Castle's Nathan Fillion on Not Saying a 'Proper' Goodbye, the Season 9 Plan

Nathan Fillion has post-Castle plans, for what typically would have been his first day back at the ABC series’ set. And those plans are pretty…. hairy.

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Speaking with Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE — where he and Alan Tudyk were promoting Con Man, their digital series about a sci-fi actor’s adventures on the convention circuit — Fillion questioned if there was any way to have a “proper send-off” (versus down-to-the-wire cancellation) for a series, after eight years.

“[I’ve worked] with amazing people that I love so very, very much… [and] I’ll miss them dearly,” the actor said. “But its been eight years since I haven’t had a plan” for that first Monday after Comic-Con, when production on Castle traditionally resumes.

Fillion also confirmed that the Beckett- and Stana Katic-less Season 9 — had there been one — would have picked up after a meaningful time jump. And as for his all-time favorite memory from his eight years on the show… well, Tudyk gives him a little help with that one.

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  1. fan says:

    Forever grateful that Castle got cancelled. Beckett-less Castle was a terrible idea.

    • Anne says:

      I could not agree with you more!!

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:


      But still have a somewhat hollow feeling whenever I think about the ending.

      • shir says:

        There was so……much that could have been done to make it easier or better so long time fans but ABC or the Castle power that be didn’t understand that.
        If Nathan did have anything to do with having Stana leave well it did backfire on him. Too bad.

    • Totally agree. The show may have been called Castle but Beckett was an integral part of the show. Why the show runners and the lead actor thought fans watched and invested eight years to see Beckett killed off and Castle start over without her was ludicrous.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. So glad the show ended before it come an even darker shadow of its original form.
      I hope Stana Katic finds her way to TV again soon.

    • Maria says:

      Yep. I get the feeling Nathan would have looooved a Beckett-less show. Too bad, buddy. She was a major draw for many viewers, whether your ego likes it or not.

      • shir says:

        Not happy Castle was cancelled.

        ould have like a shortened season ,like what Fox is giving Bones.
        I am a fan of Castle from day one.
        If they truly were not getting along I almost feel cheated.

        If ABC could have given them 13 more eps. how nice r the fans have aproper ending instead of what the writers felt would make us happy and work.

        Unfortunitlyd planned and what happened was not best ending for us, not in my opinion.

        I felt somewhjat cheated by what we were given but very happy Beckett was not killed.

        I knowe many peoples who did not watch because they were afraid of seeing her did.

      • oliverdoom77 says:

        Honestly, it just goes to show how many people of the castle fandom only watched for Stana & it upsets me to see almost all these comments degrading Nathan for his choice or his “ego”, etc.. Castle was cancelled, the cast & crew have moved on to other projects. And yet people still wanna tell Nathan he’s a terrible person for what he “supposedly” did & because he signed on for the possible season 9? Let me give you a comparison: have you ever heard of the show “chuck”? Well that show lasted 5 seasons, 3 of those seasons the fans brought it back. After it was cancelled the main cast was asked “what was their favorite moment, now that the show was cancelled?” You know what they responded with? The same thing that Nathan just responded with about what his favorite scene was.

    • Mary says:

      I´m not “forever grateful that Castle got cancelled” because I loved the show and would loved to see a shortened final season WITH Becekett ont it.
      But…I´ll forever be grateful that a Beckett-less Castle was cancelled!:)

    • Grey says:

      “Forever grateful that Castle got cancelled. Beckett-less Castle was a terrible idea.”


  2. N says:

    I will miss Castle

  3. Caren says:

    Missing Castle dearly however, once they cut Beckett, the show died, so it’s good it was canceled.

  4. Kate says:

    Nice interview, though it was weird that Michael asked the questions and Nathan kept answering them to Alan Tudyk! lol

  5. c-mo says:

    Hmm…he had no favorite memory…? And why did he primarily talk to Alan? As a big fan of Nathan’s, I must say I’m a little disappointed. I miss Castle and I’m not much looking forward to Monday at 9pm (CST) come this fall 😢.

  6. Alex says:

    Something about this guy is bothering me, I don’t really know why but he makes me really uncomfortable.
    About Castle, it was time to cancel it, the last seasons were boring, season 8 was just awful, and another season without Beckett would have ruined the entire show, I don’t even get how they could considered it.

