The Originals Spoilers

The Originals @ Comic-Con: Hayley's Journey, a Grown-Up Hope, the Future of 'Haylijah' and More Season 4 Scoop

A motley (yet smolder-y) crew of witches, vampires and hybrids on Saturday descended upon San Diego Comic-Con to preview The Originals‘ upcoming fourth season.

Stars Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood and Riley Voelkel — along with executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci — were all on hand to tease the madness to come when the show returns midseason on The CW. Here’s what we learned:

* A short video confirmed Season 4’s extended time jump, and ended with Hope asking — yes, asking, as in talking — Hayley if they’re going to go save her dad. Narducci later confirmed the five-year time jump.

* “She was two years old when we left her … and she’s now a little person,” Narducci said of Hope. “She’s got dialogue and hopes and dreams, and she misses her dad and understands her family has suffered a great loss. … Hayley’s a great mom.”

* “When we met Hayley, all she ever wanted was family,” Tonkin acknowledged. “Through the events that happened, she created a family on her own with her daughter. I don’t think she feels alone — one, because she has five bodies in the back of her car — and because she has a purpose, a family-driven purpose.”

* Hayley’s journey to save everyone will require her to “locate the seven werewolf packs … so she has a very difficult journey ahead of her,” Narducci said. “She has to explore the werewolf side that’s going to connect her to those packs.”

* “I don’t think Marcel is a villain,” Narducci said. “I don’t think he’s wrong. … We’ll have to see if there’s anything in the world that might be able to mend these fences.”

* We’ll “absolutely” learn more about Vincent’s backstory, Narducci confirmed.

* “With Hayley and Elijah, we felt they’d gotten to dance around each other early on, then become terribly separated, emotionally and physically,” Plec said. “Knowing this family was going to be split apart for the next five years, giving them the opportunity to [get together one more time] felt right. … Time will tell how much happiness they’re able to have — or not have.”

* “It was emotional,” Morgan said of his all-day final shoot with Leah Pipes. “She’d been a part of the show for three years. It was surreal, though. Until she was gone, I didn’t think she was going.”

* On why Cami and Davina’s deaths were necessary: “It’s a hard thing to explain,” Plec began. “You start to feel a redundancy of heroes. If you continue down a certain storyline, you’ll end up taking people in a direction that will isolate them. You get the urge to mix things up and to make things very tragic … so that you can always feel fresh, and you don’t have nine people telling the same story. … We needed to pull the family as tightly together as possible, and excise some of the characters who might conflict with [that plan].”

Your thoughts on these Season 4 teases? Hopes for the show’s future? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Sara says:

    Why can’t the show just let Haylijah die?

    Kolvina was a much better ship, yet they’re dead-set on sticking to the awfulness of Haylijah.

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      Amen to that. Davina is such a great character, such a waste tom kill her off. Her relationship with Kol was really great. R.i.p hopes and dreams of having my favorite character (Davina) coming back. Gah

    • Guest says:

      Agreed. Kolvina was the only ship I really liked and they screwed it up. I could have liked Klamile if they didn’t make Cami so unbelievably lame but now even that is gone.

    • 514ED says:

      Wolves are so boring. I think they need to bring back Finn & mikeal as series regular

    • Stacey says:

      I loved Davina, and Kolvina was the only decent ship on this show. I don’t mind Haylijah, but I don’t ship it either. I preferred Elijah with Gia, I miss her, such a waste of a cool character.

  2. Courtney Johnson says:

    My hope is that all the original siblings kol, elijah, rebekah, freya and klaus even marcel get to be staples for the entirety of season 4. I want halijah to happen too. Please no more tragic “Original” deaths. I’m still not over finn, that was a horrible one! I really miss cami and davina. I hope davina and finn can some how miraculously come back. Characters do that on tvd all the time…even main characters. I can’t believe hope will be 7 years old! That’s crazy and exciting! But also sad for Klaus ☹
    Mostly I’m dying for a happy ending for season 4! I love this show so, stinking much! Everyone has done a spectacular job making this show so stupendously awesome! Love, peace and positive vibes to all! 🦄

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      I still find it weird that they killed off half their female characters in one fell swoop in season 3. I feel like there were more stories to be told with Davina..

      • Judy says:

        How so? Before her death it seemed like everyone was beyond tired of the character and her never ending “I must kill Klaus” narrative. She somewhat calmed down in her last batch of episodes but yeah….

