Arrow's Katie Cassidy Now a Series Regular Across All CW Hero Shows — Stephen Amell Teases Her Return

Katie Cassidy is the latest Berlantiverse actor to ink one of those cool new deals, by which she is now a series regular across multiple CW superhero shows — namely The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and her original stomping grounds, Arrow (on which she will appear in the Season 5 premiere).

Wentworth Miller, who transitioned from The Flash to Legends (for a one-season stint), was the first actor to sign such a grounbreaking pact; Arrow vet John Barrowman followed, earlier this month. Both Miller and Barrowman, it has since been announced, will play key roles in Season 2 of Legends, as Captain Cold, Malcolm Merlyn, along with Reverse-Flash (played by The Flash‘s Matt Letscher) and Damien Darhk (Arrow‘s Neal McDonough), form the Legion of Doom.

Shortly after Cassidy’s Laurel Lance was killed off of Arrow this past spring, Cassidy popped up on sister series The Flash, as Miss Lance’s Earth-Two doppelganger, the minxy metahuman Black Siren.

UPDATE: As for Cassidy’s first appearance of the coming TV season, Stephen Amell said at a Sunday Nerd HQ panel that in Arrow‘s season opener, we will find out what Laurel made Oliver promise, before she died. “It’s something that’s going to have a lasting impact not just in our season premiere, but over the next couple seasons of the show,” he said. “It’s very important. It’s going to be critical to whatever the legacy of our show is.”

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  1. Olicityiscancer says:

    I am imagining the irrational KC haters foaming from their mouths. :D

    • Ben says:

      And here was I imagining the people who were upset Laurel was dying being pleased at the news… but perhaps you are disappointed that you have less to complain about now?

      There is an irony in someone with your user name calling others ‘irrational KC haters’. Personally, I liked Laurel’s death on the show, I felt it added weight, but here is the thing… I don’t have any opinion about the actors or actresses and I’m not in to the comics, so I guess I’m just enjoying the show for what it is. I’m also interested to see what they do with her now that she is back across all shows.

      • Or perhaps we can do both? You know like how Olicity fans got everything they wanted but instead of being happy and chill they still whine about, make up horrible lies about and attack KC/LL at every turn.

    • All Hail Katie says:

      This is exactly why they’ve been even more hateful the past few months. When the ratings started to drop, people started to turn on the writers, and more people started to blame the direction of Felicity, the KC haters knew they were going to have to fix it by bringing her back.

      • Lizzie says:

        Oh my, such delusion. You are going to be so disappointed when she only has one appearance on each show.

        • Normandy says:

          So what planet do you live on where you pay an actress for 22 episodes if you only want her in 3 episodes?

          • I don’t see how she’s going to be able to be on 22 episode for all three shows. And seeing as she’s signed for all three, that’s exactly what you’re saying she’ll do.
            The plan is for her to appear on all the shows however often they need her. Whether it be flashbacks on Arrow, or Black Siren on Flash, or time travel on Legends. That’s what they mean by series regular. Which sounds a lot better for Katie’s overall mental health.

          • michaeljosephangelo says:

            @briggsllanyublog…an actor would not sign a series regular contract for a few episodes. The scheduling logistics and story lines might not permit 22 episodes but she’s going to be in far more than a handful.

            @Normandy…we don’t know if the contract specified 22 episodes. A studio wouldn’t agree to pay an actor for 22 if she was only going to be in 15 episodes. Series regulars don’t have to be in the equivalent of a full season. She could end up being in 10-15 episodes and still be considered a series regular.

          • I said that they’ll use her however often they need her. How does that equal a handful of episodes? Try not to put words in my mouth.

          • michaeljosephangelo says:

            Or perhaps it might be better if you think about the words you use. You criticized the commentor for suggesting that she would work the equivalent of a full season even though it is highly likely that a full-time cast member will be utilized in many episodes, much closer to 22 than not.