  7. Amy says:

    I see Nathan is clearly so cut up about the show being cancelled.

    • Kate says:

      You expected him to be weeping? He’s in a business where shows get canceled. You move on.

    • Oly says:

      I don’t think you get how the tv show industry works. If every actor/actress, got completely upset over a show that got cancelled I don’t think people would re-hire them. Shows get cancelled, you have to move on.

      • Alice says:

        Tell that to Nathan and his Firefly, LOL

        • oliverdoom77 says:

          You realize that firefly is a comic con based thing that is celebrated yearly. It’s a comic con thing that will always be talked about. Nathan isn’t caught up on firefly, he’s moved on. He’s doing con man right now & he has open schedule for the first time in years now that castle is cancelled. I love castle, I love Stana & Nathan. But knit picking about who is hung up on what just examples poorly of the castle fandom. And I for one don’t wanna be labeled the fandom that caused a ruckus & started drama. Does Nathan miss firefly? Of course, if me or you had any idea how frustrating it was after that show was handled very very poorly. My main point is I know a lot of people who can’t pick a favorite moment or episode from the show they were in.

  8. tharcy says:

    I know we probably will never know what really happened behind the curtain. Anyway, I, a diehard Firefly fan, started watching Castle for the sole purpose of watching more of Fillion. 8 years later, not so impressed. The guy can’t even pick a favorite moment from a show that ran for 8 years!!
    Stana clearly outshone him and I hope she has a brilliant career ahead of her.
    Idk how Michael sat in front without calling him out on his BS hahahaha.
    TVLine, the Comic Con coverage rocks as usual!

  9. hubble says:

    Props to Alan for answering the Castle questions even though he didn’t get the questions beforehand.

  10. DmC says:

    Fillion may never realize, to his arrogance, how much he let down a large amount of his fans dating back to his Firefly days. Just because Castle was his character doesn’t mean the show was his. It was an ensemble. What would have been nice was to see a 10 episode season 10 to give it a proper good-bye. Not sure I would follow him to any future projects due to his lack of putting fans first in stead of his ego.

    • Emily says:

      how do you know about this ego? it wasn’t his decision to cancel the show. and he is well aware of that it was an ensemble show. did you not hear him talk about how much he loves everyone who worked on castle and their characters? ugh. your comment makes zero sense.

    • Mari says:

      I think he really dodged a bullet when the show was cancelled. By the last season, his decision to play Castle as a buffoon and his lack of respect for the Castle/Becket relationship was turning a lot of people off. I bet season 9 would have had much lower ratings and fewer viewers.

    • shir says:

      I do like your comments. It might have worked.

  11. Marie says:

    Amazing how a guy who never was on Castle answers the questions better than the lead actor of the show. Anyway, thank god season 9 never saw the light of the day and we don’t have to watch an entire season dedicated to his ego. Btw, the part of the interview when they talk about the email with the questions was just pathetic. Sorry for that Michael.

    • Karen Jones says:

      Was he supposed to let Alan sit there in silence? Nathan tried to include him as he does anyone who sits on panels with him & never gets asked questions. What an ego right?

      • Dj says:

        Agreed him and Alan were there for Con man and it obvious that Nathan didnt want to leave Alan out of the convo.

        • Marie says:

          It’s not about Nathan including him in the interview. It’s the fact that Alan almost answers the questions instead of him. If I didn’t knew any of the I would have thought that Alan is the one who was in Castle.

          • JacksonR says:

            Guess some people see what they “want” to see and despite the truth will continue to rag on their “hated” enemy… I love how some people will throw their attitude on someone they dislike no matter what others say. Maybe some day when they become adults, they will see how childish they are–but, I doubt it. Can’t fix stupid

  12. Pamela says:

    I’m one of the few people that would have liked another season of castle without Beckett as long as she wasn’t dead, but it is what it is. Was a great show.

  13. Just watching the video( interview ) just confirms my suspicions how Nathan’s huge EGO
    really got in the way …. Never again will l be a fan of his !!!

    • Karen Jones says:

      I saw nothing that indicated his huge ego? He said he worked with amazing people he loves, & he’ll miss them & their characters dearly.