  3. NC says:

    This show is so much better than TVD. Now that it has been announced that TVD is ending I really hope The CW keeps this show around. I know the ratings aren’t great but the quality of acting and the stories are so far and away better. I can’t wait until it comes back midseason. I wish it was coming back in the fall.

  4. escarlata says:

    Haylijah again??? Please kill this worst couple and give me klayley

  5. Bwhit says:

    I’m so excited for The Originals to return. This all sounds good. I hope they are ‘awake’ by at least the end of episode 2.

  6. Carla Krae says:

    No interview?

  7. Rachel says:

    Still not ok with Davinas death. Totally ok with no Cami.

  8. Guest says:

    Please no more Hayley, Klayley (Lord, I hope they have the good sense to never go there), and Haylijah. No more wolves. The wolves on TO absolutely suck and they are just used as some prop to turn Hayley in to the saint they obviously believe she is. Why can’t they just let Haylijah die? It doesn’t do either character any good. Elijah is permanently stunted and will never develop any relationships outside his family as long his main obsession Hayley and Klaus. Elijah’s characterization can be described as stagnant at best. He just transferred his obsession from Klaus to Hayley. Why?

    I don’t care about Hayley exploring these dumb wolves. They suck and the viewers hate them. Why they keep bringing them back to prop Hayley up constantly – I have no idea. It’s like they are begging to be cancelled.

    The explanation of Cami and Davina’s death was absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense. Especially when neither characters was in conflict with the Mikaelsons anymore. It’s like they just want to erase any and everyone outside of Klaus/Hayley/Elijah and have whole seasons of them kissing Hayley’s ass and obsessing about each other.

    • 514ED says:

      I agree on that they are just boring & they need to bring back Finn & mikeal seeing these two team up to take over New Orleans against klaus & Elijah it would b interesting

  9. Naazneen says:

    With Cami dunzo, Haylijah is the only “original” ship left. I hope we get something good with those two because I know things are always dark and gloomy, but ffs even in the TVD verse characters got to date for a while before everything went to hell. The constant pain and angst is also an overused trope on this show. Reworking it might have given some characters (aka Cami) some interesting places to go that didn’t involve death. Happy Hope is around 7 now? But unfortunately kids tend to be annoying af and drag a sl into hellish territory. Please make Hope more interesting and less annoying. Always excited about TO. I’ll always have a soft spot for it

  10. B says:

    It’s an awfully long wait for midseason. The time jump could be a good thing, but I hope Hayley’s search doesn’t go on too long. They can show the others in the dreamworld, but how much can really happen there? And what about poor Klaus, being in that wall, in agony, for so long? –I for one will miss Cami. I really liked her influence on Klaus and the two of them together. –I’m glad they’ll be doing more with Vincent, and I hope that they do let Hayley and Elijah be together. I wonder, now, with the announcement about Vampire Diaries ending, and apparently having a short season? (I didn’t watch the video), if the time jump ahead of TVD’s timeline means some characters will be moving to New Orleans… Hmmm.

    • Bwhit says:

      I wonder if we’ll meet up with Hayley when she’s almost got everything she needs for all
      of them. I agree about Hayley and Elijah, they don’t have to be super romantic whatever (that doesn’t really fit them) but 3 seasons of giving a little than taking it away is enough for me, let them make a go of it finally.

    • putnell says:

      what i hope most is that caroline with her two siphon baby come to sn 4 and 5 of the originals and maybe caroline and claus could unite for Hope and the two siphon babies could defeat marcel. I hope they find a way to bring Davina back and she tries to find a way to finish the originals since this family has been presented too invisible

  11. Destiny says:

    I’m wondering how the timeline is in comparison to TVDs timeline…

  12. 514ED says:

    Would b nice to have the entire mikelsons family, Finn, mikeal, hendrick or mikeals younger or older sister or brother, something like Esther older sister created some other different supernatural creatures in the past & forget relationships it’s not tvd. I would like it if the mikealsons stay screwed up really entertaining.

  13. Belle says:

    I’m devastated that Cami and Davina were killed off at the same time :( It really only leaves two women left to vie for all the guys attention…and Klaus and Elijah are at a disadvantage since Freya is their sister. Here’s hoping Damon pops in regularly in season 5, heck he could bring Caroline & Stefan with him every so often! That is if The Originals gets a season 5. I miss Kol on TO and Kai on TVD; love to hate those two!!

  14. 514ED says:

    I hope they gonna do a good story line for kol cause he’s interesting. They better not kill him off he’s a series regular

  15. Emily says:

    Post the short video with HOE talking please!

