Vampire Diaries Video: Stars Reveal Their Favorite 'Ships, Tease Elena's Final-Season Return and More

Get those tissues ready, because you’re about to watch The Vampire Diaries cast’s last San Diego Comic-Con interview ever.

The whole gang, along with executive producer Julie Plec, swung by TVLine’s SDCC suite (presented by ZTE) on Saturday evening to preview the CW drama’s epic final season, as well as look back on seven years of blood, sweat and (mostly) tears in Mystic Falls. Among the topics discussed:

* Which dream ‘ships would the cast have loved to see? (Hint: If it were up to Matt Davis, Alaric would have worked his way through all of his former students by now.)

* Which iconic prop is everybody planning to steal from the set before leaving for the last time?

* If Stefan and Caroline do, in fact, get the #SterolineJuneWedding the fans are hoping/tweeting for, will that make Stefan the stepdad to Alaric’s twins?

* Will Bonnie ever get her magic back?!

* And, of course, what are the chances we’ll see Elena in the flesh before the series finale cuts to black? (Spoiler alert: Pretty damn good!)

So hit PLAY on the video above — it’s a little long, but hey, did I mention it’s the last one ever? — then drop a comment with your own hopes for Season 8 below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angie says:

    We want Klaroline!

    • Emily says:

      speak for yourself. and give it up on klaroline. that was never even a real thing.

      • #1Paulfan says:

        I could care less if Klaroline happens just as long as sterocest ceases to exist. I’m so glad Paul said yesterday at comic con that there’s a “sibling feel” to S/C. THANK YOU PAUL now please get Julie to understand the uncomfortableness of having that on our screens!

        • Sparkle says:

          Paul never said that, he spent the day talking about the Steroline June wedding. Keep lying though. Female characters should date their abusers they hate and not their perfect best friend they’re in love with.

    • GT says:

      I thought it was already known that Nina was coming back as the new big bad and not as Katherine but a different character?? That was spoiled a long time ago!

    • Raven and William says:

      Sadly, had they at least put those two together the show just may have had more viewers.

      People can say whatever BUT, bottom line and ratings have proved it. When Stefan and Elena and Damon was single this show was GREAT.

      “Delena” will always be remembered as the driving force to the downfall of this show. Fans left when they got together.
      Stefan and Caroline, come on now. Candace is NOT lead actress material and they have ZERO chemistry. Probably worse than watching Elena beg Damon for xes. Elena, the human mattress and boring character when she got with Damon.

  2. K says:


  3. marydspain says:

    We love Steroline! Rooting for our #SterolineJuneWedding

  4. Abbi Fortune says:

    Thank you so much for asking about Steroline and their inevitable June Wedding! <3 #SterolineForever #SterolineJuneWedding

  5. Lolip says:

    Missing Klaroline !

  6. KM says:

    I hope we get an a.u. episode with bamon as a couple.

  7. Nina says:

    Nothing can beat Klaroline

    • Trolle says:

      Well, like seasons 4-8 prove, its called Stefan and Caroline, verbal irony pilot “never gonna happen”, pure and sweet, best friends to lovers, perfect, mirrors of each other, soulmates, better than true love :)

  8. Mery says:


  9. Leah says:

    Bring Klaroline back 😊

  10. Missy says:

    Klaroline. However long it takes.

    • Sparkle says:

      If Caroline saying it repeatedly didn’t convince you: never. Never going to happen. Klaus’s unwanted pursuit “I INTEND to be your love” will never match up to Stefan’s perfection, “when you’re ready for me I’ll be ready for you” s7 was written as a series finale and ended with Steroline, so….

  11. A says:

    Can Ian grow up and act a little more professional? The other cast members are starting to look uncomfortable every time he talks. He’s got obvious issues about Nina coming back, but he’s an actor, gotta deal with it.

    • Pamela says:

      This is why I’m totally against actors on the same show getting together.

    • Sadie says:

      I know can Ian just be friends with Nina and not make everything so awkward.

    • Brit says:

      I completely understand why he acts like he does. This has nothing to do with Nina they are ok with each other it’s because of the creepy and disgusting DElusional stans. They don’t have a grip on reality so he always has to remind them. If you’ve ever seen the things they’ve said about him, his wife, marriage it’s disgusting and all because he didn’t marry their fave. D/E are fictional and just because the actors dated and then BROKE UP in rl, some can’t seem to separate that and his attitude is the fall out from that. There are still ppl that think him and Nina are getting back together so if you want someone to act differently maybe talk to the DElusionals.

  12. Sharon says:

    A Steroline wedding…ewe gross! Steroline needs to end…go back to just friends.

    Oh and Klaroline forever!

  13. Lala says:

    I don’t care for Steroline but I dislike Klaroline even more…I hope Caroline & Stefan wed in the finale…so that Caroline does not come to ruin TO…

    • Mya says:

      How about Caroline just dies because I hate her whiny baby voice and then they had her leave her kids to be with another guy. That’s all her character’s good for is to be with a guy. These writers have no concept about writing for females. No one but DElusionals want a Sc wedding so Stefan can’t be with Elena. We don’t want Sc ruining TVD. End this farce of a ship.