      • Sage says:

        Are you gonna comment on everything that’s negative about precious nathan?? He is a ass deal with it!! The show is over because of him, he didn’t get his way and that backfired terribly on him. He thought it would work without Stana but in the end you can see who the fans were really behind.

        • Matt says:

          For the love of god when will you tin foil hat wearing nut jobs get that Nathan dud not fire Stana. If he had that power then he damn well would have had the pull to keep the show on the air. If you can find one person who has worked with him that has a negative opinion of him then you might have something but you can’t. The show died, Stana is awesome, Nathan is awesome get over yourselves.

        • lindag413 says:

          Sage and Teresita I totally agree

    • MMD says:

      Me neither. I noticed that he did not mention one single cast member by name, even though he had spent 8 seasons working with them. It’s all about me, me, me.

      • c-mo says:

        If he doesn’t mention a certain cast member (no, not a reference to Stana), everyone goes ballistic and starts reading into the “perceived slight”. It turns into a big damn deal when it was really just an oversight, so instead he mentions no names and you still try to turn it into a big damn deal.

        • Regina says:

          Short interview. Cannot mention everyone signally, so mentions them as a group graciously at an interview set up for another project. He’s out, being interviewed for another project & in the public eye. Others who aren’t out in the public eye aren’t getting the same scrutiny as he is over their perceived affection for the show. He did his job for 8 years, he appreciated it & now it’s time to go on to his next project. He’s a busy working actor. He appreciates all the work & projects he’s been given.

      • LILY says:

        What were the questions he was being asked?

  14. act_on_love says:

    I’m trying to figure out my favorite moment from the last 8 years of my working life while simultaneously trying to figure out what I’m gonna do next, and it’s just not coming on demand.

    Any favorite moment he picks would piss someone off for leaving something out. It’s a no-win question. Will you be happy if he says “kissing Stana?” no. Will you be happy if he says “working with Seamus & Jon?” no. Will you be happy if he says “that thing with the tarantulas?” no.

    It’s a TV show. Take it on its own terms.

    Fillion worked a hell of a lot harder to promote it than anyone else did, the whole thing rested on his shoulders, and he didn’t write the scripts. So please have the grace to cut him some slack and allow him to move on.

    • hubble says:

      1. How about “Rear Window”? And what how about the 3 days in advance Ausiello sent the question to him?

      2. Only if you mean Firefly & Con Man as the shows he worked harder to promote than anyone else. Otherwise, SK promoted Castle more than anyone else, esp. S1-7.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        (The “three days” was a joke. –Mgmt)

        • Gina E. Martin says:

          And these guys are known for their irreverent, flippant, off-the-cuff silliness/nonsense. Lighten up, people.

          • Night Owl says:

            People move forward, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I guess people want him to wallow.

        • hubble says:

          Fair enough. But still can’t deny that same question may have come up quite a bit the last couple years.

          • AnneK says:

            Go back and watch all previous Cons on utube. The guy has never been able to answer a question about Castle, especially related to Caskett or Stana – unless he turns it around to be about himself.
            Maybe he cared about the show the first few seasons, until Stana became too popular for his liking.

          • Night Owl says:

            Just because someone doesn’t answer questions doesn’t mean that they “can’t”. A person can choose not to answer questions about it.

      • LILY says:

        Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but I am not sure that I ever saw Stana
        promoting the show, except when the cast was gathered together at some
        sort of show.

        • hubble says:

          Then you’re not looking hard enough… search her instagram, search youtube, twitter, google for her interviews & posts about the show – she’s supported the show. period.

        • Virgo says:

          Stana appeared in a lot of TV shows to promote Castle. Go to Utube and you can see the different TV shows that stand appeared to promote Castle.

      • Regina says:

        If by all the promotion you mean all the talk shows & book signings SK did over the years to promote the show….wait that was Nathan. Or all the live tweeting she did for episodes, even the less popular ones…oh, that was Nathan too. Or the fact that 8 times out of 10 fans were greeted by her on location…no, Nathan too. So how exactly did she do more to promote the show again???