          • Maybe you should be careful about reading meaning where there is none. All I was trying to say is that ‘series regular’ does not translate to being in nearly every episode, which is what she was saying. John Barrowman was made a series regular in S3, and he was only in 15 out of 23 episodes.
            We may see her often, but I don’t think it’ll be in most of the episodes. That’s all I was saying.

          • Sarah says:

            “Series regular” is an actor pay category, which does mean they are paid for a full season whether they appear in every episode or not, but more than anything it binds an actor to that show (or in this case group of shows) exclusively. When a story says an actor is “unavailable” to reprise a role on a series, it means they have signed a series regular contract on a different show, not that their day planner is full.
            Union rules are very specific, but in reality they are more flexible than people think if all parties agree. What I expect they’ve done in these cases is agree to a “full season” salary that applies to 3 shows (or 4 if they’re including Supergirl), rather than the usual per-episode pay, binding them to exclusive availability for Berlanti’s shows whenever he wants to use them (which is unlikely to be every episode of every show, but probably much more often than the typical “recurring”). They’ll probably pop up for multi-episode arcs on each of the shows, adding up to the equivalent of a normal series regular on one show – which isn’t always “every episode” anyway.

          • Tydeus says:

            I think series regular in this case is just a cross-series regular, but it wont be every episode of every series. In fact it’s highly likely that she’ll play the Black Siren who is a member of the Legion of Doom just to give Sara Lance some emotional crap to deal with.
            But no, I don’t think she’ll appear every episode of Flash and Arrow, maybe a lot of the LoT episodes though. She’ll be on Arrow for flashbacks, possibly alive in Flashpoint, and Black Siren outside of Flashpoint. She’ll be on Vixen season 2 as Black Canary for an episode or 2.
            I’m kinda sorta disappointed it doesn’t include Supergirl, there were or are rumours about Batwoman and Oracle showing up, they could totally do a Birds of Prey! Throw in Katana too :P

    • Mike says:

      Comparing fiction to an actual real life disease that kills millions of people every year. You could stop watching the show and not check up on news but you won’t because you have be first at every arrow tweet, comment section or Amell’s Facebook to high five your dude bros

      • Olicityiscancer says:

        You could stop watching the show and not check up on news but you won’t because you have be first at every arrow tweet, comment section or Amell’s Facebook to high five your dude bros


        Oh,you know me so well..NOT.

  2. Rahajicho says:

    Really glad to have Katie Cassidy back in the verse. Doesn’t sound like they’re resurrecting Laurel, and that’s a good thing.

    • steven says:

      They probably are. Who else would she play besides Laurel?

      • Lizzie says:

        No they won’t. She’s dead in the present day. She’ll just be used for flashbacks, Black Siren, and time travel. That’s it. People are getting their hopes up a bit.

        • Temperance says:

          Dude, Flashpoint.

          • Dude, her death is providing the impetus for the show going forward. What’s the point of her dying if they bring her back?
            Besides, with the other three avenues available to them, they don’t really need to bring her back to continue utilizing Katie Cassidy.

          • Temperance says:

            They’ve already pretty much started she’ll be back around, either as the Earth-2 version or an another version of the character. With flashpoint, she might even be the Earth-1 (prime?) version. Whatever came before is likely to be washed away.. Barry rewrites history.

      • Rahajicho says:

        I know Arrow isn’t renowned for its writing, but the writers killed Sara in S3 and brought her back in S4, to do the exact same thing with Laurel one season later would show a lack of faith in their own storytelling.

        • John NYC says:

          A lot is getting restructured with Flashpoint. Why not a “Laurel” that never got involved with Oliver? There’s allusions to Barry and Iris not having met so….

