to fill airtime while convention performer Paul Simon prepared his set, however, she aimed her acerbic wit at supporters of the candidate she supported during the primaries. “Can I just say to the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous!”

“I am proud to be a part of Bernie’s movement,” she Silverman concluded. “And a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that Hillary Clinton is our next president of the United States. Booyah! Bababooey!”

What did you think of Silverman’s speech? Grade it in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Dude says:

    She’s right. They’re acting like children throwing a temper tantrum cause they didn’t get what they wanted so now, if they don’t get to play with the shiny red truck, they’re going to make sure no one else can either. It’s kind of funny that a campaign built around the people and building a better tomorrow has ended in a bunch of children screwing over their country out of spite.

    • canadian17 says:

      Say it again for the people in the back!!

    • David4 says:

      No one but the DNC is screwing over the country. They cheated, they played favorites and they are backing a candidate who is a corrupt liar and then expects everyone to agree with them? Nope. They still can nominate Bernie Sanders for the good of the country, and stop the screwing over of their country because he will win by double digits. But the DNC and the bully Clinton supporters care more about their party than their nation.

      I can’t believe I’d ever quote a Koch brother but picking between Trump and Clinton is like picking between dying of cancer and dying of AIDS. It’s like picking between Stalin and Hilter and I choose to back neither. We will never see change in this country if everyone just continues to fall in line with the status quo of lies, and corruption and being for the big corps and not the little people.

      • Mindy says:

        The RNC didn’t want Trump as their candidate but they didn’t get their way. The DNC and RNC don’t have as much power as you think. You’re just trying to come up with an excuse that your candidate didn’t win. I’m thinking of the future and the Supreme Court picks. I want Trump as far away as possible from making those choices.

      • Mary says:

        You are forgetting one important factor here. Hillary had millions more vote than Bernie even without the super delegates. Another true fact is Bernie was never really a Democrat he should have ran on the independent ticket but he knew he didn’t stand a chance. If you truly were a Bernie supporter than listen to his speech. Sarah was correct you are being ridiculous because you didn’t get your own way. Bernie knew the game going in and although he didn’t get the nomination he knows that Trump would be the biggest mistake for the Country. Bernie’s platform is closet to the Democratic platform not the Republicans. You can choose to sit out and vote for neither. But remember you will have no right to complain. Not happy with the two but I am voting for the Justice seat. There is no way I want the Republicans to have the choice. I believe in equal rights for ALL not a certain group who fits what they feel is worthy.

    • Mary says:

      Bravo, Bravo truer words couldn’t be spoken.

  2. Ron says:

    She’s absolutely right. They’re being more than ridiculous, if we’re being honest. As a Bernie supporter, I’m appalled at the whole Bernie or Bust movement, and, like Sarah, will unapologetically vote for Hillary in November. Only idiots think revolutions happen overnight. No. Revolts can happen overnight; revolutions are often slow burns. No one wants a revolt–those frequently end poorly. When there’s a bigoted, misogynistic, unintellectual, blathering baboon’s butt so close to the White House, this is not the time to protest-vote (protest, sure; protest-vote, NO!) because you didn’t get your way. Bernie or Bust is such a privileged position to take, and they’re too dumb to see it and/or care, because they have nothing to lose from a Trump presidency. Obviously not all, but most of Bernie or Bust fanatics are economically stable (or have an easy path to economic stability) white males are don’t lose anything if Trump becomes president–because they’re economically stable white males! Everyone else–women, minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, non-Christians, immigrants, the poor and middle class (and God-forbid you’re more than one of those like I am)–will become worse than second-class citizens in our own country. It’s not just the presidency that’s at stake; it’s also the Supreme Court. Our rights are literally on the line this election. I don’t even know what else to say…

  3. Angela says:

    No argument whatsoever about the “whose is bigger?” attitude from some of the Republican candidates earlier this year. It really was truly embarrassing. Especially when Trump and Cruz’s wives got dragged into it all. People seriously think someone that immature should be president of the country?
    I also agree with her on the attitude of some Bernie supporters. I can understand being upset when the candidate you like doesn’t win. I liked Bernie, too, and would’ve been cool with him winning the nomination. And I do appreciate and respect the desire to vote one’s conscience.
    But I also think that pragmatism has a place in politics, too, and there are far better ways to channel one’s frustration and anger over their candidate not winning the nomination than to make their vote a spite vote and risk negatively impacting the election.