        • Beckstle says:

          That 8 out of 10 comment is highly inaccurate. Stana’s well known for greeting fans everywhere, on and off location. Any Youtube or twitter search will show that. The idea that either of them were neglectful of fans is silly. They were both great with them, on or off location.
          As for book signings, that would make no sense. “Castle” wrote the books. Why would Beckett sign them? Both did live tweeting – but neither of them did it that much. The writers did it the most.

        • S says:

          I’m pretty sure she was also on talk shows!! And it’s even been said out of all of them she took the most time out to talk to fans while filming! You can see that by all the photo people have taken with her on location or studio! Try again

    • Gabrielle says:

      “Fillion worked a hell of a lot harder to promote it than anyone else did, the whole thing rested on his shoulders”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’ll write a proper reply as soon as I can stop laughing over this!

  15. alieh86 says:

    I think that Nathan’s confidence that a S9 would work shows a great deal of cockiness and naïveté. I don’t think I’d watch a Beckett-less show because it was always meant to be about them as a team/couple. Not the “Nathan Fillion” show

    • Karen Jones says:

      Actors don’t think like fans do. It’s a job, a business…the show goes on. And there have been plenty which have successfully carried on without a co-lead. So it’s neither naive or cocky-it’s practical. Would Stana have carried on without him? Quite possibly.

      • alieh86 says:

        Would Stana carry on without him? I think that she was way more sold on Milmar’s vision of the show and Caskett. Milmar was always VERY VERY clear about the fact that “Castle” was more about the relationships than the cases. Once they handed over the show it was clear that the new show runners were not interested in continuing Milmar’s vision. Oh well… I’ll take the rushed “happily ever after” scene at the end of “Crossfire” than another season

        • Dj says:

          Yes Stana would have. This was a good paying job for her and if she was that sold on the vision she would have walked once they change it. If Nathan would have left and they pitched her a Beckett show yeah she would take it.

          • alieh86 says:

            As much as I like Beckett, I would probably not watch a “Castle-less” show. For me personally it was all about them. From 1×01 to 8×22… It’s always been about Castle and Beckett and their story.

            All that said… I’d totally watch a “Ryspito” spin off 👍🏻😊

          • Night Owl says:

            The thing is, nobody knows what Stana would do, so nobody should try to speak for her. Just because you “think” something, it doesn’t mean it would actually be that way.

          • KLS says:

            Night Owl: +1

        • LILY says:

          Milmar? Whose Milmar?

          • Alie Hunter says:

            MilMar…Andrew Marlow and Terri Miller. AKA- the creators of Castle. AKA- the people who created Castle and Beckett. Both individuals were huge “Caskett” fans. Andrew said the plan was always to have them ride off into the sunset.

  16. Luc says:

    Considering is there with Alan to talk about Con Man, i would do the same thing… Where’s the questions about Con Man???

    About Castle, everyone know that both lead actors didn’t like each other so i’m actually kinda surprised that it lasted that much.

    My case i was looking forward for a Castle with no Becket, but everyone has their own tastes. :)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The Con Man Qs were asked beforehand, for a separate video TK; you can tell by the way this video starts. –Mgmt

  17. L. F. says:

    Nathan Fillion has never liked Castle. It is so clear. He has only cared about Firefly, disrespecting Castle crew and fans. He doesn’t have a favorite memory of the show even after 8 seasons. Now, if you ask him for a favorite Firesh*t moment, he probably has tons. No surprise he still cries about not having that stupid and unnecessary season 9 without Beckett/Stana. So good that Castle was cancelled and his wish didn’t happen.

  18. Tammy Ortzman says:

    First off, why does he keep talking to Alan while answering the questions? Weird. He doesn’t seem to care too much that the show was cancelled. He couldn’t even come up with a favorite moment on a show he was on for 8 seasons. He seems pretty flip about it all.

  19. AnneK says:

    Glad its cancelled. The thought of a time jump makes me ill.
    Starting watching Castle S1 because of Nathan. After watching his interviews and reading tweets, will never follow his career again. Stana however, i will.

  20. Johnny Gustafson says:

    Castle was my favorite show. Sorry that it has been cancelled

  21. Shar says:

    I’m re-watching from the beginning courtesy of Space channel in Canada ( I know, it’s an odd match ) and I have to say that watching them daily allows you to see the slow downhill slide of the show.
    Castle got less smart & savvy and more clown like. The other plot lines – Beckett’s mother’s murder, her time in the FBI etc. just clogged the show down too. I know show’s have to evolve but making Castle dumb & goofy was wrong.