      • Lyla says:

        Present day Laurel stays dead on Arrow, Marc G said this, Amell said this, Mericle said this. This deal is a little olive branch to the comic boys and girls. Quoting MG, Cassidy is appearing in either Arrow flashbacks / Flash’s Black Siren / Legends time travel. Present day Laurel is deader than dead – they even gave her a damn statue :D

    • Summer says:

      She’s still Black Siren over in Flash, and she could always be the Black Canary of the JSA or the Dinah Lance of Supergirl’s Earth.

      • JC1 says:

        TV Guide, in their Comic-Con Special issue, asked MG about whether Laurel could show up as Black Canary on Legends of Tomorrow, and he said “no, that conflicts with other plans we have.”

  3. Cereal Monster says:

    That’s awesome I’m so happy for her!

    • Leo says:

      My first reaction is yay Katie for this deal. But then it was followed by, “God, does this mean I have to start watching Arrow again?” I hope not. That door is closed. I hope Katie only reprised her role as the Black Siren which meant appearing only on Flash and LoT then I’ll be happy. Also this sucks a bit if this was already planned by killing off Laurel Lance. Why not just announce the news back then so it won’t be receiving those many backlash and the #NoLaurelNoArrow movement.

      • They waited precisely because of that kind of reaction. Captain Cold fans have always been very positive about him, they got word immediately. Merlyn fans waited patiently, they got theirs. Comic/Laurel fans whined and complained, they had to wait ’til SDCC.
        BTW, this more than proves Laurel was never actually fridged, so…

        • Except she was cuz she’s only appearing in the past on Legends and flashbacks on Arrow and therefore has no opportunity to grow as a character.

          • From what I understand, fridging only refers to the character being killed off. Since she’s going to continue to appear, she has not actually been removed from the universe.
            As for growth, there are rumors swirling that they may yet reform the evil Black Siren. So you might get that, too.

          • Exactly what kind of growth are you looking for, here? Because she seemed very comfortable in her own skin and confident in the 4th season, so other than maybe more training (which would necessitate taking her out of Oliver’s world for a while), I’m not sure what you’re asking for.

  4. Jewels says:

    Awesome!!! Hopefully this means it gets her character away from the weird drama.

  5. Lois says:

    ‘All’, but not Supergirl. So…almost all.

  6. Ben says:

    I still think they would benefit from giving Tom Cavanagh one of these deals.

  7. professor-chaos says:

    Way to ruin all my DC shows

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Good news Katie will be back in DC TV universe! Guess Flashpoint did affect Arrow somehow.

  9. Carrie says:

    Good for her. I thought it was ridiculous that they killed her off on “Arrow.” I’m not thrilled about the Legion of Doom news, though. I was hoping we’d see Wentworth Miller as Citizen Cold instead, and I find Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk very annoying. I actually couldn’t wait for their characters to be killed off.

  10. peterwdawson says:

    So our three DCCWverse main cast members among all 4 shows are two actors who primarily play characters that have died and an actor playing a character that really should have died at least a season ago. Yep, that’s comic books right there.

  11. Karen MT says:

    So if she’s across all 4 shows just like Malcolm, Damian, Snart, and Reverse-Flash, does this mean it’s actually Earth-2 Black Siren with the Legion of Doom, and not Earth-1’s Laurel? Unless Sara goes back in time and grabs her.

  12. Gail says:

    I am guessing she will be Black Siren and probably also be part of the Legion of Doom, though unannounced as yet. Perhaps all the people with cross series regular jobs are in the Legion of Doom.

  13. MangoMagic says:

    Awesome news! I’m sure the creative team over at the other shows will treat her and the comic book lore she’s to portray loads better. I’m very happy for KC. Flash, Supergirl and LoT are going to be lit come Fall 2016.

  14. Mare says:

    Good for her!

  15. Lori says:

    Happy to hear this, might go back to watching Arrow again.

  16. kar says:

    WTF no.

  17. Krazyjoe says:

    “she is now a series regular across multiple CW superhero shows — namely The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and her original stomping grounds, Arrow”

    And Supergirl! Don’t forget Supergirl!!

