Arrow Season 5 Olicity Spoilers

Arrow @ Comic-Con: Oliver's Mayoral Mess, Felicity and Diggle's Guilt, Season 5's Big Bad Revealed and More

“Olicity” ‘shippers, the news out of Arrow‘s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday was… good and bad?

“It’s still a partnership,” executive producer Wendy Mericle said of the exes’ dynamic, adding that they will pick up on the same “ambiguous” note they left off on in the Season 4 finale. From there, “You will find out some more right around Episode 5.”

Star Stephen Amell heralded “a really dynamic scene” that the former couple shares in the Season 5 opener. “We speak to each other as equals, as team members,” he shared. “It’s pretty clear that Oliver loves Felicity, but I don’t know if they’re going to be together [romantically].”

Co-Star Emily Bett Rickards also noted that the characters’ communication as teammates is “getting stronger.” And outside of her dynamic with Oliver, Felicity is “dealing with a lot of bottled up emotions” and “holding onto this guilt” over the deaths in Havenrock, Rickards previewed.

Other highlights from the panel:

* Season 5’s Big Bad will be Prometheus – but he’s not to be confused with the one from Justice League. The new foe “fits into the theme of legacy,” EP Marc Guggenheim said.

* Oliver will go back to his original mission to protect Star City, but he’ll be failing on that front as mayor. “What a garbage mayor he is,” Amell exclaimed. “He’s terrible. And he’s terrible because there’s no team.” While Oliver is focusing on fighting crime as a vigilante, it’s actually Thea “carrying all the water as mayor.” The actor also expressed his desire to see the elder Queen rediscover the principals that led him to run for office and earned him a large write-in vote. In the comics, “He had a point of view and an ideology. I think all of those things would be interesting to explore” in the future, Amell added.

* Lance has “more demons haunting him and [is] trying to pick up the pieces of his lost family,” Paul Blackthorne shared.

* Diggle is working with Special Forces in Chechnya. “He misses the team,” David Ramsey noted, but Dig is also still dealing with his guilt over Laurel’s death and having to kill his brother.

* “We have some pretty big plans for Curtis, especially with respect to his marriage,” Guggenheim previewed. “He wants to become a vigilante and start fighting crime. At the same time, he’s got this husband at home who’s probably going to start to notice he’s coming home with these bruises and cuts.”

* The show’s milestone 100th episode will be the middle part of the four-show crossover with Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

* Katie Cassidy will return in Episode 501 – and, as already reported, has been made a series regular across Arrow, The Flash and Legends.

Arrow Season 5 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Awesome. I love Olicity but I don’t mind them having a very slow build back together. I’m very pleased Felicity will be dealing with the emotional fallout of Havenrock and I’m intrigued by Oliver training a new group of vigilantes. Sounds good.

    • Lizzie says:

      Forgot to add, I’m not liking that Diggle isn’t back with the team yet. I hope it doesn’t take long. I want my OTA.

      • elaine says:

        there will never be an ota they dont even sit together anymore like emily in the middle its all changed im sad about it all they have hired like 8 new actors i think season 5 will be david ramsey and emily bett rickards last season so if you watch arrow it will be all these newbies and stephen amell

  2. a says:

    Series regular for Katie isn’t exactly right, she’ll be recurring on the shows, but regular implies she’ll be on a lot of episodes. She won’t. She’s already filmed her scene for 501 during 418. Any Arrow scenes will be Flashbacks (Guggenheim has stated she won’t be back in the present) and this seasons flashbacks are set in Russia. Unless she works with Paul Blackthorne on a Lance flashback.

    The season 5 trailer really made me excited for the first time. I was sceptical about the new vigilantes but they look ok and Oliver training them will be excellent. Excited for Felicity to finally be allowed to show emotions again. Plus, with other spoilers coming out, we know Episode 5 is good for Olicity. A slow build is something i dont mind….i want them to go on an actual date! Really going to miss Diggle and hope he returns soon!

    • Lizzie says:

      Yeah, Guggenheim already gave scoop to one of the press yesterday that Laurel would remain dead in present day. I don’t think her regular status is gonna be much of anything.

      I’d love to see a flirty Olicity that we kinda missed before Oliver asked her out in season 3. I’m actually pretty pumped for the slow burn again.