    • jb says:

      I said this same thing to a friend after season 2. In the beginning castle had a vast knowledge base of many subjects and would casually interject into the cases with.. I researched it for a novel… They were mostly on the money. He added value to the team, even though they didn’t like him. He was a playboy with manly toys and desires.

      The show runners flipped the script and made him to a wimpy dumb guy that was basically a sidekick to beckett, with zany fantastical theories and wacky hi jinx. I quit watching after that .

      ps. firefly ruled.

      • Beckstle says:

        Considering that Castle’s character was more ridiculous after the showrunners left it seems quite possible that the changes in the character had little to do with the writers. The type of comic bits that started happening seemed designed to play to Fillion’s strengths comedically – but they weren’t right for the character’s arc.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Typical BS interview and reponses from NF. Used to like him. Now can’t stand him. Acts like a 12 year old in most interviews.
    And he really should just stop talking about anything related to Castle. Makes him come off as a jerk. AT saved his butt. .
    He continues to show what a narcissist he really is, and just confirms he was the real reason for Castle’s ultimate demise. Budget cuts my a–!
    And come on TVLine. Really softball interview. Letting him get away with dodging and not answering. I expect much better of Michael.

  23. Jess says:

    Read the comments first, then went to watch the interview, and it was again proven that some Castle fans clearly have no sense of humor whatsoever and will hate Fillion irrationally for even living and breathing. Good, laidback interview with Ausiello, and fun banter between Nathan and Alan always. Will miss Castle but time for it to end, and look forward to watching Nathan in his next project. Talented actor. Hopefully the fans there will be cooler and less impossible and hateful like some Castle ones. LOL at Matt even having to clarify a clear joke. Let it go, man.

    • Jess says:

      To be clear, referring to those fans to let it go, not Matt who has a thankless job dealing with them.

    • sd says:

      Same. Though after years of reading TV line’s Castle articles you’d think I’d have learned the trick. But I still thought after skimming comments that he said something controversial or unfortunate etc, dumb I know. Then watched the video. Cool, easy interview. TV line’s regular Castle commenters are something else. Honestly, in my years of multifandom experience I never saw a whole group of online people who hated Fillion at all. Until “Castle fan group” at TV line…

    • Liz says:

      Could not agree more. This interview is as innocent as it gets; he gives a nod to the cast and characters, mentions that he’s looking forward to some time off, points out that the storyline for a season isn’t settled until a show is actually renewed, like…? Geez Louise, I’m not even a fan of the guy, but this is ridiculous. I’d stumble if somebody asked me what my favourite portion of a day was in the last eight years, too. He’s clearly in the midst of answering with a nod to some guest stars before he’s interrupted, and, for someone who supposedly blocks all Castle-related things out of his memory, he’s remarkably quick to remember a story about shooting an ep when prompted.
      Good interview, though. I’m sad the show is done, but it’s long since been time, and without Beckett I definitely was checking out at the end of the season one way or the other.

    • Tracy Sims says:

      I agree. It’s the Stana fans not true Fillion who are complaining. They would have a problem with anything he said.

      • JacksonR says:

        Add me in on this as well. I’ve also seen this type of behavior when NCIS is mentioned and a certain actress who will not be named is shoved down everybody’s throats, regardless of what the article was about. Three years gone and counting and the wake and nasty comments continue. I loved Castle, I loved both leads–but to come over here saying outrageous, speculative nonsense like the commentators, “KNOWS” all, is not only ridiculous, but childish and delusional. Act your age people…

  24. Cheese says:

    Are Nathan and Alan a couple? They remind me of many married people I know where one spouse speaks for and answers questions for the other.

  25. CARMEL OROURKE says:

    Hi there, i want to say that nathan is looking years younger so maybe the pressure of a long running show has been wearing i am looking forward to his next venture…maybe something serious! m

  26. J says:

    Castle without Beckett would have been terrible, Stana’s character has been there since day one. Just watching Fillion in that interview gave me a since he only cared for himself. It takes everyone to put on a great show, and they all have to work together and it’s obvious he wanted all the glory. Boy you really let me down, I was always waiting for next episode or looking at reruns, but now who cares Fillion didn’t.