  18. Direwolf1582 says:

    Any idea of how many episodes she’s been signed on for? Insanely curious!

  19. Krazyjoe says:

    This comes as no surprise. They had to bring Laurel back. There was no choice they simply had to bring her back. Black Canary is, next to wonder woman, the highest profile female superhero in the DC universe who is not derivative of a Mail hero (example: Supergirl, Hawkgirl, batgirl, Zatanna … )

    Killing her off was quite disrespectful to female fans and fans of the DC universe in general

    • Direwolf1582 says:

      Unfortunately according to what I’ve read she’s not going to be coming back as Black Canary really. Laurel in flashbacks and time travel, and Black Siren in any present day stuff.

    • Sheesh says:

      Mail- something you receive from the post office.
      Male- a guy

      Also try slicing it anyway you want unless your a comic book fan most people had never heard of the black canary and there was nothing disrespectful to females because of it. Quit overreaching.

  20. Mari says:

    The only one I’m looking forward to is Wentworkth Miller because he hasn’t been overused yet.. As much as I like John Barrowman, Malcolm Merlyn has been over-used in the Flarrow universe and Katie Cassidy needs to be on a different kind of show.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree on all points. I’ve always said Laurel would be great on The Flash… But who knows

      • Anne says:

        I too have thought Laurel would have been better on The Flash. The first episode she did over there she just fit in in a way that never gelled on Arrow. Plus Katie seemed to be having more fun there

    • JC1 says:

      I’m not sure I’m even looking forward to Wentworth Miller anymore, now that it looks like Snart’s going to be a bad guy again. I only liked the character as the reluctant anti-hero he was on LoT. As an out-and-out villain, not so much. Malcolm should have been killed off a season or so ago, and while from other interviews I’ve read it seems like present-day Laurel is not returning, I still would prefer to see as little of any version of Laurel as possible. It was bad enough dealing with her on Arrow – now I have to deal with it on the other shows as well? That’s frankly terrible news. Here’s hoping her appearances are as minimal as possible. :(

  21. Carol says:


  22. Jim says:

    Great, as long as Laurel isn’t coming back. Love Katie, can’t stand the mess of her character Arrow made.

  23. Erica says:

    Most hilarious news I’ve heard all day! They really just can’t help themselves with resurrecting characters.

  24. Luis says:

    So, death on a DCEU show is actually an upgrade?

  25. Anne says:

    Wait? Is she not dead? Is Laurel not actually dead or coming back in some way??? I stopped watching Arrow because of her death, but heck yeah I’ll come back if she’s back

  26. annacat says:

    So very happy about this!!! Excited to see how Sara and lance react to black siren!
    Like how tptb are stating right off the bat ‘she’s in the premiere of arrow’ so we’ll watch it. . .

  27. Ella says:

    To be honest, as a big fan of Katie Cassidy, I was kindof hoping she’d move on to bigger and better things. Arrow is an eternal crapfest of pandering writers and whiny fans who have done an absolute disservice to the iconic Black Canary. I love her and will support her in her work but I kindof want her to run for the hills from this show. She’s been outstanding in everything else because she was given much better material to work with.

    • Miss Thang says:

      Totally agree! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Maria says:

      Really? It’s not like KC fans were whining at all. She brought nothing to the show. She was annoying and forgettable.

      You people act like you didn’t get BC or Oliver and Laurel or her many different arcs across all seasons. She had enough screen time that most people were annoyed with her by the end.

      • I think you mean Felicity not Laurel.

        • Felicity actually has a unique role on the team, whereaas Laurel did not.

          Not only that, but when she was gone, it took the rest of the team practically to do her job in her stead. This has happened at least three times.

      • MangoMagic says:

        I’m quite confused. If you dislike Katie Cassidy/Black Canary as much as your vitriolic words suggest, why even bother coming to a page about her? Seems like it’d be a lot easier and less stressful to simply ignore KC/BC and stick with articles presenting what you do like.