  16. Morgan says:

    I don’t care about “why Cami and Davina’s deaths were necessary.” I’m just glad it happened. I just wish Cami would have died sooner. Her death was dragged out and I was forced to deal with that horrible acting longer than necessary.

    • Ben says:

      +1. The show need new blood ’cause those female characters were dull and reaaaally annoying… and maybe some characters from TVD that survive the finale (Caroline or Stephan, but not the forced Steroline.. Bonnie… and the remaining characters can RIP with TVD… specialy Matt xD).

    • KE says:

      This. I really hated Cami from moment one and not because any ships, I don’t go there. But Cami was so unnecessary. Klaus already had Hope and Hayley and maybe even the rest of his family for motivations of redemption. He didn’t need Cami for that. I do feel bad for Davina and really liked the actress, but I can see how she probably needed to go too for Marcel to go all evil.

  17. kar says:

    uuugh no more elijah & hayley. They’re so forced

  18. zed says:

    This show should have been centered around Klaus and Hayley’s relationship and their micro family within the Mikaelsons as macro family. The wolf factor is important as both Hayley and Klaus come from important wolf clans. And have them fall in love. It makes more sense- Hayley, the night they slept together really understood Klaus- got him and what he was about deep down. Same as Elena could read about Elijah’s feelings back in tvd 2×19. The whole Hayley and Elijah thing is Hayley being infatuated with Elijah. And she had always pushed herself on him. And with Elijah, it is like he is seeking comfort in her. First, because of his crushed thing with Katherine. Also, there is a lustful element with Hayley and Elijah. Going back to the comfort thing – he kills Marcel- and in bam- he kisses Hayley and has sex with her – not because of the great romantic love – but trying to make himself feel better of the bad thing he had done. And the black cloud of him killing Tatia is deeply sitting in his heart – anyway, this is how I see things with them- and if anyone cares about characterization at all. Klaus should get the girl finally.
    I think they should explore Elijah’s thing with the doppelgangers- and even ask Nina to do guest appearances- which I think she would do- and resurrect Tatia- we never saw what really happened behind the red door. She could still be buried somewhere- and come alive as a vampire.
    Seriously, it’s time KLAYLEY! happens!!!
    Can’t wait to know more about Vincent!
    And please keep Nathan Buzolic as series regular!!!!
    They need a witch on their side- so maybe they get Sophie back!!

    • escarlata says:

      Most fans want Klayley except the boring writers determined to get us to this couple for their eyes when we do not care nothing happens between them, hopefully and finally break this season, They add nothing to the series.

    • Sarita says:

      I agree! The writers wasted too much time on minor characters like Cami and Jackson and all that. They should have focused on Klayley from the beginning. Not even have to be romantic at first, just gradually should have evolved there long before now. They wasted too much time and probably would have helped the show. But above all the show is about family, so Klaus and Hayley as king and queen should have been the core center TOGETHER united most of the time in whatever way instead of rarely ever having a scene together like almost ever. It was really strange watching season 1 and how Klaus and Hayley didn’t interact or him to seem to care about Hope or Hayley almost the whole season until the end. Should have showed a gradual building of that bond, instead of focusing off on Cami and Klaus and Cami’s tears and drama and problems. That brought the show low. Glad Cami is gone at least. I liked Davine and even Aya in a way.

  19. Marcy Garcia says:

    I absolutely love all the seasons since day one ..all character ‘s ..I got very emotional on the last season😭😭..But I know Hayley n Hope will do right for her family now
    ,,I can’t wait!! .lol my 7year old daughter n my 18 year old son all watch together ..absolutely love this show 😍😍😍💗💖

  20. Selina says:

    Can’t wait for season 4 ! I hope fellow VD actors will show up for some episodes!

  21. Melissa says:

    I hope that hope is it she will be a teenager and it will be a couple years later and she will know all about her dad and family and Klause will come back and it will go from there it would be fun to see

  22. Jodi says:

    Why can’t anyone be happy for longer than 5 minutes? I need the cheeky humour and romance that TVDs had. It’s getting dry with constant battle of the bad guy and no humorous moments. They need a Damon or an Enzo or Alaric! And actual hooks up and make you go aaaaaaaaw!