  27. Grey says:

    I’m so glad that Castle got cancelled and we didn’t have to endure a season without Stana. Season 8 was bad enough.

  28. Lisa Dykes says:

    Nathan said his favorite episode was when he and stana were on the run and thats when Beckett arrested Bracken. Hes a good man leave him alone

  29. Miriam Maurer says:

    You can certainly tell the Stana fans are here in full force…he cared more about the show than she did… look how many commentaries and special things he did on the DVD’s…then look at the things she did…and no offense…she is too old to have a long career…not saying it is right…but Hollywood notoriously spits actresses out when they get past 35.

    • AnneK says:

      Beg to differ. She was cut out of commetaries and continued to tweet about the show and her support for episodes she wasnt even in, while he refused to mention Beckett (e) or Stana. He only tweeted or commented about himself.

      • DP says:

        Cut out of commentaries? Good Lord. You either do them, or you don’t. And she hasn’t. Kind of line interviews (which she largely didn’t in the last three years of the run). Hate Fillion if you want, but don’t do it at the expense of pretending there is some great conspiracy theory against Katic.

    • Cat says:

      Have disagree with you about possible length of career. Catherine Bell has moved from successful show to successful show for nearly 20 years and I’m pretty sure she is over 35.

  30. Steve shephard says:

    Nathan couldn’t stand that stana outshone him she was the show and he threw a hissy fit

    • JacksonR says:

      Oh really? Where’s your proof? Were you there and taking notes? Work for ABC? BFF’S with Stana? Since you have all this information and can make such outrageous statements–please give the rest of us your proof–or stop writing such drivel and grow the Hell up. SMDH

  31. Kevin K says:

    Wonder if Season 9 of Castle would be like without Beckett.

  32. xiaspearl12 says:

    Nathan is hilarious; and thinks quick on his feet! This is why ‘Castle’ will be missed <3

  33. Plecodave says:

    I was never so happy when someone spilled the beans on Stana’s and Tamala’s firing. Not only did it crush any plans for a season 9,it also gave Nathan some extra time off this summer. If the Comic Cons and the voice overs don’t work out,he can try the unemployment line.

    • John NYC says:

      Lol as the title lead in a popular television show that ran 8 years I expect he could BUY that unemployment line.

      Which. Just. Drives. The. Haters. Crazy.

      Such, such, fun.

      • Plecodave says:

        Nathan has a shelf life and an expiration date. Nathan is in his mid 40’s and producers will be looking for the next ‘Ruggedly handsome lead’. George Clooney he ain’t. He’ll get rich from all of those season 8 DVD sales. Just enough to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

        • LILY says:

          There are some people here, and you are one of them, sound like the
          Trump lovers on politics forums. Is it really necessary for you to be so
          rude. You sound like someone who is more than a bit jealous, if you
          don’t mind my saying so.

          The magazines and other new articles have been so uninformative (each
          repeating the other one’s story) about what was going on behind the
          scenes. So no one really knows what happened. What I have
          personally noticed that most of the cast spend some time together
          after hours, but not Stana that I could tell. And who knows the reason
          why, but I think everyone is making far too much of this.

          I can figure out no reason why anyone needs to be rude about this.
          So many complained that Fillion didn’t quit on the spot, when Stana’s
          contract was not renewed. No matter that he had already signed
          his contract (which obligates him, don’t you think), but also there were
          other staff members that really wanted to work, so isn’t he allowed to
          think about them?

          Enough already. Grow up.

          • I'm done with this **** says:

            Don’t be naive, actors think for themselves when they sign a contract ;)

          • Plecodave says:

            Am I jealous of Nathan? No. Actually I feel sorry for him because when he figures it out,he’ll be yesterday’s news. For the record,I do not buy into all rumors that surround Stana and Nathan. They will stay rumors until someone proves they aren’t. My dislike of Nathan centers arround all the interviews,guest appearances on late night talk shows and his comments at his Comic Cons during season 8 that centered arround any non Castle subject and not promoting Castle as he did in the early years. He doesn’t have to impress me but he does have to impress any future producers.