      • Stop Commenting this Bull crap it is not right to the show or its cast y’all aren’t fans I am a fan y’all are just trying to get rid of vampire diaries I am not letting y’all do that because this show is a part of my heart and my Family

  14. Please CW Don’t Stop A Season 8 keep the show going I still watch it a lot of people still watch it don’t give it the Axe at season 8 it still has 20 more story lines to do please I watch this show it helps me with my daily life Stefan Salvatore Aka Paul Wesley And I Are just alike and me and Damon Salvatore are too he had Elena Gilbert Aka Nina Dobrev And I Have The Girl I Love Please Don’t Cancel this show or Axe it it is a very very very very important part of my life I think about it everyday the show and the cast the cast is part of my family they have been every since I saw Paul Wesley on The O.C Years Ago

  15. Melissa says:

    No Steroline. I didn’t like that Ship.

  16. Pam says:

    I am so on board with Steroline ending! They do give off a incredibly sibling vibe, which is totally off putting. Now Ian, needs to grow up. Yes they broke up, and apparently he still has not gotten over it. Dude you are married with someone who seems to support all the causes and charities that you do. She seems to be a much better fit for him. I hope with this last season everything is resolved into a half way decent story. Cause the last few years have been rocky.

    • Trolle says:

      They give off a sibling vibe because TVD has conditioned you to romanticise abuse and dislike respectful, loving ships.

      • Pam says:

        Disagree. Steroline is may not be physically abusive, but emotionally is another story. This relationship, if you would even call it that, is all about Caroline giving and Stefan taking. Season 7 showed the big lack of communication between the two. Honestly they talked more when they were just friends. Also Stefan has proven time after time that he will always choose Damon over his girlfriends. First with Elena and now Caroline. I won’t deny they love each other, but sometimes love just isn’t enough. And really it’s a vampire show, so having a healthy relationship is rather ridiculous thing to hope for. The genre is suppose to be dark.

        • Trolle says:

          I agree, Stefan has proven to choose Damon over his girls. That’s a character flaw that s7 addressed and resolved as he quite literally chose his life and happiness and Caroline over Damon and let Damon go in the vault :)
          I fail to see how you hold Stefan responsible for leaving her and her children for their safety. The huntress made it clear she’d kidnap anyone he loves. If he’d stayed you’d call him selfish LOL
          Pam, Steroline is about love and support not taking and taking. Stefan has loved and been there for Caroline for years before the time jump. They’re perfect together. KLAROLINE is about Klaus hitting on her and abusing her and her being annoyed and hostile. She canon hates him :)

          • Pam says:

            Damon choose to go into the vault. Stefan didn’t decide that he was done saving Damon. So the character trait wasn’t fixed.

            The huntress solution, annoyed me. I agree that he couldn’t have stayed, but he should have give her a choice. Good or bad, she should have been able to decide what was going to happen in her own relationship. So the love and support, you speak of is sketchy at best. He wasn’t running for all 3 years. He could have called. Yeah he wrote a letter, but really if your bf just stop speaking to you would you have been inclined to read the note. This is not the first time, he decided to just do things this way. I recall after Damon “died” in season 5, he also ran away and stopped speaking to Caroline. This seems to be a character flaw. They have loved each other as friends before they entered in a relationship. Sometimes it does work out, but in this case I doubt it.

            Now in earlier comments i didn’t mention Klaroline because I wanted this to be strictly about Steroline and their issues. Klaus legit put her first in TVD. Sure he did things that were abusive. I won’t say he didn’t, but to be fair he was the bad guy on the show. I also doubt that she hates him because if that was the case she wouldn’t have slept with him. Do I call it love, no. But there was a scene with Tyler, where she stated that she saw the good in Klaus. If she hated him she would never had said that.

            I love the character of Caroline. I was there when she fell for Matt and then Tyler. I watched as she developed a dynamic with Klaus. And I seen her with Stefan, and honestly this relationship is the one I find the hardest to accept. I was on board with her and Alaric until I saw them together. Talk about lack of chemistry. If she found a new love interest, outside of the circle, I would totally be on board. The Caroline who once stated she wasn’t going to let a man control her life is now letting one do it. So if this is your idea of healthy, happy relationship, I want no part of it.

          • Trolle says:

            What show are you watching? S7 was about Stefan letting Damon go. He chose himself instead of sacrificing himself LOL
            Caroline hates Klaus. She saw good in him and used him for dresses and bling but never, ever deluded herself into thinking he’s boyfriend material. Loving him goes against the core of who she is- a moral, righteous, strong and smart woman. She’s rejected him at every step, she’s called him out for all the did and asked him to NEVER return. How is she less when she’s ith Stefan? Do you prefer her barely disguised hatred and constant hostility to Klaus her true character?Stefan loves her, she loves him, they support each other through everything and are deeply in love. Holding the fact that stefan left his old life completely to grieve his brother, or left her for 3y to make sure she and er newborn BABIES are safe against him is ridiculous. Especially when you ship her with a man who stabbed her with a lamp, bit her, enslaved her boyfriend, attempted to kill her and all her loved ones, ruined her life sbd relationships and murdered many people close to her. If that’s your idea of a healthy relationship, if you’re only here for females submitting to abusive men they’ve declared they despise multiple times, i want no part in it.

