T.R. Knight Returns to ABC

Grey's Anatomy Vet T.R. Knight Returns to Shondaland With Role on The Catch

More than seven years after “checking out” (#TooSoon?) as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. George O’Malley, T.R. Knight is returning to Shondaland.

TVLine has learned that Knight will recur during Season 2 of ABC’s The Catch, in an undisclosed role that “was created and written especially for him,” says showrunner Allan Heinberg. The Mirelle Enos/Peter Krause-fronted caper drama returns at midseason, where it is expected to again air on Thursdays at 10/9c.

“This has been a thrilling secret to keep!” says Shonda Rhimes in a statement. “One of my favorite family members is home!”

Knight in turn said of his new gig, “Working with Shonda, [Shondaland’s] Betsy [Beers] and Allan again fills me with immense joy. I am heartened to be returning to Shondaland and excited to work with this exceptional cast.”

Since wrapping his five-season, Emmy-nominated run as an original Grey’s cast member, Knight has guested on Law & Order: SVU and recurred on The Good Wife and 11.22.63 (for which he earned a TVLine Performer of the Week honorable mention). He also recently wrapped filming on the ABC miniseries When We Rise, airing midseason.

Are you curious to see what custom-made role Knight is playing on The Catch?

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  1. Al says:

    This is definitely a Shondland twist I must say

    • Will says:

      I thought he was no longer admitted into Shondaland with his bff Heigl! Surprised there’s all this (seemingly) love there now…

  2. kelly says:

    Loved him as George but thought he was horrible on The Good Wife. Looking forward to see how he fairs on The Catch

  3. N says:

    Love T.R. but not The Catch

  4. JM says:

    But no word on her moving past her issues with Katherine Heigl?

    • Anna says:

      Idk why people are still talking about this. Woman publicly insults her boss and gets fired. That’s the end of the story. If one of your employees insults you in public, would you rehire them? Nope. Neither will Shonda.

      • David says:

        How about you get your facts straight. She never insulted her boss. She said the writing wasn’t there for her that season to submit her name for an Emmy and thought it was beneficial for other new people to get the spot. And she was right.

        • Anna says:

          My facts are as straight as they come. Saying that the writing wasn’t good/wasn’t Emmy worthy is an insult to your boss. Any other person could have said “This just wasn’t my year” or “Maybe next time”, but the fact that she blamed the writing is an insult. Even if it was true. Heigl did the same thing to Judd Apatow after Knocked Up, even if she waited for her check to clear on that one.
          My former boss was a screw-up. Dude was pretty incompetent. And you know what? Sometimes it created crappy situations where my colleagues and I didn’t look so great at the end of the project. And we had to deal with it. If we had come out and publicly told everyone it was our boss’s fault and that he was the incompetent one, we probably would have been in the same situation as Heigl. That’s the real world, David. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you if you that food to keep coming. Now I wasn’t as classless as Heigl, so I just found another job, but fans really need to let this go.

  5. Ange says:

    I saw him on a few episodes of “The Good Wife” – he was not good at all. I was sort of perplexed because I thought he was terrific as George especially as George began to gain confidence. Who knows. We’ll see.

  6. "A" says:

    T.R. Knight NEEDS to be Margot’s older brother and Sybil’s son … or Alice’s older / Ben’s younger brother.

  7. Amber says:

    They couldn’t get him a role on How to Get Away with Murder or Scandal? They had to send him to the one nobody talks about? I see Shonda is as petty as ever….

    • Anna says:

      Jeez, Shonda haters will find any reason to hate her! She fires someone (like literally every boss does on a regular basis), and she’s a b****. She doesn’t rehire someone who publicly insulted her, and she’s spiteful. She rehires someone, but puts them on a show you don’t watch, so now she’s petty.
      Y’all are incredibly pathetic with all this ridiculous hate.

      • amber reed says:

        I didn’t call her a b****, you did. I personally love Shonda. But She does hold on to stuff. Again, I personally love it. Embarace the petty. And She did put him on the show no one, at least according to the ratings, cares about.

        • Anna says:

          I didn’t say you called her a b**** – I said Shonda haters call her all of these things on a regular basis, no matter what she does. Every time someone mentions one of her shows, people come for her in a way that people don’t come for other showrunners. There was an article not too long ago about how much money Ellen Pompeo makes, and there was so much Shonda name-calling in the comments, even though the showrunner isn’t even the one that determines actors’ salaries. It’s very weird.

          And maybe she thought he would be a good addition to the show or that he was perfect for a particular role. There’s no reason to believe that this has anything to do with pettiness, especially since she didn’t have to hire him – she could have hired anyone.

  8. Marianne Watson says:

    This excites me! Disappointed that the article didn’t mention his amazing performance in Stephen King’s 11.22.1963 on Hulu.

  9. Alec says:


  10. Ray says:

    He was the guy you pulled for on Greys and creepy as hell on 11/22/63. As soon as i saw return to Shondaland i knew what show it would be. Good choice

  11. herman1959 says:

    He was unbelievably good in 11.22.63 and decent in 42 (the Jackie Robinson bio film); he’s more of a character actor than a romantic one. I’ll have to catch up on The Catch!

  12. Jsmith says:

    Did not like him on The Good Wife and don’t think he will be on The Catch long because the show sucks and so do the ratings.

    Won’t be long before it goes from being Shondaland to Shondayard. Thinking one of her shows will be gone by end of the season and maybe more by next season.

  13. Carlyspencer says:

    I’m super excited for this. I really loved T.R. as George on Grey’s & I am loving The Catch. Can’t wait to see who T.R. will play.

  14. mooshki says:

    I gave up on Shonda’s shows when she killed him off. I knew if she could f- with the fans once like that, she’d keep doing it over and over again.

    • RDS says:

      You know that it was his decision to leave Grey’s right? He wasn’t getting enough screen-time because of the growing cast (which is another conversation), so he decided to leave.
      It is interesting though how something that Game of Thrones writers are well-known for (they actually kill off half of the protagonists on that show) is something that people love to hate Shondaland for. The Game of Thrones writers are lauded and people celebrate that the show keeps them on their toes, but Shonda is hated for doing the same thing? What is that?

      • mooshki says:

        Yeah, but he was perfectly set up to go off to the military instead of her exploiting his leaving in such a horrible emotionally manipulative way. When she’s pissed at an actor she takes it out on their character, which only ends up screwing the fans.

        • RDS says:

          Emotionally manipulative? Seriously? It’s a fictional TV show. Do you know how many fictional characters die on television every season? Or in movies and books? And how many of those are surprise twists? A crap ton. If you feel emotionally manipulated by the death of a fictional character, then you probably should just stay away from all fiction.

          I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have rehired him if she was really that angry at him. And it’s also inaccurate to think she takes out her anger by killing off characters. You have no idea if she was pissed at TR Knight – that sounds just a bitter fan making something up.
          We all know that she loved Chyler Leigh, yet Lexie died when the actress decided she was done with Grey’s (the actress even did any interview talking about how she worked on Lexie’s ending arc with Shonda for months). She also has talked about how much she loves Jeffrey Dean Morgan, yet his character (Denny) died. She liked Scott Foley (Henry) and Kate Burton (Ellis Grey) enough to make them main characters on her other biggest show (Scandal), yet their characters are dead on Grey’s. On the flip side, she and Katherine Heigl famously didn’t get along at all, and Izzie is still alive.
          Really though – why do fans love hating her for doing something that the Game of Thrones writers are lauded for? I really want to know.

  15. George Owino says:

    Stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy when he quit. And now he’s on a show I’ve never heard about?!