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NCIS: LA Duo Previews Kensi/Deeks Engagement, New Pregnancy Cover-Up

When it comes to the courtship of NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Kensi and Deeks, nothing has been traditional. So it should come as zero surprise that when Deeks finally pops the question during Season 8, it won’t be your typical proposal.

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Visiting Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE — as part of CBS’ Fan Favorites sextet — Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah tease the next milestone for their characters, and how it will come about in a “non-traditional” manner. (It also apparently involves some world-class acting by Olsen, Ruah makes sure to infirm us — at her co-star’s nudging).

One milestone not on the immediate horizon for “Densi” is a baby, despite the fact that Ruah is currently expecting her second child with David Olsen (aka Eric’s big brother/stunt double). So again, the CBS procedural has found a way to work around the real-life pregnancy. Press play above to hear Ruah’s take on the latest cover-up.

NCIS: Los Angeles premieres Season 8 on Oct. 2, now airing Sundays at 8/7c.

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  1. Jenny Rarden says:

    LMAO I love them. :D Their whole family must be a blast to be around, her being married to his brother, both wives being pregnant at the same time… Fun stuff!

    • Theo says:

      Yes, but also I think they must block out the whole “my brother is kissing my wife/I’m kissing my sister-in-law” from their minds. I feel like Hollywood creates weird paradigms in relationships….

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Perhaps could not disagree more… It seems on social media & the like that most show fans know. Also, it seems watching last season like the show is trying to hook all of the characters up with each other (even watching repeats from several years ago, Eric & Nell have a creepy sort of vibe in scenes, & I wonder if that’s not the only reason they’re keeping Granger around, especially after he seemed to announce he’d be done there after the shows titled with Kensi’s name). If anything, regardless of off-screen, they should have either done the proposal & wedding already, or break these two up already!

        Not only that, but when they has announced the casting of Deeks’ Mom online, a similar site posted a video of DR where they only asked her about the actress’ other onscreen work with “Hetty”.

  2. Steven Cohen says:

    October 8th is a Saturday. Am I correct that the premiere is scheduled for October 2nd? Since we’re discussing Sunday night programming, which weeks are subject to impact by the NFL?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oct. 2, indeed; human typographical error.

    • KLS says:

      All of them, I would think. Every Sunday, CBS has a double header. Most late games start at 4:05 (est), but some are even later (4:25). So, I would be prepared for late starts of NCIS: LA almost every week on the East Coast.

      • Katherine215 says:

        The fact that CBS is incapable of building in some run-over time drives me crazy. You have to set the DVR to record for up to 2 hours over for Sunday night shows, and that takes up precious space! I quit a number of CBS shows a few years ago because I couldn’t keep up with the over lap. So annoying.

  3. Diane says:

    So is it an engagement or proposal? I heard them say it different ways in different interviews.

  4. M3rc_Nate says:

    Not a traditional engagement. I’ll be honest I have no clue what that means. Also the “craziest season for Kensi and Deeks we’ve ever done” is great as long as there isn’t any cheating/wandering eye stuff. Keep the drama and laughs coming but I really don’t want to see them break up or one be into someone else or there be cheating or w/e.

    • LH says:

      Boy, I’d LOVE to see them break up over something–that would add drama to an otherwise DULL and BORING relationship. Maybe Deeks could discover that he fathered a child years ago with an old girlfriend. Then we’d see how he’d handle the responsibility of parenthood and Kensi could figure out if she REALLY loves him. SOMETHING (besides an injury or kidnapping) to see if they’re REALLY meant for each other. If not, then it’s just going to be more of the “bachelorette” dressed up as a crime drama.

  5. Judd says:

    I hope they don’t get married. Marriages on TV crime dramas are always doomed. They are either quickly divorced or widowed. CSI Miami’s David Caruso character was married and widowed in the same episode. When Grissom married Sara on CSI, he immediately moved to the other side of the planet and they divorced a season or 2 later. Andy Sipowicz was widowed twice on NYPD Blue. On NCIS, how many times has Gibbs been divorced and the rest of the 40+ year old team never married.

    • KMFIFER says:

      Actually, Grissom and Sarah did not divorce until many seasons later, she just returned to Las Vegas to work … and they visited each other. And then they reunited in the final epidode. Gibbs has never been married on the show … all of his marriages took place before we got to know him.

    • Anon says:

      Danny and Lindsay from CSI NY were happily married for the last few years of the show and had 1 kid and another baby on the way and were still together when the show ended. It’s totally doable because the relationship can totally take a backseat to the cases most of the time. If Densi can date successfully which they are, they can be married too. Sam has been married for the entire run of the show. We don’t see his wife much but he’s happily married with kids. It just takes writers not being idiots and relationships on crime shows can totally work.

      • TJ. Church says:

        You clearly have no idea what you’re discussing.