        • lindag413 says:

          Oh you are so right

      • Night Owl says:

        +1 for you John. Perhaps more than 1.

  34. joni smith says:

    I will miss Castle but think it would be great to have a spin off with Ryan and Esposito. They could even have Alexis still working with them. I didn’t like that all the characters stories weren’t finished

  35. Teresa says:

    I miss “Castle” so much. I’ve never missed an episode in those 8 wonderful years & now life don’t seem the same!

  36. LILY says:

    I miss the show so much. But it had to end sometime. Get him into another
    tv series that has humor and romance which Fillion is so very good at.

  37. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband and I enjoyed Castle, and we would have looked forward to the show continuing with just him. The husband used to gripe the last few years that the writing took the emphasis off of Castle, himself. I wanted more of him and could not understand it becoming Beckett centered. I hope Mr. Fillion has confidence in his characterization and takes up another such detective role.

  38. Kaz says:

    Nathan looks really good at the moment….it’s ironic that he now looks like a leading man when technically he isn’t one anymore….perhaps he gave up the booze???

    So happy Castle has ended…it was time and it would not have been the same show regardless of which lead was leaving and which was sticking around. I wouldn’t have watched without Beckett and I wouldn’t have watched if Castle was the one to die on the kitchen floor. A sad and pitiful ending to a great show! RIP.

  39. Cutiebehr says:

    I loved Castle and, though it “jumped the shark” in places, I still felt ripped off by the ending. I was looking forward to seeing Hayley and Alexis getting together because that seemed to definitely be on the cards. I was up for another Season, Beckett or no Beckett, just out of curiosity.

  40. Syl says:

    Castle cancellation was the best news of 2016.

  41. LaVerne Highfill says:

    My God!! He’s still an ass.

  42. LaVerne Highfill says:

    He’s still a jerk !!

  43. Simone says:

    What does a “meaningful time jump” mean, when it concerns a man losing the woman he loves and fought years to be with?

    Anyway, it’s Nathan Fillion. He’s a great actor, he’ll find something to do. And maybe he needs this little break.

    • Mari says:

      Even if there was a time jump of two years, it would still be Castle’s time jump and not the fans’. A lot of the audience wouldn’t buy him dating again when the DNA of the show was the Castle/Beckett relationship.

      The fact that the showrunners had no idea what they were going to do if if the show got renewed just reinforced what a bad idea it was to get rid of Beckett in the first place.

  44. kmw says:

    Sorry this was weird Nathan looking at Alan every time a question was asked and being too much of a goofball when the question Michael asked about his favorite memory was just plain silly. The least he could have done was answer it respectably for his long running fans of Castle. Seriously does he understand that Castle fans would have like to have heard a real answer? Nope he doesn’t and this just confirms he could care less about this show. Castle fans should be grateful they didn’t get a Beckett-less show.

  45. We watched because of Castle not Beckett. Let her go and bring Castle back with the same crew we have come to love. The writers were good and his lines were memorable. Loved his personality on the show. Make him a private eye who works with the police department from time to time.

    • kmw says:

      You are right but plenty watched for her and plenty watched for BOTH of them together which became seriously lacking over the last year or two. It is no accident that Castle’s ratings went down.No matter what actually led to Castle being cancelled judging by this interview Nathan Fillion has moved on I don’t ever foresee them doing any kind of Castle movie or anything like it

  46. Andrea says:

    I was a casual watcher of Castle. Thought Caskett was fine. Enjoyed both Nathan and Stana, but I wouldn’t necessarily follow either to their next series. People have stated that TV is a business, and I think what is getting missed here is the business that goes on after a series ends. We now live in an age where someone could watch Castle from start to finish right now and it would be a “new series” to them. To do that, one has to pay a streaming service or buy or rent the DVDs. Studios may not become rich on those revenues, but money is money. There’s also syndication.

    When there is a situation in a series, whether it’s a backstage thing or storyline thing, at no previous point in time could that situation have such an impact years later. Take How I Met Your Mother. I saw a handful of those episodes, but the uproar over the conclusion completely killed my desire to watch the series. I don’t know enough to agree or disagree with what happened, but the thought of investing that much time to get to a contentious ending does not appeal to me. Whatever happened on Castle, something did, and ultimately that affected how it ended. I’d urge caution before anyone spent time investing in 7 seasons of The Good Wife. A show’s legacy or footprint now lasts much longer than its airdate, and I think that footprint can be affected just by the fact that something public happened in its history. The details of what it was become less important than the fact that discord actually existed.

