Bones Team Challenges Fans to Guess Big Season 12 Twist, Previews 'Jeopardy' for All in Series Finale

As if the events of Bones‘ Season 11 finale don’t already have your brain churning, we’ve got a whole lot more for superfans to mull.

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Visiting Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE, executive producers Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier first addressed your concerns about Zach looking “very villainous” at the close of the finale, seemingly outed as the serial killer dubbed The Puppeteer. That final scene, though, is but the start of a new “journey” for the long-MIA character, the EPs say.

Turning attention to Fox drama’s next, 12th and final season, cast members Tamara Taylor, TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin and John Boyd ponder their “wish lists” for their characters — including but not limited to a “silly” dance party for the ladies.

The cast then listened closely as the EPs commemorated Ausiello’s years-long coverage of the series by disclosing the most intel thus far on Season 12, including a few fun facts about the series finale. As for the big return that has been previously teased — setting the stage for a big twist in Episode 4 — Collier issued a challenge to longtime fans. But you’ll have to press play to hear it!

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  1. madbengalsfan85 says:

    I think it’s Sully, but what in the world would bring him back?

  2. Danni says:

    I started thinking about the first couple seasons of Bones and the important characters that were there that are not now. I cannot come up with a character that would be a huge return. It has been since the first and second seasons original airings that I watched but I am not having anyone come to my mind.
    Now that Zach is back we can cross him out. Brennans dad wouldn’t be huge, Parker has been gone forever, maybe it is him. Then I started thinking we never met this person but they were talked about often in the first few seasons. So until I have more time to think about this and have someone else pop in my head. I feel like we may meet Brennans, mother!

  3. Haley says:

    If Zach is coming back could it be something to do with why he left in the first place? Another gormogon maybe intertwined with Zach’s return.
    And I want to point out that they did in fact call Zach a killer!! Now was that a slip or did he mean that right now we are viewing him as one because of the finale of this past season.

    Last thing. If the series finale is going to be a two parter as they stated. Does that mean we have the beginning of the finale is Episode 11 and the finale finale is episode 12. OR does that mean Episode 12 could be 2 hours long??

    • Brandie says:

      They dont know he didnt actually kill anyone in the past. Zac only tolds Sweets, he let them think he was a killer because he didn’t want to go to prison.

  4. Gina says:

    I wish they could find a way to bring sweets back. I miss him! They should have just written him off instead of killing him. :( but is it possible it’s an old killer they thought they got rid of?

    • jr. says:

      Yea. I’d like it if they somehow brought Sweets back too. Maybe Zack has been secretly watching all of his friends on cameras ( as suggested someone was watching Brennans home ). Zack could have witnessed Sweets getting shot, and switched out his body with a double. And secretly nursed Sweets back to health, while also recovering from amnesia because of the ordeal.

  5. Mur says:

    Guys! Dr goodman??? Cam took over for him…so maybe that’s her big issue…

  6. Kia says:

    My favourite cast of all time. They are the sweetest people <3

  7. OMG! David is going to get his wish & drive a tank through the lab!

  8. kmw says:

    The only huge return or returns that would make sense is Gordon Gordon or Russ. With Russ I have a feeling they aren’t going to get him back so I will go with Stephen Fry being the big come back.( Sully wouldn’t be a comeback I want to see). As far as the rest of the video goes its nice to see them all there but I hope their series finale ends up being better than what was said here. Sounds like Boreanaz is going to get his way and have the lab demolished. Blowing up sets is not what I want to see in their finale, however the rest of the season sounds good especially Booth and Brennan going undercover. I didn’t realize so many fans wanted Zack back I would have thought the biggest desire from Bones fans for the past couple of seasons was to give David and Emily more scenes together, but we shall see. I initially thought Zack wasn’t going to be one of the two that dies but now I believe that, and I still see Max being the other one but then again that would be too much death on Brennan’s side so it is possibly going to be somebody else. So sad its ending been a pretty good run

  9. exs113030 says:

    I could totally see Oliver Laurier coming back…

    • Sarah says:

      This was my thought too. And it would bring the show full circle, because he’s been obsessed with Dr Brennan since the pilot. Plus, he’s creepy as ****…

      • exs113030 says:

        Exactly! It would bring everything full circle. I’m a little surprised more people aren’t guessing Oliver.