        1] They’ve had troubles in their relationship many times from each side: Deeks being arrested, Kensi’s ex showing up (& the two of them providing physical security) in LA after Kensi had already seen him in Afghanistan, etc…

        2] As for Sam’s wife, we saw her a lot working with the team, & they were discussed almost the entirety of last season, though they (supposedly) spent the entire time in a “safe house”, meaning off-camera.

        • LH says:

          The problem with all the troubles “Densi” have faced is that they’re caused by external forces (not character issues) and are over in, like 5 seconds. They’re just happy as two co-eds with no real world adult issues to face. I don’t know any couples living “normal” lives who have less drama and tension in their lives than those two. That makes their relationship BORING as heck. Also, it’s seriously questionable whether or not Kensi would have ever hooked up with a goofball like Deeks (who would never be a liaison for ANY police dept.) when she adored her father–a Marine sniper–cause everyone knows that women often look for men with characteristics similar to their dad, especially when they adore him. Just stupid.

          • TJ. Church says:

            Your comment makes me question how much (if any) of the show you’ve actually watched.

            1] The problems’ causes are not entirely external & are, in fact, very much “character issues” in that they have to do with the specifics of the characters.

            2] Deeks would very likely work for a police force b/c of people like you not expecting/thinking so. Anyone selling drugs (for instance) would not give products or information to someone they suspected was a CI or an officer, whereas Deeks could fall into the group easily (as I suspected him to do when he first became a liaison at NCIS).

            3] Kensi no doubt adored her father. However, much of her childhood was spent with him away or entirely uninvolved, & many connected to NCIS (including Granger himself, who should have been long gone by now) were involved in what led to his death, which is why she would be more-likely attracted to someone unlike him & the others involved in his death, & increasingly likely to be attracted to someone more unlike them, as Deeks often seems to be.

          • LH says:

            I actually have watched the show regardless of what you think. By “external,” I mean “Densi” almost never fight about personal things. That’s totally unbelievable. Being in stressful jobs, it’s almost impossible for partners to NOT have fights (think Brenda and Fritz or Tony and Ziva). The “Densi” relationship is like Barbie and Ken.
            Also, having friends who actually work for LAPD, it’s unlikely Deeks would ever be assigned as a liaison officer to another agency–especially a federal agency. He’s undisciplined and just plain silly–always working his mouth. It’s particularly unreasonable to assume that Sam–a former SEAL–would find his casual attitude and unprofessional behavior (especially getting romantically involved with a team member) appropriate.
            In addition, your rationale for why Kensi would be attracted to some goofball like Deeks makes no sense. She’s a professional who’s worked hard to make it–the only woman of an elite team–and to think that she would be attracted to someone like Deeks so quickly is unbelievable if you accept that Kensi is a kick ass woman. It’s also ridiculous that she needs to be hugged by Deeks every time there’s an incident (even G and Sam make many comments about that–as if they’re making fun of the whole thing). And if she were on my team and fell apart like that, it’d be hard to trust her to have my back in a tough situation.

          • LH says:

            BTW, if Kensi did have a problem with men “like her father,” it’s doubtful she would be working for NCIS.

          • TJ. Church says:

            It is explained (& I believe even outright said by “Sam”) in the 2-parter whose titles is/are Kensi’s name that a main reason she joined was to investigate real reasons for his death since she doubted what the family was told.

            Also, if you want me to read your critique of the reasons I gave for other things in my last reply to you (which I did part of, & similarly disagree with you on), write it as a response to me & not one of your own comments.

          • LH says:

            Her father’s death may be one reason Kensi joined NCIS, but it’s obviously not the only reason since she stayed even after that mystery was solved. Kensi is a highly qualified professional agent–more so than Deeks (who I did not say would not be a good undercover agent but rather would not be a liaison to any federal agency)–and I find it dramatically out of character for a woman who’s made it as part of an elite, all-man team to become romantically involved with a new team member so quickly, especially one who is so opposite the character of the man she most admired. IMO, their relationship would have been more believable and interesting had they been more antagonistic longer.

          • Meg says:

            I’m sorry, but Sam and Michelle fell in love while working together on a task force. That was explained in the episode arc about cidarov and the nuclear weapons. So I highly doubt Sam would judge anyone else about how or when they fell in love or who it was with. In real life you can’t help those things either, so I think it’s a totally believable storyline and I completely disagree with your comment about how Sam would feel about it.

  6. LH says:

    Well, not being a “Densi” fan, looks like I’ll be watching a lot of Sunday Night Football or reading some good books. I really can’t stand what they’ve done to the show–making it so much about “Densi.” That’s one reason the ratings have been falling for the last two seasons (and not just the timeslot change). It was a good run, but I’d really like to have seen “Densi” break up (like Kensi as a character much more than that clown Deeks), and I’d like to have seen more action between G & Anna (an adult couple).

  7. LH says:

    Watching the opening credits for Season 7 episodes. When did they put Deeks’ photo BEFORE Kensi’s? What’s with that? She’s been on the show longer AND she’s an actual NCIS agent. C’mon guys, give the woman some respect!