    • Alie Hunter says:

      I agree with you about the HIMYM example, however, Castle had a quick fix to end the series that satisfied more people than if they had killed off Beckett. It wasn’t ideal, but MilMar (the original creators) wanted the happily-ever-after and luckily the knuckle-heads that were now running the show had the fore-sight to film a “7 years later” time jump that showed them with 3 kids. They really should have ended the show after season 7 or had an abbreviated season that tied-up loose ends for all characters.

      • Andrea says:

        Yeah, but it’s not only about the ending. Look at revivals like Gilmore Girls or Fuller House. Economic opportunities can come along years later, but the environment has to be favorable, The HIMYM ending was so poorly-received that CBS never even tried HIMYD past the pilot stage. With Castle, there was all of this backstage speculation, plus the actual confirmation of Stana not being asked back. I have no dog in that fight, nor do I have any idea what’s true, but there’s been enough chatter that I think something happened. I think the opportunities for a movie or revival are fairly low. However small that revenue might be, it would still be revenue. Are the books still selling? If they are, I can’t imagine that lasting much longer. The climate (and not necessarily the ending) with which Castle concluded seems to have restricted any future opportunities that Castle might one day capitalize on. The Good Wife would have suffered a similar fate if not for the fact that Christine Baranski is awesome as Diane Lockhart and TGW universe is large. All of that drama surrounding Julianna Margulies could be cut out, leaving the economic opportunity of a Diane spin-off still intact. Castle has severely limited its continued and future economic opportunities just like HIMYM.

  47. George says:

    I will miss the show,both characters were great on the show. Maybe they can make a movie?

  48. shirley says:

    I have read as many of you have also that the two stars did not get along.
    I wish I knew when it began.
    The writers did tend to make Nathan to be too foolish in some episode.
    They changed headrunners and changed his characater.
    Unfortunitly this changed the direction of the show.
    I would have liked to see ABC make Stana a good offer( she may not haver taken it do to the strain the two were experiencing, but they could have treid-but that is my dream world) and have the season nine end on a good note as is the ways it seems to be hapening with the Bones series which I am sure many fans would probably like to get rid of also.
    I just ( predicted family) in the final.
    It ended good but could have been better.
    I will be “Castle junkie now” but I along with amny others will get through it.
    Too bad ABC made the comment that the network was going in a different direction and Castle just did not fit that direction. Again, fans were not thought about by this comment.

    • kmw says:

      ” I am sure many fans want to get rid of BONES too” Speak for yourself. If I want Bones to end it has nothing to do with quality of show, but on the way FOX has treated it. At least the leads on Bones found a way to work together and keep their set relatively happy. Up to the last minute it appeared Castle was going to be renewed and than got yanked for whatever the network claimed was a different direction. Don’t buy it and never will. Castle should have ended on a better note but it is what it is and I am sorry for all the fans who didn’t get to see a better send off. Fans are never thought of in any decision a network makes. Castle fans should be grateful their show wasn’t yanked to different nights and times year after year after year. and I shudder to think how Castle would have been without Katic just as I would shudder to see Bones without Emily Deschanel. ABC sure screwed up with Castle and that is a shame

    • georgee says:

      Yes Shirley, the ending could have been better, and a shortened season 9 working on the missing 7 years would have pulled in high ratings. That could not happen after ABC fired Katic. It is too bad they did not follow NCIS they just signed up 15th season. The show runners never get away from the base story line, player change but that does not.Not the Castle show runners they were not smart enough to ask the fans what they wanted.

  49. Wow. Nathan comes off like such an ass there! He acts like he didn’t even know or like his own show after his first answer. Really? He’s happy it’s over and he’s out of work because now he can get a haircut? He got them free on set for 8 years!

  50. Joyce Marie Hawes says:

    Hi. I was so sad and unhappy I was so crying though. I loved all of the crew. Why didn’t they make Season 9? Please. Start another Castle.Will they get this message? It’s about the Castle Show.I loved everyone on Castle Show.