  28. Heather says:

    Fantastic news!

  29. Senos says:

    Too bad I don’t care for the actress I the role at all, and have enjoyed the shows more without her. She comes s across weak and whiny I my opinion. Needed to cut down on series anyway so this is a no brainier , thanks producers!

  30. dan says:

    I told all you people her death was an Okie Doke! Now graciously accepting recognitions of the fact that I called it. Glad she is back, I had really come to enjoy her character. You can’t really have an Arrowverse without the Canary.

    • Uh, all this really proves is that they were telling the truth when they said they weren’t fridging Laurel. So this isn’t bowing to a vocal minority so much as making good on their promise.

  31. Ann says:

    ughhh thanks Barry for ruining everything.
    (I don´t hate Cassidy, I just don´t like Laurel)

  32. niloofar says:

    that “sad” death episode

  33. Lyla says:

    This is actually a little sad for Katie, sticking around as a ghost. According to producers and Stephen Amell, Laurel stays dead in present day (similarly to Tommy Merlyn). Her deal means they can bring her back if they want like to be the Black Siren on Flash (which, let’s be real, won’t be more than 2-3 eps max), then, if they want, on time travel in Legends (were she doesn’t have to be alive present day) and flashbacks in Arrow (also they’re not gonna make a whole season about a dead character’s flashbacks). I am happy for people who are fans of Katie Cassidy, cause evidently they will see her again in some shape or form, but for the fans of the Black Canary particularly, I would suggest you finally let go. It has been confirmed like a million times the black canary died. Latest from what I read was by Guggenheim saying this in weekend in SDCC. I, for one, have nothing against the actress personally, but I think she was totally miscast. Obviously, the writers and producers agreed, since they killed the ”lead female”. Except she hadn’t really practically been ”the lead” since the ending of S1 and the bad/indifferent reviews about her. Season 2 was 100% Sara’s season, even the promos were more about Sara than Oliver. And Season 3 and 4 obviously belonged to Felicity. So, I truly suggest ppl stop expecting LL or BC being resurrected. Ain’t happening.

  34. N!loofar says:

    Netflix shows have better villains/characters and they don’t overuse them to the point of annoyance.

  35. Nell says:

    Ok I’m dumb, what’s “series regular”? From what I’ve read with this and the other 2 actors who has this deal, it seems nothing more than just a “guest starring/recurring” stint. Series regular makes me think that their names will still appear in the opening credits along with the other regulars, which seems unlikely for these 3.

    • Sarah says:

      Read my reply to the first comment for the full answer, but the tl;dr version is they’re paid for every episode whether they appear or not, and are under exclusive contract (ie, unavailable to all other tv shows). Yes, typically they also have their name in the opening credits (then guest stars’ names are listed directly after opening credits, and co-stars’ are listed during closing credits).

  36. Can’t they just let people die on these series… it’s getting ridiculous now with the lack of stakes. Exactly how many times are they gonna make Paul Blackthorne act out the ‘my baby’s dead’ scene?

  37. Mary says:

    Meh…thanks god I dont watch SG,LOT and Flash. I dont like Laurel soooo i hope her appeareance on Arrow will be minimal.
    I dropped S4 because of Laurel. :/

  38. Agent 86 says:

    If they hadn’t made Black Siren so evil (i.e. happy to murder hundreds, if not thousands, of people at Zoom’s request), then it would have been great to see Team Flash redeem her with the possibility of Black Siren joining the team (in the non-Flashpoint timeline that is).

  39. Rene says:

    Katie Cassidy, my favorite girl crush, wow now I might start watching those shows, YEAH! Way to go Ms. Cassidy. I remember the first time I saw here in the bloody show where she was a newlywed, can’t remember the name now but Jim Beaver was in it and so was Matt Sexy Barr.

  40. Not you, Matt. Don’t know how that happened. Maybe all the ‘shut up’s got deleted.