  23. Original fan says:

    I personally think that the reason why they killed off Camilla is because they are bringing Caroline back after tvd ends and Stephan is going to get laina back and Damon is dying permanently

  24. Jackie says:

    With famns that bitch ans complain as much as u all are im suprised but super happy this anazing show is still on the air. Good job writer’s

  25. Emily says:

    Hey eazy on Hayley she’s an amazing actress phoebe Tolkien and by far 1 of the best strong women always great scenes it wouldn’t be the same without her but yeah I agree on davina she had a lot more to give I hope that they bring her back from the ‘no where’? Also you can’t have vampires and witches without the wolves its fab I love the originals keep it going cause I can’t stop watching its addictive

  26. Stacey says:

    Isn’t there 4 coffins in the back, not 5? Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, and Freya.

  27. Joyce says:

    Can’t wait.OMG I ‘m so excited for season4

  28. bereket says:

    is marcel going to go back to being a normal vampire again? or is he continue being the beast? i personally like the originals, i.e “KLAUS”, “HAYLIJAH”, “REBECCA” and “COL” being the ultimate powerful vampires in the show

  29. the vd says:

    I think they killed this show by adding all the extra nonsense I want it to end with either caroline goes to TO to be with Klaus a big fan of steplorine but klarline makes more sense she was even better than Camille (glad she died though she was turning the show to a superhero series) and give Stephen a happy ending please since Elena broke his heart he has been like a third wheel either hook him up with Katherine or lexie(didn’t know why they were killed off in the first place) and also damon not a big fan of delena but at least if Nina comes and she doesn’t end up with Stephen then hook her up with Damon fans already love delena please give the show a good ending and I want a full casted cross over with the original and I want at least Caroline to move over to the originals and also return lexie and katherine

  30. the originals says:

    I think TO should stop this forced elijah and Hayley stuff please bring back via or Katherine and also love to see Klaus and Hayley together got chemistry or Klaus and Caroline or better still a Caroline/Klaus/Hayley love triangle and I was very happy with Camille death she was just too boring with her Lois lane portrayal and bad acting I didn’t like Davina death but was for the best didn’t like the way she made the originals look like 100 years old vamps please just like tvd we need real bad guys not overpowered witches and werewolves doesn’t make sense that over a 1000. years old hybrid is threatened by a hyped teenage witch doesn’t make sense loved Michael,Talia,Lucian,striten and his sister those were real villians that proved real threats with real reason not a fan of the harvest girl I must kill Klaus and also be done with Marcel already be on one side don’t make the mistake of tvd of making villans good guys. I want season 4 to bury the hatchet on is Marcel with or against the mikealson? and also I would love to have Finn back on the show Elijah has gone too dark oncrhe show Finn should be back and should be a good guy and also act as a holy vampire but should be bad ass didn’t like the way he’s ass as been kicked always for Christ sake he is the eldest and am tried of the goody goody of the show I would love to go back with when everyone were scared of the originals not a bunch of old vamps with vulnerabilities and also love to see more of kol but please I ask one thing

    stop the haylijah stuff mo chemistry at all

    love to see Freya as a vamp and witch makes her more powerful and a force to be reckoned with

    please bring Hayley and Klaus together have a lot chemistry together or better still bring back klaroline

    bring a better and older villian like Silas or someone like Lucian tired of the hype of teenage witches,wolf with moon rings and underaged vampires because its killing the am over 1000 years vibe

    don’t bring back Cami or Davina but if Davina comes back it would be fun if she and Klaus become friend just like Damon and bonnie

    bring back some old love like tatia or gia

    on a later season if possible love to see a team up of Michael and Esther against their children

    love to see a full casted cross over with tvd

    love to see a fight scene with all the originals minus Hayley, Freya and hope fight against vampire like in season 1 and love to see Finn as a good guy but a quiet good guy but powerful

  31. wow I am excited about the new season, but I do think its too much time waiting so lon for a new season begin, hurry up already

  32. ADR says:

    It will be a kick but season go hope an Haley save daddy an the family…..

  33. Love the show!!! I am so glad it will be back next week!! I do wish it was on during the week instead of Friday night.. Thank God for PVR…

  34. Suz says:

    Elijah + Hayley and Klaus + Caroline = SEASON 4 CHEMISTRY !!! They deserve happiness <3

  35. Guest says:

    For me the story is Klaus and Cami. So if She is gone, the series is gone to… And thats sad

  36. Rosy says:

    What I want is Klayley. I want the show let Haylijah die. It was great but now it’s enough. Make Klayley a couple, Klaus and Hayley deserve their happy ending with Hope! And please, NO Klaroline. Stefan was Caroline’s endgame, they were soulmates,we don’t need Caroline in The Originals. #KLAYLEY #KLAYLEYSEASON5 #KLAYLEYDEFENSESQUAD

  37. Rosy says:

    Do not bring tvd characters in To. it’s not TVD2.0