  17. Jaleesa says:

    KLAROLINE And STELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Nat says:

    I love Delena, but if it meant Nina not coming back to the show then maybe Delena fans, including me, can ship something else.Like Stelena or something… The show just won’t be the same without Nina Dobrev starring as Elena in season 8.

    • Sydney says:

      Nope. If Nina comes back as Elena then she’s back for Stelena like Kevin Williamson said on the goodbye video…TVD is the EPIC love story of Stelena!! ;)

  19. N says:

    The ending of the epic tvd..The special credit goes to ian somerhalder’s beautiful wife nikki reed …

  20. Nabonita says:

    Our beloved epic tvd is ending..Special credit goes to ian somerhalder beautiful and compassionate wife nikki reed!!

  21. Campie says:

    Matt still in the show??

  22. Vee says:

    Personally, Nina should not come back. Elena is gone we need to move on now. Steroline is horrible. And I’m glad they ending with season 8 before the show got any more worse than it is. The only saving grace is Bamon. Let’s all just focus our love and attention to the better show which is TO

  23. Sofia says:

    I hope TVD doesn’t end at 8 season but if it’s ending it should be happy ending . Elena should be back we all will love to see her in the finale.Must be #Delena #steroline we’ll love that .

  24. godelva says:

    oh my gosh.
    it is something. I really want to see her back.

  25. Elle says:

    Seems pretty much that the only people who haven’t moved on are Nina and Delena fans. Their obsession with Ian and Nikki is kinda creepy.

    • Devin Bateman says:

      A lot of people haven’t moved on and won’t this show is not going to end I will not let it end I will pray and use my power to increase the ratings and chances of it staying and it will stay

  26. Pam says:

    Your argument is ridiculous. Now where in my comments did I say I shipped Klaroline. You assumed I did. I did state that I would support any healthy relationship outside of Steroline and the inner circle. You are a pro Steroline fan. That’s fine, but please stop trying to make me see how you are right. I disagree. I am first a Caroline fan. Then I ship. I was a Matt/Caroline fan. I adored Forwood. I did like the dynamic between Klaroline. I just don’t see Steroline reaching any of those potentials. Not sorry.

  27. Pam says:

    Apparently, I must of missed where I said shipped Klaroline. I am a Caroline fan first. I liked Matt and Caroline. I adored Forwood. I liked the dynamic between Klaroline. I just don’t see Steroline reaching any of those potentials. I will support any relationship that is outside of Steroline and the inner circle. They may have been great friends, but not all friends should be lovers. Carolines character has dramatically shifted when she is with Stefan. I see that you are a pro Steroline fan. That’s fine. I disagree with everything you say, because I don’t see their relationship like that. If you want to make everyone know how you’re ship is better, go for it. Just because I view a certain ship differently doesn’t mean I am wrong and it also doesn’t make you wrong for your opinion either. So let’s agree to disagree.

  28. Sweetface says:

    It would be nice if Elena and Stephan get back together

    • Devin Bateman says:

      This Is not the end of my show I am not letting y’all ruin it by ending it I will promise y’all it will stay on air or I will be really upset and I have already lost one vampire show because of this show if it ends get rid of this page vampire diaries Is not ending I’m not letting it I am going to fight for it just like Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder Fought For Elena Gilbert aka Nina Doberv

  29. Jessica king says:

    i wish elean is come back to vamper direy

  30. Lin says:

    I Love everyone in vampire diaries, each role are so cool!!! I’ve done a series marathon! Like my eyes were bulging! 😝 And delena really grew on me. I also love stelena like its a pure love literally BUT delena really rocks! 👊🏻 I’m really a fan! Want Delena moments!!!! C’mon Ian give it to us! #ilovedamon

  31. Mia says:

    We started with Stephan and Elena so now lets end this right with them season 8:)

  32. Rosa says:

    I hope there can be a season 9 and keep it going it’s the best show ever it just keeps getting better !!!!! I want Elena and Stefan to be together and Damon with Bonnie and Caroline with Klaus ….

  33. gen says:

    i want stelena back!! i want a happy ending !!!

  34. JPeterson says:

    Nina Dobrev is acting a bit unprofessional. More like a brat or diva. If she wants to be an actress, then stick with the show that gave you the break. Otherwise in ten years when the money’s gone – you can be a waitress.

  35. Annabelle says:

    Elena come back in season 8?

  36. Andrea says:

    There has to be a way to get her to come back to the show or replace her the show could go on for many more years and years and then hopefully longer