The Flash Season 3

The Flash @ Comic-Con: Barry's 'Blind Bliss,' Flashpoint's Affect on Arrow, Season 3's Two New Foes and More

The Flash is going to look like a different show when Season 3 arrives in October.

When the premiere opens, Barry has been “living in that blind bliss” with both of his parents in the “Flashpoint” world, even though he has his memories of the other timeline, and was still zapped by the particle accelerator.

But once he comes out of his bubble, “There are many different changes that Barry discovers, and different relationships,” executive producer Aaron Helbing previewed at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel.

For starters, “Cisco is an ostentatious billionaire,” Carlos Valdes described. “He’s always flexing how much money he has and how rich he is.” (See exactly that in the Season 3 trailer.)

Meanwhile, Joe and Barry still work together, but they aren’t as close since the speedster didn’t grow up with the West family. Also a bummer: This timeline’s version of Joe is “very unhappy,” Jesse L. Martin revealed. “Things at home aren’t going well. He’s having a particular issue with [Iris] that doesn’t seem solvable. So Joe gets depressed about it. It starts to affect his work [and] his life. Barry is the one that makes sure that Joe still has a job because things get so dire.”

Iris doesn’t have a history with Barry, either, but the character is “quite similar” to the previous seasons, Candice Patton shared. Despite that, “This is one of the rare shows where to get expand and play as an actor,” the actress added, singling out her Earth-Two adventure.

Other highlights from the panel:

* The Flashpoint storyline is “really affecting Arrow. You’ll see it on that side mostly,” rather than on Legends of Tomorrow, EP Todd Helbing revealed, noting that Oliver and Diggle, in particular, will be impacted.

* Season 3 will feature two Big Bads: a yet-to-announced speedster and Dr. Alchemy, who “certainly doesn’t like the Flash,” Aaron Helbing shared. “He’s a bad dude, and he’s going to be a formidable adversary to The Flash and everyone on the team.”

* Harry Potter favorite Tom Felton on his new series regular role: “Any character I play you should see as a threat. There’s definitely some friction between Barry and Julian. He treads on the toes’ of Barry’s expertise as a forensic expert.”

* Wally West’s Flashpoint hero alter ego is “Kid Flash, so I try to play him with a really young, lighthearted, almost cockiness that can sometimes be his downfall,” Keiynan Lonsdale shared. “But he’s in a really good place mentally. He’s never felt more sure of himself.”

* Arrow‘s Felicity will appear in Episode 2 to offer “advice,” Grant Gustin teased.

* On the topic of including Iris more in the multi-show crossovers, Todd Helbing acknowledged, “It’s this juggle… We try to get everybody in as much as we can. Every year, we want to make them bigger and better and include more people.”

The Flash Season 3 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about new season. Interesting to see how flashpoint will affect Oliver and Diggle. Glad they’ll have two big bad villains. Hope Cisco will still be himself with being a billionaire. I’m interested what will happen with Caitlin in new season. Can’t wait to see new season this October!

  2. JCPrime1 says:

    So I’d assume Caitlin has nothing coming up in season 3.

    Not looking forward to Flashpoint.

    • Squirrelly says:

      Maybe not Caitlin, but I have my fingers crossed for my girl Killer Frost to return!

      IMO, the Earth-2 KF seemed more like the Louise Lincoln incarnation to me, so maybe Flashpoint will create the Caitlin Snow version from the comics? With the awesome icicle hair?

  3. Gail says:

    Barry doesn’t seem to have any friends in the new timeline. His friends from the preflashpoint timeline don’t know him and from the trailer he doesn’t appear to have any friends in the new timeline. The only people who seem to know him are his parents. He works with Joe but they are not close. Glad he has his powers in the new timeline. I wonder who his support team is in the new timeline. The real Harrison Wells from earth 1 and his parents perhaps? There doesn’t seem to be anyone else it could be.

    • Gail says:

      I missed where it says Felicity visits in episode 2. I guess she still knows Barry or he goes to Star City, explains what he did and asks her out for help in fixing the problem. I think the comic book ending for Flashpoint would work great on the show where Barry stops himself from saving his mother but retains the memories of what it was like growing up with his mother alive.

    • Azerty says:

      But pre season 1 Barry doesn’t have a lot of friends either…except for Iris and Joe. He became friends with Cisco and Caitlin only after he wakes up from the particul accelerator accident. I guess in Flashpoint Iris and Joe are replaced by his parents.

      • Gail says:

        However in pre Season 1 he was obsessed with getting his father out of jail. It was the reason we first saw him on Arrow. That could be why he had no friends. In the new timeline he grew up happy but with no friends. That just makes him odd.

  4. ndixit says:

    So what is Caitlin up to in Flashpoint? They kept her on the sidelines for most of season 2. I hope they have something better planned for season 3. I hope them not mentioning or showing anything means that there is something surprising planned for her. Anyways, still looks great.

    • Gail says:

      Its not just Caitlin, its also Harrison Wells. I would assume there are no clips because there would be spoilers. Someone has to start helping Barry put things right. It could be them. Assuming Harrison Wells is the real one from Earth 1, helping Barry put things right will kill him, so some high stakes involved. Maybe Caitlin and Wells are a couple in the new timeline, so high stakes for her as well.

  5. myrcellasear says:

    Great panel! So looking forward to Barry and Iris meeting again in Flashpoint, and to their stories afterwards.

  6. Jerry says:

    Loving all the Flashpoint except the felicity stuff. Why can’take she stay on Arrow. Cisco bring rich is a hoot. I hope Flashpoint lasts at least 3 episodes

  7. Isa says:

    No Caitlin in the promo. 😪 I guess I will have to wait and see but so far I’m not as excited as I was last year.

  8. keepsupermanblue says:

    So Flashpoint, the biggest event in The Flash history, one the biggest storylines in comics, something that changed DC comics forever, here in this show is Iris and Barry in luv and Cisco being rich. That’s it.
    No Wonder Woman/Acquaman war, no Thomas Wayne being Batman instead of his son, just Barry kissing Iris.
    What a fkkin letdown.

    • Brigid says:

      First, they don’t have the time or the rights to all of those characters. Second, no one who doesn’t read the comics will be let down or cares about the comic. It’s their own version and it looks good to the majority of us.

  9. Malchia V Lian says:

    Skipping episode 2.

  10. A.M. Williams says:

    Your title should read “Effect” rather than “Affect”.

  11. Gail says:

    Since its already been said Diggle will be effected by Flashpoint I am guessing his wife and/or daughter will be dead in the new timeline. Be interesting when Diggle finds out they would be alive if Barry didn’t change things.

  12. Gift William says:

    Can’t wait