      • a says:

        Yep, it won’t impact Arrow which is the show i watch so all i can say is….eh, who cares lol

        We finally get to see some of what it was like between seasons 2 and 3. The comics only showed us so much, so i’m excited for that. Impatient, but excited.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, she is a series regular – across all three shows. Meaning, she is committed to appearing whenever and wherever they need her. That is the definition of “series regular.”

      • a says:

        That’s why i said ‘not exactly right’. Her contract may say regular, but her fans seem to think that means she’ll be on every episode. She won’t. No big deal though, let them think it haha

        • Gail says:

          As mentioned on the Arrow trailer thread she could appear in the present as the Earth 2 Black Siren as she did on the Flash last season. I think the character is still on Earth 1. No where in the announcement did it say Laurel Lance from Earth 1 was coming back. Only Katie Cassidy was mentioned.

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about new season. Glad Oliver and Felicity will work together like they did in the beginning of the show. Hope Diggle returns to the team soon. Good to know how main big bad villian is. Cool that 100 episode will be part of big crossover. Glad Laurel will be in season premiere episode guess in a flashback. Excited to see new season this October!

  4. apnkn says:

    We do-it’s in the season 5 trailer.

  5. Noel says:

    I never read a comic in my whole life, but I love all of the shows especially Arrow. I can’t wait till it returns. I love Olicity. I don’t mind that they not together yet, but they better end up together. They are meant to be together.

  6. Dj says:

    Really didnt like last season, but I am looking forward to more Madison McLaughlin. I am more then ok with her being the new Black Canary. Also since Katie is a series regular on all the shows they should have her as Black Siren in the Legion of Doom.

  7. kaliber says:

    Prometheus? They really can’t help themselves with using Batman characters.

    • Anthony says:

      I agree the show has a tendency to fall back on available Batman villains, but in this case that’s not actually true. The Prometheus most comics fans are familiar with debuted as an enemy of the Justice League as a whole — and was responsible for the earthquakes that destroyed Star City and killed Roy Harper’s daughter before being killed by Green Arrow in the miniseries “Cry For Justice.” So I think this is one time the show can legitimately say they’re taking a “major” Green Arrow foe from the comics.

  8. Zee says:

    Katie Cassidy and olicity again?

  9. elaine says:

    your not going to see olicity again stephen amell said july 23 at comic con that they wouldnt be getting back together they will work as friends im a emily bett fan like 100% and thier only keeping her on team arrow because they no that it would break up ota and it would upset fans if they put olicity back in play it would upset some fans so they make felicity work with oliver and felicity said the right thing in s4 e16 they cant work together after haveing this love affair which is right we wouldnt work like that in real life they should let her take control of her company again theres no place in the dc comics for felicity because she is not a superhero are a supervillian so where does that leave felicity smoak except she marrys firestorms father it doesnt seem fair to me emily is fantastic shes beautiful and brings lots of laughter and smiles

    • elaine says:

      felicity needs to get palmer tech back and repair it i dont like that she is working with green arrow again i would like to see her get a boyfriend that maybe every other fan want blame her for ruining the show which i dont believe thier not thinking that emily bett rickards does not write the show but i am a ebr fan like 100% i want for the arrow show to quit useing her for her fandom that is like crazy big and they know it shes a actress that does not get to act felicity smoak is suppose to have her on business called smoak technoligie she said in s4 e17 she wanted to turn palmer tech into a beacon of hope due to her bio implant now they got her back at arrow cave at the comic con international that they would work as friends you cant do that after they were lovers not even practical their just doing that for the olicity fans makeing them think thier getting back together when thier not which it dont bother me but the olicity fans voted big for them and didnt really even thank them emily did twice i think this is stephen amell david ramsey is being left out to none of the comic con interviews did emily set in the middle like she always have since 2013 this is the first time they might have a lot of fighting in season 5 but its not going to get back to the way it was in s1 and 2 not without the ota to many newbies and to many crossovers thats was messed arrow up it took arrow away from what thier objective was

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  11. Ali says:

    I want Oliver and Felicity to slowly come back together, I want them to incorporate them more organically into the show, and now have it be just about them, I love the dynamic between the two characters. She helps him be sound minded. Please have them back together soon