  4. BlittleU says:

    I am glad someone had the stones to say it. I have been disappointed with political candidates, but I never stayed home and pouted or voted for a third party who had no chance in hell of winning. I guess Bernie or Bust people really do not care about screwing over the disabled/poor/minorities/women/LGBTQ/etc…just because they did not get exactly what they wanted. That kind of privilege is truly Trumpian.

  5. Honest question for those that are going to vote for Hilary (I’m not trying to start a fight and please don’t respond with comments about Trump/Republicans): Do none of the Hilary/DNC scandals bother you or at least make you question her ethics? I’m referring to the email server issue, the WikiLeaks emails regarding the DNC rigging events/circumstances against Bernie, the racist/anti-gay comments from the DNC emails, the Clinton foundation taking money from foreign countries, the foundation supposedly only dispersing 10-20% of funds received to actual charities (Haiti not receiving funds), her actions to cover up Bill’s affairs/sexual harassments, etc.

    (Again, Trump’s an ass and I will probably vote for Johnson over both, but I’m just curious.) I know that I’m posting this on an internet comment board, on a TV entertainment site, but if we could discuss like adults without insults, that would be great. Have a good night!

    • Matt Zmudka says:

      Sure, but this is the same woman we’ve seen for years fighting publicly for a woman’s right to choose and has been instrumental in what strides towards healthcare reform we have had…all like Bernie said tonight.

      Hillary definitely did some things in private but she also has done a lot more in public. What is scarier is what Trump is said and done publicly. I’d hate to imagine what we don’t know about him.

      So you’re all welcome to vote for your candidates who don’t have a chance in hell of winning because democracy is beautiful but you’re only hurting us further. If Trump wins know you could’ve done something.

      • The interesting thing and just an observation: Democrats seem to care/focus more on social issues while Republicans seem to care/focus more on fiscal issues. both are important and both parties should be addressing both, but it was just interesting to see how much time tonight they spent on discussing diversity, etc. versus economic policies. Not a criticism, just interesting.

        • Wordsmith says:

          Fundamentally, you should be right: the whole idea of the democratic party is “government spends more to improve citizens’ lives,” while the republican philosophy is “spend conservatively and govern less so the country can be stronger and more independent.
          HOWEVER, I’d argue that the Republicans are much more socially-focused now, even more than the Dems. Their whole appeal is less about government spending and more about LGBT issues, immigration issues, religious issues, gun control issues. Basically, they look at everything that the Dems want and instinctively take the opposite position (or vice versa – it’s a chicken-egg situation)

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Yes some of those things bother me, but the thought of a Trump presidency is HORRIFYING and so much more disturbing than any criticism against Hillary.

    • Mary says:

      You can call me naive but I truly believe only a fraction of what is said about Her. I also know that she has been scrutinized more than any other person in that position. I won’t get into what her Husband did or didn’t do because he is not running. To be honest I wish we had a better option on both sides, but I truly believe that she has and will continue to give rights to ALL citizens. I also believe she truly understands how important it is to be able to co-exist with other Countries. Trump solution is not the way to go. The truth is you need allies and to seclude other Countries is a dangerous option. It won’t make America safer in fact I think the opposite.

  6. niloofar says:


  7. jfk says:

    Al Frankenstein so high on pills, barely intelligible, the reporters at the one on one end of events interview recognized it and attempted to cover. Follmao.. Stank…

  8. David4 says:

    I like how big of an asshole she continues to be. Maybe she needs to work on her material more and stay out of politics.

  9. Andrea says:

    This isn’t about “getting what one candidate wanted.” This is about the fairness of the process. On the Republican side, there was an actual process. Sixteen or seventeen candidates were allowed to participate. There was an actual process of choosing. The Democratic primary consisted of six candidates—only two of whom were actually viable. Then it comes out that the DNC had a bias toward Hillary. It is my strong suspicion that there was bias before that—that the DNC helped Hillary by dictating the candidates who could get in the race. Bernie was strong enough and loud enough, but who knows who else might have been? This isn’t about the fact that Hillary got the most votes. It was about making sure that the stage was set so she could get the most votes. Who knows what might have happened if the Dems had had 16 or 17 candidates to choose from and a process similar to what the Republicans had? I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m very bothered by the notion of being scared into voting for HRC. If she were as qualified as we are told that she is, she should have been able to weather a primary season without the DNC stacking the deck. If DNC officials were willing to write what they did in e-mails, I have no problems believing that they could have “suggested” that some strong contenders might not want to run and challenge Hillary. That’s what this is about.

  10. The Squatch says:

    Best “Baba Booey” ever…