        • Sarah says:

          Me too!!! I think people are getting stuck on “big” return, thinking it must be a character with more episodes. But I think it would be a “big” storyline to find out he’s been stalking her for 12 years and all the crazy creepy things he’s done, even if we have only seen him twice. Plus, if I remember correctly, he had corpse dolls strung up in his apartment in season 2.

      • kmw says:

        My guess as well to be the Puppeteer. It does surprise me that no one has guessed him more. He definitely was creepy and was( or is) obsessed with Brennan. After all the interviews the producers have given it is getting less likely that Zack is the killer. I am believing more and more that Zack is actually dying and that is one of the reasons he took her( besides trying to save her). Now we all know Brennan hates lies but if this was the case where Zack is dying and she finds out about him not killing that man that will give Brennan a different way to see what Zack did and in my opinion lead the way to the big surprise by 4th episode( hopefully Stephen Fry) to help her cope. Now if they kill Zack I hope they don’t kill off Russ because that would be a little much for Brennan. If the other death would be on Booth’s side the only one I could think of is Rebecca or Caroline , which I hope they don’t do either. Sure sounds like a great final season

  10. Nancy says:

    Well, I guess blowing up the lab is fine if B&B are riding off into the sunset to do something else.
    Hardly think of Sully as a HUGE return! Gordon Wyatt would be good. But I also think it could be Brennan’s mother……for some reason. The crazy psych just asked about her. And the puppeteer seems to have a mother fetish….so perhaps there will be a twist with that story.

    It was said in the panel that one of either B or B’s former lovers was returning….maybe Rebecca will be sick and bring back Parker and then die off???

  11. I thought Zach should be with the team in the final season . I remember Zach always had something for bones . I hope he gets the help he needs . he always had a insecurity issue .

  12. mikesmaddie says:

    Could the director from the first season be coming back?

    I know that he and Brennan didn’t get along.

  13. Mary Crow says:

    Sorry to see them go. After sweets died and was replaced with aubrey, mistake. But I wasn’t going to watch, so now I’ll look forward to the end with baited breath

  14. Donna Nichols says:

    Bones is going to be killed😟

    • kmw says:

      You don’t actually mean the character do you? Because they clearly stated that no one at that table would be the victim. Boy I hope they don’t bring any of Booth and Brennan’s ex’s back. They had closure with them and none of them are huge to the show. I don’t think it would be either Jessica Capshaw nor Katheryn Winnick( they seem busy, don’t they) maybe I could see Sully but why? I hated that arc and he isn’t that big. They seem to have a lot packed into 12 episodes. I am also thinking Max wont be dying but maybe Russ since I don’t think they can get him back( Although that would be two brothers in a row that wouldn’t be nice) Going to be very interesting to see how it ends

  15. ema says:

    I think it may be Howard Epps that returns. I have not seen the episode where he “dies”. Did they recover his body, after his fall?

    • Sarah says:

      That would be quite a surprise comeback, considering Brennan and Booth watched him splat on the pavement after his 50-foot drop. The obsession is definitely correct, but I don’t think a storyline that had his death faked a second time, after showing his mangled dead body on camera, would be awfully credible.

    • Sarah says:

      Sorry, that wasn’t a very good answer to your question. What I meant to say is:
      They don’t specifically mention recovering the body, but if you watch the ep you’ll see it’s pretty obvious why they don’t. The body was a mess, and the landing was shown on camera. They didn’t leave much room for ambiguity, so it would take them into the realm of ridiculous to bring him back and say he survived the fall. Not that the show is known for being averse to the ridiculous, but they would alienate a lot of fans to go that silly (and they’ve made a point of saying the final season is for the fans).

  16. mikesmaddie says:

    I can definitely tell you this: It will be a big return that will keep us all guessing until it actually happens. :).

  17. Flowergirl says:

    For those saying Goodman… you know that Jonatrhan Adams is a regular in Last man Standing on ABC, don’t you?

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